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What Fat Burning / Weight Loss Supplements Are Most Effective?

We here at strive to give you the most informative and unbiased reviews possible on a wide range of topics.

Recently, we have started testing a number of different fat burning and weight loss supplements for their effectiveness, and decided to start rating them.

Below you will find our top 3 choices for fat burning supplements.

We have personally tested these for their results, and unlike many of our competitors, we provide proof that we actually buy these products and test them.

We also make recommendations on the size of the order you should get, as well as what other reviewers are saying about these products.

These products were chosen on the basis of reliability, effectiveness, results, lack of side effects, and price point.

Hopefully, this breakdown of choices will help you in understanding which fat burners are worth their salt and how best to take them.

Our #1 Choice For Fat Burning – Instant Knockout

instant knockout reviewClick Here To Visit The Official Instant Knockout site

Click Here To Read Our Official Review

Instant Knockout is actually a relatively new fat burner to come to the market, and we actually had a chance to test it out before it was released to the public. If you haven’t heard of this supplement already, you probably will soon. It’s been highly praised on numerous other blogs / reviews, and I can see why.

During my official testing, I actually lost about 12 lbs. of fat, all while retaining (and even building) lean muscle mass.

Instant Knockout is made up of a proprietary formula which includes numerous fat burning ingredients, most notably Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee bean extract, and cayenne pepper.

The formula is further enhanced by a blend of antioxidants and nutrients, which include Vitamins B6 and B12, Zinc, Glucomannan powder, Caffeine, Black pepper extract, and GTF chromium.

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

instant knockout label

Unlike alot of other supplements in the weight loss category, it’s priced very reasonably, at about $59 per bottle. You can actually save big if you order larger quantities, which I suggest you do anyway to take advantage of their 90 day money back guarantee, as well as a free t-shirt offer.

So What’s So Great About Instant Knockout?

Well, over the summer I had gained about 7 or 8 lbs., and was looking for something to not only help boost my energy levels, but also burn off that excess fat. When I first started taking it, I knew it was going to be a game changer. The energy I got from just 2 capsules was through the roof, and as a result, my workouts were much more explosive and intense.

I started to see results in literally the first week, knocking off about 2 or 3 lbs without sacrificing muscle. Not only that, but I wasn’t ridiculously tired after my workouts, and it seemed to provide lasting energy throughout the day.

I also felt like it acted a bit like a nootropic supplement as well, giving me mental as well as physical energy. I was getting tasks done at a record pace, and can never remember feeling this good before.

As far as fat burning supplements go, this one is certainly well rounded and that is one of the reasons that it made this list.

Click Here To Learn More About Instant Knockout in my personal review.

Our #2 Choice For Fat Burners – LeanBean Female Fat Burner

leanbean fat burner reviewClick Here To Visit The Official LeanBean Website

Click Here To Read My Full Review

For a long time, I completed neglected the fact that I have a substantial portion of women that visit this site.

Most (if not ALL) of the fat burners that I’ve personally tested are geared mainly towards guys, but then it hit me…

There HAS to be something that’s specifically helpful for women and their weigh loss challenges.

So I started doing some research and finally stumbled upon Lean Bean female fat burner.

Lean Bean isn’t your typical fat burner.

Instead of just loading up a bunch of stimulants and slapping a fancy label on the front of the package, Lean Bean works both as a fat burner AND a potent appetite suppressant.

This is key, as diet is 80% or more responsible for your hitting your weight loss goals.

Their caffeine-free formula is vegan friendly, and consists of health all natural ingredients that include: Chromium, Green Coffe bean extract, Acai berry, Greeen tea extract, Turmeric powder, Glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, Cayenne Pepper, Black pepper, and Rasberry Ketones.

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

leanbean fat burner ingredients label

We received a 3 months supply from the makers of this supplement, and went to work testing it out almost immediately.

The effects were ENORMOUS, to say the least.

Click Here to read our full review to learn more.

Our #3 Choice for Fat Burning – Pruvit Keto OS

Keto OS reviewsClick Here To Visit The Official Keto OS website

Click Here to Read My Full Review

Coming in at #3, but by no means inferior, is Pruvit’s Keto-OS, which biohacks your body into ketosis within 30 minutes to become a fat burning machine for up to 24 hours.

If you’re not familiar with ketosis or the ketogenic diet, it’s when your body switches from burning carbs (glucose) to FAT!

Getting into nutritional ketosis is very difficult and often takes weeks to get there by following a strict diet with extremely low carbs.The beauty of Keto-OS is that by flooding the body with exogeneous ketones, you can quickly get into ketosis without changing your diet and start to shed body fat quickly and lean out.

Keto OS and Keto Max comes in a variety of flavors.

