Trusted Product FAQ

As you make your way around our site, you’re bound to come across an icon that looks like this.

trusted product

So, What exactly is a “Trusted Product”?

A trusted product is a supplement we have personally tested (or was tested by someone in our Supplement Testing Pilot Program) and proven to work.

At, we thoroughly vet and test every product before making a recommendation.

Simply put, if the product does NOT work, we do NOT recommend it.

It should be noted that we do NOT mark products as “Untrustworthy”, simply because we have not written about them or tested them.

How does a product gain “Trusted Product” status?

In short, it’s broken down like this:

  • We do a preliminary analysis of the products reputation.
  • We conduct a preliminary review.
  • We test the product for potency and effectiveness.
  • It’s proven to work through our internal testing.

What is A Product Reputation Analysis?

It all starts with our comprehensive and formal preliminary analysis of the products reputation itself.

You see, we are constantly contacted by various supplement manufacturers to test out there supplements.

We also get a TON of supplement review requests from our visitors via our email form, comments form, and social media channels. content/uploads/2018/08/xtreme stud

When we start getting enough interest in a product, we’ll do some preliminary research on the products reputation to find out if it’s worth looking in to deeper.

If it has a negative reputation, we will still likely do a preliminary review.

xtreme stud power rating

In some cases, we’ll actually test the product out.

In other cases, if the product seems like it could be risky to take, we won’t test it.

After all, if they seem like a shady company, would you want to take “their” supplements?

Once we see that there are enough people searching for the product, we’ll put it on our list for a preliminary review.

What’s a preliminary review?

A preliminary review is just that. It’s a review of the overall product itself, done in preparation for our official testing.

This includes things like:

  • A thorough review of the ingredients, reviews, and side effects
  • An analysis of pricing
  • A review of the products overall reputation
  • An analysis of how the product compares to other competing products.

Once we’ve finished out preliminary review, we publish it so that it’s made viewable to our site visitors.

Note:We do NOT arbitrarily rank products as “bad” or give them a low star rating just because other sites have. If we deem that the product really does work based on our analysis, we tell it like it is.

Testing The Product For Potency and Effectiveness

If the product has an overall good (or sometimes bad) rating, we then determine if it’s worthy of testing using a 5-point criteria:

  1. The product is not being “spiked” with any illegal ingredients. (You’d be surprised how often this happens, read this)
  2. The product is priced fairly. We don’t review overpriced products.
  3. The amount of requests we get from site visitors to test the product.
  4. The product is NOT a free trial. We don’t believe in most free trials, and neither should you. (more on that here)
  5. Product is made in the USA, Canada, or the UK. (i.e. not some 3rd world country)

Our Promise To You

  • We’re not paid for our reviews.We do NOT accept free supplements or ANY kind of compensation from any of our “Trusted Products” featured on this site in exchange for a favorable review. As we mentioned earlier, if the product doesn’t work, we simply will NOT recommend it.
  • Nobody gets special treatment.If a company has a trusted product listed on and sends us a new product to test out, they don’t get a pass. They go through the same evaluation as any other product we test.
  • We do NOT mark products as “Trusted” without testing them first.Just because a product is highly rated on Amazon or, doesn’t mean they get automatically placed as a “Trusted Product”. They go through the same criteria and evaluation as everyone else.
  • We are NOT Affiliated with all of these products.

Just because a product is marked “Trusted” doesn’t mean that we’re affiliated with them.

We routinely select supplements as “Trusted” with no financial connection or ties to them whatsoever.

We just ONLY partner with the BEST.

If you have any specific questions on our trusted products, you can always reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Thanks again for visiting!