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As you go about your weight loss goals, if you’re going to consider using a supplement of any sort, you need to be very careful to check on its safety. Using an unsafe supplement can not only lead to significant side effects but in some cases it can be downright dangerous as well. Let’s go over some of the main pills that you need to be aware of so that you can be sure to avoid them at all costs.

1.) Craze Performance Fuel

Craze ReviewCraze is made by a company called Driven Sports, and was actually a highly rated pre-workout supplement. However, after some recent testing by researchers in a lab in sweden, it was found that Craze Performance Fuel contains an “amphetamine like compound” in samples of their product. This would explain all of the reviews we were getting from guys saying how “amped up” it was making them feel.

While the manufacturer of Craze has adamantly denied this, the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Pre workout supplements that have been found to have compounds like this is actually nothing new. There are tons of other supplements that have also been doing this, in an obvious effort to make them work better.

Amphetamines (or amphetamine like stimulants) can cause a wide variety of side effects, which is one of the reasons why you need a prescription to obtain the. As of this review, Craze was recently pulled off the shelves of most major retailers, but there are some still selling it out there so be careful!

As an alternative, check out an effective, non-stimulant based pre workout supplement called Nitrocut.

2.) OxyElite Pro

oxyelite pro real review As you can probably tell from the photo, I actually got a chance to try out Oxyelite Pro myself, with some pretty decent results. This weight loss supplement actually was sold in a number of popular retailers including Walmart, GNC, and others. However, after several reported cases of liver problems and even reports of it being linked to Acute Hepatitis, the makers agreed with the FDA to issue a mandatory recall.

It has also been pulled off the shelves of most major retailers, but there are still some reports that it is being sold on Ebay and other outlets, so avoid it at all costs if you come across it.

Check out my top choice for fat burners, Instant Knockout

3.) Fen-Phen

There was a bit of a frenzy when this pill first came out. Developed by the pharmaceutical company known as Wyeth, It was being touted as a “revolutionary fat burner”, and had the data to back it up. Users reported weight loss of as much as 15 lbs. per month, with little to no changes in diet or exercise.

However, over time the adverse effects of this drug started pouring in. Researchers began investigating reports of potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems, with over 40 documented cases. As a result, a highly publicized recall involving Wyeth and the distributor of Fen-Phen was initiated immediately. There was also a wave of fen-phen litigation, and Wyeth actually announced that it set aside $21.1 billion to cover the costs of lawsuits.

It’s now been completely pulled off the shelves and is no longer available for use.

4.) VPX White Heat

vpx redline white heat reviewWhile White Heat is used primarily as a pre workout supplement, there are alot of individuals that use it as a fat burner / weight loss supplement. I’ve actually tried it out myself, and can attest to it’s effectiveness. However, like many of the other weight loss products on this page, it has a range of side effects.

For one, it contains 3 different types of Yohimbe, as well as 400 mg of Caffeine. I started off with just half a scoop, and could feel the energy boost kick in within 15 minutes. However, this energy boost was quickly followed by a number of side effects, including nausea, heart palpitations, fever like symptoms, and body aches.

This is no doubt due to the Yohimbe, which I have take on several different occasions. It’s important to note that not everyone will experience side effects like this, and if you do decide to try it out I recommend you use the lowest possible dose to assess your tolerance.

5.) Clen Fat Burner

Finally, the last of the fat loss pills to avoid if you ever come across it is Clenbuterol.This pill is actually originally produced to help treat symptoms of asthma, and has been found to have high thermogenic properties. It’s because of this reason that it’s become VERY popular with bodybuilders and celebrities who are looking to lose a dramatic amount of weight in a very short time frame.

However, there is a downside to Clenbuterol…there are numerous side effects that can result from its consumption, including: muscle cramps, hypertension, increase heart rate, dry mouth, and vomiting. Even if you were to use it, it’s highly recommended that you cycle it on a 2 week on, 2 week off basis. It works, but in my opinion is not worth the side effects and should be avoided at all costs.