The fan favorites are the Keto Max Raspberry Lemonade, Heart Tart, Orange Dream and Swiss Cacao.

Keto OSis a powder you mix with water and drink up to twice daily for maximum benefits, and it actually tastes great! The Keto Max Maui Punch tastes like Hawaiian punch!

Over the past year both my wife and sister-in-law have used Keto OS and both have had impressive results. My wife lost 20 lbs on Keto Max over two years ago, feels amazing and has kept it off!

I was pretty blown away with her quick results!keto weight loss

She continues to drink it because she also loves the energy, the mental focus and the anti-inflammatory benefits.

It also suppresses the appetite so it makes it easier to eat healthy as well as curbs carb cravings.

Keto OS comes in a “Charged” formula with caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee) and a Caffeine free version.

If you like the option of a drink vs. a pill, Keto OS may be just what you’re looking for to take your fat burning to the next level.

Be sure and check out our full review complete with before and after pictures with our personal trials.

Read our Full Review of Keto OS Here

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User Questions and Answers

I was looking at instant knockout and it over all seems to have been received pretty well. I see that the number one side effect seems to be due to caffeine (I drink coffee a lot so that shouldn't be a problem) But is there any other known side effects? Also is there HGH found within this product? -Joe

You're right, Instant Knockout is a great fat burner, and it does have quite a bit of caffeine. I haven't heard of any other side effects besides those related to caffeine, so you should be fine there.  There's no HGH in Instant Knockout. To my knowledge, no supplement contains HGH. Some claim to stimulate the body to release increased HGH, but Instant Knockout is not one of those.- Rob

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16 out of 17 people found this question helpful.

What fat burner would you recommend based on your knowledge of how they work if I'm needing to lose 30 lbs but currently have a fracture in my lower left leg and am unable to do cardio? I'm thinking between the top 2 you rated one works better with excercise. I'm looking for one that will help me burn fat while I'm unable to do my normal exercise routine. Thanks for your help! -Marie

I would still recommend Instant Knockout for you, but even with a good supplement, it's tough to lose fat without any exercise at all.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
14 out of 15 people found this question helpful.

52 yr old female. Have always been in shape until the dreaded Menopause Monster hit. Now I *Have no motivation or energy to workout *gained 30 lbs mostly around my belly *lost a lot of muscle with weakness. I would like to lose belly/body fat,lose weight, regain motivation and regain muscle I have lost. I have the want and desire to workout but, cant seem to find the energy. Any suggestions? -valerie

First off, sign up for my weight loss ebook for food and workout help.  When it comes to supplements, check out Instant Knockout. It's a great fat burner with appetite suppression. It's also got a lot of caffeine for energy to help you get motivated to work out.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
11 out of 11 people found this question helpful.

Can you take the keto os and the phen 375 together? 2. Will either effect hypothyroidism? I have 40 lbs of fat to loose. -Lynne

I wouldn't recommend taking them both together. They both contain stimulants, so together, you might be overstimulated. One possibility is to one for a while - as long as it's working, then switch to the other to change things up once you hit a plateau.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
7 out of 7 people found this question helpful.

what about dura last 30 for sex power? -joy

Duralast is a prescription medication to help prevent premature ejaculation. If you think you'd be a candidate, ask for a consult with your doctor.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
4 out of 4 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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    1. Hey Kay,
      50 lbs. in 30 days is gonna be tough, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. With that said, you should be able to get close to your goal since you have that much to lose. I would recommend you check out a supplement called Phen375. IT works great as an all natural fat burner AND appetite suppressant, which will help you shed those lbs. quickly.

      Here’s my review:
  1. Can you use instant knockout and Nitro cut at the same time? Have you reviewed any meal replacement shakes?

  2. Hi Rob,
    First of all, I love this site. I cannot tell what sites and endorsements are legitimate vs. which are just an advertisement these days. (loved your review on Biox4).

    I just turned 47 and have always been in great shape and able to maintain a healthy weight through eating well and exercise. I exercise about 5 days per week (strength, cardio, HIIT).

    I recently feel thick in my stomach area and I cannot shake off the 5-6 extra pounds. Historically, I could tone up and lose weight easily; however, I am finding it is not the case despite my discipline in eating and working out.

    What would you advise I try to lose that weight and tone my stomach? Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Tina,
      Sorry for the late reply, your comment slipped through the cracks! First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook, as well as some bonuses. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you break through any plateaus, which it sounds like is what’s going on here.

      Supplements wise, you may want to check out Instant Knockout. The nice thing about Instant Knockout is that it doubles as both a pre workout supplement AND a fat burner. I normally take 2 capsules about 30 minutes prior to my workout, and it gets me going REAL quick.

