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By: Rob Miller
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Fact Checked On: 3-24-2020


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Lean muscle in a bottle? 6 Pack Abs in 1 Month! I keep seeing this same headline popping up all over Yahoo and other news feeds, and it always leads me to the same place. The ad, which features a headline screaming “The Rock Loves Early Morning Workouts”, leads you to an article that talks about these 2 supplements that ALL of the major Celebs are using. This supposed “article” in Men’s Life and Fitness brags about a miracle stack of supplements called No2 Blast and T-90.

The meat and potatoes of the article goes into how various A-list celebs are using this stack to get insane results, shedding as much as 40 lbs of fat and gaining 20 lbs. of muscle in less then a month. It also chronicles the monthly transformation that one of their chief editors, a guy who gos by the name of Bryan Stevens, and his amazing results with these two supplements.

However, there is a much more “seedier side” to this that most of you probably aren’t aware of. Well get to that later, but let’s take a look at each of these supplements individually to get a better understanding of what they’re supposed to do.

What is NO2 Blast?

no2 blast reviewI have reviewed and tested literally DOZENS of pre workout supplements in the past, but have NEVER heard of NO2 Blast. After a little bit of research, I found out that this supplement is relatively new to the market, and they claim it will “completely revolutionize the industry”. Among other claims, they say that by taking NO2 Blast you can expect:

  • Increased Muscle Mass and Stamina
  • Extreme Fat Loss
  • Increase Energy and Endurance
  • Increased Libido

I see claims and advertising like this all the time when it comes to pre workout supplements. Companies like Xtreme Nitro, Alpha Fuel XT, and Biomuscle XR make lots of claims like this, without usually backing them up.

Their sales page is littered with photo’s of ripped, jacked, young guys complete with their biceps bulging out and 6 packs so defined they rival even the best bodybuilders physiques.

“Sounds good, sign me up!”, you’re probably thinking, right? Not so fast!

It’s important to first understand what is in the supplement before we can come to any conclusions, and here’s where things start to fall apart.

I searched far and wide for a list of ingredients in NO2 Blast, but unfortunately they have done a really good job of keeping them a secret. Why you ask? Well, they might be protecting their proprietary formula from competitors. They could be putting synthetic ingredients in their pills which may be illegal. They could even be putting sugar in their pills and calling it the next best thing to sliced break, we simply don’t know.

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Fortunately, I reached out to my visitors and asked around to see if anyone had ordered it AND if they could see pictures of the labels of both of these supplements.

It turns out that the ingredients in NO2 Blast are the following:

  • L-Arginine A-AKG, L-Arginine A-HCL, and L-Arginine A-KIC
  • Dicalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, and L-Citrulline

Click here to see a picture of the label.

There’s nothing really “revolutionary” about this supplement. Many of these same ingredients can be found in literally HUNDREDS of other pre workout supplements, albeit in different dose amounts.

If you’re looking to find NO2 Blast in stores, you’re gonna be a bit out of luck. I checked with all of the local retailers near me, including GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and others, and none of them carry it. For now, it appears the only place you can buy it is on their official website.

What is T-90 Xplode?

t-90 xplode reviewT-90 Xplode is a testosterone boosting supplement, similar to supplements like Testofuel, Andro 400 and Test X180, that claims many of the same benefits NO2 Blast does above. But, instead of being a pre workout (or post workout) supplement, it is rather a “testosterone boosting supplement” which promises to increase your free testosterone levels. If you weren’t already aware, decreased testosterone typically starts at around the age of 30, and declines at a rate of 1% per year.

Symptoms include fatigue, decreased libido, increased fat retention, and muscle loss, amongst other ailments. T-90 Xplode promises to change all of that with their unique and proprietary formula, and claims to start doing so within a matter of weeks. Just like NO2 Blast, T-90 Xplode benefits include:

  • Unstoppable Energy
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Staggering increases in sex drive
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Increased confidence

They also claim that they have recently been seen on many major news outlets, including USA Today, Fox News, and CNBC. However, when I reached out to the advertising and editorial departments of these publications, they said they never heard of them. In addition, T-90 Xplode doesn’t list their ingredients list, which makes it very difficult for us to qualify it as a safe and side effect free supplement.

However, just like with NO2 Blast above, someone gratefully sent us a picture of the label.

The ingredients in T90 Xplode include the following:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Trimetyhhlxamine (basically caffeine)
  • Coleus Foskholii

Click Here to see a picture of the label.

Unlike NO2 Blast, this is actually a pretty decent ingredient profile for a testosterone booster, although the addition of caffeine into the product is pretty unusual.

Regarding side effects of T90 Xplode, I did a bit of research and found that MANY guys were reporting adverse effects like itching, sweating, and hot flashes. There are some anecdotal reports that Eurycoma Longifolia is the culprit here, but that’s never been proven in a clinical study.

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I also talked to the reps at GNC, Walmart, and Vitamin Shoppe about T-90 Xplode, and none of them have heard of the supplement.

Our Problem With These 2 Supplements

So now that we’ve given you a relative idea of what NO2 Blast and T-90 Xplode are supposed to do, we figured we would shed some light on some of the issues we have with them. First off, that ad that you saw with the rock, which you probably expected to be some tips about working out early in the morning, is deceiving. Deceiving in a way that you think you are going to a legit post by Muscle and Fitness, but instead leads you to some bogus page about these 2 supplements.

No big deal I guess, but let’s take a quick look at the supposed magazine editorial for a minute. The first thing you probably missed was the fact that this is and advertisement. “What do you mean advertisement?”, you’re probably asking yourself right now. Well, if you look in the upper left hand corner just below the “Men’s Life and Health” logo, you will see something that says “Advertorial”. Here’s a screenshot in case you missed it:

no2 blast and t-90 advertorial small

Another thing that makes it blatantly clear that this is an ad and not an actual Mens Health article is the fact that, no matter what link or part of the page you click on, you always end up getting redirected to the NO2 Blast website. Check it out for yourself:

[vimeo 133501120 w=500 h=281]

I think it’s pretty clear that it’s not the legit Mens Life and Health website, but I just wanted to point it out to you. Second, there is no reporter named Bryan Stevens that works for Mens Life and Health. This is not the first time I heard that name tossed around, there are several other of these scams that said he used some miracle stack of supplements to completely transform his body (including Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360).

The Biggest Issue We Have

Apart from the fake article, and the fake story line behind “Bryan Stevens” miracle transformation, there is another HUGE problem we have with NO2 Blast and T-90. When you go to click on one of the links that takes you to the 2 products, you’ll see that the buttons say “Claim Your Free Bottle”. That would imply that you are getting a free sample of NO2 Blast and T-90 Xplode, right??? Well, not quite…

When you get to the official pages for NO2 Blast and T-90 for example, you are prompted to put in your shipping info. Once you click submit, you are then taken to a page that asks you to put in a credit card number so you can pay the modest $4.95 shipping fee. Not a big deal, right? Well, if you forgot to scroll down a bit you will see the following for NO2 Blast:

no2 blast terms small

And this for T-90…

t-90 terms small

If you can’t read them very well, I’ll spell it out for you. When you submit your credit card info to NO2 Blast, you have 14 days from the day you ordered it to try it out. After those 14 days are up, THEY WILL CHARGE THAT VERY SAME CREDIT CARD IN THE AMOUNT OF $89.41!!

The same goes for T-90, relatively speaking. With them, you also have 14 days to try the product, and if you don’t cancel, they will also CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD $82.61!!

I don’t know about you, but when I see the words “Claim Your Free Bottle”, I expect to get just that…a FREE bottle. Not a period of time to use it, not “Oh let me spend $4.95 and then get charged some ridiculous price 2 weeks from now”…I expect, FREE!!

I’ve seen literally HUNDREDS of other supplements that pull this trick, including Megadrox and Testadrox, Spartagen XT, and Blackcore Edge Max.

They pull you in with the allure of a free sample, when indeed nothing could be further from the truth!

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What Are Your Options??

Well, if you have already ordered NO2 Blast and T-90, the good thing is you’re not completely screwed. First, if you just ordered it and you are 100% sure you don’t want it after reading this, you can give them a call to try and stop the order. They will probably tell you that it’s been shipped already, and that’s OK. Once you do receive the bottles in the mail, which will probably be about 4 – 5 days after you order, immediately call them up and tell them you want to cancel.

