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  1. Hi Rob,
    I read lots of bad reviews about instant knock out is it trough that it’s a garbage it doesn’t work because i want to try it. but before i will i’m asking you first if it is work or not?


  2. Hey , Job tell me how can I get crazymass stack in my country India and also suggest me how can get huge arms and just by keeping abs in shape as I already hv abs but my size of arms is only 15 inch I want 17 inch biceps atleast along with good chest as well
  3. I’m a 65 year older in good health work out at least 3x a week and on Saturday and sundays that when I get my best workout because not many people my problem is man boobs and belly fat I’ve been working with dumbbell mostly and it’s not working I have a 16inch bicep can you help i’m 5 7 199lb
    1. Hey Cleve,
      Sorry for the late reply. First off, you’ll have to get your diet right. Check out the tips in the free get ripped ebook I sent you, it’s full of useful information on what you should (and shouldn’t) be eating.

      Supplements wise, go with a combo of a fat burner called Instant Knockout, along with a testosterone booster called Prime Male. They both work GREAT in combination, and will help shed those excess lbs. and build lean muscle. Here’s my reviews:

      Instant Knockout –

      Prime Male –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Donna,

      It’s a great program for anyone who wants to get in shape, but of course you should start at a pace that works for you at your current fitness level, and work up to heavier weights as you get stronger and leaner. But if you stick with the diet and workout plan, you WILL get fitter and stronger.

      Let me know if you have any more questions when you read the ebook.

    1. Hey Randy,

      Check your email for a confirmation request. Once you respond to that, the ebook will arrive in your inbox right away.

  4. Thanks Rob you have saved me from wasting my money. Going to give the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack a go, thanks again.

  5. Hello Rob I am a 26 yr old male and have a small frame with scoliosis. I also have a little belly fat but never really exercised except for working in factories ( not really a good idea i know).

    I was wandering if you know of anything that could help me get toned and I would like my big butt back sorry didn’t really know how to put that. But since i’m small i’m always running to the bathroom so i’m not worried about losing weight just toning my chest and stomach area do you have any suggestions and does your book help out any thanks for your time.

  6. So I am a freshmen in college and i am a football player, I have played football since middle school and has always been the tallest but skinniest kid on he field. I play corner back; to be honest everything is totally fine, i feel as though i am very physical and have plenty of inner strength.

    I am 6’5 200 at this point i am just looking for ways to show my actual size and gain even more muscle. Just yesterday i ordered a bottle of Maximus NO2 Nitric Oxide Tablets.

    Just want to know if you think that was a good move and if so, besides taking those what are some tips on other things i can do to continue to gain muscle; I understand working out is one way but other than that.
    1. Hey jean v,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here's my review:
  7. I’m a 52 y/o former boxer who continues a boxer’s workout regimen 3 days/ week, and bike riding 12 miles 4 days a week with half the ride on steep hills in middle gears. I do 10 sets of 50 rep squats with my 20 lb weight vest.

    My diet averages 1800-2000 cal/ day. Can’t go below 1800 calories since my regimen burns so many calories and my metabolism is extremely high to the point I can still feel it burning calories an hour after working out.

    I have no problem with my weight. The problem I have is ridding myself of belly fat.

    I have a small pouch of skin that I can’t get rid of. I’ve seen guys my age with tight abs and many I’ve worked out with, who have told me they don’t understand why I have such a hard time ridding the fat with my regimen. I have a strict 4-5x/day meal plan with below the minimum fat intake.

    What can I use to help rid me of my arch nemesis. Please help!

    Male phenom with a strong ab and fat pouch
    1. Hey Donald,
      Yeah I agree, getting rid of the stubborn belly fat is definitely the toughest. I think you should incorporate more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with your weight vest.

      Supplements wise, check out Instant Knockout. Take a look at my review, and pay particular attention to the “My Personal Results” section:

      Follow the HIIT example I used there…it worked great for me and I’m willing to bet it will for you too.

  8. how do I purchase the supplements that you recommend. I’m trying to lose some weight but tone up mainly . especially through my mid section.

    1. Hey Craig,

      They’re all available online through their respective websites. If you let me know what you’re thinking about using, I can give you links to their websites.

  9. I’m in my mid 50, I still train quite hard five days a week. Would like a little help getting my test levels up.

    And keeping on more muscle density.
    1. Hey Curtis,
      First off, I would recommend you sign up for my free “How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercises you can do to kick start your bodies natural testosterone production.

