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Workout Supplements That REALLY Work

Getting motivated for the gym is never easy.  There is the part where you need to find your gym shorts/pants, then your looking for where you left your sneakers, can’t find your car keys, and where the hell did I put my iPod?  That’s just the beginning, then you have the 15 minute drive to the gym, and of course on the way you hit every light.  Yeah, getting to the gym is never easy, but we all know it is half the battle when it comes to working out.

Why These Supplements Work

We have looked through hundreds of supplements that help to increase your motivation for the gym, and make you an animal when you get there.  We know exactly how it feels to be unmotivated, and these supplements will solve that problem when you get there.  So, how did we rate these supplements?  Well, we took to the internet to see what guys on some of the most popular bodybuilding and workout forums were saying, and then narrowed down our selection by personally testing them.

What you will find is kind of shocking though, because our number 1 pick is probably a product you have never heard of before.  But sometimes the big name brands are not always the best, and it might be worth it to check something else out.

crazy bulk cutting stack reviewOur #1 Choice For Pre Workout – Crazy Mass Cutting Stack

Best Price:  $185 / one month supply


Read My Full Review Here

We all know that stacking supplements is the way to go when you want to get the best results.  I often recommend a wide variety of stacks to visitors on my site, but usually its a big mix up of supplements from various companies.  Crazy Mass changed all of that with their new Cutting Stack Formula.

Made up of 4 different supplements, this Cutting stack works great for guys looking to reduce stubborn belly fat, and pack on lean, hard muscle.  The formula includes Paravar, Winsitrol, Clentrimix, and Testosterone Max, and they all work in conjunction to help increase energy, improve recovery, and help build muscle.

Click here to read my official review and learn more.

NitrocutOur #2 Choice For Pre-Workout – Nitrocut

Best Price:  $124.99 / 3 month supply
visit nitrocut

Read My Full Review Here

Nitrocut is actually a supplement I have been using for quite sometime now, and I have been recommending it to all of my friends.  It contains a potent blend of L-Arginine, Energy Boosters, and natural aphrodisiacs which all work together to give you a huge boost of energy for the gym, help to get you ripped, as well as increase your libido.

So why is Nitrocut our #2 supplement?  Well, unlike many of the competitors out there such as Force Factor who just use L-Arginine, Nitrocut has taken it a step further by injecting Vitamin B6, B12, and other energy boosters.  These vitamins are most commonly found in energy drinks, as well as a few other supplements.

It also has an unexpected benefit of helping to boost your sex drive by adding Avena Sativa, Fenugreek extract, Tribulus Terrestris, and Eurycoma Longifilia.  While these ingredients may sound greek to you, they are all very potent aphrodisiacs that are found in some of the most powerful over the counter male enhancement supplements on the market.

size slim pre workout reviewOur #3 Choice For Pre-Workout – Size Slim

Best Price: $49.99 / 1 month supply

Read My Full Review Here

Rounding out my top 3 is a powder called Pre-Workout Focus + Stamina, made by Size Slim.  I got a chance to try out Size Slim back in August of 2015, and the results we amazing.

Size Slim pre workout contains a blend of ingredients that help motivate you to get to the gym, as well as provide sustained energy to push your workouts through the roof!

The thing that I like best about Size Slim is that it works VERY quickly, about 30 – 60 min. faster than with the Crazy Mass stack and Nitrocut.

It doesn’t come on too strong like most other powder based pre workout supplements, mainly because it only contains about 180 mg of caffeine.  This is equivalent to about 1.5 cups of good, strong coffee.

And did I mention it tastes GREAT!?

Check out my full review of Size Slim pre workout here to learn more.

