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Rob Miller | October 29, 2016
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Over the past few decades, the supplement industry has exploded.

There are supplements for everything under the sun and then some.

However, one specific area of the supplement market has really grown in recent years, and it’s the sexual enhancement area.

Products like Ageless Male fuel this growth. But what is it?

Ageless Male is a male enhancement product that claims it can boost testosterone and reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted to estradiol and DHT.

However, the Ageless Male website also states that this product has the potential to increase energy production, increase the sex drive, promote lean muscle mass and give users a more positive mood.

So, now for the burning question…does Ageless Male work?


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How Ageless Male Works

Ingredients in Ageless Male include Saw Palmetto and Astaxantin.

There is mention that a published study of one of these ingredients in humans shows that the ingredient did help to increase the levels of testosterone to a range considered normal.

One of the major ingredients found in Ageless male is Testofen, which is nothing but standardized fenugreek seed extract.

Fenugreek is a medicinal plant and is used for many conditions, including digestive problems, gastritis, heart conditions, high blood pressure level and cholesterol.

ageless male reviewFenugreek is also used for kidney problems, mouth ulcers, infection and tissues, tuberculosis and even conditions like erectile dysfunction.

Breast-feeding women sometimes take the help of fenugreek to increase milk flow.

It is also used as a poultice, which means, it is wrapped in a soft cloth, warmed and directly applied to the skin to treat swelling and muscle pain.

The extreme advantage of using this particular medicinal ingredient has been shown in lowering diabetic conditions including type I and type II diabetes.

It also has a great deal in lowering down cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Other conditions that are comforted by fenugreek are:

  • Constipation
  • Stomach disorder
  • Sexual problems
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Gout
  • Baldness

Fenugreek taste and smell closely resembles Maple syrup and is usually used to hide the bitter taste of medicines.

In normal foods, fenugreek is used as an ingredient in spice blends, mainly used in Asian dishes.

The key ingredient in Ageless Male has been medically shown to help men to maintain healthy testosterone level and improve their well-being.

The product has helped men since ages to lead active and healthy lifestyle.

Fenugreek has been chemically proven to boost free testosterone levels and help support healthy energy metabolism, active sexual energy and muscle boost.

Ageless Male Reviews

Apart from their official website, which has numerous positive reviews, finding information on people who have ACTUALLY used it was easy.

The hard part, however, was determining which testimonials were actually truthful, and which were flat out fake, was not easy.

Case in point, I ran a quick search on YouTube to see if I could find anyone who has used it and came across this:

This  sounds…. scripted. And in all likelihood, it probably is.

First off, the guy looks like he hasn’t worked out a day in his life.

Second, he talks a little bit about how Ageless Male changed his life, but doesn’t get into anything specific.

He keeps referencing another site as well as being instrumental in determining whether or not he should buy Ageless male, which seems like it’s more or less just a ploy to get you to visit their website.

The guy in this video also seems like he’s been paid to do a review of Ageless Male:

And then you have the typical “review” on Youtube, which is essentially nothing short of being a blatant advertisement, like this one:

There’s literally dozens of these, and I won’t bore you by going through each one of them.

In any case, I saw several reviews and testimonials on Amazon, and in the majority of cases, they weren’t that good.

Here’s an example below:

ageless male review on amazon

Users complained that, despite manufacturer claims of elevated testosterone levels, they noticed no significant difference in there testosterone levels after getting a blood test.

That’ no surprise because I don’t really think there is ANY t-booster on the market that can REALLY increase your baseline testosterone levels.

If you try to find an objective review on any other site (apart from Amazon), you’ll likely be disappointed.

For example, the site “Consumer Health Digest Dot Com” rates Ageless Male a 3.0 out of 5, citing that they couldn’t come to a conclusion because they don’t know what the amounts of each ingredient are.

Well, my question to them would be, “did you try testing it?


As a matter of fact, looking around their site it doesn’t look like they test ANY of the products that they are talking about.

That’s a credibility issue in my book.

Lastly, there’s a scathing review of Ageless Male on the Peak Testosterone forum, which is almost hard to read.