      Here’s my review in case you haven’t seen it:
    2. Hey Tina,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  3. Hi Rob- Looking for energy and focus which is why I would like to try OptiMind per your review. I also need to lose about 15lbs but don’t have the energy and motivation to workout.

    Could I combine OptiMind and one of your top 3 fat burners, like instant knockout? Would the combination, in your opinion, get me back in the gym and is it safe to take both?

    1. Hey Greg,
      By all accounts, LA-3 looks like a really good supplement. I haven’t personally tested it yet, but I’ve done a review of it.

      Personally speaking, I would follow the tips outlined in the free Weight Loss ebook I sent you, and combine it with a fat burner called Instant Knockout.

      Instant Knockout is by FAR the best weight loss supplement I’ve ever tested, and I’ve personally tested DOZENS of these supplements.

      Check out my review here:
    1. Hey Donnie,

      They can really help, but there’s still a lot of confusion about which types help in which situations, and how much you really need to take. Talking with your healthcare provider about these issues would help clear it up for you. Also, you can get some good information from sources like this article from WebMD:
  4. Is there any fat burning or weight loss supplement that is safe for someone with high blood pressure? (taking calcium blocker felodipine).
    I am also fatigued all the time but I can’t find anything I can take with High blood pressure.
  5. I am an ex division one athlete that spent a lot of time trying to gain weight. Now, I am medically uncleared to play anymore, so I am trying to lose some of the weight I put on.

    I’m about 14% body fat but would feel better maybe 10-12 pounds lighter. Do you suggest instant knockout?

    Or possibly another fat burner? I workout almost every single day, but I do eat a fairly unhealthy diet.

    1. Hey Cade,
      Yeah Instant Knockout ( would definitely be a great choice. The nice thing about Instant Knockout is it doubles as a very effective pre workout supplement, almost as good as the old pre workouts that had ephedrine in them.

      Also, I probably don’t have to tell you this, but diet is key man. You need to start eating the right things, at the right times of the day, and limit the junk food.

      I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you get the best results. Use it in conjunction with the Instant Knockout to get the best results.
  6. Rob,
    I appreciate all the testing and and honest reviews, in general, and have bookmarked your site for present day and future products. It is wise to research prior to purchase to avoid scams.

    Visiting your Page makes that Possible.
    Thank you,
  7. Hello.
    I realy like your site.

    My question.

    I am working nightshift (23:00-06:00) and I train when I get back home.
    Alter my training, I go to bed.

    I am looking for a good fatburner that wont affect my sleep. The only training supplement I take right now are Testovox, Omega 3, creatine and multivitamins.

    Do you have a suggestion?

    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Let me know what your goals are and I’ll recommend a great supplement or stack for you.
  8. hiim 24 im a female and i have taken everything from fat burners to metabolism pills to garnicia pills.ive tried many things to loose weight
    ive had 2 kids and i was fine but its been about 6 months that i drastically gained weight im 182pounds 🙁 MY WEIGHT WAS 132POUNDS and i do workout but the most i loose is about 4pounds.i get crazy hungry especially at night .is there anything you can recommend me to gi ev me results it feels like nothing works and my trainer gave me some fat burners called WOODLEAN METCON NUTRITION and honestly im scared to take now 🙁 SINCE NOTHING HAS WORKED
    1. Hey There,
      First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” ebook, along with some bonuses, to your email. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you with your weight loss goals.

      Supplements wise, check out a fat burner called Phen375, and stack it with a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut. The 2 pair very nicely, and will help you shed off all that fat. Check out my reviews below:

      Phen375 –

      Nitrocut –
    1. Hey Vickie,
      Glad I could help, and good question. Unfortunately, I don’t really know how much caffeine is in Phen 375, as they don’t disclose the amount.

      From personal experience, I don’t think it’s a ton. If I had to guess, I would say it has about 100 mg of caffeine per serving. Compared to Instant Knockout (which has 300 mg of caffeine), there’s a pretty big difference.
  9. I stopped going to gym and doing workout because of busy routine. And I have gained 10kg (I know that is alot of weight).

    But currently in free time, I’m doing some 20-30minute running (4 days a week) with some cardio workout. I’m eating clean food and plenty of water (including homemade detox drink and tinytea from Yourtea)
    I take one capsule of Instant Knockout in morning and another one in the evening and 3 capsule of CrazyBulk of Clenbutrol)
    Is it enough for weight and fat loss?

  10. I’m a 39 year old male. Can I combine Phen 375 with either testofuel or prime male safely?

    1. Hey Brian,

      I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but it looks like I can fit it in soon. Check back in a week or so, and I’ll have a review posted.

  11. Hi Rob
    I love your website. I’m 58 years old, 6’0″ and weigh 238 lbs. I’ve always had lots of ladies as I’ve mostly been single, but I feel I’m slowing down a little.