      Second, check out a supplement called Prime Male. It’s packed with a healthy dose of D-Aspartic Acid and other herbal supplements that work great in combo with the information in the ebook. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hey Janith,

      I haven’t used them on their own, but they’re both valuable components in a good supplement or stack.

  10. hello Rob I`m sixty years old I`m looking for help with one my performance in bed I`m starting to get ED and it is a little embarrassing and I would like to shed about 20-25 lbs. I have a bet with my doctor that I can do that by next May right now I`m doing light to moderate exercises and I`m trying to eat clean any suggestion I have a new lady in my life and I would really like to up my game with her!
  11. I just ordered the ripped muscle x and i would like to know if you think it works and how early should i take it before a workout. And should i cut out all carbs in the process also.

  12. Good morning Rob,

    I have another question for you. I have my BPI BCAA. I usually drink them while i work out.

    Now im going to be taking the nitrocut and the quadralean stack. Should i wait til after im done working out to take it?

    I will take the nitrocut soon as i wake up 45 before i go to the gym and i will take the qquadralean before lunch and dinner is that ok or will i need to switch it around?
    1. Hey Anthony,

      Sounds like a good schedule for your Nitrocut and Quadralean. Try it that way for a week or so, then re-evaluate. No need to change your BCAA schedule. But again, if you find something’s a little off, you can always switch it up then.

  13. Thanks the qaudralean says take 6 pills 3 im the morning and 3 before lunch. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress

  14. Thanks for the fast response. So should i take both of them at the same time or what do u recommend.

    How long will it b before i can see results. I order my nitrocut today.

    I also downloaded your workout and meal plan. I will start that on monday.

    I can’t wait to start seeing progress
    1. Hey Anthony,

      You should take them each as directed. They won’t interfere with each other, so no worries there.

      Take 2 Nitrocut pills before breakfast and another 2 either before lunch or workout. It’s hard to say exactly how long before you see results, but if you stick with the ebook plan along with the supplements, it won’t be long.


  15. Hey Rob

    i am 36 193 pounds, 6ft tall. I am n the military sonmy workouts are good and i work out 4 days a week.

    Im just trying to get shreddednand put on a lil muscle mass. I have your ebook ( thanks for the great info) i been using quadralean but i dont know if its working.

    I cant take allot of supplements b i have high blood pressure . Can you asist me with something that i will see great results

    1. Hey Anthony,

      Given your high blood pressure, stick with Quadralean, and stack the stimulant-free pre workout, Nitrocut with it. It’ll help you get the most out of your workouts without raising your blood pressure.

  16. Im 52 now and my son is a bodybuilder and got me interested again in getting fit I have change to a sensible diet now and going to the gym on a regular basis I have lost just over 20kgs to get me to 98kgs and now looking to go further any tips greatly appreciated .I also like the way you check products and try to protect us from scammers looking to make a quick buck from the general public keep up the good work.
    1. Hey Steven,

      The Getting Ripped ebook will help a lot. It’s a great program to take you to the next level. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. I think it’s just what you’re looking for.

  17. I’m 40 my weight is 190 how do I lose the fat in my stomach and build muscle mass in my arms and chest I don’t want to loose that much weight I like being 190lbs but don’t like looking 3 months pregnant lol
    1. Hey David,

      You can view it very easily on your computer or tablet. It’s actually very readable. All you need is Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here if you don’t already have it.

  18. Hay Rob, I just wanted to tell you… THANK YOU! Too awesome of you to offer your books for free as well as your concern and honesty with all this stuff.

    There is a lot of bull S#*% out there and just wanted to say I appreciate ya!
  19. Hey Rob,
    I’m 38, 5’8″ and 182lbs. I don’t have a consistent work schedule so my eating routine is very inconsistent, and usually has me at fast food so I can squeeze in a bite. I’m not trying to put on size, I just want to lean out.

    I just ordered your ebook, what do you recommend for me?

    1. Hey Toby,

      For it to work, you’re going to have to change your eating habits and make time for a consistent workout routine. The ebook will definitely help with those. As for supplements, stack the fat burner Instant Knockout (which can double as a pre workout) with a testosterone booster called Testofuel.

