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In my research over the years, I have come across dozens of scams and deceptive companies that will do almost anything to make a buck.

In fact, there are so many supplement scams out there I could actually write a book about it.

Since I don’t have time to write a book, I decided to write this special mini report instead, and you can and SHOULD use it as a guide to help protect you from the various unsavory characters and scammers on the internet.

In it you will find supplement scams exposed like:

1.) Free trials and why they REALLY Aren’t So FREE!

We hate scams just as much as you do, but this one is a personal mission of mine to expose.

“Thank God I canceled after the so called “free” trial bottle. Don’t be fooled, this stuff does nothing.

2.) Dangerous Weight Loss Pills That Could KILL You

Many companies put DANGEROUS and even ILLEGAL ingredients in their products to make them work more effectively.

“I took it once and developed faster heart rate and flushing experience.

Also a runny nose and the shakes for a while until it left my system. i would never use this product again…”

3.) Counterfeit supplements made in foreign countries

Some scammers go so far as to make up a “generic” version of a popular supplement and try and sell it for half the price on ebay.

I thought I was getting a great price on this, glad you pointed out the fake version before I bought it.”

4.) Illegitimate companies who try to SWINDLE you out of your money

Some companies don’t even list the ingredients on their website, and when you go to contact them they never even respond.

“I was wondering why I was getting bad side effects from this product, and then I saw the FDA banned it’s use!”

5.) Unrealistic claims that will NEVER work

“Lose 20 lbs.s of fat in 2 weeks without diet or exercise!” Yeah…..right….