    I always take 1/2 a 20 mg cialis to stay hard. I want to lose 40 lbs and get back more sperm/ejaculate when I have sex.

    I’m lazy, I’ve never worked out and don’t want too, I don’t mind walking/hiking or swimming. What supplements do you recommend for me to lose weight and increase my sex drive ?

    1. Hey Bill,

      If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, you’ll have to diet and exercise. You can sign up for my free weight loss ebook for tips and advice along those lines. As for supplements, a solid natural testosterone booster like Prime Male will help with weight loss and sex drive. Stack it with a fat burner called Instant Knockout for additional weight loss help. You may find you want something more for the sex drive and erection help. If so, go with VigRx Plus.

  12. Hello Rob,

    I’m on my Testofuel program hope the increased t-levels will help me burn my belly fat, but I came across this product called Leptin Shred. I checked your site, and it looks like you did not review it.

    Do you think you will be testing it, or should I just go with your recommendation of “Instant Knockout”?

    Thank you,
    1. Hey Oscar,

      I hadn’t planned on it previously, but I’ll put Leptin Shred on the list. Watch out for it in the next few weeks.

      I’ll send you an email when it goes up.

  13. Hello Rob, I am 70 years oldbut I have a lot of fat in my stomach region which I have been wanting to lose. I have just taken advantage of an exclusive offer of T-90 XPLODE and RIPPED RX NO2 BLAST These are 30 days supplies.

    Can you please advise how many months supply I still need to purchase to increase the speed of metabolism, tone muscle appearance, suppress the appetite, boost testosterone, boost energy and burn body fat. Also, I do not want to go back to that old self.

    1. Hey Harrison,

      I wouldn’t recommend you go with those products at all as the free trial isn’t really free (read my full review here to find out more about that) and the supplements all basically all marketing hype.

      Instead, go with a stack of Instant Knockout and Testofuel. Instant Knockout is a fat burner, while Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster. You can check out my full review of each here:

      How long you’ll need to take them really depends on how much weight you have to lose, your diet, and your workout routine. Make sure you check with your doctor before starting any supplements.

  14. Hi Rob,
    I found your site by almost buying something that would have been a mistake (scam on facebook for Fat Burn X). I am a 55 year old male that has never really had to work out, I was always just busy activity wise and always had a decent shape, I was never really interested in being “ripped”.

    That all changed about 2 years ago with a doctor saying I have nueropathy but at this point only in one foot which really has limited my activity as the more I do, even walking/biking makes this foot really hurt. The doctors prescribed for me a product called gabapentin which is supposed to help with the pain and it does somewhat but it does not get rid of it and as time goes by the pain has gotten worse.

    Basically I’m just keeping the pain under control. One of the side effects is weight gain and for me its all been in the gut and I hate the way I look.

    In your knowledge is there a product that can help me with this weight gain without having to do real workouts, just average activities like walking. Or are all these products mainly designed for those with active workout routines?

    Thank you Mark
    1. Hey Mark,

      Fat burners can help burn fat regardless of working out. Of course, it’s all about calories in vs calories out, so if you eat less, be as active as you can, and take a fat burner, you should do well. I like Instant Knockout, and you might want to stack it with a natural testosterone booster called Testofuel. Boosting testosterone can help with the belly fat.

  15. I am 48 and am 6′ tall and way 230lbs. I have lost about 60lbs over the last three years. I am about to become a line haul driver and want to lose about 45 more lbs. Is the kettle bell full body work out a good choice for a work out because I will not really be able to visit a gym?

    I have also been eating every couple hours 1- eggs (quantity 2), 2 – cheese and summer sausage, 3- apple, 4- Adkins bar, 5- banana, for dinner I will have salad with fruit eggs and meat or meat and vegetables. I have been doing this for the last 3 years except I have not exercised for a few years.

    So if you can let me know if the exercise and diet are ok or if I should do something else I would greatly appreciate it.
    1. Hey Don,

      It sounds like you’ve done well on your diet so far. Adding the kettlebell workout will help you do even better.

      In the end, the best routine is the one that fits into your lifestyle so you stick with it.

  16. Hey Rob,

    Before i get shoot my question, thanks a ton for reviews about supplements.

    I am 175lbs with 16-18% of body fat, want to get within 8%. I tried Celloulor HD , then Hydroxycut black now using Freak Mode Hybrid fat burner not getting proper result.

    I mostly follow low carbs diet. Not sure whats wrong that i am not reducing fat.

    Please suggest and guide.

    1. Hey Buddy,
      Yeah I’ve been there before. Back when I was in high school I was hovering around the 15% BF mark. First off, sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercise to get you going in the right direction.

