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secratatropin reviewThere have been a wide array of hgh releasers that have come to the market in recent years, and many of them claim they are the most potent and effective one.

One such supplement released in the past few years is called secratatropin, which claims to be more powerful than hgh prescription injections.

We decided to analyze the claims made by this company in this review, and searched for customer feedback, studied the ingredients, and discovered some side effects.

If you are wondering whether or not this pill really does work, read our indepth investigation to learn more.

So What Exactly is Secratatropin?

Like most releasers, secratatropin attempts to encourage the production of hgh naturally by stimulating a part of our brain called the pituitary gland.

For those of you who don’t know, the pituitary gland is responsible for our growth during our pubescent years, and it directly influences the amount of growth hormone that is released.

Once we hit the age of about 25, this gland stops producing, and instead of growing we actually start to begin to age.

Secratatropin seeks to reverse this process by tricking the brain into continually producing more hgh as we get older, in effect reversing the effects of aging.

This supplement is currently for sale on the products main website, and retails for about $110 per bottle as of 1/27/2011.

Benefits and Ingredients of Secratatropin

This product promises numerous benefits, including enhancing your physical performance, increase energy levels, and providing strength, vitality, and an enhanced sexual libido.The ingredients that make up secratatropin include: GABA, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Alpha GPC, L-Dopa, L-Tyrosine, L-Valine, L-Lysine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Ornithine.

These are all productive amino acids that can be commonly found in many foods we eat, and also supplementation found in stores. Since these ingredients are all natural, and do not require oversight by the FDA, we don’t believe there are any detrimental side effects from using secratatropin.

Reviews of Secratatropin

Besides the official website, secratatropin reviews are hard to come by.

While there are many testimonials listed on the product website, we tried to search forums and other related discussion groups to find unbiased and uncensored results, but came up short.

Below are some of the few independent third party reviews of secratatropin:

“Secratatropin HGH is an improvement to say the least. It’s not what I expected at all.

I thought I’d be paying for something small, but hoped for something small.

I definitely got big!”

If you or someone you know has tried secratatropin and would like to share your results, please contact us.

You can remain anonymous if you’d like, we always respect your privacy.

Overall Conclusion

We believe that since their is a firm lack of positive experiences of men and women using secratatropin on various third party sites, coupled with the price of the product, that secratatropin may indeed not work.

While much more research needs to be done in the field of hgh releasers as a whole, there is a lack of evidence from many different forums and supplement review sites to indicate that it indeed does work.

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Review of Secratatropin

By Nicholas Humphrey,  Jun 26, 2014

I have just started using the product in question today. I am an avid lifter, runner and swimmer and have a great baseline to start with.  I want to see what natural HGH sups have to offer. Read a few reviews and this seemed to be the best I could find.
I have a two month supply and if I see a drastic changes that review claims I will take a 2 week break in between each cycle.  If I don't, I'll finish it out anyway as the AAs can't hurt. The only thing I have been taking in the last 15 months is a multivitamin so there shouldn't be any confusion as to what this product can do.  Send me a reminder email in 30 days and I'll be glad to give you an honest review.

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How much is secratatropin? -doreen

It used to be about $110 per bottle, but I haven't been able to find their website lately.- Rob

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