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User Questions and Answers

Hi Rob - Great info on your site and good work. I am a 65 year old that works out with weights regularly. What supplements do you suggest at my age to produce better muscle tone and mass? Thanks again for your help. -Robert

Checkout a pre workout called Nitrocut, and stack it with a testosterone booster called Prime Male. It's a great stack for your age and goals.- Rob

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What if i use all top 3 supplements together? -Pio

That would be overkill. My top choice (The Crazy Mass Cutting Stack)  is actually a stack of 4 supplements. You basically want to use supplements that work synergistically and complement each other, not several that all perform the same functions.- Rob

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Can Nugenix be taken along with Cialis -Rey

It shouldn't be a problem, but you should check with your prescribing doctor first, to be sure.- Rob

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Hay rob,a friend of mien that bodybilds told me he takes one day a week just to stretch.because your body gets tight.what do you think about that. -sean

You definitely need rest days built into your workout, and I agree, stretching on those days is always a good idea to keep your muscles loose.- Rob

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I see that u recommend testosterone max In the cutting stack and testofeuk is recommended in the Ebook? Which is better? -Rich

My preferred standalone testosterone booster is Testofuel. But I recommend the Crazy Mass stacks, which all use Testosterone Max as their testosterone booster. It's a good product, so it makes sense to use it since it's included in the stack.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I’m old school sir, I worked out as a youngster on Bob Hoffman pre workout regime of coffee, ginsing, and fish oil. Some people like myself are sensitive to niacin in these concoctions.

    Any recommendations for niacin and caffeine free supplements?
    Thank you sir.

    1. Hey Joe,
      Yup, I get it. Pre workouts have def come a long way, and a good majority of them contain WAY too many stimulants. I would recommend you check out a supplement called Nitrocut. It’s the best stim-free pre workout I’ve ever tested, and I’ve tested literally DOZENS of these over the years. Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I am a 27 year old woman, 5’2 at 118lbs trying to cut my body fat to 10% quickly. I am using the Nectar brand post workout powder but I have not started with a pre workout or fat burner.

    What is the best option for extreme cutting for women?
  3. I need a pre workout supplement that has very little caffeine. Iam caffeine sensitive, is there such a supplement on the market for females.

    I need the motivation and the energy.
    1. Hey Ed,

      I haven’t. What kind of supplement are you looking for?

      Let me know and I’ll recommend something I have experience with.
      1. I am currently using some of their products and found them to be extremely effective. I am always looking for anything that is reliable and works consistently with a cycle, of course.

        I am mostly interested in T-Boosters as I am 48yrs. old. I like what you have and will try it.

        What do you have for post workout?
        1. The best t booster we’ve ever tested for middle-aged guys like yourself is actually Prime Male. For some reason the younger guys get a better response with the Testofuel, and older gentleman get better results with Prime Male. Here’s my review of it if you’re interested:

          For post workout, I like CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine. It’s got everything you need for recovery, check out their site here:

          Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. I am a 60 year old male that has been doing weight training and CV work since I was in collage. I have recently retire and have focus on the weight training and CV workouts even more intensely.

    I have a pretty good amount of muscle mass (I could always use more) but my fat (especially around my stomach) is way too much. I to maintain (or grow slightly) in muscle mass AND I need to take off a lot of body fat.

    I have a pretty solid nutritional plan but I believe I should start a good supplemental plan. I was thinking about a whey protein isolate, creatine and a fat burner.

    Can you give me some guidance on what you think about this approach? Thank you so much.

    I just receive your free eBook but have not read it yet. It may answer many of my questions and I will let you know once I complete it.

    Take care, Jeff.
    1. Hey Jeff,
      Yeah as far as supplements go I would ditch the creatine, but keep the fat burner and protein. The most effective fat burner I’ve used is called Instant Knockout, check out my review here:

      For protein, my personal favorite is Gold Standard whey, here’s my review of that one:

      Also, if you have the dough I would add in a testosterone booster to the mix. Specifically, I would check out a supplement called Prime Male. I’ve been recommending it a lot to guys your age, and they’ve all been getting great results.

      Here’s my review:

      Lastly, I’m emailing you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook, along with some bonuses. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercise that work great in conjunction with the supplements above.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!
    1. Hey Buddy,

      I haven’t ever used them myself, but a quick look at the ingredients and it looks like a relatively healthy fruit and vegetable juice. Better than Redbull in terms of health, but you probably won’t get the same kick.

  5. 2 years off from a injury.
    Involved in crossfit.

    Male 36yo.
    Thinking of tacking size slim pre workout, and stacking testo fuel and knock out.

    What do you think?
    Hyper gh14x has any room in that stack?

