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I had a chance to personally test out a 3 months supply of HyperGH 14X, and I have to say the results were pretty amazing.

The directions stated to take the oral capsules and the spray 2X a day, and for the first few days I didn’t see any major difference.

But then after the first week or so I started to notice very subtle changes, like not feeling sore after a pretty heavy workout session and better quality of sleep. 3 Weeks in is where the major changes started to happen. For the first time in about 12 years, I actually started to see my abs popping back out.

What was even better was, unlike when I was 21 with a scrawny but ripped physique, I actually had packed on a decent amount of muscle.

I’m not gonna say I looked like Thor or anything, but there was a very, very noticeable difference.

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    1. Well, Extenze fast acting would be my first choice. Check out my review here:

      If I had to pick 2 others, I would say Rhino 7, which the FDA recently found out they were putting Sildnafil (active ingredient in Viagra) into the mix, and;

      Libido Max. The problem with Libido max is that a full dose of the stuff (4 capsules) contains a TON of yohimbe, and a small dose (like 1 pill) doesn’t really seem to do anything.

      I Would stick with the Extenze, but to each his own.
  1. How to get Lean Ripped and Strong Quickly where you type your name and email address does not work and you get sent to a page that says this page does not exist…guess i dont need your book anyway.

    What starts off as a $1.95 Trial Offer; ends up costing $90.95… Don’t do it!! It has NO Effect in Energy, Stamina or ANYTHING ELSE!!! They will fight you for every penny… Had to get a new card issued so they wouldn’t keep drawing money… BEWARE!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!

  3. Hi , im using boost ultimate from two months now. But I cant see difference.

    How long it’s will take for results?
    1. Hey Sudath,

      If you’re looking for size increases, you’ll be waiting forever. No pill can really give you permanent a permanent size increase.

      If you want performance enhancement, you should have seen some improvement by now. Let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll recommend something great that I’ve used myself.

      1. Thanks Rob. Actually I’m looking for something to increase the size.

        Seems like you know something.
        1. First off, I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte.  Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate.  It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.
          Here’s my reviews of each:
          Bathmate –
          Phallosan Forte –
          Combine it with a high quality supplement like Vigrx Plus for improved blood flow and libido, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. 
          Here’s my review of Vigrx Plus:

  4. Rob, I’m 55, 5’8, 168 lbs. I go to the gym 5xs/wk. Cardio 2-3xs/wk.

    Thru out the day I can feel my energy level dropping. I was diagnosed with low T, but I do not want any prescription drugs.

    I take no meds now except for my daily vitamin. My love life is not what it used to be but not in the basement yet. What do you think?

    What are your reccomendations?
    1. Hey Jeff,
      I would stack a natural testosterone booster called Prime Male with a fat burner called Instant Knockout. The 2 work great when combined, and will not only help boost your libido dramatically but will also increase your energy levels substantially.

      Here’s my reviews of each:

      Prime Male –

      Instant Knockout –
    1. Hey Ron, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      You’ll need to contact the company you ordered from to renew your order.
  5. you are a bunch of internet thieves,you cant sell your product ligitlamly,so you hit the bank accts when we thought we were getting a free trial,you guy are low life thives,fuck off!!!
    1. Hey steve,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


      1. Hey Will,
        Like I told Steve, we don’t sell supplements. I don’t even know what product he was scammed by, but I’ll bet we wrote a review panning it.

        You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but our reviews have saved hundreds of readers from being scammed.
  6. So, I take a blood pressure medication and a statin med for cholesterol…each works great and I’m a healthy 64 year old male. Just haven’t been making it to the gym for about 2 years now.

    Interested in taking the Testo-Fuel with the Nitro-Cut…are you aware of any either side effects or any dangers of taking these supplements with meds? I have taken lots of supplements while working out before, such as the amino acids and a men’s multivitamine and BCAA and Glutimate, all of which there was no interaction.

    Interested to know your opinion…thanks!
    1. Hey Steve,

      Both Testofuel and Nitrocut have good reputations when it comes to side effects and interactions with medications, so I wouldn’t foresee any problems for you. But you should run the ingredient lists past your doctor just to be on the safe side.
  7. My name is Paul Pagé
    I am asking you to abandon any activity concerning me. I got in for a free trial w/4$.74 shipping cost and finished with my credit card being held by $250 from you.

    The “Office de la protection du consommateur” is already notified of your actions as well as Mastercard and their security agency.
    I am just asking you to leave me alone.

    Thank you
    Paul Pagé
    # H2016 pp188p445jl
    1. Paul, is a review website. We don’t sell products, and we have no affiliation with either of the products you ordered.

      You’ll have to take your issues up with them directly, as this website has nothing to do with them. In fact, if you read the page you commented on, you’ll see that we advise readers not to get involved with these supplements at all.