      Second, check out a stack called the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. It’s great for dropping of body fat quick, as well as increasing lean muscle. Here’s my review:

    1. Hey John,

      Sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for meal and workout plans to help you reach your goals. Be aware though that trying to gain muscle weight and lose fat at the same time is very difficult. It’s often better to do one first, then the other. Either order is fine, though it’s more common to bulk up first then shred down. For supplements: use the Crazy Mass stacks – the Bulking Stack and the Cutting Stack.

  17. Hi Rob, I’m a 42yo male that’s looking to shed pounds off my stomach and core. I work as a farrier (shoe horses), so I am fit everywhere except my core / midsection.

    Just the way my body stands all day. I just ordered PrimeMale and was wondering if that would be enough to help with my core, or if I should add Instant Knockout or another fat burner with it?

    I’ve recently started by Ab-Carver Pro workout and jog 3-6 miles a week. Thanks for any recommendations.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Belly fat is indeed the last fat to go for most people. Unfortunately, you can’t aim your fat loss at certain body parts. You have to put a fat loss plan into action and take the loss where it comes, meanwhile strengthening and toning up your core. To lose fat, increase your cardio, eat a meal plan that gives you a daily calorie deficit (use our calorie calculator tool for that), and yes, take Instant Knockout in addition to your Prime Male.

  18. I see that your top three fatburners article was written almost 4 years ago now. Is this article still accurate in that you still think these are your top 2 favorites still?

    If so im currently on week 3 of P90X and would love to take a fatburner/supplement stack to accompany it what would you recommend?
    1. Hey Joshuah,

      Good catch! Actually it’s been updated several times since its original publication. Go with Instant Knockout as long as you have no problem with caffeine.

    1. Hey John,

      We have reviewed Metabo379, but not Phentaslim. If you give us a few weeks, I’ll look into it and let you know when the review gets posted.

  19. Hi,

    I’m 24, 215lbs, and take martial arts twice a week. In addition, I also do 3-4 cardio heavy workouts per week.

    Because I work 8-5 and have a family, I normally work out after everyone else goes to bed. I’m really interested in IK, but want to make sure it is right for me.

    I don’t have a weight goal (at the moment), I just want to lose fat and get lean. I’m not too worried about increasing muscle mass yet.

    I am just trying to get fit, lean, agile, and quick. Should I just buckle down and go with IK?

    If so, are there any other supplements I can take with it to get results even faster?
    1. Hey Matt,

      Sounds like Instant Knockout is a good fit, since its focus is fat burning/weight loss. I wouldn’t use it at night though because of all the caffeine. Take it with breakfast and lunch so the caffeine has plenty of time to get out of your system. For a preworkout, go with Nitrocut. It provides great energy, but it’s nitric oxide focused and has no stimulants to keep you from sleeping at night.

  20. Hi,

    I’m 36 type 2 diabetic, 240lbs lift 5 times a week and cardio 5 times a week. cant seem to lose this last 30 lbs to hit my goal weight 210lbs not to worried about losing the weight if i’m gaining muscle just trying to tighten things up. would you recomend any of these fat burners, or is there something safer to take?

    Thanks Jim
    1. Hey Jim,

      Yeah, go with Instant Knockout as long as your good with caffeine. Also, it sounds like you might have hit a plateau, so you’ll want to change things up a bit. For that, sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s got meal and workout plans to get you over the hump.

  21. Aloha Rob,

    I am a female 28 and weigh 230. I am looking to loose fat.

    I am starting to work out and I am also on Weight Watchers (Which has helped because I eat what I like but I stay within my point value). Would you recommend InstantKnockout?

    My body does get jiddery if a supplement has to much caffeine. Will IK help give me the energy and results I am looking for?

    Or what would you recommend?
    1. Hey Jazmin,

      There’s quite a bit of caffeine in Instant Knockout, so it may not be the best choice for you. You may be better off looking at Metabo379 from BioTrust. It doesn’t contain stimulants, and clinical tests show that it works pretty well.

  22. Hey Rob,

    I’m having a hard time deciding between Instaknockout and Phen375. I’m 35, 5’8″, weigh aroudn 260. I want to lose body fat.

    I’ve been working out twice a day the last 2 weeks or so. One session of Cardio then later a session of weight lifting.

    I’ve also been eating healthier and have seen some good results. Which do you recommend to burn the most fat?

    1. Hey Ed,

      I would go with Instant Knockout. I’ve had better results with it than Phen375, and there’s less chance of side effects. It sounds like you’re doing well with your diet and workout, but sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for some alternative plans when it comes time to switch things up a bit (which you’ll want to do when you hit a plateau).

  23. Hey Rob,
    Was taking Phen 375 (which worked fine), but decided to give your Number 1 a try and I feel like the weight is coming off quicker! I also want to get Cut and Lean even quicker, so i ordered CrazyMass Cutting Stack.