    Thank you for your help
    1. Hey Lucas,
      Yeah that sounds like a good plan. I’m guessing you gained a bit of weight since the injury?

      If that’s the case then yeah I think that combo will work perfectly for you.
  6. I am a “hard gainer”…always been tough to add muscle/bod weight….recently someone told me to try ILoad + Karbolic and I have see great results…do you review weight gaining suppls…or can you review this or better ones?
    1. Hey Brian,
      Yeah I’ve never heard of those 2. Typically I stick to pre workout supps, t-boosters, and weight loss supps, but every once in awhile I will review weight gainers. First off I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” eBook.

      It’s packed with tons of tips on bulking up and keeping fat deposits to a minimum.

      Supplements wise, I would recommend you check out the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack ( It’s perfect for hard gainers like yourself, and will help DRAMATICALLY with gaining solid bulk.

      Here’s my review:

      Use this stack in combo with the ebook I’m sending, and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    2. Hey Brian,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  7. I inquired earlier about stacks and was wanting also for any info on joint support cause I still have problems with my shoulder injury from years ago.
  8. Hey Rob, your website and information is excellent. Awesome reviews and real information needed.

    I have a question? Can I take Size Slim and Instant K.O. together?

    I’ll wait for a hopefully answer.
    1. Hey Frank,

      I would advise against taking them together. They both have caffeine and other stimulants, so using them together is likely to be overkill. If you’re using a fat burner with stimulants, like Instant Knockout, pair it with a non-stimulant pre workout like Nitrocut.

  9. Hey Rob, how’s it going? I have a ? but it doesn’t have anything to do with supplements.

    Hope you can help. I have a problem with my shoulders – one side is larger than the other.

    It’s my delts from work. Do you think if I do some extra sets on the smaller side it will help?

    If not what do you think THANK YOU.
    1. Hey Sean,

      Yeah, do some extra work with low reps/heavy weight on the smaller side to even them out.

  10. Hey Scott,
         First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
    Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
    Here’s my review:
    1. Hey Sean,

      It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve used their brand, but from what I remember the aftertaste was TERRIBLE. It had like a chalky/chemically-like aftertaste. But they may have changed up their formulas to taste better by now. I couldn’t tell you. My suggestion for you is the Optimum Nutrition line. Here’s a link to one of their better ones: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

  11. Rebuild is very inportant,thank you I just have a hard time staying away from the gym.Do you no of anything to take your mind off the gym. PS:I STILL WANT TO NO ABOUT THE T-SHIRT.

    1. Hey Sean,

      I don’t have any t-shirts at the moment, but I’ll let you know.

  12. I ordered a second month of bulking stack,but I am going to add muscle advance creatine. What do you think.

    1. Hey Sean,

      Creatine is a great addition to the bulking stack. It really helps you push even harder, but make sure you’re getting enough rest to rebuild.

    1. Hey Luis,

      Sure thing. Just give me about a week.

      I’ll take a look and post a review to the website.

    1. Hey Matt,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here's my review:
      Be sure to check with your dr. first though so you can be sure there's no interactions with meds. 
  13. Ima trying to loose weight and get cut. I have 85 pounds to shed.

    Do you recommend crazy mass cut stack or Nitrocut, testo, and instant knockout stack. Or both?

    Do crazy mass until 8 week cycle end then do the other one ?
    I appreciate your advice brother thanks
    1. Hey Keric,
      First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook. It’s loaded with tons of tips on diet and exercise to get you on the right track. Supplements wise, I would start with the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack for one month and see how you respond.

      If you don’t see significant weight loss then I would cycle off and do a stack of Testofuel, Nitrocut, and Instant Knockout.

      Just remember that diet and exercise is key here…no supplement will give you the results you’re looking for just sitting around on your a$$ eating pizza everyday. 🙂 Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hey Scott,

      If you let me know what supplement you’re referring to, I’ll let you know what I know about side effects.

  14. I have noticed crazy bulk have stopped d h e a in ther product why is this and they have changed the way you take your stak
    1. Hey Jim,

      You’re looking at Crazy Bulk, which is not the same as the Crazy Mass supplements I recommend. Crazy Mass products continue to feature dhea in their bulking supplements.