The gentlemen, who goes by the handle “BlueMetroid” says that while he was on Ageless Male, he felt pretty awesome.

The problem was when he came OFF of it, he started getting:

  • Depression
  • Extreme Muscle twitches
  • Constant Fatigue and Tiredness
  • 100% inability to get an erection
  • Loss of appetite

In all honesty, the symptoms he describe sound like the flu, so I’m not 100% sure that stopping Ageless Male was the cause of these symptoms.

My personal results were MUCH more different from those of the testimonials on Amazon and other sites, so is it really worth buying?

My Results With Ageless Male?

I have used several dozen supplements, like Pro Testosterone, that make alot of the same promises as Ageless Male, but this is actually one of the first I tried that lived up to it.

First off, I am hitting my mid thirties now, and am starting to feel the effects of aging.

I was getting more winded at sports, my sex drive started to get lower, and my overall energy has just been going down the tube.

I approached my experiment with Ageless Male with a little bit of caution, mainly because I had been burned before.

I started noticing the effects after the first few days of taking it, most notably in the bedroom department.

After a couple of weeks, my overall energy levels and mood improved significantly, and my workouts were getting better.

I finally felt like I was getting my “late 20’s” back, and noticed it even more on the basketball court.

I had some younger friends, guys in their mid 20’s, that I could finally compete with again!

Overall, I would recommend Ageless Male To any guy looking for a boost in his overall quality of life.

Are there any side effects?

Fenugreek is known to be the safest medicinal plant when taken orally in appropriate amounts.

People generally consume fenugreek as an ingredient in food, but since it is extremely high in medicinal value, it is used as medicinal purposes as well.

However, it does have the ability to produce side effects ranging from gas to upset stomach. (source:  Webmd)

Apart from Testofen (fenugreek seed extract), Ageless male has ingredients like vitamins B6, magnesium and Zinc.

Pros and Cons of Ageless Male

Pros of Ageless Male:

  • The Ageless Male website is very professional looking and easy to navigate.

  • The product website provides information on Andropause and lack of testosterone.

  • There is an interesting back story on Dr. Rosenstein provided, similar to a testimonial.

  • The product offers a 100% money back guarantee for up to 30 days after product purchase.

  • Information on the manufacturer, NAC Vitamins Inc. , is provided on the product website.

  • There is a discount offered for individuals who choose to purchase a 3-month supply.

Cons of Ageless Male:

  • There is very little information provided regarding how the product works.

  • There are only two ingredients mentioned on the Ageless Male website.

  • The product website states a clinical trial, but does not mention the ingredient that the trial supported or provide a link to view the trial’s results.

  • The FAQ section is very limited and doesn’t provide answers to any of my pressing questions regarding this product.

  • The product does not mention whether or not there are any side effects associated with use.

Where to Buy Ageless Male

You can currently purchase Ageless Male from the product’s website,

The cost for one bottle, a one month supply, is $39.95 plus shipping and handling.However, those interested in purchasing larger quantities can obtain a 3 month supply for $79.90 plus shipping and handling.As far as its availability in local stores like GNC, Walmart, or Walgreens, you can actually buy a bottle in GNC for $45 or a one month’s supply.It’s more expensive because GNC tends to mark up supplements, mainly because of their brand recognition.

You should definitely avoid their free trial, however, which will end up putting you in an ENDLESS auto-rebill, auto-shipment program that charges you way too much.

Check out my related article on free trials, and what they’re really all about.

That’s not to say that Ageless Male is a scam, but the recurring billing could turn out costing you more than you bargained for.

Is Ageless Male Recommended?

Based on my personal experience with Ageless Male, I would definitely recommend it to any guy that is looking to get an overall boost in every facet of his life.

The quality ingredients, reputable company, relatively cheap price, and overall effectiveness give it a 2 thumbs up rating in my book.

Speaking of books, if you REALLY want to boost your testosterone levels safely and naturally, you should sign up for my free “How To Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally” ebook.

It’s packed with ton’s of info on natural ways you can boost your natural testosterone levels, without having to rub some cream under your armpits 🙂  Click here to sign up for it now and receive it instantly in your inbox!

Have you tried this product? Leave your Ageless Male review below!

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