So all in all, stay away from all of these fat loss pills.

Make sure you always do your research before starting up any fat burner to ensure it’s something that is safe for you to use.

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User Questions and Answers

Have you looked at GNC "VolcaNO" supplement and its advertized "incredible benefits" ? You are also required to join GNC's VolcaNO VIP Membership program after the 14 day trial. Thanks -Gerald

We had one of our testers try it out and he had pretty good results. You can see our review here. I would recommend you buy it outright from the start instead of using the free trial. Lot's of guys complain of having been ripped off by the trial.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
13 out of 15 people found this question helpful.

What is the best supplement to reduce cortisol and aid in belly fat reduction?. -John

There's really no science supporting the theory that reducing cortisol helps you lose weight. You'd be better off going with a stimulant based fat burner like Instant Knockout that can help you eat less and have more energy to work out.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
8 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

How safe is Primal Force Ultra Primal Lean ? -Ashan

I haven't tried it myself or looked at it too closely, but a quick look at the ingredients list says it's probably pretty safe to use.- Rob

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5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

Have u done any research/testing or heard anything about Crevalor and Megatropin stack and its effectiveness or lack there of? Thanks! -Steve

I haven't looked at them specifically, but they're one of those free trial scams that I warn about. You can read my article about that general situation here.- Rob

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7 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

is man power x testosterone capsule totaly safe? -jeet

It should be, but there's no guarantee that you won't experience any kind of minor side effects at all.- Rob

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6 out of 8 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded SupplementCritique.com over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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    1. Hey Ken,

      I haven’t checked it out. It’s not really within the scope of supplements I usually research.

      That said, let me know what kind of benefits you’re looking for and I’ll recommend something I know to work.
    1. Hey Brandon,

      They are natural, over the counter supplements, so yes, generally they’re safe. Of course, it’s possible someone could have a negative reaction if they are allergic or intolerant of something.

    1. Hey Mickey,

      I’m not sure which supplement you’re referring to. Do you have a link to a website I can check out?

  1. I got an ad for curell tablets touting cellular rejuvenation. Tried to google it no info other than the company is not rated.

    And has two unresolved complaints. Any info

    1. Hey Edir,

      I haven’t really looked into USN products. Let me know which one or one you’re thinking about using, and I’ll take a look and let you know what I think.

  2. are: curcuactiv, curell, Viking cbd (hemp)or mitoboost( which includes niagen) good supplements or are they more scams? I am old and need something but do not know what to try. thanks very much for any help on these. ralph

    1. Hey Ralph,
      I haven’t checked out any of these, but if you let me know what kind of results you’re looking for, I’ll see if I can recommend something for you.
      1. I am over ninety four, and am in relatively good condition but have, body balance problems when walking, foot neurapathy,eye problems as blind spots and lack of peripheal vision and and a number of other minor problems.. It may seem foolish to you,but I feel I shall live until I am 120 and want to keep my body in the best form possible to reach that age.

        To help in this respect I try to walk 3 to 5 miles a day. I am looking for the best supplement available to help me achieve my goal.

        Any good advice from you will be very much appreciated
        1. My hats off to you Ralph! That’s nothing short of amazing, I hope I have that kind of motivation and dedication at 94! Unfortunately, that’s a lot of medical issues that I’m not sure there’s anything that would cure it.

          There is a substance called Kratom that I’ve been recommending to some people. I won’t get into a big technical discussion on it, but it’s basically a tea that you drink that can help mitigate pain and improve your mood.

          It sounds like this might be right up your alley, and here’s a site where you can get some good quality Kratom: http://www.KratomCrazy.com

          I would recommend you try their Maeng Da version (http://www.KratomCrazy.com/Maeng-Da), it seems like it would be a good fit considering your issues.