    1. Hey There,

      Whether you eat before or after working out depends on your goal. If you are primarily trying to lose fat, you want to do cardio on an empty stomach. More fat gets burned during your workout that way. If you’re trying to build muscle, You want to eat a small meal with complex carbs not too long before working out. You don’t want to be full, but you don’t want to lack energy either. A post workout protein shake is a good idea in both cases. There’s no Creatine in Nitrocut. You would have to stack that in.

  15. Love the brief list of pre-workouts you’ve provided. Have you guys heard of Transparent Labs yet?

    I’ve seen them on almost every pre workout list I’ve come across, except Supplement Critique. Going to give their BULK a shot, you should check them out too.

  16. yes I want a free supplyment sample only 5 can I have it with no cost my address is 4522 county road 379 whitewater Missouri 63785-5920 my birthday is October,01,1984-2015 it you have free sample rob if able nice meet you sir
    1. Hey Matthew, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements. There aren’t too many legitimate products that offer free samples. But there are plenty that offer money back guarantees. Check out Nitrocut.

    1. Hey Ed,

      Technically, you can, but I don’t recommend it. Your abs and calves are muscles, and working them out every day will simply lead to over-training.

  17. Rob, I was curious why Nitrocut is the only supplement I have seen that show results as early as 4 weeks, what’s in it that makes it so potent!
    1. Hey Edward,

      You should see the benefits of a pre workout supplement immediately in the form of energy, pumps, and endurance. And if you work out hard and stick to a clean diet appropriate for your goals, you’ll definitely see results in 4 weeks.

      But those results are completely dependent on the work you put in, aided by the pre workout supplement.

  18. Rob I really appreciate all the extensive research you have made but I work on a job that does drug test quite often. I wanted to know does the #2 (Nitrocut) supplement u suggested have any hidden ingredients that would cause me to fail a periodical drug screen because most jobs require something from doctor to be safe from termination!
  19. Rob, I’m taking the endurance stack right now. Would it be foolish to add the d-bal for strength and the clentrimix for cutting into this stack?

    1. Hey Isaiah,

      I would stick with what you’re doing for now. It’s very difficult to cut and build at the same time. It’s better to pick one goal at a time and work full bore toward it. Next you can do a bulking cycle, and after that, a cutting cycle.

  20. Rob, i’m interested in the bulking stack by crazymass but am confused if I need a pre workout supplement to go along with it? I know the stack it’s powerful and don’t want to buy anything if I don’t need too.

    I read one of your replies stating that it’s ok to take a creatine supplement along with the bulk stack.

    1. Hey Rich,

      You’re right, the Bulking Stack is powerful, but there’s technically no pre workout in the stack. Go with Nitrocut. It’s stimulant-free and it’ll give you the workout energy you need. Adding creatine will also improve your results. If you just use the stack, you’ll do great. But adding Nitrocut and creatine will make you do even better.

        1. Hey Rich,

          You can use the Clentrimix in the stack as your pre workout. Just shift one of your daily doses to about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.


  21. Rob I just got you book and I.m in the process of reading it. I’m 72 yrs old and pretty healthy and active.

    I’m 6’3″ and weigh 248. I want to drop to 210 and build muscle as well.

    I am really aware of my age and abilities. Is crazy Mass and cutting right for me.

    I trust your response. If not can you recommend the right package for me?

    Thank you so much for your advice. CHARLIE

    1. Hey Charlie,

      As long as you’re healthy and not taking any medications, the stacks are fine for you, and you’ll see and feel the benefits. But I would advise you to check with your doctor first, just to be sure.

  22. I’m 37 and looking for a good supplement to help on mass gains and belly fat cutting. I once at peak of working was 240 lbs and super strong.

    I then had neck and back surgery due to an accident on the job. I need something to get me back on track again and something that gets results so I can get back to the old me!

  23. Hello,I am a 45 year old veteran that was running 3 miles and some days jog another 3.I had to stop cause of me having some medical issues like my L3 which caused drop foot. I read in that Nitro cute is good.

    I. Do want to get back into it to work my endorphin which I fell in love with.

    I do have belly fat to where I was to take off.I thank you for giving me some information on getting back into working out.I am going to get your getting ripped e book. It help me working out after being in the from my military days.

