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Rob Miller | November 13, 2015
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#1 - Testofuel

Testofuel is the most effective testosterone boosting supplement on the market that ive tested.

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#2 - Prime Male

Prime Male is a VERY close 2nd to Testofuel, but contains ingredients to help older men.

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Do you think you may be suffering from low testosterone? Take our short quiz and find out!

Our #1 Choice for Building Testosterone – Testofuel

testofuel reviewLow Testosterone levels affect close to 50 million American men, and are responsible for weight gain, energy loss, and erectile dysfunction issues.

Testofuel uses a specialized combination of all natural herbs and extracts to help give you a powerful boost in muscle mass and energy.

I recently had a chance to personally test out Testofuel for a period of 3 months, and have written up my full review and results.

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User Questions and Answers

What effects will there be on my liver -

Natural testosterone boosters can give you some of the effects of testosterone replacement but without the side effects.- Rob

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Does it help with erectile problems -

Increasing your testosterone should help somewhat with erectile problems, but you may be better off going with a male performance enhancement like VigRx Plus.- Rob

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I have no energy,tired most of the time. 30lbs over weight. Walk to exercise. I'M 63 and retired laborer. Take Ritalin for my ADHD AND AN ANTIDEPRESSANT. I HAVE NO DESIRE TO DO OR GO ANYWHERE. I NEED HELP. -

Have you consulted with your doctor?  It seems like a natural testosterone booster like Prime Male would provide some help, but you may want to get a complete workup to see if there's anything specifically wrong.- Rob

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About 50 years old man with diabetes have no sex drive -

Try VigRx Plus, but check with your doctor first to make sure it's safe with your medical condition.- Rob

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Hello rob I been researching free testosterone boosters and wanted to know if "Megadrox" is safe.& if it works ..I see no reviews from you on this product..thanks for the help.. -

We do actually have a review for Megadrox (and Testadrox).   You can check it out here:  http://www.supplementcritique.com/megadrox-and-testadrox-review/  In a nutshell, I wouldn't recommend it.  Check out Testofuel instead. Here's my review:  http://www.supplementcritique.com/my-personal-testo-fuel-review-and-results- Rob

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