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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 3-27-2020

1. Boombod 7-Day Achiever Review

Amber Rose.

When you think of her, you probably think, killer curves.

amber rose whoa

She looks good, doesn’t she?

Well, she is also the ambassador for Boombod.

The makers of Boombod and some Boombod reviews claim that when you use the product, you will look like the celebrity.

boombod 7 day weight loss

While there has been a lot of fanfare around Boombod, there is no concrete evidence as to whether it is an efficient fat burner.

On the one hand, it has Konjac Fiber that has an association with weight loss.

But on the other hand, the other ingredients in this product do not seem to have much evidence to support them.

There are many questions consumers have, for instance, what are my Boombod results likely to be? Is Boombod safe?

Is it a scam?

This Boombod 7-day achiever review will help you find the answers to your questions.

Let’s find out if this celebrity appetite suppressant is worth the fuss…

2. How to mix Boombod – is it safe?

When you receive your boombod package, you are going to find 21 sachets, 3 for every day you will use it.

You should use each sachet 30 minutes before a meal.

According to the use directions, all you need is a medium sized glass.

Empty one sachet into the glass, add water that fills a quarter of the glass, stir and drink.

Easy right?

We only have one problem with these directions.

Words like medium-sized and ¼ full are vague.

I would have preferred it if they had used exact measurements.

When it comes to safety, Boombod has a pretty clean track record.

Nothing serious has been reported so far.

However, some customers have suffered side effects from Boombod such as bloating, some stomach discomfort, flatulence and even diarrhea.

What is crazy is that it is supposed to help reduce bloating but in some cases seems to cause it instead.

If you are on any medication, you should also not try Boombod before talking to your physician.

3. Boombod, 7-day achiever, does it work faster than the competition?

Boombod is a new product, but we have already seen similar supplements a lot in the past.

They sell weight loss miracles and in the case of Boombod you will apparently start seeing weight loss results in 7 days.

However, they go further and say that for you to become skinny, you will have the product for four consecutive weeks.

The truth about weight loss is that it takes time, and often you may need to change your lifestyle to get the right results.

The sellers of Boombod claim that once you start using it, you no longer crave fast food and you end up eating less of other foods as well.

While this might help in the beginning, there isn’t much SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCRE to show that simply eating less leads to weight loss.

The biggest problem with this theory from my standpoint is that the body gets used to a routine.

Even when you exercise to lose weight, you have to change up and increase the intensity of the exercises otherwise they cease being effective.

The other thing to consider is your metabolism and after analyzing the 7 day achiever we can’t see anything in particular that would help you torch that fat.

4. The ingredients: Is Boombod more than just a weight loss supplement?

The main ingredient used in Boombod’s marketing is Glucomannan.

It is the main ingredient for weight loss and this one is believed to offer some benefits.

Once ingested, Glucomannan turns into a gel that lines the stomach lessening the space food can take.

This makes you eat less and ultimately lose weight.

Boombod also claims to pass through the digestive tract gathering food particles, and other toxins.

And it cleanses the body without a laxative effect.

There is also biotin which is a Vitamin B complex that helps convert food into energy.

The body produces enough biotin to cater to its needs already.

The other thing to remember is that is also water soluble and passes out in urine when ingested which makes ingesting it as a supplement counterproductive.

Boombod also contains iron that is not pivotal to weight loss but can improve the process. It gives you energy.

Most times when people do not eat properly, they end up with an iron deficiency which makes them feel fatigued and lethargic all the time.

Magnesium is the other significant mineral in this product.

While it is beneficial for overall health, it has no connection whatsoever to weight loss.

It is mostly important for building bones by increasing the body’s capability to absorb calcium.

It aso contributes to the production of testosterone in men and would be better suited in a MALE SUPPLEMENT than a weight loss one.

5. Boombod cost: miracle fat burner or a waste of money?

A pack of 21 sachets goes for $35. Yes that’s right, $35 for a one week supply!From time to time they do offer promotions and let’s face it at that price you’re going to need one.

We saw earlier that you need to use it for four weeks to get to your ideal weight.

The problem with this is that they do not offer specifics.

It would feel like a worthy investment if they at least had a rate.

Boombod is not exactly a fat burner.

It only makes you eat less when you take it before meals.

There are also just three for a day.

It can also be quite a hassle to use it in situations where you aren’t at home or in the office, like when you travel or are at a function.

You could argue that a fat burner would work better because you can take it anywhere and simply pop a pill to keep your intake consistent and at the correct times of the day.

Overall we don’t think it would be prudent to spend $140 on a 4 week supply of Boombod until there are studies that show precisely how it works and who it works for.

That is a lot of money to shell out on a product that has counterparts that are cheaper, more researched and easier to look to for information about than Boombod.

6. Leanbean Vs Boombod – Which one wins?

Leanbean is a women’s fat burner.Unlike Boombod, Leanbean has been uses by professional athletes rather than celebrities.

You are advised to use it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

The product comes in capsule form rather than shots.

The two supplements do have one similarity, they both contain Glucomannan and SUPPRESS APPETITE.

But other than that, Leanbean goes further and also addresses toning of the body, increased metabolism, and detoxification.

Regarding ingredients, while they share Glucomannan, Leanbean seems to have more of them geared towards weight loss.

For instance, it has turmeric which contains an antioxidant called curcumin. This powerful ingredient increases body temperature which increases the metabolism which is excellent for weight loss.

Leanbean also has Green tea, as we know this is a super antioxidant and clean stimulant that aid fat burning.

When it comes to price, Leanbean definitely wins.

While Boombod gives you just a week’s supply for $35, Leanbean offers a month’s supply for only $59.

With regards to customer service, Boombod seems to take the medal.Leanbean struggles as customers complain about shipping takes longer than the brand’s promise.

The Leanbean website does not state any side effects.

However, it is not type of product that you should take whilst pregnant.

No weight loss supplement is!

It was a close call, but if you want to lose weight realistically, Leanbean would be the ideal choice.

7. Boombod customer reviews – Is it living up to the scrutiny on Amazon and Youtube

Boombod has had celebrities with killer figures, and this has sparked a lot of interest in Boombod, and we all know when products are sold online, there are reviews.

So what are the people saying?

There are a few positive comments about Boombod.

One customer said they loved the product as she had been struggling to lose weight, but with Boombod had shed 1.3 Kgs.

Another one on her second box had already lost weight, had a lot of energy, she also said she had no cravings and loved the taste.

But there are also negative Boombod reviews.

A lot of people who used the product did not see any results.

Once customer said the product was all hype and NO RESULTS.

She also said the lunctime sachet made her feel bloated.

We would advise that you read reviews other than those on the website because they are all suspiciously positive.

No product has ever had 100% approval.

8. Boombod – The result

There has been a lot of buzz around Boombod; it claims to be a revolutionary product but ultimately we just couldn’t figure out what it was trying to achieve. Weight loss? Healthier skin and nails?

Or just better health overall?

This appetite suppressing drink should yield some benefits when it comes to reducing your hunger pangs.

However, we think it falls short of our favorite female fat burner overall.

That’s because it misses out the key benefits of a top metabolism boosting pill thanks to its failure to include some of the most effective natural stimulants and thermogenic ingredients.

Not to mention the fact it is eye-wateringly expensive.

Many of their claims are simply impossible to back up in any real, meaningful way and for the price, there is not enough to justify giving it a try and throwing down that much money.

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