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Rob Miller | June 25, 2017
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What Fat Burning / Weight Loss Supplements Are Most Effective?

We here at strive to give you the most informative and unbiased reviews possible on a wide range of topics.

Recently, we have started testing a number of different fat burning and weight loss supplements for their effectiveness, and decided to start rating them.

Below you will find our top 3 choices for fat burning supplements.

We have personally tested these for their results, and unlike many of our competitors, we provide proof that we actually buy these products and test them.

We also make recommendations on the size of the order you should get, as well as what other reviewers are saying about these products.

These products were chosen on the basis of reliability, effectiveness, results, lack of side effects, and price point.

Our #1 Choice For Fat Burning – Instant Knockout

instant knockout reviewClick Here To Visit The Official Instant Knockout site

Click Here To Read Our Official Review

Instant Knockout is actually a relatively new fat burner to come to the market, and we actually had a chance to test it out before it was released to the public.

If you haven’t heard of this supplement already, you probably will soon.It’s been highly praised on numerous other blogs / reviews, and I can see why.

During my official testing, I actually lost about 12 lbs. of fat, all while retaining (and even building) lean muscle mass.Instant Knockout is made up of a proprietary formula which includes numerous fat burning ingredients, most notably Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee bean extract, and cayenne pepper.

The formula is further enhanced by a blend of antioxidants and nutrients, which include Vitamins B6 and B12, Zinc, Glucomannan powder, Caffeine, Black pepper extract, and GTF chromium.

Unlike alot of other supplements in the weight loss category, it’s priced very reasonably, at about $59 per bottle.

You can actually save big if you order larger quantities, which I suggest you do anyway to take advantage of their 90 day money back guarantee, as well as a free t-shirt offer.

So What’s So Great About Instant Knockout?

Well, over the summer I had gained about 7 or 8 lbs., and was looking for something to not only help boost my energy levels, but also burn off that excess fat.

When I first started taking it, I knew it was going to be a game changer.

The energy I got from just 2 capsules was through the roof, and as a result, my workouts were much more explosive and intense.

I started to see results in literally the first week, knocking off about 2 or 3 lbs without sacrificing muscle.Not only that, but I wasn’t ridiculously tired after my workouts, and it seemed to provide lasting energy throughout the day.

I also felt like it acted a bit like a nootropic supplement as well, giving me mental as well as physical energy.

I was getting tasks done at a record pace, and can never remember feeling this good before.

Click Here To Learn More About Instant Knockout in my personal review.

Our #2 Choice For Fat Burners – Phen 375

phen375 reviewClick Here To Visit The Official Phen375 Website

Click Here To Read My Full Review

For a long time, Phen375 was actually our #1 fat burner.

However, since it contains 1,3, dimethypentylamine (which is banned by the NCAA and other sports agencies, we decided to pull it.

However, if you are not a collegiate or professional athlete, then Phen 375 could be right for you!

Based on years of research, Phen375 combines a number of all natural ingredients that simulate the effects of phentermine, without all of the undue side effects associated with it.

We purchased a one month supply of Phen375 ourselves, and tested it out to see if it really did what it claimed.

The results shocked us!

After using it for just a couple of weeks, our users average weight loss from using Phen375 was 12 pounds, and that was with no change in diet or exercise.

Furthermore, research into the results others were gaining from the use of Phen375 noted the following:

  • An average weight loss of 3 – 6 pounds per week
  • Greatly Reduced Appetite
  • Drastically increased metabolism
  • Overall increase in energy

Reviews of Phen375 From Users

Finding an honest and unbiased review of Phen375 is really not easy, due to the number of affiliates that are promoting the product.

We had our team of volunteers test out Phen375 themselves, and this is what they had to say:

“I have always had a few extra pounds in areas I didn’t want them, and diet and exercise alone were just not cutting it.

I used Phen375 for about 2 weeks, and it felt really good to try something that actually does what it says its going to do.

The thing I noticed best about Phen375 was it just seemed to melt the fat away with hardly any change in my diet. I also noticed that it didn’t give me the jittery feeling I get from a lot of other fat burners I have tried.