They will try EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN to try to get you to extend you trial, or even buy it for a lower fee. That decision is completely up to you, but if you like you can simply tell them (politely of course!) that you don’t want the product and that you intend on definitely sending it back. They will issue you what’s known as an RMA, or Return Merchandise Authorization #, which you will have to label clearly on the outside of the return package.

Make SURE that you add delivery confirmation and tracking to your return order to be sure that they received the returned product, otherwise they will probably just throw it away and say that they never received it.

If you got here after the trial period has ended, you still have options. First, don’t call them up and start screaming at them that you never signed up for it in the first place and ask for a refund. This will likely get you nowhere, as their reps are very good at watching the TV or reading a magazine as you are shouting at them.

Instead, tell them that you will report them to your states attorney general office, as well as file complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The threat that you will contact your attorney general is MORE then enough to have them refund your payment, AND you won’t even have to send it back.


We see these fake ads and articles constantly. It’s always some staff reporter called Bryan Stevens, it’s almost ALWAYS the fake media site “Mens Life and Health”, and it’s always the same runaround with the free trials. The only difference is the products…they change on a continual basis, and we do our best to keep you up to date on all of the latest scams like this.

Whatever pretty face it may put on or what package it will disguise itself as, a scam is a scam and hopefully knowing what one looks like is enough to teach people what to look out for and avoid in the future.

The question on everyone’s mind is still probably, “well, does NO2 Blast and T-90 testosterone booster really work?” Well, what do you think? Would a respectable company that sells a legit product jump through hoops like they did above to try and get your business? Or did they try to separate you from your money.

It is not unlike a laundry list of similar supplements to come and go that fell because of their shady business practices and overall lack of an effective product.

My guess is that both of these supplements will be long gone sooner rather then later, and many of you will be wishing you never ordered them in the first place. Buyer Beware!!

Have You Used NO2 Blast and T-90 Testosterone Booster? Leave Your Review Below!

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

By Tyler,  Nov 29, 2014

I purchased both of these products and have been testing them out for a few weeks now and have noticed nothing except that I have issues sleeping now and get a lot of headaches as well as it seems that my stomach is getting larger I feel that I got ripped off and plan to stop using these products if you want I'll be more than happy to either send you the remaining product I liked the idea of your incentive I am looking to try something new

Was this review helpful to you?
487 out of 509 people found this review helpful.

Sleazebag suppliers

By Bernard Garner,  Nov 28, 2015

I tried their pills and did not notice any of the advertised relults and then the sleazbags sent me a bunch more pills and charged my VISA card for them without my authorization. THese guys are sleazy snake oil salesmen. Don't trust them with an order.

Was this review helpful to you?
380 out of 399 people found this review helpful.

Andrew zuckerman's Review

By Andrew zuckerman,  Dec 30, 2015

100% SCAM...100% SCAM...100% SCAM...100%SCAM...100% SCAM
You must read terms at bottom of web ad and other links. MOST PEOPLE DON'T.  THAT'S THE CONTRACT YOU'VE ENTERED INTO AND THAT'S HOW THEY SCAM YOU.They send you 30 day supply but after 18 days they will charge your credit card. Out of those 18 days they include 3-5 days for delivery.  So your only using it 14 days if your that stupid at this point. You must call for RMA# and return package or call and ask to stop future orders.  That is a battle in itself. When you ask for RMA# your put on hold forever...until you go away.  Or the odd time they try to talk you out of it, put you on hold when you won't do what they say, then the line disconnects. As stated in their Privacy Policy, they retain your phone # electronically and when you call back the 10th time they know you want an RMA#.  Very difficult to get your refund or charges reversed. Most times your stuck paying until you basically cancel your credit card.  Anyone who states this product "works", works as one of the scammers.STAY AWAY. 100% SCAM. DON'T BE FOOLED.  IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. PERIOD.

Was this review helpful to you?
370 out of 384 people found this review helpful.

Product Review

By Dino Zollino,  Nov 12, 2015

I have been using both products now for almost 30 days and I have seen results. No lie.  I'm almost 50 years young and the products have assisted me in reducing fat and increasing muscle. I can see the results in a mirror.  The only disappointment was the cost however I negotiated A 50 percent refund. I will now use the next two bottles as maintenance.  Thanks Dino.

Was this review helpful to you?
143 out of 219 people found this review helpful.


By john,  Oct 30, 2015

Well I got a bottle for $2 shipping. Not a body builder but work out ligthly and have seen a difference in my arm size.

Was this review helpful to you?
107 out of 177 people found this review helpful.

Ask A Question

User Questions and Answers

I just ordered both products about two hours ago. Now I want to ensure that they are not going to charge my credit card once the fourteen day trial is up. By the way you were correct ...I did not see that particular little piece of manipulation when I placed the order . Please advise the best way to take control and protect myself from the two big charges coming through on my card . -TOM

As soon as you get your bottles, call and tell them you want to cancel your subscription and you don't want to be billed any further charges.  If by some chance you don't receive your bottles in a timely manner, make sure you call them within 14 days from your order date.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
114 out of 124 people found this question helpful.

I ordered 2 bottle of t90. Is there any way I can keep it without them charging me 82$ for the next month(s)? Because according to the rep, if I want to cancel my subscription I must return the product. -Momo

You should call again because I think there's been a miscommunication. You can cancel your subscription by just calling.  If you want a refund for what you've already paid, you'd have to return the bottle.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
73 out of 82 people found this question helpful.

Could't find information on FDA site, what is their FDA code? -Yanik

These are dietary supplements which don't require FDA approval.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
48 out of 57 people found this question helpful.

how can I cancel my order -Dave

Call them at 1-888-779-7415 and tell them you want to cancel your subscription and don't want any further charges.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
43 out of 48 people found this question helpful.

This is not the 1st scam of this nature. My question is why doesn't the government do something about this fraud? -Terry

It's deceptive, but as long as they explain it in the fine print, it unfortunately is legal.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
32 out of 32 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. None of these products work. This is a scam.

    Warning – they will charge your Visa before the 14 day trial ends. While you are trying to resolve that, they will send additional orders and charge you accordingly.

    If you order the trial pills, change your Visa Card before they can access it. CROOKS

  2. Armed with unbridled enthusiasm and not much common sense, I ordered and received NO2 Blast (red label), T-90 Xplode (blue label), Workout recovery (Green label) and T-90 Xplode (yellow label.)
    Common sense didn’t kick in until I received the products and tried to research the efficacy of the products. I was comforted, through my research and have yet to open any of the products.

    The old saying applies in my case “there’s a sucker born everyday."
    My primary questions are:
    1. are these products safe,
    2. do they work and
    3 are there other products that are safe and do what they contend?

    Tks, Jim
    1. Hey Jim,

      I wouldn’t feel too bad if I were you. They’ve scammed thousands and thousands of guys in addition to you.

      As far as I know, they’re all safe to take, but no, they’re not particularly effective. You may get some small benefit, but nowhere near the cost and hassle you’ll go through.

      As far as other products, get back to me with what kind of results you’re looking for and I’ll recommend some supplements and/or stacks that will work.
  3. I bought T90 Xplode and got the NO2 blast almost by mistake too. They shipped it to my home, but I gave them the wrong address.

    So I called them to cancel it because I couldn’t return the product if I don’t get it. They tried to sell me other stuff.

    I told them the good adress so they could send me the products. After this I realized it was a scam, their customer service was basically selling their stuff under pressure.

    So I cancelled my credit card and kept the 2 bottles. I threw away the NO2 Blast because I read it’s worthless.

    I tried the T90 Xplode twice, the first time in worked, the second did nothing. So I’m just happy I didn’t get charged for products that clearly don’t worth more than 5$ a bottle maximum.

    You’re better buy protein and vitamins in a drug store.
  4. hi. in your option what is the best fat burner out there? I am currently trying to lose 30 pounds and I think I have hi the plateau stage because I have been doing a regular route for 2 months and haven’t lost any weight in 2 weeks. so what is the best fat burner and what other supplements should I take?

    1. Hey Paul,
      First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Ripped Quick” ebook, along with some bonuses. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you reach your goals faster.

      Supplements wise, I would recommend you stack a fat burner called Instant Knockout along with a testosterone booster called Testofuel. The 2 pair very well when combined, and will help you break through your plateaus and lose weight faster.

      Here’s my reviews of each:

      Instant Knockout –

      Testofuel –
  5. On August 29/16 money was taken off my credit card. After talking with reps at 1 888 980 9165 I was told to send back product unopened and would receive a refund in full.

