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Vigrx Plus

3 Month Supply:$205.99/wp


While most male enhancement products on the market promise dramatic, and often unsubstantiated claims about their formula’s potency and effectiveness, Vigrx Plus truly is different.

Out of the roughly 60 or so different male enhancement supplements that I have tried over the years, it has proven to me that it is effective, both in terms of results and user feedback.

Vigrx Plus is actually a “slow-acting” male enhancement supplement that is designed to work effectively over time, helping you produce on demand erections when you want to, instead of relying on a pill that you have to take 30 – 60 min. prior to sex.

Extenze XR

3 Month Supply:$159.95/wp

Extenze XR

Most men have heard of Extenze, as it is one of the most widely marketed over the counter male enhancement supplements on the market.

Unlike Vigrx Plus, Extenze XR is a fast acting supplement that is designed to help “get you going” in less than 60 minutes.

While Vigrx Plus may take as much as 3 months to start seeing increased results, Extenze XR works quickly and efficiently at producing “raging hard” erections, that are designed to last for hours.

This will allow you to satisfy your partner right away, and with continued satisfaction long after taking that last pill.


3 Month Supply:$154.95/wp


Male Andropause is typically referred to as the male version of menopause, or, the time in a mans life that HGH production hits a roadblock.

This lack of growth hormone not only affects your overall mood and energy levels, but also can affect your libido substantially.

Provacyl is designed to help combat the symptoms of Andropause, and help you get your life back on track.

Using a specially formulated blend of all natural ingredients, Provacyl has numerous benefits, including longer lasting erections, an increase in energy levels, and a decrease in the physical signs of aging.

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