    So, since CrazyMass CS is not in your top 3 could I keep taking Instant Knockout with the CrazyMass?
    1. Hey Jack,

      I wouldn’t recommend taking them together. The Cutting Stack has a fat burner included in the mix, and you don’t want to add the stimulant-heavy Instant Knockout to that. Keep using IK on it’s own, then when you’re ready, switch to the Cutting Stack.

  24. Hi Rob,
    Is Instant Knockout and Nitrocut recommended for women? Do they cause any “manly” effects?

    I’m a 29 yr old female, and weigh 141 lbs, seeking for weigh loss and muscle definition. Thank you!!

    1. Hey Wen,

      Instant Knockout and Nitrocut make a great stack for women. One’s a stimulant based fat burner. The other is a non-stimulant pre workout. Neither has any effect on hormones so there’s nothing for you to worry about.

  25. Hi Rob,
    I stumbled upon your site looking for supplements that could help burn belly fat. I’m a 32 yr old female, 5’8″, and weigh around 180 lbs. I’ve really kicked exercising into high gear and start eating better within the past six months and have seen results.

    However, most of the fat is in my stomach region and I have seen little to no changes there. Lately, I’m really lagging in energy as well.

    I’m hesitant to try Instant Knockout since I’m currently drinking little to no caffeine each day. What would your recommendation be for me?

    Phen375? I’ve never taken any supplements before so this is all completely foreign to me.

    1. Hey Kate,

      A couple of things. Unfortunately, you can’t really target belly fat. (Products that tell you they can are lying). So you just have to keep at it, working out hard and eating right, and the fat will come off. But it is true that belly fat is often the last to go. As for supplements, you’re right that it’s time to shake things up a bit. Phen375 looks like a good choice for you. There is some caffeine, so you’ll get the energy and focus, but not as much as Instant Knockout so you shouldn’t need to worry about too much. I would also recommend you sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook. It might help to change up your diet and workout routine a bit.

  26. Can i purchase the CrazyMass cutting stack at GNC? Or what supplements do they have that do the same as Crazymass?

    I want to get rid of my belly fat also. I,m 5,11 and over 300 pounds.

    There is a prouuct i want to try called Cardio cuts at GNC. DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

  27. Hey Rob,

    Im 6’5 260 and looking to get rid of this belly and tits. I whitewater kayak a bunch and trying to fit in a boat is a real problem, mostly because the boats are only rated for a max 230 lbs. I need to get down tho this weight quick and still keep the muscle to be able to paddle.

    If I gain muscle I need to still stay under 230. Basically I need to look great but stay under 230.

      1. Thanks for the quick response! Im really hesitant about spending that much money and not knowing how it will help.

        It sounds like most the people who use it are already in shape a bit and just trying to cut up. Im really trying to just burn as much of this fat off as possible, as fast as possible.

        I was looking at the Phen 375 and it seems like it does that better. Am I wrong?

        I will spend whatever it takes to make this work. I just ant to be sure that this is the right product for me.

        I trust your knowledge over any others and will go with whatever you say is best for my needs. Thanks again for all your help!! I can’t wait to share my results..

        1. Hey Nathan,

          Phen375 will definitely help burn fat, but the most important things are diet and workout, so make sure you track your calories in and your workouts. That’s where the ebook comes in. Let me know what you decide and how it works out.


  28. Hay Rob can I take instant Knockout and phen 375 together , I want to loose weight and build muscle as quick as possible, but as safe as possible also. I am 38 yo, 222 lbs and my goal is to reach 185 in about two months, I want to see my abs, I got a big old pot belly ( 42 inch ) this is where all my fat is at.

    I am now doing insanity and mike chang’s six pack short cut together.
    1. Hey Diego,

      You don’t want to take those two together. It’s too much stimulant, which makes it unsafe. Take Instant Knockout as your fat burner, and use Nitrocut as your pre workout. (It doesn’t contain any stimulants). You might also want to add a natural testosterone booster like Testofuel.

  29. I was curious if it would be worthwhile/safe to stack any 2 of your top 3 fat burners, or if it would be better just to take 1 of them.
    1. Hey Tyler,

      I wouldn’t recommend it. They all contain stimulants (mainly caffeine) and you don’t want to overdo it. Go with Instant Knockout on its own, or stack it with a testosterone booster like Testofuel if you want quicker results.

  30. Hey Rob, love the site! Here is my situation.

    I’m 42 years old, 5′-9″, 245lbs. I have muscle but carry a lot of fat in the belly area. ( kind of looks like I’m having a baby) Most of the time I work 6 days a week, 12-14 hours a day. I have time to exercise but not much.