    1. Hey Paul, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements, and we have no affiliation with Ripped NOX or Ripped-Testo.

      You’ll have to contact them directly to discuss any product or billing issues.

    1. Hey Steven,

      I haven’t tried it myself, but from what I can tell, it’s very expensive and contains an awful lot of stimulants. Check out VigRx Plus as a better alternative.

    1. Hey Michael,

      I haven’t researched them specifically, but they both fall into the category of “free trial scam” products. They say you’re signing up for a free trial where all you pay is a small shipping charge, but if you don’t call and cancel within 14 days of placing your order, they charge you full price and sign you up to receive a new free price bottle every month.

      I wouldn’t recommend them. Let me know what your goals are, and I’ll recommend a stack for you.

    1. Hey Michael,

      As is the case with all supplements, once you stop taking it, you’ll start to lose the effects. But you’ll just go back to baseline.

      You won’t lose any ground from where you started.

    1. Hey Barbara,

      If you go to their website, there’s a link to the ingredients list way down at the bottom of the home page.

  8. I am interested but i need to know the ingredients or components of HyperGH, its effects and possible side effects, as well as the price.
  9. Hi Mr Rob Miller
    I am very disappointed because, originally, I was interested in your products and bought a couples of those. (alpha rush and others).
    Now I don’t want them more but, in spite I asked you don’t send me more productos and stop charging my credit card, you are continue doing it.

    I hope there is a mistake in tour system but I am not pleased about it.
    Please, just stop sending me products and stop charging my credit card.

    I will appreciate your answer and action in my particular problem, Mr Miller.
    Manuel Sepulveda

    1. Hey Manuel,

      I sympathize with you, but is review website. We don’t sell supplements, and we almost always recommend against the kinds of free trials you signed up for.

      If you read my reviews, you’ll see that. You’ll have to contact the companies you purchased from directly.

      Their phone numbers should be listed on your credit card or bank statement. If you still need help, contact your bank or credit card company.

      They should have the information you need.

  10. Hello there..!! i need to know the possible side effects when stacking paravar,testosterone max,winstrol,clenn max.. my actual aim is to burn fat at the ssame time build there a way that side effects can b avoided?? suggest me the best stack for fat loss and muscle mass..
    1. Hey Buddy,

      The Crazy Mass supplements shouldn’t cause much as far as side effects. No supplement is guaranteed to be free of side effects as everyone reacts differently to different substances. But for most people, the only issue might be with the Clentrimix. It contains Yohimbe which is a stimulant that causes dizziness and rapid heartbeat for some people. If that’s the case for you, knock it down to one pill a day and build back up if you can. You can order them all through the Crazy Mass website, and yes, they ship to India.

  11. The copy of your book on Nootropics. You had sent me a copy and I read the first 20 pages and had planned to read the remainder later that evening but the e-mail was deleted by accident and I couldn’t find it.

    If you could please send me another book I would appreciate it. Please send it asap as the first 20 pages got my attention and I would like to read the rest of it.

  12. Howdy Rob,

    Have you heard back from Sharon Detterman on the Regenify supplements? It’s been more than 30 days since she began taking the supplement.

    Have you tried them yet? Definitely sounds way too good to be true; however, if it really works, I’ll definitely be on-board depending on her/your results/comments .

    1. Hey Diane,

      There’s a bunch of customer feedback on our Regenify review. Some good, some bad. Take note of the negative reviews on the customer service side of things. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not very hopeful.

  13. I received my Regenify flyer in the mail today. Sounds too good to be true and the pill is a miracle pill.

    In the Q&A section it states that this pill fixes everything with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It has a list if things it can help.

    Kidney disorders, Athsma, eye disorders, reverse allergies, improve stress, skin, lubricate joints, treats depression and anxiety, urology, oncology, sight, hearing, tinnitus, acid reflux, IBS, helps with post-baby recovery and post-baby body, PMS symptoms, enhances memory function and response time. I mean REALLY?

    One pill a day ……so hard to believe! The flyer says: RESET YOUR ORGANS, CELLS and BODY to “STARTING POINT PERFECT”.

    The 1 Year Guarantee states: Try Regenify for one year….if you are unhappy for ANY reason – simply return your empty bottles for a complete and immediate refund – no questions asked. For FASTEST Ordering with Credit Card Call Toll Free 1-800-931-9246.

    Regenify – 954 Lexington Ave Suite 445 New York, NY 10021. I will call for my 30 day free trial and see if I can feel any difference. I will check back in with you after I get my trial bottle and will let you know the outcome. ?

    1. Thanks for the information, Sharon. I haven’t seen the flier yet.

      I generally follow the rule that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but I look forward to hearing how you make out.

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