          It DOES have the small potential for addiction, so try to use it sparingly. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. Hi Rob,
    I am currently using a product called “4Him X” containing:
    Epimedium x 10
    Muira Puama10 x
    Tribulus x 90
    Velvet Bean 20x
    Is it safe? Is it effective as a libido booster/Ed supplement?

    1. Hey Richard,
      It’s likely safe, but there’s really no way to tell until you actually use the product yourself. I’ve never actually used it, so I can’t say with certainty that it’s an effective libido booster.

  4. Is there any supplement out there that really work. I have been taking bulking stack for over a month,not much luck.

    I just want to get some gains and stay natural.
    1. Hey Sean,

      The Bulking Stack along with the Creatine should be helping you get the results you want. You may have to fine tune your diet and workouts.

      Make sure you’re eating enough calories, limiting your cardio, lifting heavy, and getting enough rest.

    1. Hey Sean,

      I hadn’t yet, but I’ll put in on my list of supplements to get to. Check back in a few weeks and I’ll have a review posted.

  5. Rob, Lately I have ben using Bio Trust products Ie, Leptiburn; IC5; Bellytrim XP and MetaBo 379. Can you tell me anything about these products or the company in general?

    I have not seen this company or products listed on your website.
  6. Hello Rob,
    Wanted to give you an update on the Addium pill. I have taken this for three days – 1 pill per day.

    I could not take as it made me feel real jittery and very nauseated. I called the customer services number that was provided in my package.

    And they provided me with an RMA # for me to return my bottle for a full refund. I have to pay for S&H to send it back.

    They said it would be 7 – 15 business days for my card to be credited. The Rep did not give me any hassle and was very nice.

    I cannot tell you if these pills are suppose to enhance memory or not…as I cannot continue taking them.
    Thank you, Sharon
    1. Thanks Sharon.
      Too bad the pill wasn’t what you’d hoped, but at least the service was okay.

  7. Hello Rob,
    First of all Thank You for this website. Appreciate all the reviews on products that we don’t know are on the legit or are scams.

    Glad you are looking out for the people.
    I have a question regarding the pill called Addium.

    This is suppose the enhance your memory and increase your IQ. Also makes you to be more focused. Apparently the reviews are stating that this has been used by many celebs and has contributed to their millions and success.

    Can you provide any feedback on this pill and let us know if it is legit or a scam? Thank you!

    1. Hey Sharon,

      We have an Addium Review you should check out. Basically, those ads are our biggest problem with it. When I tried it, my results were decent, but nothing very special. You’d be better going with Optimind instead.

  8. i want a pill that enjoy a woman in the moment of sex..and turn my penis veery hard all the time of love..we have in brazil the blue pill ( viagra..etc.) but i want more stronger..
    1. Hey Francisco,

      Natural male enhancements like VigRx Plus are safer for some guys than Viagra, but they’re not generally stronger. Prescription medications like Viagra are the strongest pills available.

    1. Hey Chad,

      I haven’t checked it out, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll write up a review and let you know when it’s posted to the website.

  9. Any information about Procera. It contains phosphyditalserine and alledgedly promotes memory and cognitive facility.

  10. Hi Rob,
    I have been using Virectin to boost my libido. I am 73 years old and believe it has helped.

    Comments please?

    1. Hey Richard,

      That’s great to hear. I’m glad you found something that works for you.

  11. Rob,

    Do you have any input on the BioTrust product Metabo379, which is listed as a Non-stimulant Fat Metabolism Booster?
    1. Hey Bill,

      I haven’t had a look yet, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll write up a review and let you know when it’s posted to the website.

  12. Rob, thanks for the reviews and the website, this is very helpful! I wonder if you know anything about this supplement: iSatori Bio-Gro.

    Thank you!
    1. Hey Andrew,

      Sure thing. I just put up a review of iSatori Bio-Gro the other day. We didn’t use it ourselves, and it’s a tough one to figure. If you try it, you’ll have to let us know how it goes.

