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  1. Hi Rob. I’m a 43 yr old female 5 ft 7.5in and about 180 lbs. I’m looking to lose about 25 lbs. I am in pretty good shape as I am a Zumba instructor and I work out for my own maintenance.

    I’m currently taking phentermine and on a restricted diet to shed these stubborn 20-25 lbs. I’ve lost about 9 lbs in the last 3 weeks, but I need faster and continuous results. I just started IKO, and they have helped with any small cravings and energy to do longer workouts.

    Is there something else I need to try in addition to the two supplements I’m taking?

    Also, since I’ve started the IKO, around 5:30 am before I get up in the morning, I’m literally starving. I actually have hunger pangs, which I didn’t feel before.

    Could that be due to my calories being even more restricted since staring the IKO?
    1. Yeah you’re eating less, but you’re burning a heck of a lot more calories, so that’s probably what’s causing the hunger pangs. If you want to get rid of that quick, keep a tub of almond butter and a teaspoon next to your bed before you hit the sack.

      If you wake up at 5:30 and can’t fall back asleep, eat a heaping teaspoon serving of the almond butter and it will kill any hunger pangs. Almond butter is actually really good for you because of the high amounts of poly and mono-unsaturated fat, as well as the fiber and protein content.

      Supplements wise, I wouldn’t add another fat burner to the mix, you’re already taking 2 of them. You may want to consider a pre workout called Nitrocut. It contains L-Arginine and other ingredients that will help you power through your workouts even harder, as well as help improve your recovery times.

      Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and keep me posted on your results!
  2. Using phentermine I have lost 130 LBS and reached my goal weight of 250 LB.S. I am now looking to start a workout routine that will continue to support the weight loss goal that I have reached. With so many supplements on the market do you have any good recommendations for both mens health and weight loss?

    Most of my adult life I have had high blood pressure and low t. I currently take several expensive supplements from GNC and would like to cut down the number of OTC’s I take.

    1. Hey Tom,
      That’s a pretty staggering weight drop, hats off to you! You made a big step in the right direction signing up for my free get ripped ebook. It’s got everything you need to help you break through any plateaus and keep shedding that weight off.

      Supplements wise, I think you would benefit from a testosterone booster called Testofuel and a fat burner called Phen 375. The Testofuel will help to boost your T levels, and the Phen 375 works great as both an appetite suppressant AND fat burner.

      Check out my reviews of each below:

      Testofuel –

      Phen 375 –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. I got your ebook and noticed the supplements you listed were specifically for men. What supplements and exercises do you recommend for women who want to loose 10-15 pounds of belly fat in just 6 weeks? I don’t use a gym so I work out from home.

    1. Hey Shay,
      First off, check out this post I did awhile back:

      It’s loaded with tons of tips on exercises you can do at home to help stimulate fat burning. Supplements wise, I would recommend you stack a fat burner called Instant Knockout ( along with a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut (

      They both work great when combined, and are totally suitable for women of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Rob- I have spent the better part of the afternoon reading your website and reviews and feel it was well worth the time. The problem I have is that there are so many supplements out there and specific situations, that I notice you sometimes recommend one, and other times another (in particular with regard to testosterone supplements).

    I am 52, just starting to get back into weight training (just received your How To Get Lean, Ripped, and Strong Quick book and will go through that), am 220 lbs, 6′ tall, and okay shape but have the beer belly. I want to build lean muscle (not bodybuilder), lose my gut, and not be embarrassed to take my shirt off in the summer.

    I also think I may have low testosterone as I find myself much more sluggish, without the drive to work out (other than walking the dogs for an hour in the morning), and other indications. I want to do this the right way from the onset and give myself the best chance for success.

    There are cutting supplements, building supps, low T, etc., and I am at a loss at to what would be the best combination. As all this supplement talk is new to me, the more specific recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any suggestions you can provide.
    1. Hey James,
      Yeah no problem at all, I know it can be frustrating to sift through all of this information. First off, you’ll definitely want to pour over the ebook and free bonuses. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercise to help steer you in the right direction.

      I can’t stress enough the importance of a good diet and exercise. Supplements won’t do the work for you, they’ll just get you the results faster. For you, I would specifically recommend stacking a testosterone booster called Prime Male along with a fat burner called Instant Knockout.

      The 2 work great when combined, and will shed those excess pounds quick as well as help build lead muscle. Here’s my reviews of each:

      Prime Male –

      Instant Knockout –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Devraaj,

      There are some supplements that claim to increase your height, but unfortunately, they don’t work. Your best bet is to get in the best, healthiest, fittest shape you can with the height you have.