  20. Hey rob I just found your website and got your eBook my question is what supplements would you recommend for me I used to train and compeat in kick boxing and mixed marital arts was using a muscle farm amino test but stop because I was 21 at the time and was told it was bad for me after I stopped training at 22 I started to gain quite alot of weight and with me working I didn’t have as much time for working out I’m 23 now and want to get back into my fighting shape ideally I wanna drop back to 180lbs I’m 220 now any tips tricks or advice I would really appreciate it
    1. Hey Ryan,

      Follow the meal and workout plans in the ebook and take the Crazy Mass Cutting Stackface. It’s got a fat burner, a testosterone booster, and a couple muscle builders, and it’s a perfect complement to reach your goals with the ebook.

  21. Hey Rob just wanted to thank you for the free book. And the question I have is if you stop using a supplement, but continue working out.

    Would that become a problem towards your health?
    1. Hey Daniel,

      No, not at all. That’s one of the great things about natural supplements.

      Once you stop taking them, you no longer get the particular benefit they were providing, but there are no other negative effects, and you don’t slide further backward than you started.

  22. Hey Rob,
    I just downloaded your lean ripped and strong quickly ebook (thanks by the way). I’m 27, 6′ 235-240 and have usually always carried a little extra “center mass”.

    I’m getting married in 3 months and want to get lean and cut for the wedding. I’ve never had a problem getting strong with just taking nitro-tech (started working out again recently after a 3 year break and already have my bench back in the 240 range in a few weeks).

    Looking forward to reading your book and really getting back in the swing- any suggestions on what I can take to help me lean up? Can I stack the nitro-tech?

    Not looking to get body builder huge, but a little more mass wouldn’t hurt. Thanks in advance!

  23. Hey Rob I’m 18 turning 19 soon and I really want to start getting into shape im 6’3″ and 162lbs any good pre-workouts to get on so I can get bigger?
  24. Hey Rob, I am a 33 y.o female, I weigh around 124-127, and im -5’5″, I eat pretty well, I have a semi flabby midsection, little bat wings and thick thighs, I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat. What I mean, is do I eat to lose weight or eat to build muscle, I’m probably around 1200 calories a day but I plan on starting to meal prep I just don’t know what macros I should be going for.

    I would appreciate if you could help out in any way. Thanks

    1. Hey Neko,

      It really depends on what your goal is, but I think you’re saying you want to tone up your flabby sections. In that case, sign up for my free ‘getting ripped’ ebook and use the Protein, Carb, Fat calculator tool on our website. Enter in your current stats and indicate that you want to lose weight. Use the results along with the ebook to map out a plan that’s right for you.

  25. Hey Rob.

    I’ve been on a fitness journey for almost 1 year now. I’m 22, 5’11” 388lbs to date.

    My starting weight was over 430lbs. I feel as if the weight loss and body fat % has slowed down allot. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to go farther with my journey?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Caleb,

      Congratulations on your progress so far! Sounds like you’ve hit a plateau. One of the best ways to break through is to change things up a little. Change your diet, change your workout, change your supplement. The ebook has a great new diet and exercise program that’ll heat things up for you. For supplements, go with Instant Knockout, but run it by your doctor first.

  26. Hi Rob,
    I’m 16 years old, 5′ 8″ weighing at 185 lbs. I have around a 25-28% body fat percentage. I’ve been working out for awhile but not really getting the results I’m wanting.

    I just downloaded you’re ebook and was wondering on what kind of supplement plan I should take while doing this program?
    1. Hey Kyle,

      At your age, go with just a post workout protein shake. Try 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition. Creatine is another option, though that’s mainly for when you want to build muscle more than lose weight. I wouldn’t recommend any other supplements because they haven’t been tested on kids under 18, so you don’t know what the effects might be. Besides, at your age, a strict adherence to the plans in the book should be enough to get you where you want to be.

  27. Hey rob im 22 im 5’11” weigh about 145 and I wanna pack on some muscle with home workouts and was wondering what supplements would help
    1. Hey Johan,

      Let me know what product you’re thinking of using, and I’ll get that information to you.

  28. thank you for replyinc so quickly, I see that you recomended the crazy mass stack setup, is there something competitive, that might work as well but would be cheaper? Obviously, I’ve looked about and generally most supplements are not cheap so I was just wondering.

    Otherwise ill do a bit more research through your site, as well as theirs and then make a decision whether or not to purchase.
    1. Hey Wayne,

      I don’t know of any 4 supplement stacks that work as well as Crazy Mass that you can get for cheaper. But the 2 supplement stack of Nitrocut and Testofuel could do the trick. It works great and ends up cheaper than the Crazy Mass stacks. I talk about my results in my reviews of each product. You should check them out.

