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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-20-2024

vpx no shotgun reviewThere are only a handful of natural vitamins and minerals that can operate as optimal nitric oxide boosters, and these include Arginine and Beta Alanine.

The bodybuilding supplement known as NO Shotgun contains high quantities of such ingredients and this is the reason we have decided to take a closer look at it.

Other NO supplements talk about their mental clarity boosting or muscle volumizing properties, but this is a product that states it provides ALL of the NO benefits in one blend.

How It Works and Ingredients

A look at the basic ingredients of NO Shotgun does reveal a long list of different complexes and matrix blends.

There is the Protein Hydrolysate Matrix; the Proprietary Branched Chain Ethyl Ester Amino Acid Matrix; the Proprietary Muscle Volumizing, NO2, Insulinotrophic Matrix; the Power, Speed, Strength and Endurance Matrix; and the Redline Energy & Meltdown Fat Burning Technology.

Clearly, there is a lot going on in this mix, and it pays to understand if the ingredients are worthy of their reputation.

Shortly, we will consider the standard consumer feedback about the NO Shotgun formula and results, but for now we’ll explore some of the ingredients to determine if they can really deliver “the goods”.

Consider that Arginine is the primary ingredient in their “AEX” formula.

This is the chief NO booster, and this is one sure way to increase blood and oxygen delivery to the muscles – this means that those using the supplements will be able to lift more for longer periods of time without succumbing easily to fatigue and without prolonged recovery periods either.

There is also the presence of Beta-Alanine in their “BAEX” blend, and this too packs a lot of power and potency.

Of course, the Ethyl Ester or “EX” technologies in this formula are the real “secret weapon”.

This is because they help the body to absorb, uptake and use the ingredients to an impressive 100% capacity – this means that you aren’t wasting a penny and that everything in each serving is put to full use!

User Reviews and Feedback

Those using NO Shotgun on a regular basis give a classic “thumbs up” to it in terms of its reliability.

For example, many freely state that it gives them the “pump” they need from a pre-workout supplement, and a level of consistency that is difficult to beat.

In fact, one review of NO Shotgun indicated clearly that the bodybuilder would test other formulations, but always head back to this one because of its reliable results.

Many also praised it for delivering a boost to energy levels that made it easier to train harder for much longer periods of time than normal.

Where To Buy

NO Shotgun is available online and in retail stores, it can be found in single flavors or in variety packs.

The sixteen packet variety mix is one of the most popular ways to purchase it, and the average cost is between $29 and $33. has the lowest price and offers up a free gift for those who spend a specific dollar amount.Vendors such as I’ offer up the individual flavors for $32.95 and extends discount pricing too.


Is this a reliable supplement?Our research indicates that it meets, and often exceeds, a consumer’s expectations.

It is a safe formulation that is reasonably priced and which offers up the fullest array of NO benefits possible.

The proprietary blend of compounds allows the body to absorb the maximum amounts available, and to enhance the “uptake” systems in order to provide results needed at the time of the workout.

This means that those using the NO Shotgun supplement can be sure that they remain clear-headed, energized, and strong during the crucial portions of their regular workouts.

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  1. I have tried many supplements and now i am planning to try this product. The problem is that i am having high blood pressure somewhere between 140 by 90 range.

    So should i go in for it. I am 20 years old..

  2. Well Shotgun is pure pump-action SHOTGUN in supplements and I say that to point out the real kick it gives me during the workout sessions. But that is not the only thing it boosts up my concentration some how making my gym time a more fun time.

    I dont know if they put caffeine in it or something but it does work wonders

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