    Thank you again. I do have to say I am 240 lbs

  24. Hi Rob,

    I have just joined and have some reservations. I see that you promote Crazy Bulk but, as I searched the web, I found out it is a fairly new company and not all that trustworthy.

    Can you, please, clarify? I really want to trust someone on the internet and I feel comfortable with you, until now.

    1. Hey Nunzio,

      I actually don’t promote Crazy Bulk. I promote Crazy Mass. Crazy Bulk came along later and pretty much copied most of their stuff from Crazy Mass. I personally used the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack and had fantastic results. You should check it out.

  25. Hi Rob,
    I see lots of questions/response on pre-workout and getting you T stuff and your most recommended pre-workout is Nitrocut and for getting your T is Testofuel. Would you recommend stacking Crazy Mass with Testofuel or is Nitrocut/Testofuel a better combo?

    1. Hey Phet,

      If you go with the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack, you don’t need to add the Testofuel because the Stack already includes a good testosterone booster. And this is what I would recommend for your best possible results. The Nitrocut/Testofuel stack is good, but with 4 supplements, you get more fat burning and muscle building with the Crazy Mass.

  26. Hi Rob I’m a truck driver and get random drug tests, what products can I take and not worry about losing my job?
    1. Hey David,

      You should be fine with any of these, but the most certain would be Nitrocut. It doesn’t even contain stimulants. And you should stack it with a testosterone booster called Testofuel, also perfectly fine safe for drug tests.

  27. Hey Rob, do you consider regular women when reviewing products, or do you only make recommendations to guys who are into heavy work outs? Thanks

    1. Hey Leo,

      Our primary audience consists of guys who want to get in great shape by working out, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a particular supplement is or isn’t good for women. If you’re looking for a great pre workout supplement, check out Nitrocut.

  28. Hey rob im 30 years old 180lbs 6’0 and have been working out 6-7 days a week for 2 years and just havent seen that many results. What is a combination of supplements you suggest I take to try to get the perfect body ?

  29. I’m very curious about Nitrocut, but I prefer powdered supplements. Do you have any powdered pre-workout supplements?

  30. Hey Rob, Rene again. Thanks for replying so fast on my question regarding Sativa.

    Now I can start using Nitrocut. In the next couple of weeks I will start stacking with Testofuel and Total Knockout.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress and take before and after photos to document my progress… Thanks again.
  31. hey Rob,
    Im 38 coming off of a elbow replacement and tommy john surgery. So I sat around for a year and a half not able to do anything. i started to train again last month.

    Feeling good about things but i need some help supplement wise. I live in Canada so i don’t know if i can get all the supplements available in the states.

    Im taking a GAT T-300 supplement. have you heard anything about this product. ive been on in for about 5 weeks. im seeing some results but nothing mind blowing. not sure if it working or just all the cardio im doing. i just ordered your ebook cant wait to read it. anything you can do to help would be appreciated. thx
  32. I recently purchased Nitrocut and went over the ingredients with my physician. She advised me that the ingredient SATIVA is also a strain of CANNABIS… MARIJUANA. She suggested I don’t take it because my employer requires random drug testing and it could test positive.

    Can you elaborate or find out if is factual before I make my decision on taking this supplement.
    1. Hey Rene,

      I hate to dispute what your doctor said, but the ingredient in Nitrocut is Avena Sativa which comes from Oats, not Cannabis Sativa. My quick research shows that there is no connection.

  33. Hi rob,
    I’m 46yrs young, I have belly fat along with huge back fat love handles.
    I’m starting to train to no avail of getting rid of these.

    I want to get ripped and have a 6 pack I have never ever had along with a mean torso. My prob is, on the weekend during rugby season, pizza and beer dept take over til Monday when I start training again. (Hey I just think I found my problem).

    What stack can u recommend I take to get the torso and 6 pack I’ve never had,?
    I’ll train 3-6 months without booze and pizza during the weekends if need be, but I also believe in living life as well.

    Cheers Polynesian kiwi
    1. Hey Ben,

      Check out the CrazyMass Cutting Stack. I couldn’t believe how well it worked to help me tone up and pop out my abs. You should also sign up for my free getting ripped ebook for workouts and meal plans to get you there. And yeah, you’ll definitely get results faster if you lay off the pizza and booze somewhat!