  29. Hey Rob, my name is Chris I just turned 31 I’m 6’1 and about 330 pounds of which most is body fat. I just downloaded your book and was wondering if the instant knockout is the way for me to go for dropping weight but keeping muscle.

    Or if there’s a stack you would recommend. Thanks in advance man.

  30. hey Rob, I just confirmed for my free e-book! And I’m just wondering what should I do as far as supplements, I’m 35 been in the process of losing weight since Nov.14′ I’m currently down from 270lbs to 227, I’m looking to lose the last 27-30lbs and be in shape.

    I’m seeing moderate definition but want to see more plus lose the mid section belly fat any advice would be appreciated!!
    1. Hey Wayne,

      The workout in the ebook is just what you’re looking for. As for supplements, you need to check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s 4 supplements designed for shredding and muscle definition. I’ve been really impressed with the results when I’ve used it.

  31. Want to add muscle without adding bf%. Now 168lb and 12.9bf% if I add a lb bf goes up. If I loose a lb bf goes down.

    How do you add muscle without bf going up. Would like to be 9% BF and 190 lb. trying everything nothing working.

    1. Hey Tom,

      It’s all how you work out and eat. I see you signed up for the getting ripped ebook, but with your goals, you’d be better off with the “getting strong” ebook. It’s for putting on muscle weight. If you follow the guidelines for workouts and meals in the ebook, you’ll put on muscle weight instead of fat. The biggest key to remember are that you need to lift heavy weight. For supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack and Muscle Advance Creatine.

  32. I am 57..240lbs..5-10″.with herniated c7-t1 and L5-s1 with a pain problem in my right leg stemming from an inflamed ciatic nerve. I want to be back to the athletic body I once had…now stomach area is gaining but I am limited to what physical activity I can do…not being able to walk further than 30 yards without getting severe leg pain…need fast active fat burner and muscle enhancer…without going to Mexico for steroids.

  33. Ok thanks I’ve will let you know the transformation. I will take before and after pictures for motivation let’s get ready!!!

  34. Im 6’0/225 pounds and I’ve been doing sports my all life but now I’m not doing sports I’ve just work so what I’m suppose to do first add muscles and then get rip or viseverse??
    1. Hey Alex,

      You can do it either way really. If you’ve got significant fat to lose, it’s best to take at least some of that off first, before you start bulking up. I’d start with the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack along with the meal and workout plans in the ebook.

  35. Hey Rob,

    I’m 18 6’0″ and around 170 lbs I’ve been lifting heavier and heavier but I’ve recently reached a plateau. I’ve been taking creatine powders and pre workouts such as Extreme C4. I’m looking to gain more muscle mass and then eventually tone more. What do you reccomend?

    1. Hey Jacob,

      I would actually suggest you sign up for my other ebook. It’s for guys looking to put on muscle weight, more than to get lean and ripped. They’re similar, but this one will suit your needs better. As for supplements, definitely add some 100% Whey Gold Standard protein to your routine, and check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack.

  36. Hey my name is Joshua (15), I weigh 150-160 lbs and I am 5′ 12″. I am seriously considering starting to workout and I was wondering what you’re tips would be so I can put on muscle fast and get toned

  37. Hi Rob, I’m 5’6″ and I have weighed 130 pound since I was 14, well I’m 33 now. I have good muscle tone but would like to bulk up some, tired of being a little guy lol.

    What would you recommend for me. PS I got your e book thank you

    1. Hey David,

      Check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s a combination of 4 supplements that work together to help put on the muscle. You should also download my other ebook. It’s geared specifically for guys like you looking to put on muscle weight. So you’ll have the workout and meal plans you need.

  38. Hello ok I’m 6’3 175-185 lbs (it fluctuates ALOT ) I need helping putting on weight so I can build muscle mass… First time considering supplements and I work construction so I’m constantly on the move any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    1. Hey Marty,

      Instead of the Getting Ripped ebook, you should use my free Getting Strong ebook. (Don’t worry, there’s no problem getting them both). This one is more focused on guys like you wanting to put on muscle weight. It’s got great tips and advice all throughout for meal plans and workouts to get you there. As for supplements, go with the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack and add in some Creatine from Muscle Advance. Follow the plans and take the stack, and you’ll put on the weight.

