Once you hit your 40’s, most guys feel like it’s the end.  Many lose their motivation for working out, have little energy to do anything, and may even be suffering in the bedroom department.  This stack is designed to help change all of that, and get you the body you’ve been striving for for years.  Whether you are just getting back in to the swing of things after taking the last 2 decades off from working out, or you want  to compete with the younger guys in a sport, you need to carefully consider this stack.  It will not only help to increase lean muscle and strength, but can also help to eliminate years of beer drinking and unhealthy eating.



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Men start to see a gradual decrease in testosterone levels at the age of 30, and this process usually hits its peak in your mid-40’s.  Low energy, libido loss, and a decrease in lean muscle tissue all factor into this, and it’s been pretty obvious from all the advertising being done online that there is no shortage of products that promise to help fix your problem.  The problem with many of these products is that they just replace your bodies testosterone with “manufactured” testosterone.  They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s exactly where testofuel comes in.  Using all natural ingredients like oyster extract, fenugreek seed, and magnesium, Testofuel works to help your body release it’s own testosterone.  This will give you increased strength and muscle gains, well beyond your expectations.


nitrocutThere are plenty of pre-workout supplements out there that contain harmful stimulants, which can not only be dangerous for older men, but in some cases can cause unwanted side effects.  Nitrocut works by using a complex set of ingredients that helps to enhance nitric oxide levels in the body, and produce great results.  By encouraging a process called Vasodilation, your arteries open up and allow for increased blood flow.  To the untrained eye this might not seem like much.  But serious bodybuilders know that Nitric Oxide (NO) production is a key to building muscle and helping to give you superior definition.


Phen 375If you didn’t figure it out already, getting ripped is about 80% diet and 20% working out.  Sometimes eating right is not practical…we either don’t have the time to fix our meals, or we’re left eating takeout.  Phen375 is a fat burner which works to supercharge your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and get rid of stubborn belly fat.  But, the most important thing that Phen375 does is reduce the body’s ability to store body fat.  The fact that it will help to suppress your appetite is enough of a reason to use it, but the added benefit of helping to increase your metabolism is a no-brainer.

Omega Daily

omega dailyMost Americans are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are typically found in fish oil supplements, nuts, and even some all natural herbal teas.  Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous benefits, including helping to eliminate join pain and discomfort, lower blood pressure, and promote cardiovascular health.  You know the feeling you get after a great workout in the gym the next day?  Well, Omega Daily is a once daily supplement designed to provide you with reduced inflammation of the joints and eliminate soreness.  This will get you back in the gym quickly for increased results.


Getting ripped when your in your late forty’s and beyond does not have to come from some miracle ab roller or juice machine.  With a combo of the above mentioned supplements, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling like you did when you were in your 20’s.  Sign up for our free “get ripped” ebook, which outlines strategies and tips for eating right, and designing a custom workout plan right for you.