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Evogen EVP Review

By May 17, 2011 2

Evogen EVP
Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
3.5 OUT OF 5.0
User Reviews: 0

evogen evpReading about pre-workout beverages can become a bit confusing and overwhelming due to the language used by most of the manufacturers. Either they get a bit overly technical or they use unusual terms to describe the most appropriate audience. For instance, we’ve seen products described as being suitable for the “charged”, “maniac”, “ultra”, and “Alpha” athletes. So, we were very interested in the word “elite” appearing in a product description we recently found.

Naturally, any product that claims to be “elite” automatically catches our eye, and that is why the Evogen EVP product is the subject of this review. The manufacturer states that this is a product for elite athletes and those committed to hard training. Naturally, this means we wanted to take a look at the ingredients to see if they backed the claims made by the manufacturer, and we will also explored what other consumers are saying about it. We also had to consider pricing, because anything tagged with a label like “elite” tends to be outside of most consumer’s pockets.

What is Evogen EVP and Ingredients

When we began our research we were immediately surprised by the list of elite athletes identified as likely consumers of this product. For instance, the maker claims that all “disciplines” will appreciate the benefits of Evogen EVP. They identified bodybuilders, but also said that figure and fitness competitors, endurance athletes, and mixed martial artists could easily rely on the muscle building and performance enhancing properties of the Evogen EVP product.

So, what was the big secret that made this product so much more effective for a diversity of athletes? I quickly discovered that it is the patented FUSIL component that helps this product to meet the needs of elite athletes. This is a product that uses L-Leucine in a patented formulation, and this means that the product is really an anabolic trigger that encourages the body to perform protein synthesis and a range of anabolic processes that nurture muscle growth and repair. This product contains a great basic vitamin supplement, but also features an anabolic catalyst, a “recovery complex”, a “cognitive enhancing complex”, and a “volumizing complex” too.

User Reviews and Feedback

So, this meant we needed to see what the actual users of the Evogen EVP product had to say. Of the roughly 80 consumer reviews found, we saw very few negative remarks. We learned that it was the preferred pre-workout beverage for women and men alike, that it was used by a diversity of athletes and “everyday” trainers, and that it was a consistent and reliable product.

Lots of comments mentioned the absence of “shakes” and “jitters” and almost all appreciated the steady supply of energy that they enjoyed when using this supplement. The word “best” seemed to appear very often, and this left a distinct impression. One of the few “cons” associated with this product is the flavor or taste, and some people mentioned that it had a medicine-like flavor.

Where To Buy

The price of Evogen EVP is also something to consider, especially because it is found in a very limited number of places. The most direct way to get your hands on the product is through They require $60 for the 450 gram tub (though the standard retail price is around $85). The tub contains around 40 servings of the grape flavored powder, and it should be mentioned that there are zero calories per serving!


We believe that Evogen EVP really does live up to its description as a product suitable for elite and hard training athletes of many kinds. The formula is definitely designed to deliver optimal results, and its scientific backing ensures that it is safe and effective for a wide range of consumers.

Our Top Pre Workout Supplement – Nitrocut

nitrocutNitrocut is one of the only non-stimulant containing pre workout supplements that we found actually works. This supplement uses L-Arginine to enhance Nitric Oxide production, giving you extreme gains in the gym, and even in the bedroom.

I personally tested a 3 month supply, learn more about my results in my official review.

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  1. Blaze June 12, 2011 at 8:49 pm - Reply

    Man this shit tastes horrible but it works. Got a really good workout from it, comparable to Jack3d. Kind of expensive though, I think it costs like $60 a tub.

  2. Rob Miller
    admin May 27, 2011 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    it works

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