    It’s been 5 months of constant dialog saying the check is in the mail I sent the product back via registered mail. Now you have your product in full and I have nothing in return but a runaround from your telemarketers.

    Please let me know my status with your company. I am on account as 905 937 2001. Will wait for response before proceeding further. Thanks.

    1. Hey Glenn,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  6. Same bullshit happened to me. Charged me sent me more thatvi didnt want its all a bunch of seedy bullshit

  7. First of all, thank you VERY much! I seriously can’t believe I fell for a scam like this …I must have been under the influence!

    BUT…and not to minimize anyone’s experience, as soon as I read all of this, I freaked out and called the number they included with the shipment 1-888-980-9165. My order came in while I was away from home for a couple of weeks, so I thought ‘Oh, no!’ I waited for a live person for all of 10 seconds maybe, the guy who answered was very polite (if not bored, sounded like he was very used to this), I kinda pretended like we had a bad connection, he tried a couple of spiels to get me to stay with it, after I said ‘No thanks, just the RMA number please’, he explained the process, provided me my order and RMA #, explained very clearly it has to go both in and on the outside of the package, said he’d send an email and that I could enclose that for the inside, the call lasted 6 min, 28 sec and I received 2 emails before I hung up, one confirming cancellation of the order and that no further billing would occur, the other with the RMA and order #’s …just stating the facts here, I work for public transit, no supplement company …or course, if there is ANY further billing on my card, I will let y’all know! …oh, and this is Canadian.
  8. I just became aware that not everything on the internet is factual. Also marshmallows come from the mallow plant in marshes.

    1. Hey Eric,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook.  It’s loaded with tips on diet and exercise to help you bulk up quickly.
      Supplements wise, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack.  It works great for guys like yourself looking to bulk up / add on serious muscle mass.
      Here’s my review:
  9. buy a pre-paid visa for a dollar and put just enough for the shipping and don’t call to cancel, give them a taste of there own medicine
  10. Are there many readers that reported favorable results? I’m 70+ years young.

    I saw an ad, can’t remember where, in which Sylvester Stalone was endorsing N02 Blast & T-90 Explode. On this basis I ordered the free 30 day samples.

    I didn’t read where it said I needed to call before 14 days to cancel further shipments & charges. When I ckecked my credit card statement I found they had charged me $89.41 for T-90 Explode & $86.51 for N02 Blast.

    Unless I am experiencing the placebo effect, it seems my labido has increased tremendously, like when was 16 I can experience orgasm 3 or 4 times a day, my fat is turning into muscle & overall I feel less fatigued & have increased energy. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m satisfied with product except for its price.

    They will only refund half. Where can I find similar products mnore reasonably priced?

    1. Hey Charlie,

      I’m glad to hear they’re working for you. My biggest problem with them is as you know the free trial scam.

      Just stay on top of it and know you’ll be charges quite a bit every month until you cancel.
    1. Hey Marty,

      There’s no reason women can’t take these, in terms of safety, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone as far as effectiveness or value.
    2. Man or woman…do not have anything to do with these products. The company that sells them are scammers.

  11. Products arrived yesterday and I decided to return them unopened and cancel the hidden subscription as I did not want to risk my health. Their telephone operator’s are trained to sell you the product at a reduced price “which will save your shipping cost with Canada Post”.

    It cost me over $16.00 to return the unopened product plus the original $ 4.95 shipping. Total $ 20.95 to get out of this scam.

    If the product was so good would they not have included free return postage? They have figured out your cost of returning the product and wanted to charge me $ 21.00 to use up the sample and continue to charge a monthly fee.

  12. I just died the free trial for t90 and n02. I didn’t like them I got a 100% refund on the shipping and the recurring charge. I don’t know what you guys and girls are doing wrong but, in less than 15 minutes I got everything back.

    I didn’t have to send the bottles back either. Just talk(don’t yell or be rude)to them and your are most likely going to come out on top.

    1. Micheal…I think you must have gotten a trainee before he was shown how to be a rip-off artist. I don’t think you should presume to know how the rest of us were treated.

      The people who own/run this company should be put in jail.
      1. I didn’t get a trainee. I had two different people.

        The first one I got cut off do to poor service where I live. I called back and the woman got my info and let me know that the guy I first talked to had fixed it and not to worry.

        Then she even told me to cancel before a certain date so I would not get charged. Maybe things are different here in Canada.

        Either way I got all my money back by being polite and patient.
        1. “Maybe things are different here in Canada."

          Very different. In the US people are second-rate citizens at best and the political system has been purchased lock stock and barrel thanks to a hideously stupid Supreme Court ruling known as “Citizen’s United”.

          Canada has protections against this sort of thing, and companies are hesitant to pull this sort of scam here.
        2. Micheal….I wish you would stop defending these crooks just because you got lucky by getting a nice crook. I am normally a polite Canadian as well and I ordered this junk from Canada too.

          It took me about six calls back and forth with these people and all I got was lied to, stonewalled and yelled at. So I cancelled my Visa card, tracked the company down to a plant in Florida and sent a report to the Better Business Bureau of West Florida.

          Only then did I get a nice polite woman calling me who said they would refund my bank account with all costs. These criminals do not like having a bad rep with the local BBB.

          So, count yourself lucky and do not downplay the seriousness of this disreputable company by thinking being polite will work with them, in most cases it will not.
          1. Maybe everyone that tried this should try putting some effort into a workout or eating better and planning your meals. Then maybe you wouldn’t get scammed.

            Nothing on the internet it 100% true. Like most of the names and comments on here.

            This Micheal guy most likely never even ordered anything and is just trying to poke the bear as to speak.
          2. Dylan..I think you should stay in the weight room and leave people that have been ripped off by these unscrupulous scammers alone. You are making us think you might be working for TFCO Nutra Marketing the ripoff artists who make this stuff.

            I for one have never been ripped off so blatantly before and I certainly don’t mind warning others about this company and, yes, I am a ‘real’ person.
  13. This T-90 Xplode and NO2 Blast is a rip, it’s a scam! They have you call several numbers, because your information is “not in their system”, they ask for the last four and first SIC numbers of your credit card, what bullshit!

    This place is a rip and people need to go to jail! Like they say, nothing for nothing….these people suck!

  14. I read all these reviews and cancelled my credit card right away.prob about 4 hrs after I ordered Still got billed the shipping charges but that’s all they will get out of me. I will call and cancel my order tomorrow when they are open. Thanks guys

  15. Got a link on Facebook using Michael Phelps taking you to what looks like the ESPN website. Till you hit any button on top like ESPN home or any of the sports links, when you hit any of those links you get directed to their website.

    Bryan has now changed to Ryan, supposedly an ESPN guy. Too shady indeed

  16. i need to find the company that sent me the free bottle of no2 blast and t 90 explode can u help me if u can can u send me the link to my email
    1. Lance…you will likely need more than the phone number to get your money back. Here is how to do that:
      Go to the West Florida Better Business Bureau at: westflorida. and file a complaint.

      Give the details of your purchase and how you got ripped off and let them deal with it.

      T-90 & NO2 Blast are sold by Total Body Transformations (TFCO Nutra Marketing).

      Their real address is: 9753 66th St N STE 226 Pinellas Park, FL 33782-3008 877 780-6450 I got my money back in four days using this method. Good luck!

  17. I ordered the p90 Xplode and the Hypertone Excel from one of their stupid false ads before realizing what a mistake it was. I immediately called the P90 people and put in a complaint with the BBB.

    When the bottle came and I called to get the number to send it back, they told me to keep the bottle and refunded my shipping costs. They’re scared of the BBB.

    Use it against them. Still haven’t tried the pills though.

  18. I had the exact same experience with the Garcinia Cambogia scam. I didn’t even think to check the bottle when it arrived.

    Funny I should have noticed that my free 14 day trial came with 90 pills! Yup, we’re all looking for a free ride but they are a rarity on the internet.

    Thanks for your due diligence on this product.
  19. Total scam. I called them and demanded RMA numbers to send their useless crap back to them, and sent it immediately, they still charged me $120 plus $125.
    When I filed a dispute with Costco Capital1 Mastercard, Costco initially refunded that. Then the crooks filed a counter claim and clawd back the $120 + $125. I had to dispute that again!
    Then the crooks charged my card $95, and Costco Capital1 mastercard sided with the crooks and cut my online access to my card and cut my card.
    Stay away from those crooks!