  39. Hey I just signed up for your ebook, found it while reading up on VolcaNo, I was thinking about getting it , what’s your thoughts on it? I’m 6 ‘2, 235 and need to cut the belly fat and love handles and build upper body muscle…

    1. Hey Colin,

      My only reservation about VolcaNO is the free trial. If you avoid that, or alternatively if you make sure you’re aware of the terms and ready to follow them, it’s a great product. Here’s my full review with the personal recommendation of one of our testers: You might also want to add a testosterone booster like Testofuel to the mix for an easier time at losing the fat.

  40. Hi, I’m 16 and have been working out for about 8 months now, I have seen a bit of difference but not as much as I would like. I am wanting to increase muscle mass and get bigger, I would like to know your best suggestion.

  41. Hey I just want to ask .I m only 132 lbs and I don’t have bulk in my body so how can I bulk muscle size with cutting .I don’t have any idea for supplement and diet and about workout and I m a pure vegetarian guy can u help me
    1. Hey Lucky,

      You’ll want to sign up for my other ebook, “How to Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” for guys like you who want to bulk up. It’s got the diet and workout information you’ll need. It’ll work even though you’re a vegetarian, you’ll just have to make sure you use only vegetarian protein sources. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack. It’s specifically designed for exactly what you’re looking for.

  42. Hey Rob, thanks alot for replying man but I kinda left out 1 important detail I just wanted to bring up to see rather if your choices change or not but here goes……I am 130lbs and I eat ALOT but never seem to gain a single pound
    1. Hey Jereme,

      Sounds like you have a very fast metabolism. The advice is the same, though. The only way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you use. In your case, that means you have to eat a lot more than most people. Make sure you limit or eliminate cardio to help things along, eat lots of complex carbs in the morning, and plenty of protein throughout the day. There’s lots of advice in the “getting strong” ebook along the same lines.

  43. Hi

    I’m Brittany I am 23 years old I am 120 lbs and 5′ .. I’ve had trouble losing weight after pregnancy but now that I have lost weight I have what I call “flab” I really just want to tone and get in shape I downloaded the ebook what recommendations would you give me to shape up on areas like my stomach, arms, and thighs mainly ? i don’t want to look buff like a man just in shape ..

    Are these products for women as well?
    1. Hey Brittany,

      Definitely go with the workout and meal plans in the book to get you in great shape. Keep your lifting weight low and your reps high, and you’ll tone rather than bulk. As for supplements, check out a pre workout called Nitrocut.

  44. Hi, im a 23yr male and pretty much all my life I have been having trouble with gaining weight rather its muscle or fat in general. I read all your reviews and the comments and it looks like you can possibly give me some good advice.

    Btw I have a fast metabolism(so the doctor said) really hoping u can help

  45. Hi, i a 52 yo female. Ive been on the diet roller coaster since i was 12. Ive been down to 105lbs and up to 185lbs. Ive never really been tone or had any muscle even thought i worked out for years everyday usually.
    I want to know at my age can i stiil get a ripped body? Cam i do it following your suggestions in your ebook with the supplements you recomend?

    1. Hey Rhonda,

      It’s definitely going to be tougher than it was when you were 20, but you can do it with hard work and dedication. And yes, the program and supplements in the ebook are absolutely the way to go.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  46. Hey rob,I’m 18 years old,I ws fat before (90kgs),startd wrkng out nd nw m (68kgs),without using ny fat burner.
    nw I hv sm belly fat,I Jst wna get rid of it nd build sm muscle,nd oso gv defination to ma muscles(cuts),is it ok if I use (nitrocut),(instant knockout) for burning/cutting fat nd oso use sm quality protein like(whey protein) to get leaner nd build muscle?
  47. Hello Rob,

    I’m looking to get back in shape and was wondering what you suggest. I’m 25 6’1 242lbs and would like to get down to 200lbs or lower.

    What do you suggest for burning fat and building lean muscle?
    1. Hey Steven,

      Signing up for the “getting ripped” ebook is a great first move. As for supplements, your best bet is the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It includes fat burning, pre workout, and muscle building components, so you’ll have everything you need to get the job done.

    1. Hey Avery,

      It’s possible, but it probably wouldn’t last long. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, go for about 2 pounds a week using the diet and workout program laid out in the getting ripped ebook. You’ll probably lose pounds faster at first, but it will level off pretty quickly and you’ll land at around 1-2 pounds a week.

  48. Hey bud sorry to bother you again could you email me the calorie counter… and also some meals I could eat throughout the day I have beenough eating oatmeal “plain” with some fruit… for breakfast and grilled chicken breastfeeding and salads with no dressing… help please!!!!
  49. Hey brother I was wonder if I do the mass stack and stick to the ebook workouts how much weight could I lose in 3 months from 268lbs average? Or guesstimate… And will it cause any heart or blood pressure problems?

