Noxitril Review – 3 Big Reasons to Avoid It

Rob Miller | January 29, 2018
Product Reviewed: Noxitril
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What is Noxitril?
What are the apparent benefits?
What Are The Potential Side Effects?
More About What’s In It
Noxitril Testimonials and Customer Feedback
My Personal Results
Where to Buy
Is Noxitril Shady?
Noxitril Pros and Cons
The Bottom Line

Note:  We are NOT affiliated with Noxitril in any way, and we were NOT paid to write this review.

Just about every guy out there has experienced a situation where he didn’t feel like he performed up to his potential, and he let his girl down.

Once you have that experience once, it’s likely to haunt you, as you wonder if and when it will happen again.

If this has happened to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem – with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or whatever happened.

It may just mean you need a little confidence boost to help you avoid those situation in the future.

That’s where something like Noxitril comes in.

It’s an all natural male enhancement supplement that promises to make experiences like the ones we mentioned above a thing of the past.

Imagine the pleasure you could give and receive if you didn’t have to worry about whether or not your “Johnson” was going to rise to the occasion and get the job done!

We look at a lot of male enhancement pills around here, so when Noxitril came to our attention, we got to work breaking down its promises, its formula, its results, its feedback, and its value to determine if this stuff is worth your time, money, hopes, and dreams.

Here’s what we found.

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What is Noxitril?

First off, Noxitril is a dietary supplement formulated to help achieve better erections for sexual activity.

The ingredients are:

  • Ginseng
  • L-Arginine
  • Maca Root
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Nettle Root
  • Oat Straw
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Tongkat Ali [1]

The suggested use is two capsules once a day, or as directed by your health care professional.

What are the apparent benefits?

There really isn’t much of anything new in this area.

The promises made by Noxitril are pretty in line with the promises made by most sexual performance supplements.

They say you’ll see:

  • Stronger, longer lasting erections.

  • Improved energy.

  • Greater stamina.

  • Intense orgasms.

And when you’ve got all that working for you, you’ll exude that kind of confidence that every woman craves from her man, so there will be satisfaction all around.

This is how they present Noxitril on its website.

By taking it daily, you’ll become the guy you always wanted to be, the guy that all the woman are attracted to.And when they flock to you, you’ll be ready to satisfy.

The message is driven home not only by the verbal content of the website, but also by the images of beautiful women looking longingly at you through the camera lens.

Up until now, we’ve focused on what Noxitril says it can do for you, basically the marketing.

I find it’s important to know what angle a product is attempting to push when you investigate it for actual effectiveness.

And now that we know Noxitril is aiming to build in you the kind of sexual confidence you need to get the hottest girls, let’s break it down and see if it does what it says.

Noxitril Image 2

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

According to my analysis, and from personal testing, some of the potential effects from consumption of the ingredients in Noxitril include:

  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Decrease in heart rate
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Upset stomach [1]

More About What’s In It

The Noxitril website doesn’t display the image of an actual label, but it does provide a list of the main key ingredients, which is good because it helps give us an idea of what this stuff might actually do for you.

The full list of ingredients in Noxitril includes: Ginseng, L-Arginine, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Nettle Root, Oat Straw, Cayenne Pepper, and Tongkat Ali.

Unfortunately, the Noxitril website gives a brief paragraph on the fact that these are commonly used herbs that naturally boost your sex life, but they don’t talk about each ingredient individually or the potential of what they can do for you.

But we were able to pull that valuable information from several outside sources and put it together here for you.

Another unfortunate thing is the glaring typo in the word “INGREDIENTS”.

Check it out:

Noxitril Ingredients Image

  • Ginseng has been shown in some studies to improve sexual functioning in men with erectile dysfunction.

    It’s known to have aphrodisiac properties and to increase energy and stamina as well.

  • L-Arginine can increase blood flow to your genitals for better, stronger, longer lasting erections.

    It’s a precursor to nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator.

    Blood vessels expand and blood flows more easily throughout your body.

    It’s also used for bodybuilders to improve strength, energy, and pumps – also clearly related to increased blood flow.

    You can find L-Arginine in literally THOUSANDS of other supplements, including Alpha Prime Elite and Test X Core.

  • Maca Root is an ancient herb from Peru that has been used for many medicinal purposes throughout history.

    Most of the hype about Maca being an aphrodisiac is anecdotal, along with a few animal studies.

    Though there are some studies that have found that Maca may increase sperm count and improve fertility. (Source: 1)

  • Tribulus Terrestris is thought to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone.

    The theory is that Tribulus signals the pituitary gland to release an increased amount of Luteinizing Hormone.

    LH in turn sends a signal to the testes to produce and release an increased amount of testosterone.

    Studies in humans so far have been inconclusive, but animal studies have been promising.

  • Nettle Root has traditionally been used as an herbal treatment for improving prostate health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic to help ease BPH symptoms, and it does do without the negative side effects you can get with some medications.

    It’s also believed to increase natural testosterone levels which helps improve sexual performance and response.

  • Oat Straw (aka Avena Sativa)is widely used in male enhancement formulas.

