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Muscle Factor X Review – Miracle Stack That Works?

By August 25, 2013 2

Muscle Factor X
Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
1.5 OUT OF 5.0
User Reviews: 0

Update!!  I finally tried this supplement out, scroll down to see my official results.

It’s no secret that every guy wants to be the Alpha male….he wants to get all the women, be bigger and stronger in his athletic pursuits, and be smarter than the rest of the pack.  There is certainly no shortage of supplements on the market that promise to do so, and one recent one I came across is called Muscle Factor X.  As you may already know, we review literally HUNDREDS of these supplements, and in many cases they turn out to be scams.  But could Muscle Factor X really be the solution?  We took to the internet and explored chat rooms, message boards, review sites, and more to learn as much about this product as we could.

What is Muscle Factor X?

muscle factor x reviewAccording to the official website, Muscle Factor X was designed for men who want ripped, muscular bodies as quickly as possible.  They say their product has been featured in numerous publications, including Men’s Health Magazine and CNN, but we could not seem to find info on that anywhere.

The makers of Muscle Factor X also say that their product was recently involved in a double blind clinical study, and the results were amazing.  In this study, they claim a 25% increase in lean muscle mass, and 27% more fat reduction than the competition.  Upon further research, we found that Muscle Factor X ITSELF was not the actual product that was involved in the study, but rather the main ingredient L-Arginine, was.

While it is true that L-Arginine was clinically studied, and did produce results similar to what was mentioned on their site, the study was conducted over 20 years ago.  And the study certainly did not involve that of any competitor products, but rather it studied the amino acid L-Arginine itself.

Where To Buy Muscle Factor X

From what we can tell, the only place you can buy Muscle Factor X is on their official website.  We checked out a few local stores like GNC, Walmart, CVS, and others, and could not find it for sale there either.  It looks like the only way you can get it is by signing up for their free trial program, which involves a 14 day trial period before you are charged the full price for the product.

My Review and Results With Muscle Factor X

I finally got a chance to order a “free trial” of muscle factor x and just finished testing it out.  I actually cancelled it with relative ease too, about 10 days after I ordered it through their email cancellation form.  I gotta say, it gave me decent results, but not quite what I expected.  I noticed a little bit more energy for the gym, and felt like I could lift a little bit more.  But as far as massive gains in size or strength, I didn’t see it…

Using Muscle Factor X With Other Products

Their are some blogs out there that appear to mimic the Mens Health official site, stating that celebrity’s themselves have been using Muscle Factor X with a wide variety of products for amazing results.  These products include Trig X2, 1285 Muscle, elevate GF, Sytropin, and about a dozen others.

While stacking products is very common in the industry, there doesn’t appear to be any real results or reviews from users of these stacks.  Typically, it is a good idea to stack products such as a pre workout booster and a testosterone booster, but in most cases these other products that are said to work great with Muscle Factor X are also pre-workout supplements.  There is almost NO NEED to combine 2 different pre-workout supplements.


Take what Muscle Factor X says with a grain of salt.  There are plenty of other pre-workout products available on the market that don’t try to suck you into a free trial.  Now if they were giving away free samples of their products that would be a different story.  The lack of credible reviews, along with the fact that Muscle Factor X doesn’t disclose the other ingredients in their formula (apart from L-Arginine), leads us to believe they are more interested in getting your credit card information rather than help you get jacked.

Have You Used Muscle Factor X?  Leave Your Review Below!

Our Top Pre Workout Supplement – Nitrocut

nitrocutNitrocut is one of the only non-stimulant containing pre workout supplements that we found actually works. This supplement uses L-Arginine to enhance Nitric Oxide production, giving you extreme gains in the gym, and even in the bedroom.

I personally tested a 3 month supply, learn more about my results in my official review.

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  1. David Mcloughlin December 17, 2013 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    I would love to try this,can i get a trial offer,as i don,t know how it will work with myself.

    • Rob Miller
      Rob Miller December 19, 2013 at 1:10 am - Reply

      Hey David,
      I’m sorry. We’re not affiliated with the supplement company. You’ll have to visit their website and order a free trial there.


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