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By: Rob Miller

In an effort to bulk up, Bodybuilders will sometimes revert to using illegal drugs like steroids and growth hormone to compete at a higher level. Since the costs often outweigh the benefits, it’s obviously not a good idea to do so. Instead, we have researched and personally tested dozens of all natural HGH supplement alternatives, which help to mimic the effects of dangerous or otherwise illegal drugs.

These supplements use health, all natural ingredients to help your body produce more of it’s own growth hormone, without all of the side effects. Check out some of the best HGH supplements we have tested to date.

#1 Pick – HyperGH 14X

hypergh14x reviewHyperGH 14X contains a number of amino acids and all natural extracts that help to stimulate your bodies own production of growth hormone. These ingredients include L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, as well it’s primary ingredient Deer Antler Velvet. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of Deer Antler Velvet, but one thing is for sure…it works.

Deer antler velvet has been used by numerous high profile athletes to not only help with recovery, but also to retain and build solid lean muscle. It also contains Colostrum, which contains insulin like growth factors (or IGF-1 for short), which has shown effective at accelerating healing, improves immunity, and helps to increase bone and lean muscle mass. Combined with a number of other all natural extracts, it’s one of the best supplements we’ve tested in a broad range of category’s, including HGH alternatives.

I’ve personally used HyperGH 14X with great results, click here to learn more.

#2 Pick – Crazy Mass Bulking Stack

crazy mass bulking stack reviewOur second choice is actually not just one supplement, but rather a stack of supplements that aim to give you huge gains in size. It’s called the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, and it’s made up of 4 supplements, which includes 1 bottle of each: Dianobal, Testosterone-MAX, Deckadrolone, and T-Bal 75. You can actually buy each of these individually, but it makes better economical sense when ordering as a stack.

This stack is so popular that they ACTUALLY ran out of stock over the summer of 2014, and were back logged with orders for over 4 weeks.

The Crazy Mass Bulking stack is taken on an 8 week cycle, and numerous reviewers have seen gains of as much as 30 lbs. of mass using this combo. This stack should only be used if you are looking to bulk up. If cutting / shredding down is your goal, then I would go with their Cutting Stack for the best results.

I personally got a chance to review it, check out my review here.

#3 Pick – Sytropin HGH

sytropin real reviewSytropin is actually an oral spray that is supposed to work more effectively than pills / capsules because the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker through the tongue. As opposed to the other two supplements listed above, Sytropin is primarily intended for an older audience.

It’s primary function is to help men and women in their 40’s and above with anti-aging effects like a reduction in wrinkles, renewed energy and vitality, and an enhanced immune system. If your in the latter stages of life, this might be the right supplement for you.

Click Here to read my official review of Sytropin HGH.

Frequently Asked Questions about HGH Supplements

Is this actual growth hormone? Isn’t that illegal?

No, these HGH supplements are not growth hormone. Actual growth hormone is only available with a doctors prescription, and even then, it’s only prescribed in very rare cases. On top of that, real growth hormone is VERY expensive, and requires injections on a routine basis.

These supplements use all natural ingredients to help your body produce more of its own HGH, rather than injecting a synthetic version of it.

Will any of these pop a drug test?

Because HyperGH 14X contains Deer Antler Velvet and Colostrum which contain IGF-1, it is illegal for use as a performance enhancing supplement in many professional sporting associations, as well as the NCAA. If you are an athlete competing at these levels, than I would recommend you skip over the HyperGH 14x and go with the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack, which does not contain any prohibited substances in sports associations.

Are these supplements used to get lean or build muscle?

The answer is both. Not only will you see an increase in overall lean body mass, but also a reduction in fat. That said, it is best for individuals who already have a decent amount of muscle, NOT those looking to lose a substantial amount of weight (think obese).

Will these supplements help me grow taller?

No. None of these supplements are intended to actually provide you with increases in your height. In fact, once your growth plates have “closed up” I don’t think there is any way for you to grow any taller, even with actual growth hormone.

Should I stack these with other supplements?

That really depends on a case by case basis. If you’re looking to strictly bulk up, then I would recommend you use them with a creatine supplement, like Muscle Advance. If your primary goal is to trim down, then I would recommend you use it with either a fat burner like Phen 375, or a pre workout supplement like Nitrocut.

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Rob, your professional output. Would testofuel be ok to take at age 56 rather than prime male. -Art

Sure.  Either is okay at any age.  They just have different bents. If you're after muscle gains, then Testofuel is the one you want.- Rob

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Hi rob,do you think its safe to take GenF20 plus with prime male ? And if so what are the benefits ? Cheers mate -Derek

Yeah, actually a Testosterone Booster/HGH Releaser stack is great for shredding fat and getting strong, and those are both great choices.- Rob

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I am a 24 year old male and a regular gym goer. I would like to use Hypergh14x in combination with another supplement, Testofuel, in order to increase my Testosterone levels. I wanted to know if it is safe to use Hypergh14x with this product and if it will help me to gain more muscle mass. If so, what is the best to use these two supplements in order to increase my gains and strength. Many Thanks -aaaa

Yeah, it's totally a great stack for toning and increasing muscle mass. And stacking them is easy. Just take each as directed.- Rob

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My supply of VITAL HGH is running out. I have taken it for quite a while. I am now 90 years old, I need a refill can i still get it from you? -John is a review website. We've never distributed Vital HGH. Try Lucky Vitamin. It looks like they sell it.- Rob

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