    1. Hey Avery,

      It’s pretty tough for me to tell you how much weight you can lose in a certain period of time. 3 months is a long time, so your loss can definitely be significant. Losing weight is a matter of taking in fewer calories than your body uses each day. Use our calorie counter to figure out what kind of deficit you need to lose the amount of weight you want to lose. As for heart or blood pressure issues, these supplements shouldn’t cause any problems, but if you’re concerned or you have issues, you should definitely discuss it with your doctor.

  50. Hey I’m 19 years old 270lbs I’m looking to grt back down to 180 so I can start cage fighting again any tips or dieting tips you can give I’ve been trying everything and can never lose weight.
    1. Hey Avery,

      The “getting ripped” ebook you signed up for will get you in the shape you want to be in. It’s got a great workout and meal plan to follow. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s got all the components to get you lean and ripped while you work the plans in the book.

  51. OK so I’m 24 weigh 140 6ft skinny have started working out every other day low weight high reps and just started working in oil fracking i need to get muscle to help lift the huge iron I downloaded your eBook but need help with what I should use
    1. Hey There,

      Following the guidelines in the ebook will take you a long way toward reaching your goals. I’ll mention, though, that if you want to put on muscle weight, you’d be better off with my “getting strong” ebook. It’s similar to the other one, but more aligned with your goals. Remember, for building muscle, you’ll want to do high weight/low reps; not the other way around. As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack.

  52. 43yr old male I am the recipient of a double lung transplant oct 15 2013 do to having cystic fibrosis which affects the pancrease I had a really hard time gaining weight at time of transplant I weighted 90# now I am 140# never weighted this much my whole life starting to get a gut/love handles which I never had, it’s been a year out and cleared to lift I want to shed fat and gain muscle definition what recommend nitrocut/ testofuel is it safe
    1. Hey Rusty,

      Great to hear you’re doing so well! Yes, Nitrocut and Testofuel are some of the safest and most effective workout supplements you’ll find. Still, I’d check with your doctor just to be sure.

  53. Rob just have to let you know, I usually run into BS sites claiming this and that blah blah and at the end there is a catch. Tks for what you do, all the advice and recommendations.

    I will spread word of your site and what you have . Again tks

  54. Hi, I’m a hard gainer, 45 yrs 170cm & 69kg, and keen to try your recomendations, but living in Saudi. Can also accept in Bahrain.

    Customs can be a bit strict with supplements. Usually if they don’t recognise them they don’t get through.

    Have you had any success mailing to either of these countries?
    1. Hey Lewis,

      As a review site, we don’t sell supplements, so I’m not involved in shipping or customs at all. If you let me know what supplements you’re interested in, maybe I can point you in the right direction for who to talk to.

  55. Hi. I wanted to no how I can get this stuff in Philadelphia.

    I’m 31 yrs old trying to get muscle and tone up quickly. I’m 5’7.and 195 maybe more my weight solid dose not look like I’m that much .

    I want to buy this stuff and start building muscles where can I get and how much ?
    1. Hey April,

      Which product are you interested in? Let me know and I’ll see if I can send you in the right direction.

  56. Hi! I’m Dayo, I’m 18 and a Nigerian.

    I base here in Nigeria. Is there anywhere close or here in Nigeria were I can get the Crazy Bulk Cutting Slack supplement or any other supplement which can help grow muscles and boost testosterone in no time.

    I really need muscles badly cause I’m a basketballer and do get intimidated by other players. Thanks.

  57. I had a dual disk fusion (L4/5-S1) in 1999 and a repair to the fusion (L5). I have found some of the jumping exercises, push-ups and sit-ups are limiting factors.

    Looking for a workout to reduce inches, and fat. I’m 6’3″ 215 and want to lose 15-20#’s.

    Any suggestions?
    1. Hey Allen,

      I don’t have any experience with designing workout post disk fusion. I did a quick internet search and most of the advice was to talk to your doctor and/or your PT, so I’m going to have to defer to them.

  58. Can i use Insanity with crazy bulk cutting stack. Im 45 and im wanting to get ripped,shredded,cut,chiesled,and quartered any supplements or stacks?

  59. I am 45 and have two detoriated disk. I’m in therapy but still working out.

    I am 165 pounds and 5 ‘9 and want to loose more fat but gain more lean muscle. I was considering the crazy bulk supplements.

