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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 4-24-2020

hemanovol reviewReading the phrase “experience a muscle-volumizing pump so intense that you will never forget it,” is like throwing down the proverbial gauntlet.

After all, what could be so new, unique, or innovative in a workout supplement that it would make any lifting experience totally unforgettable?

This was the claim proposed by AllMax about their HemaNOvol supplement, and it is what led us to conduct this investigation and to compose this review.

We explored the ingredients used in the compound and also scouted around for consumer response to the product as well.

We also considered the pricing and availability of the supplement before making our determination about it.

How It Works and Ingredients

One of the first claims made by the makers of HemaNOvol was that it contained not two or three but 15 different NO boosting ingredients.

These were also designed to function in a three-stage delivery system that ensured the most powerful vascular blood volumizing possible. What would this actually provide?

This would allow muscles to swell to their maximum levels during each rep – regardless of how many were done.

This process would also “force feed” blood into muscles that were in the midst of a serious craving for vital nutrients.

The concept is that it increases vasodilation which aids in exercise performance big time, particularly in resistance training based workouts such as weight lifting.

What the formulation also provided, however, was performance of this kind over the long term and as needed.

For example, a bodybuilder wouldn’t be “left hanging” in the middle of their workout because this formula was designed to continually supply their muscles with precisely what was needed.

Looking at the list of ingredients contained in the different compounds, substrates, and enhancers made it obvious that there were indeed fifteen different NO boosters available.

We saw that the proprietary ARGI-N.O.-Nine: Hyper-Critical N.O.

Substrate packed a massive 3200mg of nutrients.

There is also the BioExtract N.O.: Phyto-Extract Compound which contains an all-natural blend of nitric oxide producers.

The GAMMA-NOS: RNS Protective ENOS Enhancer, Vasotrinol: Hyper-Oxygenation Complex 3MPD, and the Sustained-Release Technology Matrix all round out the blend of compounds meant to give both short and long term absorption as well as the type of muscular and blood expansion desired.

So, we did have to admit that it seemed as if the HemaNOvol formula really could deliver the goods.

User Reviews and Feedback

Naturally, the next thing to do was to find out if the bodybuilders and consumers using it agreed.

The reviews available indicated that this is indeed one of the strongest NO machines available.

Many actually called it the “best” that they had encountered to date.

Most used it as a pre-workout supplement, and several recommended partnering the use of HemaNOvol with some sort of protein supplement or shake in the post-workout period.

This was because several bodybuilders felt that the supplement “broke them down” to a noticeable degree.

We took this to mean that the soreness experienced after a heavy bout of lifting and pumping was a bit more pronounced after lifting with HemaNOvol supplements.

Another user liked that the product was “clean” and missing all of the fillers so commonly found in many other pre-workout supplements.

The only complaints had to do with the size and chalkiness of the capsules.

Where To Buy

You will find HemaNOvol in 240 count containers.

This gives you 48 servings of five capsules each.

This is a product meant to be used for a 64 day cycle, meaning five days “on” the supplement and two days “off”.

The dosage is five capsules per day just before a session.

The price is relatively fixed at $30 for the container, and most online vendors offer discounted prices or shipping.The best prices are found at AllStarHealth.com and BodyBuilding.com.


We recommend this supplement to anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of NO boosts and reliable results.

We cannot say if each pump will be memorable, but we can say that other bodybuilders are very happy with this product.

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User Reviews

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Everett's Review

By Everett,  Jan 12, 2016

Well it looks like it's been a long time since Rob's review and Vesselino's VERY short review so with that in mind I'll give my thoughts on HemaNO; it's not good...it's DAMN good lol.

The bottle really caught my eye when I saw it in The Vitamin Shoppe here in Arlington, Tx. Whoever designed that bottle wrap knew what he was doing.  It took me five minutes to read it lol.

Anyway, I wasn't taking any supps at that time b/c a month before I had just come back off a six mionth absence from the gym because of a second knee operation on my left knee. It cost $30 but the Shoppe had a $5 discount(on THAT much product???) so I scarfed it.

I had taken a Nitric Oxide booster some years before and I knew what to expect so instead of five caps to start I only took three but even at that dose level I felt a better pump than normal.

Then after only two weeks of taking it my cancer doctor called and said I need to take radiation treatments for prostate cancer.  I had to stop taking all my supps immediately and start the 40 day radiation protocol. After my PSA number returned to normal I started back on HemaNO and am now up to five caps on each workout day.

Granted, this is the first Nitric Oxide supplement I've taken in many years, but I don't remember the other one pumping up my muscles like this one does(and BTW I'm 72 years old).

I totally recommend HemaNOvol because 1) it does what the company says it will do and 2) it's VERY inexpensive.

P.S. Fellas, while I'm on the subject of prostate cancer, let me say that you don't need to be over 50 to get it.  I lost a friend because he didn't get tested and he died at age 38. I think ALL men should start getting tested once a year starting at age THIRTY.  I got lucky and was 70 years old before it showed up in my body. I didn't get the right lifesaving information.  Do yourselves a big favor and GET TESTED. This means you too Mr. Miller.

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By Vesselino,  May 14, 2012

Good product!

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El hemanovol es un anabólico? -Gustavo

No. Es un suplemento que puede aumentar el óxido nítrico en su cuerpo para ayudarle a trabajar mejor. Pero no es un esteroide.- Rob

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Does Hemanovol allmax increase your testosterone -Bryan

It's a nitric oxide based supplement for increasing blood flow. The formula doesn't contain ingredients for increasing testosterone.- Rob

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  1. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and it does provide me with extra energy for my workout. Though I do have to say I have experienced a decrease in my food appetite after using it

  2. It does give good results but after a week of its usage its giving me problems with my heart beat. My heart beats faster and I sweat sometimes even sitting in my chair with no cardio activity.

    I stopped using it after 2 weeks

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