    1. Hey Nishat,

      This review is for liquid EcoSlim drops. We don’t have any information on EcoSlim tablets, a completely different product.

      I would guess instructions are included in the packaging.
  5. Hello!
    I am 23 year old boy.

    My weight is 90kg and waist is 38inches. I want to reduce my weight to about 65-70kgs and waist to 30 inches.

    Kindly suggest me something good.

    Thank you
    Moawia Aslam
  6. I need to know how does one take these 2 capsules, the T-90 Xplode and the N2 BLAST. Are they to be taken at the same time or same day together? or differently.

    Please explain the exact way they should be taken,
    Thank you.
    1. Hey Terence,

      I haven’t tried these two myself, and I don’t have any affiliation with these products. You’ll have to check the instructions on the bottles, and if that doesn’t work, give them a call.

  7. I am 47 years old and finding its so much harder to get rid of my belly fat. And after reading your article I think it is possible for my increased body fat and for always feeling fatigued could be low testosterone levels. so I am very interested in reading your book.

    1. Hey Kip,
      Yeah that’s usually the case (low t), unless there’s some sort of other underlying medical issue that’s gone un-diagnosed. The ebook will definitely help, let me know if you have any questions!

  8. Thanks for saving me from a whole lot of sadness, I was about to order T-90 Xplode, not now. I will never order another supplement online without checking here first.

  9. I thought that it was going to be an actual book that you sent out but the e-book is cool. I will definitely read it, it looks like it is going to have a lot of useful information that will hopefully help me sculpt my body into the perfect male specimen, lol.

  10. I haven’t gotten book yet.
    as soon as you send me the book I will read and send you back the review- this is very confusing. I couldn’t open up the first part above@!

  11. Force Factor is poison! I hav hears so many other people tell me the same thing that they almost died.

    I had to have my stomach pumped. I am sending them the hospital bill!

  12. I am a 60 y.o. guy in great shape, I am a 5′ 6″ 140 pound cyclist, but want to put on some lean muscle and lower BMI.

    1. Hey Bill,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help get you on track for your weight loss goals. Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass cutting stack. It’s made up of 4 high quality supplements that will help boost your energy levels, improve libido, and shred belly fat.

      Use it in conjunction with the ebook for the best results, here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hey Jose,

      We don’t sell supplements, but if you tell me what you’re looking for, I can make some recommendations for you.

  13. Hi I’m 53 and over weight by at least 40 to 50 lbs I desperately need to lose weight I have a BowFlex at home also a bike and also the BowFlex treadclimber and adjustable weights so I really have no excuses I’m a stay at home father as I do have compressed disc in my lower back and neck.I do walk the dog on a daily basis but the thing with me is that I start things and get right into it but it always seems after two months I seem to lose interest but I’ve lost inches but not weight seeing muscle is heavier than fat.I need something to get me going and pick me up ephedrine seems a little to much for a guy of my age worried of getting a heart attack.By the way I to have just ordered the Bioflex and it hasn’t been 14 days yet I haven’t even received it as of yet I did order some Garcinia Cambogia from watching lol Dr Oz they say it works to help losing weight I thought I read that you said to take optimal stack and mass PM which I do have but wasn’t that a scam to get a free trial.Hope to here back from you thx Dean
    1. Hey Dean,
      I would actually recommend a supplement called Instant Knockout. It’s a fat burner that has a ton of caffeine and other fat burning ingredients, and will kick your workouts into high gear. Here’s my review:

      Also, follow the tips and suggestions in the ebook I sent you, and pay particular attention to the diet aspect. Diet really is about 80% of any fat / weight loss program.

      You should also be tracking your progress, this will keep you motivated once you start seeing results, even if they are minor. Garcinia Cambogia, Mass PM, and Optimal stack are all scams, stay away from them.

      I haven’t had a chance to try out the Bioflex line of supplements, so I can’t comment on them just yet. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Hey Rob,
    I just recently ordered Garcinia Cambogia Extract. And I want to also use Test X180, what are your thoughts on this

    1. Hey Russell,

      I’m on the fence about Garcinia Cambogia. There’s definitely some anecdotal evidence that it works for some people, but it hasn’t been scientifically proven. A natural testosterone will help you lose fat and gain lean muscle, so it’s a good addition to your regimen. Check out my full Test X180 review.

  16. i’m a 62 years old man, but I like the gym, still working and married, and i don’t want to feel tired o weak to do my duties
    1. Hey Antonio,

      The diet and workout in the book will help provide energy by getting you in great shape. You should also look into taking a natural testosterone booster like Testofuel.


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