    What is the best supplement I can use to get rid of my belly fat?
    1. Hey Ernie,
      Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as finding the right supplement. Since diet and exercise are the most important factors, sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for all kinds of plans and advice for eating right and working out (when you get the chance). As for supplements, check out the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack. Follow the guidelines in the book, and take the stack, and you’ll definitely get the results you’re looking for.

  31. Hey Rob,

    I am 22 yrs old, 5’6”, and weigh 170lbs. I am looking to loose about 15 pounds and most of the fat around my belly. About 3 years ago i weighed 145lbs and was in really good shape but not anymore.

    I am trying to get back to how I was. What do you recommend I should take?

  32. Rob,

    I’m a 44yr old male looking to lose about 20-30-lbs. I have decent muscle mass, but would prefer to lose weight and get cut while retaining current mass, maybe add more muscle later. I work 12 hours a day doing shift work driving a towboat, 6 hours on, 6 off, 6 hours on, 6 off, for a month straight and then 2 weeks vacation.

    I do find the time to work out, but I need to sleep when I’m off shift due to massive responsibility and accountability of the cargo I move. Which is the best fat burner that will have the minimal effect on the ability to sleep?


    1. Hey Dave,

      It’s pretty tough to find a fat burner without stimulants. You should go with a combination of Nitrocut as your non-stimulant pre workout and Testofuel to boost testosterone. The stack will help you get in great shape without using stimulants that mess with your sleep. You should also check out my free “getting ripped” ebook for meal and workout plans to help you out.

  33. Hi Rob,

    I’m 40, 6ft and 295 lbs. I have worked out off and on for the past two years but want to take it very seriously now as my weight is starting to affect my health.
    I have read about the CM cutting stack and would like to know if i can combine it with the Instant Knockout to help me lose about 40lbs.
    Appreciate your response.

    1. Hey Albert,

      I would steer you toward the CrazyMass Cutting Stack for sure. But you won’t want to combine it with Instant Knockout. The stack has a fat burner (Clentrimix) and you don’t want to combine different sources of stimulants. I also recommend you sign up for my free weight loss ebook for workout and meal plans and advice. Take the stack and work the program, and you’ll reach your goal.

  34. Hello,
    I was wondering your opinion… I’m 6’4 about 260lbs. Trying to cut some weight. I have a gym membermembership but when I geo I feel completely lost about what to do.

    Also was looking to get A stack to help with weight loss. I’m currently working 7 days a week and have 4 children and want to be more active for them.

    Downloaded your e book and am just now starting to look through it. Anything helps thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Harley,

      Great to hear you’re making healthy changes! The ebook has what you need to do in term of eating and working out all laid out for you. Follow those plans, and you’ll be on your way. As far as a supplement stack, go with Nitrocut as your pre workout and Instant Knockout as your fat burner.

  35. Rob- looking for a fat burner to combo with test boost. Trying to loose 15-20 lbs, but want to keep muscle and try and get a little shred going.
    42 now so its been tough to get results with no supplements…what do you recommend?

  36. Rob,
    On the Knockout review you state above you took two pills at once…Directions state take 4 pills a day, why would you pop two at once? I am on Knockout now and there is no way I could take two pills at once…One every three hrs is what I am doing now and that is more than enough.

    Also just FYI…How come you never show your face in any of your video reviews? Is your picture different from how you really look.

    I am taking the Knockout and Nitrocut…Three days now..To early to give solid feedback…But seriously what dosage was you taking…and did you really take 2 doses at once? Russell

    1. Hey Russell,
      Yeah everyone is going to be a bit different. I have a very high tolerance to caffeine, and found that one pill at a time was not cutting it, especially when I was kicking my own ass with a 30 min. HIIT session with a 20 lb. weight vest on :). I don’t show my face in my vid reviews for 2 reasons….1.) the focus of the review is on the product, not me….and 2.) In alot of my reviews I’m talking about penis pumps, penis extenders, and other penis related gadgets, don’t need mom seeing my face attached to those :). You can see pictures of me here.

  37. Can I take both, Phen375 and Proactol Plus? Using the phen375 to burn fat and the proactol plus to health with the bloating and digestion issues?

    Im 5’1, 138lbs and wanting to be at 120-125lbs the considered “healthy” weight for my height. All weight (fat- literally) is in my stomach so im looking for the best one(s) to help with that.

    Thank You,
    1. Hey Rose,

      You sure can. Take the Phen375 for fat burning and energy boost, and take Proactol Plus to help with digestion and appetite suppression. You should also sign up for my free weight loss book for tons of great tips to help you reach your goals.

  38. Hey Rob! I just finished the Alpha part of Focus T25 and I have no energy through it.

    I am married to a US Marine and a mother of 4. I am 4’11 and weigh 149. I just had my youngest baby 5 months ago and would love to lose my mid section before my husband gets back from deployment.