    1. Webby…don’t give up, you can still get your money back. See below on how to contact West Florida Better Business Bureau who will support you on a claim for a refund.

  20. Checked out the free trial website ( and filled in my details and clicked on the “Rush My Trial” button. However, being kinda leary of the claims I decided to do a little research before handing over my credit card details (which I should have done BEFORE putting in my REAL INFO and clicking the Rush button). Came across this site and decided against buying and closed the other tab waiting for my credit card info. The next morning I get a “courtesy” phone call from some guy rambling on about they noticed I cancelled my order last night and went into this 2-3 minute sales pitch that you can’t get a word into. Then the opportunity FINALLY came when he paused to ask why I cancelled my order. I told him because of these bad reviews of having to cancel during the “trial period” and “no difference” etc. Then he went to another well rehearsed long gab about how he understood my reservations and bla bla bla. At this point I interupted him and said that the fact he was calling me NOW, AFTER I had -ONLY- entered my information told me there was a problem. The following day I received a suspicious text message about a “Special promotion for Kim and Chloe K Skin Care” with a random website link attached. Besides the text, I got a +34 (country code) phone call out of the blue. Yah.. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.
  21. Yeah why the fuck did I pay for more after my trial with out convent it just said I paid over 130 and I’m fucking pissed cause I did not ask for more
    1. Hey Michael,
  is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  22. Hi Rob Miller, in your article you were asking for the ingredients in the supplements T-90 Xplode & No2 Blast. This is what it says on the bottles.

    T-90 – Tribulis terrestris extract (standard to saponins), (ariel part), Fenugreek extract ( standardized for saponins) (seed), Eurycoma longifolia extract ( standardized to Glycosaponins), Trimetyhixanthine( as caffeine anhydrous), ColeusFoskholii extract( standardized to 10% forskohlin) (root).

    Other ingredients: Gelatine, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silica Magnesium Stearate.

    The ingredients on the bottle of No2 say Proprietary Triple Action 1300 mg.

    Nitrix Oxide Matrix, A-AKG as Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, A-HCL as Arginine Hydrochloride, A-KIC as Arginine Ketoisocaproate
    Proprietary Nano- 200 mg
    Delivery Matrix
    Dicalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, L-Citulline
    Other ingredients: Gelatin(as capsule), Magnesium Stearate, silica

    That is all it says on each bottle.

    I hope this helps your research into this supplement.
  23. These people sent my disabled son these, and if not for showing them to me, as single father wouldn’t have a son possibly. He takes medicine as well as has heart problems.

  24. I live in kingston ontario. Canada.

    The pills were shipped from Toronto.
    I used a visa debit bank card which is not exactly a credit card. But allows me to purchas stuff online.
    Would they be able to charge that again?

    I just got my package today. Wish I read earlier.

    1. Hey Jason,

      Yeah, they can charge your debit card as well. Now that you received the package, call and cancel.

      You should be within your 14 day trial period. Just make sure they give you some kind of confirmation number or email so you can prove that you canceled in time… in case anything goes wrong.

  25. I read that you wanted to find out what was in this stuff so here it is.

    T-90 Explode: Proprietary Testosterone Blend 497mg; Tribulis Terrestris extract (standardized to saponins) (aerial part), Fenugreek extract (standardized for saponins)(seed), Eurycoma longifolia extract (standardized to Glycosaponins), Trimetyhlxanthine (as caffeine anhydrous), Coleus Foskholii extract (standardized to 10% forskohlin)(root).
    Other ingredients: Gelatine, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate.

    NO2 Blast:
    Proprietary Triple Action Nitrix Oxide Matrix-1300mg (A-AKG as Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, A-HCL as Arginine Hydrochloride, A-KIC as Arginine Ketoisocaproate).

    Proprietary Nano Delivery Matrix-200mg (Dicalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, L-Citrulline).

    I chose NOT to try these products after reading all these helpful reviews!

    It was easy and quick to call them and cancel my trial and am getting a full refund because i never opened my bottles.

    Hope this helps.
  26. OMG this was such a SCAM!!!! DO NOT ORDER! They charged my card 270$ for things I never got!!!! and didnt want!! BEWARE!!!

  27. You website doesn’t say what I would need to go to losd weight eith the t90explode…I would like to slim down and lose some weight
    1. Hey Adam,

      I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you looking for an additional supplement, or a diet/workout program?

      Let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.
      1. Hello rob I’m looking for a supplement to help me lose weight and slim down at first then I’ll worry about building muscle and getting cut
  28. I called my credit card company up and said I wasn’t paying for the scam and they shouldn’t let this place charge my card. They credited me back the money after I started threatening them with cutting up the card and not paying anything on it. I had called the scam artists and asked to be off their list and they said not until they received the product back which I refused to do.
    I told my credit card company I wasn’t paying to send some garbage back to some scam artists and I’d burn in hell before paying them one red cent or sending them back anything. I have eight bottles of the stuff here unopened.

    If they want it back they can pay me to do it.
    My credit card company didn’t want to help me at first so I asked for a manager and explained this was a scam and they company should be illegal. Told the manager it was a matter of principle for me.

    I was very polite to the credit card company when asking for the favour to help. I did get ugly when talking to the phone answering service for the scammers NO2 Blast and T-90 xplode. They sent me stuff called workout recovery as well.

    1. That sounds brutal Murray. I am surprised the credit card company helped you out.

      I had to cut up my card and get a new sent to prevent these thieves from recharging me for product I did not order. I got help from the Florida Better Business Bureau who went after the company whose name is TFCO Nutra Marketing.

  29. Didn’t read the fine print at the bottom and ordered. Stupid me.

    Then read these reviews and said oh oh. Got them returned with no future billing.

  30. I’m worried about ordering this. What would be your advice on getting something very similar to it that I can get at a local supplier like gnc, Popeyes, or Walmart??

    1. Hey Diane,
      The makers of T90 Xplode and NO2 Blast is TFCO Nutra Marketing, which is a corporation located in Delaware. Unfortunately, the Better Business Bureau hasn’t opened a file on them yet, but you can rant on the following website:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    2. If you fell for this scam like I did, here’s how to get your money back. Go to the West Florida Better Business Bureau at: and file a complaint.

      Give the details of your purchase and how you got ripped off and let them deal with it.

      T-90 & NO2 Blast are sold by Total Body Transformations (TFCO Nutra Marketing).

      Their real address is: 9753 66th St N STE 226 Pinellas Park, FL 33782-3008 877 780-6450 I got my money back in four days using this method. Good luck!

  31. Thanks a lot for the warnings!
    And what kind of supplements/pills would you recommend instead of those two?? I will appreciate your help!

    1. Hey Jazz,
      Glad I could help! It really depends on what your goals are. If you’re looking to get cut / build lean muscle, I would recommend a stack called the Crazy Mass cutting stack.

      It’s packed with 4 high-quality supplements that will help you shred body fat and build solid muscle. Here’s my review of that one:

      If you’re looking to bulk up / put on mass, check out the Crazy Mass bulking stack. It’s perfect for “hard gainers” that are looking to put on strength and mass.

      Here’s my review:

      If you let me know what your goals are exactly I can send over one of my free ebooks you can use in conjunction with the supplements to get the best results.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
      1. Yes, it was very helpful! Thanks a lot for that!

        Well, to be honest, I just want to start in the gym, but I would like to start with something energetic and that helps me to lose weight! Like a lot of weight haha..

        I will appreciate your help as it seems you have a lot of knowledge about it!
        Once again thank you
        1. No problem, glad I could help! Yeah I would recommend either the cutting stack ( or a combo of a fat burner called Instant Knockout along with a t booster called Testofuel.

          Both work GREAT in conjunction and will boost your energy levels, shred fat, and help build lean muscle. Check out my reviews below:

          Instant Knockout –

          Testofuel –

          Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Sorry man, we don’t sell this. You’ll have to contact them regarding your order, here’s their contact info:

      NO2 Blast – 1-888-779-7415

      T90 Xplode – (888) 680-7413

  32. this is a toatl scam. i ordered both products and sidnt receive them until the trial was up. i have been scammed for 6 months now. the product keeps coming and the bills do to. DO NOT ORDER THIS CRAP MASTERCARD WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY

    1. Jeff….cancel your MasterCard ASAP. Order a new one.

      These people are crooks. Read down on this board to find details on getting your money back via the Better Business Bureau in Florida.

      Good luck!
  33. Thanks for scam info and advice to you all. I followed the advice from John Lund and filed complaint with bbb florida and they contacted a company’s rep called Jason.