    Would this be good for me even though I can’t lift a lot of weight?
    1. Hey Skippy,

      The bulking supplements mainly only help you put on muscle by helping you lift more weight, so if you can’t lift a lot of weight at this point, then you would probably be better off focusing on the fat loss. In that case, I recommend you stack Nitrocut pre workout with Instant Knockout Fat Burner.

  60. Hey Rob.
    I am Mike(16 yrs)weighing 51 KGS and 5.25 ft tall.I am looking forward to add lean mass of muscles.So is it necessary for me to go for some workouts so as to build up,and if it is what should I supplement my workouts with?or if not what should I take for that case?
    1. Hey Mike,

      At your age, you don’t really need much in the way of supplements, and that’s good, because most of them haven’t been tested and proven safe on guys under 18. A good quality protein like 100% Whey Gold Standard should do the trick. And if you really want to pack on the muscle, add Muscle Advance Creatine. For the workout and diet side of things (the most important factors), sign up for my Getting Strong ebook. It’s loaded with tips and advice for working out and eating right to build muscle and strength.

  61. I’ve been reading your information and have top Amir I’m a bit impressed and excited to give ur a shout. I’m a 51yr old male and look forward to your opinions and advice.

  62. Hi rob,
    Am 5’8 and 130 pounds, i need to get some muscles. Suggest supplements and workouts.

    Am 22 years old. Any advice for me???

  63. Awesome website just wanted to know if I could use Nitrocut with Insanity since I don’t really have time to go to the gym thank you
    1. Hey John,

      Absolutely! Nitrocut helps you put more into and get more out of your workout, no matter what you do. In your case, you’ll go harder and longer with Insanity.

  64. Hey Rob,

    A little confused about the workout protocol. So say on Monday I do bench press, I do the 6 sets with as much weight as possible and then go lower with each new longer set?

    Same with chest flys and everything else? By the way I appreciate what you do here, I’m new to working out and your book alone helps a ton!

    1. Hey Matt,

      That is almost exactly right, except it’s the first 6 reps, not sets. I think that’s what you meant to say.

      Here’s how it works: You would start with the heaviest weight that you can push out 6 reps with, then lower the weight to the heaviest weight you can push out 8 reps with, and so forth. I know, it’s a little bit different than what you were probably told before, but it’s the “right” way to do it if your looking to shred up.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  65. Hey I am 5’7″. At 170 pounds.

    I used to way that same amount just in muscle, but I had a back injury that ended up giving me two steel rods in my back in my lumbar region. So would you mind giving some all around advise on that?

    1. Hey Logan,

      Go with a stack of Nitrocut as your pre workout supplement and Phen375 to burn fat and suppress your appetite. The stack works great when used in combination with the getting ripped ebook.

  66. I just signed up for your ebook.I’m 6,2″ 260.I was always a lifter growing up,more of a powerlifter type but acouple of years ago I was diagnosed with lymes disease and I bulked up in a bad way fat I got on the meds lost almost 100pounds but since then I put 60pounds back on .but know I want to get into the shredded lean body with the massive body parts were they should be.what should I do and take to make it easier
    1. Hey Walter,
      You’re on the right track with the getting ripped ebook. It’s got a great meal and workout program that really works. As for supplements, go with a stack of Nitrocut for your pre workout supplement and Testofuel to boost testosterone.

  67. Hey Rob,

    I am 6′ 3″, and 170lbs. I am a very skinny person, and I would really like to gain more muscle onto my physique. What would you suggest me to do?

    Thank you.
    1. Hey Quentin,

      Yep, gaining is really tough for some guys, but I have a few tips for you. First of all, eat a lot of good clean foods. Get lots of complex carbs in the morning and plenty of protein throughout the day. A good rule of thumb when you’re trying to gain is 1.5 grams per day for every pound of your body weight. When you work out, lift heavy and limit your cardio. As for supplements, take Nitrocut as your preworkout. It has no stimulants so it won’t speed up your metabolism or suppress your appetite. Use Muscle Advance Creatine to get your muscles working at max capacity so you really see results from your lifting. And take 100% Whey Gold Standard to help you get enough protein and improve your post workout recovery. Also, if you haven’t already, download my getting ripped ebook for a great workout and meal plan to help. Just make sure to consume enough calories to gain the weight.

  68. Hey Rob, I was curious about the workout plan. Are we suppose to do squat and deadlift on the same day?

    Seems like a little much and hampering on the body.
    1. Hey,

      Yep, they’re both on leg day. It’s important to use the same muscle groups in different ways to get the best growth.