All in all, I lost about 8 pounds during the 2 weeks that I tried the product, and that suited me just fine."
Ted, New Jersey

Click Here To Visit The Official Phen375 Site

 Our #3 Choice for Fat Burning – Pruvit Keto OS

keto os reviewsClick Here To Visit The Official Keto OS website

Click Here to Read My Full Review

Coming in at #3, but by no means inferior, is Pruvit’s Keto-OS, which biohacks your body into ketosis within 30 minutes to become a fat burning machine for up to 24 hours.

If you’re not familiar with ketosis or the ketogenic diet, it’s when your body switches from burning carbs (glucose) to FAT!

Getting into nutritional ketosis is very difficult and often takes weeks to get there by following a strict diet with extremely low carbs.

The beauty of Keto-OS is that by flooding the body with exogeneous ketones, you can quickly get into ketosis without changing your diet and start to shed body fat quickly and lean out.

Keto OS comes in three flavors: Orange Dream, Chocolate Swirl, and the new Bio Max Maui Punch which has the most powerful ketone blend.

This is a powder you mix with water and drink up to twice daily for maximum benefits, and it actually tastes great!

The Bio Max tastes exactly like Hawaiian punch!

Over the past year both my wife and sister-in-law have used Keto OS and both have had impressive results.

My wife recently lost 11 lbs drinking the Bio Max and she feels amazing.

I was pretty blown away with her quick results!

She continues to drink it because she also loves the energy, the mental focus and the anti-inflammatory benefits.

It also suppresses the appetite so it makes it easier to eat healthy as well as curbs carb cravings.

Keto OS comes in a “Charged” formula with caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee) and a Caffeine free version.

If you like the option of a drink vs. a pill, Keto OS may be just what you’re looking for to take your fat burning to the next level.

Be sure and check out our full review complete with before and after pictures with our personal trials.

Read our Full Review of Keto OS Here

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I was looking at instant knockout and it over all seems to have been received pretty well. I see that the number one side effect seems to be due to caffeine (I drink coffee a lot so that shouldn't be a problem) But is there any other known side effects? Also is there HGH found within this product? -

You're right, Instant Knockout is a great fat burner, and it does have quite a bit of caffeine. I haven't heard of any other side effects besides those related to caffeine, so you should be fine there.  There's no HGH in Instant Knockout. To my knowledge, no supplement contains HGH. Some claim to stimulate the body to release increased HGH, but Instant Knockout is not one of those.- Rob

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4 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

52 yr old female. Have always been in shape until the dreaded Menopause Monster hit. Now I *Have no motivation or energy to workout *gained 30 lbs mostly around my belly *lost a lot of muscle with weakness. I would like to lose belly/body fat,lose weight, regain motivation and regain muscle I have lost. I have the want and desire to workout but, cant seem to find the energy. Any suggestions? -

First off, sign up for my weight loss ebook for food and workout help.  When it comes to supplements, check out Instant Knockout. It's a great fat burner with appetite suppression. It's also got a lot of caffeine for energy to help you get motivated to work out.- Rob

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Can you take the keto os and the phen 375 together? 2. Will either effect hypothyroidism? I have 40 lbs of fat to loose. -

I wouldn't recommend taking them both together. They both contain stimulants, so together, you might be overstimulated. One possibility is to one for a while - as long as it's working, then switch to the other to change things up once you hit a plateau.- Rob

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What fat burner would you recommend based on your knowledge of how they work if I'm needing to lose 30 lbs but currently have a fracture in my lower left leg and am unable to do cardio? I'm thinking between the top 2 you rated one works better with excercise. I'm looking for one that will help me burn fat while I'm unable to do my normal exercise routine. Thanks for your help! -

I would still recommend Instant Knockout for you, but even with a good supplement, it's tough to lose fat without any exercise at all.- Rob

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what about dura last 30 for sex power? -

Duralast is a prescription medication to help prevent premature ejaculation. If you think you'd be a candidate, ask for a consult with your doctor.- Rob

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