  34. Hey Rob,

    Visiting your site for the first time ever. I tried few pre-workout supplements and they all seem to have some side effects or other.

    The formula that works for me is (3 caps of Krill oil an hr before workout, 1% milk 6 oz + Extra virgin coconut oil 2 tbsp + 1/2 teaspoon tumeric 45 mins before workout). I am not an athelete, but not can run non-stop for 35 mins on my treadmill.

    Ketonic energy!
    1. Hey Barbara,

      Absolutely. There’s no reason women can’t take Nitrocut. In fact I know lots of women who’ve had great results.

  35. Hey rob I’m 17 and going to be 18 next month. I am six feet tall and 180lbs and am looking to get rid of my belly pouch and add a six pack and more lean muscle mass on my body.i wanted ur opinion on if it would be a good idea for me to start using nitro cut and if so is it beneficial to use nitro cut and whey protein or should nitro cut be enough?

    1. Hey Jake,

      Just so you know, it’s not recommended that you take Nitrocut until you’re 18, but you’re practically there so I’d say it’s okay. And yeah, Nitrocut would help you get the most out of your workouts. 100% Whey Gold Standard is a great protein to add to your regimen as well. You should also download my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s loaded with advice on food and workouts to help you reach your goals.

      1. Thanks for the response!i just had another question…are there any significant advantages that nitrocut has over xtreme no? Again I am pretty thin everywhere except in my stomach and I am trying to lose the stomach fat and gain more lean muscle mass

  36. Hey Rob,

    I’m 15 and 160 pounds. I really want to get a six pack instead of the little belly fat I have now.

    I also want to gain muscle and look cut. I lift almost everyday and football season is starting up soon.

    What would you recommend for any supplements I should take? I saw nitro cut and cutting stacks and I was considering those but I wanted to see your opinion.

    I also was wondering if any of the supplements you mention would be good to take prior to practice for football?
    1. Hey Bob,

      At your age, the only thing I would recommend you take is Muscle Advance Creatine. Creatine is the most tested bodybuilding supplement. It really builds muscle, and it’s been determined to be safe for all ages. Adding a protein shake like 100% Whey Gold Standard would also help. I wouldn’t recommend anything else for you. Your body is still growing, and you don’t want to mess with that.

  37. Rob,

    Hey man… I’m looking to lose 20-25 lbs. and tone up. Tried a couple of supplements but the last one had caffeine in it and by about 2:00 in the afternoon I was crashing and just not feeling well so I quit taking them.

    What do you recommend? Thanks for your insite in advance!

    1. Hey Joshua,

      Most fat burners will have some kind of stimulant in them, so I recommend you go a different way. Nitrocut is a CNS stimulant-free pre workout supplement. It uses an increase in your body’s own nitric oxide to energize you and get oxygen and nutrients to your muscles right when you need them. You’ll work out harder, get better results, create more lean muscle, and burn more fat. If you haven’t already, download my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s got tons of advice on meals and workouts, and I’ve just added some bonuses to the package!

  38. Rob,
    I’m 5″6 195 lbs and my goals are to lose weight and lean up I don’t want to bulk up yet just lose my gut and get toned what is the best advice you can give me thanks in advanced
    1. Hey Josh,
      Since diet and exercise are the keys to losing weight and getting in shape, download my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s full of great food and workout tips and I’ve just added some bonuses that include sample meal plans, a workout log, and my “Big List of Foods You Can Eat”. When it comes to supplements, go with a stack of Nitrocut (a pre wrokout) with Phen375 (a fat burner). You take these supplements and stick to the plans in the ebook, and you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

      Let me know how things go.

  39. Hello Rob.
    I just subscribed to your site and your e book like it a lot. I am 6 feet tall and weight 205 pounds.

    Looking to tone down to 190 pounds. I just purchased OxyElite Protein.

    What do you think about it? is it safe? Do you have other suggestions ?

    Thank you very much and continue the good work.
  40. I like your site, I just received your e-book read most of it last night, will finish it tonight. Looks great!