    Luckily I got the unauthorized cc charges returned.
    Unfortunately I lost 35.00 Can.$.in total (i assume the currency).

    My story: A total of C$ 678.00 unauthorized charges within freetrial periode and after order cancelation
    Thanks you all for this helpfull information
    1. Glad you were able to get most of your money back Ron. I sorry we had to go through that process.

      Your charges were over the top. These people are thieves and should be shutdown.

      I believe they have been in the past but they simply change their brand names and address and start over. Since going through it I have found better products at GNC.

      Cheers, John
  34. Please call me at 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX and ask for Bonnie
    I would like to order T-90 Explode for my Husband
    1. Hey Bonnie, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with T-90 Explode.

      You’ll have to contact them directly. The number I found on their website is: 1-888-779-7415.
  35. Hey guys total scam…

    There is hope I cancelled my credit card asking for new one and called the company demanding o spoke with a manager.. Since the service guy told me I couldn’t … After fighting with the guy to get supervisor finally got through and he was able to cancel my subscription and void my purchase I received 2 emails right away..

    1. Corey…good for you for sticking with it and insisting on talking to someone higher up. I tried that to no success.

      Count yourself lucky on getting the order canceled. I had to resort to reporting these thieves to the West Florida Better Business Bureau to get my money back, and I had to cancel my credit card.

      To anyone reading this, DO NOT order these products the sellers are crooks.
      1. Thanks John Lund for your info to apply complaint at BBB Florida. Got my money back with 35$ loss of currency exchange.

  36. They worked great for the first round … Second round not so much, I feel like my immune system slowed down the testosterone .. I’m just asking questions.!! Should it do that?

    And I got charged full price when I should have had a deal? I’m a little confused help me out guys!!

    1. Hey Dre,
      Sounds strange, and I’m not sure if there’s a correlation. As far as the price, you probably were charged the full price because while they advertise a “free trial”, that really means you pay shipping / handling up front and then they charge you full price 14 days or so later.

  37. Total scam, I hope you did your research before buying. Once you get free trial they have you and your credit card hostage!

    Cancel trial before you get the 1st shipment, call your bank and get a new credit card ASAP
  38. If you fell for this scam like I did, here’s how to get your money back. Go to the West Florida Better Business Bureau at: and file a complaint.

    Give the details of your purchase and how you got ripped off and let them deal with it. T-90 & NO2 Blast are sold by Total Body Transformations (TFCO Nutra Marketing).

    Their address is:
    9753 66th St N STE 226
    Pinellas Park, FL 33782-3008
    877 780-6450
    I got my money back in four days using this method. Good luck!

  39. I am just looking to lose some weight and gain a little muscle. I would be very appreciative of knowing some products I can buy at a store that can help me.

  40. What exactly is in these fat burning and muscle building supplements that make them so effective. And is there a health or supplement store where they can be purchased.

    I don’t have a credit card.
    1. Hey Jason,
      Read the review above, I cover the ingredients list pretty extensively. As far as I’m aware, they don’t sell NO2 Blast or T90 Xplode in stores.

      What’s your goal? Are you looking to shed weight / build lean muscle?

      Or are you looking to bulk up?

      Let me know and I can recommend some products you can buy in stores or without a credit card.

  41. This is not true!I tried taking in but nothing happens I hope the one who made this touches his/her conscience you are not doing good you are just adding burden to persons who accidentally made order to your so called body enhancer or what ever….to those who are reading this please don’t attempt to try you might be added to the others who are victim ed this is a precedent….
  42. They say a free trial order. You might as well pay full price up front because that is what your paying for after your trail bottles.

    Tried them for 2 weeks and nothing has changed or made me feel any different. They use celeb’s to promote these products but why are the celeb’s not backing them up them selves personally.

    I would advise customers to stay away from this gimmick.
  43. my dad bought both of these and I received and opened these bottles in the mail. when I didn’t recognize them I found this site. I’d be happy to share some info I have if it could help to save us from charges and to recognize these things in the future.

    1. Hey Caley,
      Sorry for the late response. Any chance I can get you to send me some pics of the products? Specifically the label, the ingredients list, and the front of both? You can email them to, thanks!

  44. I ordered the trial, then 10 mins later decided to cancel after I found out they are a scam, they refused the refund and said it had already shipped. After a long fight they send me a cancellation email.

    Next day I get a call confirming my shipment, they are still trying to put the order through. Their ad is fraudulently using ESPN website as bait and all links point to their ad.

    Do not order this product t!
  45. Well I just received my order. For a free sample that cost me $24LEANdot95.?? No ingredients listed, no cover letter explaining what it will do or any details of testing results . Will try it for a week or two before likely having to return it and cancel my order.

    I hope that won’t be the case. Wish me luck, will keep you posted.

    1. 100 % SCAM !!!!!
      100 % SCAM !!!!!
      100 % SCAM !!!!!
      100 % SCAM !!!!!
      100 % SCAM !!!!!
      100 % SCAM !!!!!
  46. I have called and ordered this product, did not receive product yet for 3 months 100+ is being taken from my account when it was to my understanding it would’ve been a one time charge special rate of $ 4.95
    1. Hey Ralston, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements, and we have no affiliation with NO2 Blast or T-90 Xplode.

      You’ll have to contact them directly to inquire about billing and/or delivery issues.

  47. I work for them and everything you have stated in this article is true. It is a scan completely and they are doing illegal things on a daily basis by breaking alot different laws in the usa and in canada.

    Everyone beware of this company. They also sell other products like pure garcina cambogia and skintennsive xcel all of which are scams to deceive people out of their hard earned money.

    Someone needs to stop them. Sincerely employee

  48. My doctor immediately advised me not to take this 2 supplements for they are basically junks. Had to call my bank online and cancel my credit card number and replace it with a new one, to preempt the next ridiculous charging by this fake company, as per experience, sadly, by so many.

  49. This is a scam. I called visa and they have informed me that this is happening to many people.

    They will keep you money.
    1. 100% scam
      Just got caught in it, please listen to reason. Even if there is one person saying it is a scam.

      Don’t do it, 2$ for the trial, but then I call right after to make it a one time thing. They say I have to pay for the product.

      That the 2$ is for shipping, and that you still have to pay for the product. Don’t fall for it

  50. I came across the same ad/testimonial that claimed “Bryan Stevens” worked for ESPN who tested the supplement, as ESPN always does (according to the fake article). It linked from a headline about Sly Stallone being arrested.

    Just wanted to let you know about another instance of this disguised advertisement.
  51. No review as the article sums up the big lie they push about FREE!
    I missed the fine print and tried to return it but that is also limited to 14 days after they ship it, so you do not even get 14 days to decide.

    Also, when it was received there were no return instructions or a warning they would bill the full amount which was also never disclosed in the primary ad!
    All in all a very deceptive company and I recommend NEVER order from these folks – they are con-men and con-women!

  52. So I to made a mistake and clicked the wrong pop up and didn’t finish placing order online but they still called 15 minutes later. So I just agreed to the $2.00 fee.

    After getting a bad feeling I read this post and called customer service right away (20 min after placing order). Yes they said they can’t cancel order but I didn’t accept that.

    I asked for recording that they made so I could hear what I agreed to. After being on hold for 7 minutes there was a miracle and my order was stopped and told there would be a refund of my $2.00.

    Thanks for your post, saved me a lot of headache.
  53. WHAT AN EFFIN SCAM ! These creeps are selling a dangerous product,i had an Anaphaletic reaction too this garbage.Being Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome,I have to watch what i ingest….the other thing you do not mention is that they want their left over product back so they can repackage it and sell it to some other sucker,wonder how many sweaty hands have handled this garbage…..

  54. I ordered the free trial, then read these posts. I cancelled my credit card and ill still get the product.

    Should i return the product when it comes to me? or should I just keep it since they are unable to charge my credit card anyways?
    1. Hey Fred,

      It’s up to you. I don’t think I’d send it back, but I might give them a call or email letting them know that you canceled.

  55. Thanks so much for posting this. I definitely did NOT see that extra fine print.

    I called them right away, and cancelled. Bottles go back first thing on Monday.

    1. Hey Johnny,

      Thanks for letting us know. Make sure you contact them before your 14 day trial is up to make sure they don’t charge you before you even get it.


  56. I had ordered the product 14 days ago. After reading your review I immediately contacted the seller and cancelled the subscription.