      It’s also important to take your rest days. Muscle grows best when you work it hard and rest it well.

      When you’re choosing your weights, make sure you go as heavy as you can for the six reps in that first set and lower your weight from there. Stick with it and you’ll get great results.

  69. Hi
    I have struggled being obese since I was 10 I’m 21 now
    I finally got motivation to work out last year I had lost 50 pounds doing Atkins diet
    But now I’m strugeling terribly and absolutely no energy when I go to the gym
    I’m 6 foot 330pounds
    I need help on what I need to do to get me out of this body.the energy. and the motivation
    I hope to hear from you thanks!!
    1. Hey Leslie,

      I answered your question and attached a weight loss ebook in an email. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

  70. Hey Rob
    I’m 5″7 18 almost 19 in a month and 135lbs I want to gain a little more muscle but I also want to lose body fat so I can start seeing my abs any advice on what to take?
    1. Hey Dante,

      Check out a pre workout called Nitrocut. It gets you the energy you need to push hard through your workout, but without stimulants to suppress your appetite or make you jittery. Muscle Advance Creatine is also a good idea to help pack on the muscle weight. And definitely download my free “get ripped” ebook if you haven’t already.

  71. I just read through your ebook, I can honestly say that I am extremely happy to have found this website. Thank you so much for taking the time to spell out everything in such a wonderfully composed manner.

    From now on I will check your website for supplement reviews.
    1. Hey Joey,

      Thanks a lot and we’re glad you found our site. Make sure to like us on Facebook and tell your friends.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  72. Hey rob,
    I’m 21 years old, 6ft and 95 kg.
    I really want to get into shape. I have tried different supplements and diets, but I always loose motivation after not seeing any decent results.

    Is there anything you can recommend so that I see fast results and help me stick to my regime and get to my goals.
    Thanks mate.

    1. Hey James,
      To start with diet and exercise, download my free “getting ripped” ebook for tons of tips and advice in those areas. (I’ve also just added a few bonuses to the book package to help keep you on track. As for supplements, go with a stack of Nitrocut and a fat burner called Phen375. Following this protocol, you should get quick results enough to keep you motivated.

  73. Hey Rob,

    I’m 18 years old, I’m 5’10 and weigh 160lbs. I’m pretty skinny so I’m looking to get toned up but not bulky and huge….Just something not boney. Any advice on what I should do?

    I have some muscle but too much.
    1. Hey Carlos,

      Since diet and exercise are the most important factors, download my free “getting ripped” ebook for tons of ideas there. I’ve also just added a few bonuses, including a workout log, sample meal plans, and my “Big List of Foods You Can Eat.” When it comes to supplements, I recommend you take Nitrocut as your pre workout, and add Muscle Advance Creatine to help you put on some muscle.

  74. Hi Rob! I’m 18 years old, 5’6 and weighing 160 pounds. 123 lbs of mass and 37 lbs fat (according to the weighing scale of lifetime fitness).

    I gained 17 pounds of fat before reaching 160 lbs. I just started working out personally a week ago. I’m using machines as it was recommended for a beginner to provide support while lifting.

    My goal is to build muscle. Should I take Muscle Advance Creatine with Nitrocut or Nitrocut with Phen375?

    Do you have any tips for a beginner like me? Thanks

  75. hey rob it’s Gabe again just wanted to ask if I should just take nitrocut or should I take other stuff with it? if so what type of stack would you recommend me taking.
  76. Hey Rob
    I’m 6 ft 170 lbs and really want to get into great shape. I’ve always wanted to but I always seem to hit a wall within a short time and never lose my fat.

    I just ordered your e book hoping for some tips but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man

    1. Hey John,
      Yep, you hit a plateau. The more in shape you are when you start, the quicker it happens.

      It’s all about your body finding a way to be most efficient. It likes to keep a little fat just in case you end up on a desert island unable to eat for days or weeks.

      The best way through plateaus is to mix things up a bit. Add some HIIT, vary your caloric intake, change your workout, change your supplement.

      The idea is that your body has gotten used to what you’re doing, and it accommodates by adjusting your metabolism. If you “surprise” your body with something new, you’ll start to lose fat again.

      Hope this helps. Take a look at the book and let me know if you have any questions on supplements or anything else.

  77. Thanks a lot. What supplement.

    Should I take after a workout. I don’t need to lose anymore fat, just want to tone build muscle.

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