    Will start the program in the morning. I have almost 2000 friends on facebook most of them in the bodybuilding and fitness industry as competetors and trainers, they will like your site as well.

    Thanks Bro!

  41. What’s up Rob,

    I use to take OxyElitePro. Prior to this, I took Hydroxycut Hardcore.

    These two supplements gave me the best bang for my buck, but by far OxyElitePro was the best I’ve ever taken. I now know these types of supplements are not good for the body. After dual major knee surgeries, I’m looking to lose about 40 lbs without putting a lot of stress on my knees being that they are only going to get worst.

    I’m in the process of reading your ebook (I received it yesterday; Thank you so much) and there are not many exercise that I really do because if my knees. What do you suggest as a supplement and exercises?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Tyrone,
      Yeah, OxyElitePro was causing liver failures and contained an ingredient known to cause heat attacks. The FDA eventually shut them down. I recommend you go with Proactol Plus. Instead of fat burner full of stimulants that can mess with your system, it’s a fat binder. It doesn’t allow fat to be stored. It makes sure it gets used instead. It also helps you feel full with less food and gives you great energy.
      As for workouts, you can get your cardio by swimming, using an elliptical machine, walking, or biking.
      Hope this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

  42. Hi Rob,
    As someone new to this lifestyle the supplement market can be confusing, what kind of supplements would you recommend? I’ve already begun eating right and hit the gym 3x a week, just looking for that little extra you can get from supplements.

    It’s difficult because so many people recommend whey and/or creatine or this or that. What’s your advice?

    1. Hey Jon,
      Yeah, it can be confusing for sure. I’m not sure what your goals are, but I’ll give it a shot. If you want to turn your workouts up a notch, go with a pre workout called Nitrocut. If you want to bulk up, try a creatine supplement called Muscle Advance. If you want to burn fat, go with Phen375. You can also stack them together to combine the effects.

      This ought to get you started. Let me know if you have any more questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.

  43. Rob,

    I love what you’re doing and gain tons of good info about products I’m curious about but know I will never try for years! Anyway, my concern is, you seemed concerned about the health aspect of the products you test but I don’t see you ranking any products that don’t contain artificial sugars (i.e.

    Sucralose, NutraSweet, etc.) which are harmful to the body versus natural sweeteners like Stevia or Agave. We all know that our bodies aren’t geared for the fake stuff but it’s in everything.

    Some of your research says the product is all natural but I read the ingredients and of course one of the artificial sweetners is in there somewhere. I’m trying to find products that work but are really “natural”. Can you seek out some that maybe have Stevia and test them. What say you? -Chip

    1. Hey Chip,
      You make a great point. There are some supplement powders that use all natural ingredients either by using natural sweetener or no sweetener at all. I’ll put up some reviews soon. In the meantime, consider the pills like Nitrocut and Extreme NO. These don’t have sweetener at all, but they do have fillers that keep them from being completely natural. I guess sometimes we pick our poison.

      Thanks for the suggestion and keep a lookout for those reviews.

    1. Hey Robert,

      I would recommend Testo Fuel or HyperGH 14X. They both help stimulate your body to make more of the hormones that keep you young (ie keep you able to build and maintain muscle). And they have the side benefit of increasing energy and vitality, helping you get a better night’s sleep, and mild mood elevation. They are both natural and safe, but you should check with your doctor just in case to make sure they don’t interfere with any other medications you might be taking.

  44. Hey Rob I’ve been looking into the get swole stack by musclepharm and Nitrocut and was wondering which you would reccomend if my goals were to put on muscle and get a bit more toned?
    1. Hey Jim,
      Swole Stack is a whole system of supplements including a pre-workout supplement, which is what Nitrocut is. So it’s not really comparing apples to apples. Nitrocut will help you get toned and to an extent put on muscle. Swole Stack will go further to build muscle, plus it includes a multivitamin. It’s also a lot more expensive. So those are the factors you’ll have to weigh.

  45. Great write up Rob! Nitro cut seems like an awesome pre workout that I will be trying soon.

    I have personally used 1MR as well, I thought it was a good pre workout as far as providing energy but lacks the “muscle building” ingredients.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Josh,
      Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like the site. You can help out by liking us on Facebook and telling your friends.
      Yeah, agreed about 1MR. It gets you motivated for sure. Nitrocut doesn’t use caffeine so you’ll definitely feel a different kind of energy and focus. Best of luck!