    Did not even mention the better business option. I can not thank you enough for writing such a truthful review.

    Guess I will exercise the right way with simple workouts and God given energy. Just tossed the remainder of the “stuff” in the trash!

  57. I was looking for some supplements to get me ripped and it said that helped Dwayne Johnson and was looking for them where to buy them but then I saw some side effect and lead me into this and I’m glad I saw this before I wasted money for nothing
  58. Well, as soon as I read an ‘ESPN Article’ that said Peyton Manning took this and it was about to be banned by the NFL, I now have to ask myself ‘Why was a free bottle at 4.95 Each a stupid thing to do’. I haven’t got a good answer to that but now I’m better educated.

    I noted the same sleeping issues.

    The number I have is 888 680 7410 and will call them after 10AM to make sure my card isn’t charged again.

    I can also make sure the credit union changes it to make sure it’s not going to be billed again.

    1. Hey Mike,

      Yeah, unbelievable. Sounds like you have a good plan for not getting screwed.

      Just make sure you make a record of all your interactions.

  59. I was going to do what you did, make a webpage, tell my story and let other people be aware of these scammers. You saved me time and $$(time is $$$) Well done.

    I cancelled after three days when i found what was this all about. I just wanted a supplement no a ripoff. want to take on your offer of free samples.

    Write back to me and let me know hoe that works. Again, great job!

  60. i ordered the free trial and received two additional shipment i dident ask for before cancelling. i am going to try them out anyhow since i already payed for them, ill keep you posted as if there are any benifits or side effects thanks for info
  61. California Business and Professions Code Section (automatic renewal law) 17600 prohibits the tactics of this company, as does statues in 14 other states. Go to and make your complaint to a class action attorney.

    If you don’t want to do that make your complaint to the Fair Trade Commission.
  62. I ordered it thinking it was a legit article from Men’s Life and Health. First off, I never completed the final approval for purchase and it went through anyways, and now then they auto purchase each month at almost $90 each bottle.

    I did not in any way click or mark anything approving this. USAA was notified and froze the transaction for a couple days while I tried to reach this company to tell them not to auto send anything.

    Unfortunately they unfroze after two days and it went through and now I will have to get a new debit card since I have had no luck getting through to the company to stop any future orders. It is a scam, and thank you for this article to help get the word out about this company trying to scam people into unstoppable monthly auto orders.

    Also, not even noticing anything special with the product, not anything more than a couple over the counter supplements in my opinion. The NO2 Blast is mainly just L-Arganine, and the xplode says its a proprietary testosterone blend including tribulis terrestris extract, fenugreek extract, and a few others I’ve not heard off. will be sending pics of label to this website for analysis.

  63. Free is not free. If you don’t read their terms and conditions prepare to be screwed.

    You will be billed for the entire amount 18 days after you get your “free” shipment unless you call to cancel prior. If you’re lucky they’ll offer you 50% back!

    This information cannot be found unless you specifically click on their terms & conditions.
  64. I would have given zero stars, but That is not an option.

    While on yahoo today, I clicked on link that said Sean Penn was arrested for having this pills, and that later he had suggested that he was taking them achieve the his physique. (This was all a hoax). I was offered a free supply with 4.95 for shipping for each (T90 xplode and N02 blast).

    After reading this info and finding out that Sean Penn was not in anyway associated with this product.

    I tried to cancel my order 15 minutes after placing it, and was told that it was already shipped from their warehouse in Canada. If you contact the toll free number on the order confirmation 1-888-980-9165, the reps will tell you that they are a third party and have no knowledge who sells this product.

    Anyways I have disputed the charge with the Credit Card, and filed a BBB complaint about Citimex Trading based in Tampa FL (The address provided by customer care for T90 and NO2).

    I would like to shut these scam artists, can someone detail the procedure for filing charges the Attorney General, and Can I refuse delivery of the package even after it is left in the mail box?

    1. Yes, these guys need to be shut down!! I fell too to their scam. Got charged $190 for a so called $.95 free trial.

      Still fighting to get my money back. I have posted several reviews and feedbacks, but mysteriously they don’t get posted. sigh
      I will be filing with BBB also!!

  65. Hi Rob,
    You can put me on the sucker list as well. This morning I recieved a call from my cc co about various fraudulent charges to my cc.

    The final charge the Rep. recounted was a charge for $4.95 which I recalled was for the shipping and handling for the “Free Trial Offer” for the supplements. I said the 4.95 was a charge I knew about but the others were indeed fraudulent.

    It was recommended that I cancel the card. which I did. Following that call I found your web site and read the countless horror stories.

    As I never received any information with the supplements. Nor did i recieve or could I find any confirmation email detailing the order#, account status etc..

    Should I still try and cancel my account or will that be opening a can of worms? What do you recommend?

    1. Hey Dave,

      I recommend you call and cancel your subscription anyway. Since you canceled your card, you should be good, but this would tie up loose ends.

  66. Article mentions ingredients not found. My T-90 Xplode bottle has ingredients on it.

    The main listed is: Proprietary Testosterone Blend 497mg (Tribulis Terrestris extract (standardized to saponins),(aerial part),Fenugreek extract (standardized for saponins)(seed), Eurycoma longifolia extract (standardized to Glycosaponins), Trimetyhlxanthine (as caffeine anhydrous), Coleus Foskholii extract (standardized to 10% forskohlin)(root). Other ingredients: Gelatine, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate.

    1. Thanks Kerry! They’re all pretty typical herbal testosterone boosters, but less than 500 mg in total is not really enough to make much of a difference.

  67. I got both of these products and have been trying them out for the past 2 weeks using only them and doing calisthenics as i have back / neck injuries and am disabled, i feel like i’m getting some benefits but haven’t been on a scale to check so it could just be physiological in my head i have not noticed any side effects and have had no issues luckily with the company as far as charges on my card go i did just cancel and they told me i had another 21 days to return them but i did notice this in there Terms – When you order your 18 day trial of T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster, you must pay a shipping and handling fee of $4.95 for us to send you a 30 day trial supply of T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster. We allow up to 3-5 days for you to receive the trial supply.

    Thus, in order for you to have 14 days to try the product, we consider the end date for your trial period to be 18 days after you place your order, which is 14 days plus 3-5 days for processing and transit. If you like how T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster helps you meet your weight loss goals, do nothing – you´ll be charged the discounted price of $89.41 at the end of your trial period.

    If for any reason you decide T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster is not for you, call Customer Care toll free at 1-888-980-9165 anytime during your 18 day trial period to cancel. Then simply return the product (even if it is empty!) and you will NEVER be billed any additional amount.

    If you decide to keep the product, you will receive a fresh supply of the T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster approximately every 30 days at the same low price of $89.41, plus $4.95 for shipping.

    You can cancel anytime by calling Customer Care at 1-888-980-9165. No risk, no obligation to buy today, cancel any time!

    By entering your account information and clicking the SUBMIT button, you agree to the offer terms and authorize T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster to charge your account at the end of the 18 day trial and with each monthly shipment on the terms described above.

    Please be advised that your account may be debited by our international merchant account, and your issuing bank may charge a small international processing fee. Please be advised that T-90 Xplode Testosterone Booster is not responsible for any processing fees that your bank may impose on your account.
    Notice how they say you can return the bottle even if it is empty !! so don’t buy them for the discounted 50 or 75% off price when try to cancel if you really want to give the entire bottle a test is all i can say i had rated them at 3 stars as wasn’t sure of the effects

  68. The company sends a free sample, calls to see if you want a subscription. I said no- I only wanted the free sample and if it came with strings to cancel.

    They sent the free sample and then charged my card $170/ month. Do not buy this product

  69. I have them them both. I just started taking them 2 weeks after the order. the supplement facts are, T-90 Xplode serving size 1 capsule servings per container 60, amount per serving, Proprietary Testosterone Blend 497mg* Tribulus Terrestris extract (standardized to saponins)(ariel part), Fenugreek extract (standardized for saponins)(seed), Eurycoma longifolia extract(standardized to Glycosaponins), Trimetyhlxanthine(as caffeine anhydrous), Coleus Foskholii extract(standardized to 10% forskohlin)(root) *Daily value not established.

    Other ingredients:Gelatine, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. This might help you out to find who makes it, distributed by TFCO Nutra Marketing Wilmington, DE 1-888-980-91651-888-980-9165 FREE. it also has direction and warnings but its gonna be a bit to type out. so now for NO2 BLAST.