    It is said to work by increasing free testosterone, which is the only kind your body can actually use. (It’s also thought to help with smoking cessation as well).

    The evidence is pretty spotty, however, with really the only studies being small and unpublished, conducted by the companies that sell supplements containing Oat Straw.

  • Cayenne Pepper contains Capsaicin which helps improves blood circulation by opening up blood vessels, allowing an increased amount of blood to flow through.

    It also inhibits the action of PDE5 by increasing production of the PDE5 inhibiting Superoxide Dismutase. (This is closely related to the mechanism of action used by prescription ED drugs, sometimes referred to as “viagra on steroids”).

  • Tongkat Ali, like Oat Straw, is thought to increase the presence of free testosterone.

    It does this by disabling the function of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which binds itself to testosterone molecules, rendering them useless.

    By effectively blocking this from happening, Tongkat Ali causes more of your total testosterone to remain free and available to increase libido, improve erections, and prolong stamina.

Here’s a snapshot of the Noxitril label:

noxitril ingredients label

One other thing I’d like to note is that the urge caution for users that have high blood pressure, diabetes, any cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, or are taking any anti depressant medications.

You should also discontinue using Noxitril if you have any of the following side effects:  Nausea, sleeplessness, or nervousness.

noxitril side effects and warnings

Noxitril Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Noxitril is pretty new, so we didn’t find a lot of online chatter about the stuff.

In fact, the only feedback at all is what you’ll find on the official website, and that stuff is notoriously unreliable.

I’m not accusing anyone directly of lying here, but Noxitril marketers want to put their best foot forward, as do all marketers of all products.

This being the case, they may only choose to only present the positive customer feedback.

Or they may even just have their friends try it and ask them to write glowing testimonials.

It’s not exactly lying, but it’s not exactly laying it all out there either.

Here’s what I found in the testimonial section of the Noxitril website:

Noxitril Testimonials Image

Only two testimonials, that’s it.Granted, Noxitril is new, but in all the online universe, there are only 2 pieces of customer feedback.

And this is a product that’s only sold online!

I would take this as an area for concern.

My Personal Results

noxitril reviewsAt the request of many of my visitors, I decided to give Noxitril a go.

Based on most of the research I had done up until this point, I certainly wasn’t getting my hopes up.

With the bar set low, I started off with the recommended dose of 2 capsules, which I promptly took first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Day 1, not much of an effect.

I felt a slight tingling sensation “down there”, but nothing to write home about.

Later on that evening, I felt like I had a bit of an upset stomach, but I have no way of telling if it was from the Noxitril or not.

Day 2, I took the 2 capsules a bit later in the day between breakfast and lunch, and by the end of the day I still really didn’t notice anything.

This continued for a few more days until one morning (I think it was about day 5 at this point), I woke up with a RAGING hard on.

The kind of hard on that makes it tough to take a piss because you’re standing at “attention”.

It took a good 15 minutes for that woody to wear off.

I wanted to put that hard on to good use, but unfortunately my wife was fast asleep and I wasn’t about to wake her up.

I began to think Noxitril may be onto something.

Continuing on with my experiment, I noticed that practically every morning I was waking up with a hard on after about a week on this stuff.

I decided to run a test to see if it was the Noxitril causing this, so I stopped taking it for a few days.

As I expected, the effects started to wear off.

No more morning wood, that is.


Where to Buy

One big plus in favor of Noxitril is that they don’t catch you up in the “Free Trial” hell that is so common with online only supplements.

You know the ones – they offer a free 14-day trial, but you find out after 14 days that unless you canceled in time, you have to pay full price.

To its credit, Noxitril doesn’t play that game.

They offer straight up sales packages:

  1.  Month Supply for $59.95
  2. Month Supply for $119.90
  3. Month Supply for $179.85

That pricing structure is a little odd.

Usually, you’ll get a discount for buying more than one bottle at a time.

Not the case with Noxitril.

There’s literally no incentive to buy the 2-bottle or 3-bottle packages.

On the other hand, $59.95 isn’t a bad price for a male enhancement, so if you do only want to try one bottle, you don’t have to lay out too much cash.

There is a money back guarantee, but it’s not worth a whole lot.

You can’t return a bottle if it’s been opened, so you can’t really try it then return it if you don’t like it.

And even if you do return an unopened bottle, they make you pay for return shipping and a 35% restocking fee on top of that.

Is Noxitril Shady?

Because I and so many of my readers have been royally screwed by some of these online supplement companies, I always read the Terms and Conditions page on the website of every product I review.

In this case, when you click the link, up comes what appears to be a standard document, but actually never refers to Noxitril at all.

Instead, they talk about Vylexia.

So I looked up Vylexia’s website, and except for the name and a few other details, the website is exactly the same.

Check out this screenshot taken from the Noxitril website:

Noxitril Compare Image 1

And compare it to:

Noxitril Compare Image 2

They’re exactly the same – except for the product name.

The ingredients are the same too.


Their contact phone numbers are the same too, so they are indeed the same product, made by the same company, only with different names (and prices – Vylexia is $10 cheaper).

You’re probably wondering why they would do that, but it’s actually pretty common.