  46. Hey Rob,
    I am 21 years old I am 5’11” and about 275 lbs. I’m looking to lose a significant amount of weight and build up muscle mass while I’m at it. I downloaded your Ebook which has been very insightful on many things and will be organizing an exercise and diet routine using that.

    What I’m wondering is: What supplements should I use (if any)? And should I use them together?

    Also, is there a good multivitamin/nutritional supplement package that you would suggest to go alongside a change in my diet? I feel that I may not be able to get the proper nutrition given my living circumstances and something like that will be very beneficial to me.

    1. Hey Daniel,
      I’m glad you’re finding the ebook useful. As for supplements, go with a stack of Phen375 for fat burning and appetite suppression and NitroCut for your pre-workout. The Phen375 will help your weight loss get off to a good start. And the NitroCut will work with your workouts to make sure you’re building up the muscle you want. When you reach your weight loss goals, come back and we’ll talk about dropping the Phen375 and whether or not you should replace it with something more for muscle building.

  47. Age 42 – 6’1 225 – ectomorph with 26 BMI. Just coming off of a bad heal injury ( planter faciatis) that I have had for 14 months..

    Waist is 38. Looking to lose fat but gain mass… Let me know what you think by way of supp.? Thank you

    1. Hey RG,
      Your’s is a two-step process. You would benefit from a couple months of Phen375 to burn off some fat, and you should pair that with NitroCut pre-workout so you can really make the most of your trips to the gym. When you’ve lost the fat you need to, drop the Phen375 and add in Muscle Advance Creatine to pack on the muscle.

  48. Hi rob, I’m 42,5’9 180lbs, just started working out again. Was thinking about taking nitro, creatine and maybe a hgh supplement.

    Looking to get stronger and build lean muscle .do you think I need all three together or would you suggest something else ? Thanks for your reply

    1. Hey Gary,
      It sounds to me like you need to tone down a bit, so I would actually recommend a stack of Nitrocut and Phen375. Nitrocut will help with energy and pumps for the gym, while Phen375 will help suppress your appetite and help with weight loss. Also, sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook, it will give you plenty of diet and exercise tips.

  49. Hey Rob

    You talk a lot about pre-workout supplements, but what about post-workout? What do you recommend?


    1. Hey Todd,
      Yeah, I haven’t gotten much up on the site in terms of post workout supplements, but I’m working on it. I like Gold Standard Whey Protein from Optimum Nutrition.

      Clearly, whey is the best protein because it digests so well and provides the full compliment of amino acids. And one of the best things about this stuff is the taste.

      The Double Rich Chocolate is out of this world! Gone are the days of holding your nose and chugging your protein shake just hoping you can hold it down.

  50. Hey Rob

    My hopes are up with your website, it’s very hard to find good advise about supplements that really show results. I’m 25, 5.7′, 154lbs, I’ve been an athlete all my life and now in my mid 20s its kind of hard to maintain fit (social life don’t help much). I’ve read your report on Optimal Stack and it really seems that you are trying to help people out there to not fall in these scams.

    I’m thinking about trying out one of these pre-workouts you listed: Nitrocut, XtremeNO, and 1.M.R. I usually hit the gym 3 to times a week plus cardio, My goal is to get ripped as I’m somehow fit already.

    Could you please try to lead me in the right direction as far a supplement that can help my case? Thanks for the help in advance!

    1. Hey Daniel,
      I think Nitrocut would definitely be a good fit in your case, considering you are already working out. Get it, and sign up for my “Get Ripped” ebook on the right hand side of this page to get going with a strength, conditioning, and meal plan program.


    1. Hey Michael,

      Which supplement are you looking at? If it’s the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack, the biggest difference is that it’s more comprehensive.

      The stack includes a testosterone booster, energy for pre workout, and muscle building amino acids. There is no creatine in the stack, though, so you would have to supplement that separately if you went with Crazy Mass.

      There’s no sugar at all in the Crazy Mass supplements.

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