  13. Im away to start taking D-Bol for my first cycle, then adding testosterone amplifier. I have been reading up on D-Bol, and it does have some side effects, but if taken in small divided amounts throughout the day, it should be ok.

    Any thoughts rob?
    1. Hey Jim,

      Steroids aren’t really my area of expertise. I stick to natural otc supplements.

  14. Hi Rob,
    How does Testo Fuel compare with a combo of
    Test X 180 ignite and Aspan Test D-Aspartic Acid
    1. Hey Richard,

      If you’re focused on straight up boosting testosterone, go with Testofuel. But if you’re more interested in losing weight (with an added testosterone boost on the side), you’d be better off with the stack.

  15. Hey Rob,

    I just had to tell you what a wonderful site this is and thank you for providing your free Ebook along with the bonuses. Very informative and to the point.

    Could you advice me as to how much cardio i should be doing per week as I have had a foot injury in 2009 due to which I completely stopped working out and gained a lot of weight. I still cannot run but I can cycle and walk at a normal pace.

    The doctors have recommended me to lose weight since its putting a lot of pressure on my feet. I weigh 242 lbs and am 5’11. Should I just follow whats in the workout log that I have downloaded from your website??

    Kindly do reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    1. Thanks Omar! So glad you like the site!

      If your main goal is losing weight, you’re right that you should do more cardio. Since you need low impact because of your foot, hit the bicycle, the elliptical, or walk on the treadmill about 5 days a week.

      Try for 30-45 minutes per day.

  16. hai! i’m arya from india. i wanna build my my muscle, reduce body fat, enhance my sex power. what supplyment make me help ???
  17. I was considering a Clenbuterol cycle in a couple of weeks, thanks to your update, I won’t be doing that because, as you mentioned, the side effects aren’t worth it. I have seen many people at my fitness center using Clenbuterol and getting fantastic results but they face a lot more side effects than the usual nausea and muscle cramps.

    I’ve observed that these guys aren’t exactly conscious when they’re under effect of Clenbuterol. They’re only focussed towards their workout and probably wouldn’t care if the guy standing next to them would be on fire.
    Thanks a lot for your advice, Rob!

  18. I work in the maritime industry and I’m under TSA, USCG, DOT and corporate scrutiny whom make us do a 10 panel random drug testing all the time which is o.k except that some supplement once ingested may turn into something else after going through its chemical reaction or what it does in our bodies.
    My question is where can one find a list of supplements that will not give a false positive result.
    I have in the past tried to contact the makers of some of these supplements but the only one that answered back was Cellucor for their thermo product who stated that it would not produce a false positive.
    1. Hey Pete,
      Unfortunately I don’t know of any such list, mainly because supplements come and go very quickly in this industry. If you have a specific supplement you were looking to test you can run it by me and I’ll let you know if anything will flag a test.

  19. clenbuterol or clen is not a steroid. I repeat clen is not a steroid at all, nor is it meant for horses or any other veterinary need.
    it was originally designed produced and used for asthma and was found to be very thermogenic, hence a lot of bodybuilders are using it for fat burning properties.

    But it is in no way a steroid. I hope this can help some of you realize even though this man seems to have a credible website there’s information is severely misleading.

    Best of luck to all of you, and just for the record I am NOT one of those crazy muscle head bodybuilders, I just hate to see the wrong information in the so-called right spot. ciao
    1. Hey Adam,
      I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but this article doesn’t claim that Clen is a steroid or that it was meant for horses. Just that, as you mention in your comment, it was originally used to treat asthma and was found to be very thermogenic, so people began using it as a fat burner.

      It seems like you may have meant to attach your comment to a different website.

  20. Great source of info. I can confirm the info provided is accurate as my research resulted in the same funding.

    This is a credible web site.

    Keep up the good work
  21. I wasn’t aware of all the side affects associated with some the products I’ve used I the past. I’m definitely purchasing the products you stated in an earlier email.

    Wow heart and valve malfunctions.

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