ATP Creatine Serum 5.1 Oz. Reviews, Ingredients, and Side Effects

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atp creatine serum reviewLiquid creatine supplements are commonly used as an alternative to powdered versions of creatine, but we all know that not all supplements are equal. ATP Creatine Serum is designed to help make it simple to achieve harder, longer workouts, and many athletes swear by the drinks, which offer a stabilized liquid version of creatine monohydrate. We decided to take a look at the serum to see if it really works and whether it is a product that we recommend for others looking to enhance their workouts.

How ATP Creatine Serum Works and Ingredients

ATP Creatine Serum is designed to work quickly by bypassing the need to be digested. The liquid is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and does not bind with food. It requires no loading or maintenance, instead offering a steady supply of energy and creatine to your muscle cells. Because there is no need to take massive amounts of creatine to get the benefits, it also helps eliminate the risk of side effects. There is no bloat, no leveling off, and no kidney effects, but the increased workout capacity seen with creatine is actually enhanced. ATP Creatine Serum also includes plenty of B12 and other needed ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors.

Where To Buy ATP Creatine Serum

There is no specific website for this product, but most premier online bodybuilding sites offer it for a fairly low price of about thirty bucks for thirty servings.

User Reviews of ATP Creatine Serum

User reviews for ATP Creatine Serum are easy to find and highly favorable. Unlike most supplements, users actually seem to like the flavor and many are quick to note that it offers an “energized feeling” and a decrease in muscle soreness as well as “increased stamina and strength” starting with the first use. These are certainly the types of reviews one wants to see with a creatine supplement, especially when there is also great note of the lack of side effects.

“I like the fact that this serum was easy to drink and gave me great results. I didn’t get any side effects from it, so that’s a plus. That being said, I think that the powder form is much better for a variety of reasons, most notably it ability to produce results. ATP Creatine Serum worked, but It would be my first choice.”
Phil, NY


For us, ATP Creatine Serum is a fairly easy supplement to recommend. The science backing the product is sound, the ingredients are great, and the lack of side effects and risks makes it a great choice. User reviews help boost our recommendation as well, as we haven’t really found any users who have gained no benefit from the product. In all, it seems to be an excellent creatine supplement for people looking to boost gains and endurance without the need to ingest massive scoops of powder and focus more on loading and maintenance than actual mass building.

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I bought this creatine serum. Do I actually take 5 (1ml) servings at a time before work out or 5 drops? Need to know asap. Thanks -jeromt

Take 5 drops, 1 ml each for a total of 5 ml per pre workout dose.- Rob

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