Hydravol Review

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-27-2013

hydravol reviewMost of us know the importance of communication, but did you realize that the communication “pathways” in your body might be used to improve your muscle condition?

This is the premise of the Hydravol product from QNT International.

We read about the formula and its “hyper-hydration” properties and decided to explore it a bit more.

We looked closely at the ingredients used, the results enjoyed by those using it, and even at the market price to determine if this was something we would recommend.

How It Works and Ingredients

We began our investigation of the Hydravol product with a sharp scrutiny of the ingredients.

This was because the product was claiming to be the very “latest” in hyper-hydration and muscle volume amplification.

We already knew that tons of manufacturers had started creating products geared towards NO boosting (nitric oxide).

This would allow the vasodilation process to flood muscle tissue with oxygen and blood, but we hadn’t heard about hydration in other ways.

What we learned was that the ingredients had been selected and formulated to activate anabolic signaling pathways in order to improve neuromuscular function.

They do this through the use of muscle enhancing Creatine, which is also known to force feed muscles the nutrients in the body, which creates some of the largest and hardest muscles imaginable.

The formula also relies on a very essential antioxidant blend to harness the free radicals that NO production generates.

This improves conditions in the anabolic pathways and allows all of the other ingredients to do their work.

The complexes and proprietary formulations include the Hydralex Cell Electrolyte Volumizer, the LeuNOx Leucine Signal & Nitric Oxide Synthesis Complex, the Hydravol Muscle Volume & Strength Amplifier, and the Hydravol Hyper Growth Proprietary Complex.

These contain a mixed bag of essential nutrients, but we were really impressed by the general “cleanliness” of these ingredients and the absence of fillers.

We also approved of the use of many herbs and natural plants such as marjoram, pine bark, and grape seed extract.

User Reviews and Feedback

Of course, we know that even the most scientifically innovative and specially crafted formulas may not produce results.

We turned to customer reviews to find out a bit more.

We learned that Hydravol was “awesome” for boosting energy, building muscle, and in terms of value.

We also read that one reviewer used the product on an “off” day to see how they felt and were able to do their regular routine in addition to a nice run.

Another reviewer commented that they felt remarkably energized and took a swim after doing their regular lifting routine too.

Clearly, this product creates a ton of energy and we were happy to see some good results where recovery, pumps, and mental alertness were the subject too.

Interestingly enough, a lot of reviewers also said that the taste of the Hydravol powdered beverage was good – which is somewhat unique in the world of pre-workout drinks!

Where To Buy

Hydravol comes in a 1.8 pound container with 40 servings.

It is found only in the fruit punch flavor, and is to be used fifteen minutes prior to the start of a workout.

This means that a single container can be used for a full 40 days – or more.

This makes the somewhat high price a bit more tolerable.

Currently it is priced at $47.99 through the BodyBuilding.com website, which is the best price around.


We would recommend Hydravol to any athletes or lifters looking to add a whole new element to their routines.The concept of hyper-hydration makes good sense and seems like the next step in using NO techniques to the fullest extents possible.

We also approve of the way that it works with the body’s natural processes for good results.

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  1. Im no supplement genius, but I used Hemoxy a couple of times and it worked pretty good. I originally used to take Nitric Pure, and it felt like it started to wear off after using it for a couple of days.

    I didn’t get that feeling with Hemoxy.

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