    Supplement Facts, Serving size: 2 capsules Servings per container 30. this is probably a typo cause i counted both bottles and this one has slightly more than 60 capsules and the other one had 1 less than 60. anyway. Amount Per Serving, Proprietary Triple Action 1300mg, Nitrix Oxide Matrix A-AKG as Arganine Alpha Ketogluterate, A-HCL asArginine Hydrochloride, A-AIC as Arginine Ketoisocaproate.

    Proprietary Nano 200mg. Delivery Matrix Dicalcium Phosphate, Dipotaaium Phosphate, L-Citrulline.

    Daily value not established. Other ingredients: Gelatin(as capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silica. and thats all well for ingredients like you asked for. now for the 2 days I’ve used these products i have definitly felt an improved libido, reduced fatigue but will update you if i feel wny side effects. and the bottle does state in there warnings side effects. hope you enjoyed my review and supplement facts. hope this help some people. and im not sure what the star rating when i want to post this comment is about so im gonna put a 5.
  70. I ordered this supplement online today and immediately received a call from my bank about a fraudulent purchase on my card. I did a search and found your site and saw this information.

    Not willing to deal with any of the issues, I called 877-780-6449 (given to me by the bank) to cancel T-90 Xplode and NO2 Blast. The man on the phone did try to get me to try and keep it and then tried to get me to pay for a return but I mentioned that I had just ordered not more then 20 minutes ago.

    He put me on hold and then came back on after a few moments and canceled my order. I did receive confirmation emails as well on the cancellation.

    Kudos to them for that. Hopefully that is the end of it. Thank you for the review.

    1. Hey Steve,

      Thanks for sharing your story, and the phone number you used to cancel.

  71. I ordered the so called trial offer and waited 6 days and nothing came. They said my order would cost $43.00 however there was a 65.00 charge on my card.
    After reading this site and the review from Mr. Andrew Zuckerman I decided to call and cancel any more orders and find out when I would receive the order that I had placed 6 days ago.

    My wife is in the RCMP and advised me to call my credit card company to make sure that no more charges went on my card from the T90 company before I called the T90 company to cancel any more orders or charges.

    So I called the credit card company first and made sure that no more charges would be placed on my card from the T90 company where I ordered the so called 65.00 free trial offer.

    I then called the T90 company and asked about my order and was told I should have it within 3 days.
    I then told them to cancel any more shipments and was told that I would have to ship the bottle of T90 back to them as soon as I received it and that there would be no more charges on my card.

    While I was talking to him my other phone rang and my wife answered it. The call was from my credit card company letting me know that the T90 company were at that very moment trying to put another charge of almost 100.00 on my card and they had as I requested declined the charge for me.

    What a bunch of assholes that T90 company is… they had the gall to try to add another charge to my card while I was talking to them on the phone.
    They are crooks, liars, and should be charged with fraud ….
    Anyway my wife has contacted the better business bureau and is having an RCMP member do an investigation into the workings of the T90 company.

    Many thanks to this site and the review from Andrew Zuckerman He is right as he said above

    100% SCAM…100% SCAM…100% SCAM…100%SCAM…100% SCAM

    1. Hey Dale,

      We don’t sell these products. We just did a review of them (and not a very favorable one at that).

      You’ll need to contact them directly to cancel your subscription. The number I found for them is 1-888-779-7415.

  72. After reading the fine print and deciding to cancel my order I called the customer service line. I had an order confirmation by email but had not been charged on my credit card.

    I used that as my opening line appearing to be a concerned customer to avoid the run around at which time they told me both the T90 and N02 were on back order. It was then I told them to cancel my order since it hadn’t shipped.

    NOPE! Migel insisted It had to ship first….After a good five minutes of back and forth I demanded an RMA number which they provided.

    In short, if you ordered and are canceling you just spent $10.00 getting it shipped and who knows what to ship it back….lesson learned is read the fine print first.
    real review -5
  73. I saw the fine print so I did not order any “free” trials. However, I did look online to see if either product was available for purchase anywhere else.

    I did not find T-90 Explode, but has a product called ‘Extreme NO2 Blast’ for $21.99 (60 capsules). Since fat loss is my main goal, I ordered a bottle to see if I get any benefit.

    1. Thanks for an enlightening review of this Scam. I liked Bob Hurt’s comment about ordering from Amazon just a couple of weeks ago.

      Would like to hear if they did anything for him.
  74. In the ad in Mens Health Life the is a Before and After photo near the bottom of the page. The Before is flat lit from the front with an on-camera flash, minimizing the appearance of any body contours (no shadows).

    The After is lit from above, emphasizing the body contours (everything showing shadows). If both were lit the same way there would be almost no differences in the shape of the body.

    This is a common deception in many advertisements and is equivalent to false advertising. Stay away from shady (pun intended) advertisers!

  75. I tried to call and cancel my order. They keep hanging up on me.

    Shortly after I ordered I received a call from the bank saying my card has been compromised. I cancelled it.

    I’m not saying they are responsible but it all happened 24 hours period. Buyer beware!!!!!!

  76. This is just a credit card scam. I only received one of the 2 “free” samples then they began charging my credit card.

    Was unable to stop I so had to cancel my credit card.
  77. doesn’t matter if it works or not, do NOT buy these online unless you want unauthorized charges on your card!
  78. This is not a question, this is a statement! If you notice in their adds with pics. of stars like the Rock, you can see his blood veins popping out everywhere, this is caused by steroid use, that’s where the big muscles come from, not these products!

    Stay away from products that don’t tell You whats in them, because they can make You sick, or some can lead to death, or make You wish You was. The only way to lose weight and gain muscle healthy is to exercise and have a balanced diet, and stay away from sugar it’s poison.

    Good things come to those that work at it. Remember nothing in life is free.

    Respect your body, & it will respect You. Regards!

  79. I am considering using T-90 However I have some concerns. I had a heart attack in May due to some blockages and had to have a stint put in.

    Recently That stint got blocked and I had to have two more stints put in. Does this product have any adverse affects on heart condition?

    I am 52 years old and a tournament fisherman. I need to loose weight, and gain stamina and mussel.

    Is this product for me?
    1. Hey Phillip,

      With your medical history, you will definitely need to discuss ANY supplements you’re thinking about taking with your doctor. That said, I wouldn’t recommend T-90 Xplode. It’s not worth the hassle with the free trial scam. Check out Testofuel instead. I also recommend you sign up for my free weight loss ebook for meal and workout help with taking off the extra pounds. Again, though, check with your doctor before starting the program and/or any supplements.

  80. Same thing just happen to me thet charge me 89 and 79 dollars on my credit card and no refund i called 5 days after i get the botlles
  81. Haven’t tried it, but the guy in the pic (supposedly “Jerry Turner”) is actually a lifelong bodybuilder from Sweden. Seen him at my gym for over ten years and he never had 20lbs of body fat to lose, so that part of the ad is BSx2.
  82. I have never in all my life been so scammed and betrayed by a company. They even talk about counting out the remaining piils you havent used yet and sending them back.

    You bet I will be filing civil charges plus Attorney general and BBB. I caled the same night O ordered my free but pay shipping fee deal and cancelled and they were so agreeable until I started seeing outrageous charges on my CCard.I now have muscle or neveve damage in my right arm at the shoulder.

    I hope this can be repaired in time. The damage they have done to cause people to distrust online companies will never go away!

  83. Snake oil, get you to try it but if the sneak just one month past you you owe $90.00 per bottle!!!! THIS IS A SCAM STAY FAR AWAY!!!!
  84. I was completely scammed on these products. Their method of attracting business are absolutely unethical & purposely misleading.

    Right away, that should tell anyone considering the product to pass. They are deceitful in the language they use to get people to try out the items.

    It looks as though they are offering a free 30 day supply for only the cost of postage but their trick is to charge you on your card after the “trial” period is over so that you have already provided your charge card. I am going to dispute the billing & will fight them.

    It is unbelievable what some companies will do & get lawyers to write in order to manipulate the public. I am disgusted with the way companies like this will trick people instead of being honest.

    Clearly, its because they know that their product has no real value.
    I would rate them @ zero stars if I could.

  85. These people are an absolute fraud. I’ve returned their bottles unopened and after a week claim they still haven’t been accepted, offering me only 50% of my money back – money I didn’t authorize in the first place

  86. People this is a game where after 14 days the charge big money to your credit card…. warning to all… this is a scam….@ Do not fall for it… You will have to mail back at your cost and they can and will still charge your car. So call your card firm and put a stop on them ahead of time.

