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Stamina Rx – Review From a Users Perspective
February 23, 2011 Male Enhancement
Stamina Rx – Review by Rob Miller 2/23/11
4.0 OUT OF 5
Rob recommends Stamina Rx – .

I had the pleasure of trying out stamina rx today, and what follows should be short but thorough review of my results.  First off, I want to apologize for not updating this earlier, as presidents day weekend proved to be longer than expected.  After several dozen beers and cheeseburgers, its back to the daily grind in south florida.  Anyway, i ordered my trial package of stamina rx last Thursday off of Amazon and it was literally shipped that day.  I received it in the mail yesterday in a plain, discreet envelope that was addressed from MOD Life Supplies out of Sarasota, FL.

Hours 1 – 4

To cut right to the chase, I decided to take the pills late this morning after a fairly large breakfast.  The plan was to take them about an hour before my girlfriend got home so we could participate in some “experimental treatment” options.  The package comes with 2, but i decided to only take one because of alot of testimonials i read from other guys complaining about side effects.  Well, after about an hour later, she was home, but he (you know who) wasn’t.  I figured “ok, the box says 1 – 2 tablets prior to sexual activity”,but it doesn’t say how long.

So my girlfriend comes home for an hour, and we spend the latter half of her lunch break laying around on the couch.  Now I’m starting to feel just a slight bit of nausea, and frankly, i was starting to get the jitters.  So she (girlfriend) leaves to go back to work, unimpressed by the results of Stamina Rx.

But Wait, There’s More!

About 20 minutes into a not-so-restful nap, i get this massive hard-on out of nowhere.  I started to think maybe it was just one of those erections you get when you have to pee really bad, but this was a full on rod of steel.  I tried to actually shrug it off but believe it or not i ACTUALLY started to get horny.  I couldn’t hold it anymore, and decided enough was enough, i’m going to pleasure myself.

What Followed Was One of the Most Intense Orgasms I Experienced in A LONG time!  It only took me about 4 minutes to climax, but when i did it was like an eruption of a major volcano.  I only wish my girlfriend was there too see it. :)  (Well have to experiment again later)


Right now I am on my fourth hour into the effects of the stamina rx, but i gotta say i am impressed.  I still feel kind of hard, and there is that small but of queasiness, but it seems to be going away.  I actually started getting random chills as well, so i dont know if it is the pill or if i am coming down with something.  All in all, I think it is a great product and really does work for male enhancement, but i would be very wary of the side effects if you have heart problems.

Our #1 Choice For Male Enhancement – Vigrx Plus

home-vigrxWe have personally tested over 100 different male enhancement supplements , and Vigrx Plus stands out as the most effective in terms of results and customer reviews.  Not only is Vigrx Plus designed to help boost overall stamina and libido, but it’s also the only product in its category to be clinically studied and PROVEN to work.

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