Once a product gets a reputation for being useless or a scam, a lot of these companies will put out another product, or at least a product of a different name.

And that’s what they did here.

I noticed something else of note in the Terms and Conditions.

They talk about signing up for monthly autoshipping, even though I don’t see anything about it anywhere else on the website.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but if you order this stuff, be aware that this is a possibility.

Noxitril Pros and Cons

Advantages of Noxitril

  • The ingredients are all natural and all listed.

  • It’s on the inexpensive side compared with some of the other male enhancement choices out there.

Disadvantages of Noxitril

  • They don’t list ingredient amounts.

  • It’s the same product as Vylexia, using the same marketing and formula, just a different name and higher price.

  • There’s confusion over whether or not ordering Noxitril locks you into an autoship program.

  • There are no independent customer reviews to help us know how it’s working for real guys in the real world.

The Bottom Line

I tested it, and I have to say, it does indeed WORK.

With that said, we started out this review talking about how there are 3 Big Reasons why you shouldn’t bother with Noxitril.In case you haven’t worked them all out yet, we’ll spell it out:

  1. The Noxitril Website is just a cut and paste job from another supplement called Vylexin.

    The company just switched the names and updated the prices.

    They even forgot to make the change in the Terms and Conditions document.

    And they even have the same typo in the “Ingredients” section, writing “Indgredients”.

    You’d think they would have noticed at some point in the process.

  2. There is no real customer feedback about Noxitril.

    The 2 testimonials on the website are vague and pretty unhelpful, not to mention that they’re probably not real.

    Hell, they’re the same testimonials used on the Vylexia site.

    If they were backed up by reviews on Amazon or some other site, that would be one thing.

    But they’re not.

  3. The company can’t be trusted.

    Are they Vylexia or are they Noxitril?

    Who knows?

    And if you order, will you be locked into monthly payments?

    It’s impossible to tell.

    If a product’s website leaves you with these kinds of questions, it’s best to just stay away.

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User Reviews


1 out of 5 stars
Sep 28, 2016 by 
Dwayne Kohuch

I purchased noxitril on May17th.The cost was 146.86us for 3 bottles.

tryed the product but didn't notice any change at all.phoned the customer service number and was told to send it back for a full refund.

Sent the product back and was told once the warehouse gets your package you will be refunded.Well many phone calls later.

Its now Sept26 and they said they would not be refunding me any amount because the package was late getting back to them.Its a total scam!They refuse to give me my money back.

Was this review helpful to you?
319 out of 332 people found this review helpful.

John clayton's Review

1 out of 5 stars
Dec 27, 2016 by 
John clayton

I bought the product - did not ANY difference.Used the entire bottle over a month and nothing.


I called the company - they refused to take back the unopened bottles (2).said it was not their fault it did not work.

I told them not to send me any more.guess what?

they did.I called them and they said to just send it back.

I returned the unopened package - and nothing.they did charge my credit card AGAIN.

I have made numerous calls to them but no positive is almost 5 months now and no response.

the credit card company says it is too late. the product does not work - they do not take unopened return products back - they do not refund the money even after they say they will and after the goods (or should I say the 'bads') are returned.

it is a scam - it is unprofessional - it is a joke. John from Hawaii

Was this review helpful to you?
172 out of 179 people found this review helpful.

Do NOT buy-scam

1 out of 5 stars
Jun 14, 2017 by 

Product did not work for me. You WILL be locked into an autoship/autobill program.

Live Chat customer service was not live as nobody from the company logged on to respond in over 15 min. The worst of all is that now I am getting 3-4 pieces of soliciting junk mail with graphic images on them! Also getting solicitors calling now so they sold my information!!!! Horrible company. DO NOT TRUST THEM!

Was this review helpful to you?
41 out of 43 people found this review helpful.


1 out of 5 stars
Jul 28, 2017 by 

Advertised on am talk radio.Bought the $179.85 pkg deal by phone (dangerous).

Get a free ???"What was I thinking".
Useless, Did nothing, It's repackaged voodoo without the magic.

No refund.No clinical 3rd party studies.

Not USA lab made (does not say, Hmmm?).The truth sets you free.

I could have bought my wife a great dinner and given her a back rub and been better off.Don't do it!!

Was this review helpful to you?
38 out of 39 people found this review helpful.

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They offer straight up sales packages: 1. Month Supply for $59.95 2.Month Supply for $119.90 3.Month Supply for $179.85 That pricing structure is a little odd. Usually, you’ll get a discount for buying more than one bottle at a time. Not the case with Noxitril. There’s literally no incentive to buy the 2-bottle or 3-bottle packages. -

I agree, it is strange.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
49 out of 54 people found this question helpful.

So you can't take it if you have high blood pressure? -

Whenever you have a medical condition or take prescription medications, check with your doctor before starting any new supplements.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
36 out of 42 people found this question helpful.

you have the pricing packages wrong for Noxitril .. 1 month -59.95 3 months 119.95 (buy 2 get 1) 6 months 179.95 (buy 3 get 3 free) :) -

That's what we have listed above.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
21 out of 38 people found this question helpful.

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