    Do you think Phen375 would be my best bet for both endurance to last through T25 and safe and quick weight loss?
    1. Yes I just bought that Syntha-6 protein and Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 powder, and I already signed up for the E-books (: Thanks!
  39. I am a female 21 years old, 138 pounds. I would like to cut about ten pounds and mostly from my stomach area.

    Would Phen375 help me out?
    1. Hey Janette,

      Absolutely. Phen375 is a great fat burner.

      I would definitely recommend it.

  40. Hello Rob,

    Maybe you could give me some advice. I use to weigh 489lbs. With a lifestyle change I currently weigh 267lbs this was due mostly to walking and eating right.

    I’m looking too lose the rest of the weight have (WOuld like to get down to 198-200lbs). Would this help ?

    I’m 6’4″ by the way.


    1. Hey Stephen,
      First of all, great job losing all that weight. That’s amazing progress! I’m guessing you’re in a plateau right now. Sure, Phen375 will help jump start you through that wall. You’d also benefit from my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s full of diet and exercise tips you could use to shake things up a bit. (And feel free to share it with anyone else you know who needs it). Again, great job! Keep up the great work!

      1. Thanks Rob,

        The plateau is exactly where I’m at! I’ve upped my walking and added some cardio but still no substantial weight loss.

        I’ll give these a try and let you know in a few months how it’s going.

        Thanks Again,
  41. hi rob, so have been looking around the site and like how you offer sound suggestions for those of us in the “dark” about what to purchase/use –
    i am a 60 yr old male, slim and high energy – do some working out to stay limber and healthy –
    will be starting to focus on a work out routine here very shortly and looking to accomplish the following:
    1. lose the belly – not really bad but bad enough – don’t like to be seen anymore in a bathing suit around the pool or on the beach (really bums me out cause i love the sun)
    2. build lean muscle mass and develop some tone to my mid section and upper body (want to go out like jack la lane 🙂
    would phen375 work? or what would you suggest? single product or multiple products?
    1. Hey D,
      You could go with Phen375 for a little while – I’d say no more than 2 or 3 months. You wouldn’t need it more than that. Sounds to me like you would benefit more from a stack of Nitrocut and Testo Fuel. Nitrocut is a pre-workout supplement that makes sure your muscles are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to get the most benefit out of your workouts. Testo Fuel is a natural testosterone booster. It just makes it easier to lose fat and put on muscle. You’d get the benefits of fat burning, but it would be more through the building of lean muscle than from the supplements themselves. So go ahead with the Phen375 for a quick start to the fat loss, but also start that stack as well. You can do them all at once or you could do the fat burner first, then the stack, whichever way you prefer.

  42. Hi Rob,
    Im 37 years old, not a bodybuilder but a soccer player, twice a week I do push ups and sit ups just to maintain my self so Im not really a hard body worker.
    That said, the point is that I would like to get rid of that belly fat, just the belly u know.
    Do you recommend me to use the Phen375?
    As u can see Im not familiar with all these supplements world.

    Thank u for your posts, u save me from elevate gf.
    1. Hey Jorge,
      Phen375 is your best bet for fat burning. And it sounds like you wouldn’t need to take it for very long to get where you need to be, maybe 2 or 3 months. I’m glad we helped you out with Elevate GF. You can help us out by liking us on Facebook and telling your friends.

  43. Hello Rob,

    I was trying to find some info about “Ripped Muscle X” and I came across your blog. Le’s just say I’m glad that I found it.

    I’m 6ft1 tall; I run 2x week ; Biking; going back tot he gym as of next week(3x week) Lol.. weight around 217lbs..24hrs dude said I was fit.

    Question: I want to get down to 185 – 200 lbs range and will purchase the Nitrocut. Should I also purchase Phen375 or Nitrocut is enough

    1. Hey Erick,
      No I think Nitrocut should be enough. Good luck and keep us posted!

  44. Starting a diet- need to lose 30lbs but want to do it SAFELY.
    Really LOVE your reviews.

    I’m looking more for an appetite
    suppressant than a fat burner. I think I would like to try the
    1. Hey Jada,
      If your looking for appetite suppression I would recommend Proactol Plus over Phen375.

      1. Message: Hi,i wanted to find out if there are any effects when taking instant knockout and crazy mass or nitrocut you think its a good idea or will have a bad effect on me
        1. Hey Shane,

          Instant Knockout and Nitrocut together are a great stack for leaning out, losing weight, and building and toning muscle. CrazyMass Cutting Stack doesn’t need to be combined with any other supplements, as it’s a complete stack. It’s got a fat burner and a pre workout, as well as muscle builder and testosterone booster. So you can either take Nitrocut and Instant Knockout together, or CrazyMass Cutting Stack alone, depending on your needs and your budget.



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