  87. Tried to cancel my order and got the high pressure salesman phone call, tried to negotiate a better price but since I’m in Canada the exchange was to much.
  88. You’re right. This company is a joke.

    I received my order today and looked at the ingredients. Nothing I can’t get at my local Vitamin store.

    Not to mention they put caffeine in the T-90 Explode. I have bad reactions to that.

    Read your posts. Called them and they can’t find my order.

    I provided them my order number, my customer number, and my address, and full name and email. Then they wanted my credit card to look up the order.

    I just told the gent that if he can’t find my order with all of that information, including their email confirmations to me, then there is a problem and I will be reporting them to BBB and calling my credit card number. I asked for the dude’s email and he told me he could not provide that to me.

    Very strange. We’ve got to report these losers!

  89. I suppose this bunch is one of the worst I’ve come across in a long time & that is saying something !!! I recently was hacked & had to have one of my Debit cards cancelled & replaced just a couple weeks ago, today I logged into my e-mail account & here is an order from NO2 & T-90, SO I called them about it & they couldn’t care less, essentially called me a liar, told me I DID place the order since they had all the right info., ( of course they would if I’d been hacked ) & that if I didn’t return the UNUSED bottles as soon as I received them I’d be charged like $ 80 ++ PER BOTTLE & then it would keep on charging every month, supervisor was a joke, no empathy whatsoever !!!

    I had checked out their website AFTER I had noticed the charges on my card, they let on like you get a ” FREE SAMPLE or TRIAL ” for the $ 2.95, but they told me on the phone that it is only a TRIAL PERIOD, then they CHARGE THE CRAP out of you for the ” NOT FREE SAMPLE/TRIAL ” they seem to be offering !!!

    SO, I just cancelled my credit card, filed fraud charges against them & now, IF the product DOES actually arrive I will gladly let someone else buy it from me as I will NOT use it, I don’t need it, I didn’t order it & I certainly take enough medications etc. with my health problems that I would NEVER chance something like their products anyhow but, they could care less about you as a person, they are apparently selling rice powder or gelatin powder ( if it is capsules ) or whatever their ingredients may be couldn’t possibly do any good, not according to all the reviews I just read here on your site…..

    SO, Rob Miller, what do you think I should do with the bottles IF they DO arrive at my address ??

    1. Hey Bubba,
      There’s a couple of ways you can handle this, but first off when was it ordered? What is the exact date?


  90. This is an extremely sketchy company that uses extremely sketchy tactics to trick you into using their product. I signed up for the “free trial” without reading the terms and conditions of the trial and luckily came across this review before the 14 day trial period was up.

    I then had to pay another $20 to ship the bottles back before they nailed me $80 PER BOTTLE. If this garbage worked, they wouldn’t need to scam people with these fraudulent tactics.

    They have a useless product (which by the way has no ingredients label) and they make their money off these “free trials” which turn into $80 per bottle scams.
  91. I fell for it. Charged me 134$ CAN for each product.

    Called them today to cancel (the 2 products). The representative told me that I won’t be charged anything else and sent me an email confirming.

    I am waiting to see if they will charge me anyway.
    1. Hey Eric,

      You should give your credit card company a call and let them know you don’t want to accept any more charges from them. That way you’ll know you’re covered.

          1. Bubba, just cancel your card so no future charges can be put on it. I doubt they would pursue you for fraud on this if you don’t return the unused bottles in the prescribed time…but that option is avaiabe to them, along with possiby messing with your credit record.

            If you sell them to someone else, for gods sake, don’t go on pubic internet and decry that…it can be evidence indicating intentional fraud on your behalf. Cost to return is under 10$.

            If you got both bottles, return them in one small padded envelope. They tell you to send them individually which costs more, but $#%’ em….they sent them to you in one package so return them the same way…I did.

  92. I’m a bodybuilder (11 years and counting). Ordered 4 month supply of NO2 and T90.

    Finished the last bottle about a week ago. These products are a COMPLETE SCAM.

    You’ll probably be better off taking sugar pills. Absolute garbage.

    I also had to go through a crazy run-around getting over $300 scammed from my credit card. Don’t deal with these people.

    You have been warned.
  93. I work on my ranch, eat healthy but as age creeps up no matter how hard I try by the end of the day I am now exhausted. Your write up was excellent and before buying anything I check your site for both advice and scams.

    Thank You for your diligence and accurate reporting.
  94. J’ai acheté ces deux produit de bonne foie et je me suis fait avoir car ils m’ont débité mon compte visa de 137.79 pour (T-90X) et de 133.32 pour (GETRIPPEDRX). J’ai appelé au noméro qu’ils donne et envoyé des email et ces curieux aucune réponse d’eux et là ils s’apprête à débité mon compte visa de nouveau (Je l’ai su en communicant avec mon service financier) aucun moyen d’arrêté les paiement.

    Je me suis creusé la tête et j’ai trouvé le moyen infaillible, cancelé ma carte pour changer les numéro et cela cancel les paiement par la même occasion et voilà je les est eu.
    1. Anybody ordering/cancelling orders for the NO2 Blast and T90 be especially on guard on your credit card afterwards. I had stopped 2 fraudulent purchases that were attempted after I ordered and cancelled these products.

      Since I had not used my CC for over a year for anything online, i am assuming it had to do with this recent purchase for these products. Please Beware.

      1. Hey Emmery,

        Wow, that’s scary. Thanks for letting us know.

        I haven’t heard of this happening before, but you can never be too careful. If you’re going to go with a free trial, the best thing to do is use a prepaid card with just enough funds to cover what you’re buying.

  95. Hi………ordered Oct. 15, 2015 and received today. I saw the fineprint AFTER ordering as well, and immediately called and canceled further participation.

    They apparently canceled, and they did tell me to keep the whole month for $21.63CAD more for each bottle, without further obligation. I purchased both T90, and NO2 Blast.

    So the ultimate cost to me is $43.26CAD and I don’t have to got through all the hoops of returning, at my expense, which costs $15.75 to register plus all the aggravation. The ingredients are as follows, or so they say.

    NO2 Blast: Proprietary Triple Action Nitrix Oxide Matrix 1300mg-Other ingredients: Gelatin (as capsule)-Magnesium-Stearate- Silica….. T90: Proprietary Testosterone Blend..Tribulis Terrestris extract (standardized to saponins(aerial part)-Fenugreek extract (standardized for saponins)(seed)-Eurycoma longifolia extract (standardized to Glycosaponins)-Trimetyhlxanthine(as caffeine anhydrous)-Coleus Foskholil extract(standardized to 10% forskohlin(root)…other ingredients:Gelatin-micro crystaline cellulose-Silica-Magnesium stearate.

    If there was a way to upload a photo, I would because the warning label is a novel…..beware LOW “GOOD” COLESTEROL is one of the do not use warnings. Hope this helps, I have yet to try, and after reading all the bottle print (using 4.5 magnification glasses ffs) not sure I want to at this point. I will be researching ALL of the ingredients mbeforehand for sure.

    BTW they sure do squirm a lot when you mention canceling 😀 SGb
    1. Hey Steve,

      Thanks for all the info. Looking at the ingredients, I don’t really see a reason for the warning.

      In fact, it all looks pretty tame, too tame probably. Let us know how it works out for you.

      1. Hi Rob

        Will do for sure yesterday was the first full intake day done as directed notice a mild uplift stomach seemed slightly jumpy maybe the wrong choice of words but difficult to describe at this point I will keep you updated I’m not doing a whole lot of working out yet just working on the weight loss I started out at 248 pounds and am now down to 221 target weight between 190 and 200 doing a lot of walking and in home exercises so far because I have a crush nerve in my sacrum along with scoliosis and a few other problems in the lumbar so strengthening muscles now joining community center in February so I should show the slowest game of results from something like this but will definitely keep you posted on how things progress I will pay particular attention to the side effects and report back here hope you have a great weekend thanks for getting back. Sgb/unidrv

  96. In all your research have you ever found a supplement that does help lose fat & gain muscle or is that just wishful thinking leaving us with just a good diet & exercise are the only thing you can do?
  97. I workout 5 times a week, weights and martial arts, came across the “Free trial”
    though why not see if I can feel any difference in my training regiment. NOTHING!!! shocker, now its all good and well until they keep coming in the mail and you realise how much they are chargin you.

    To keep this as short as possible, these people are fucking snakes, up their with faith healers and tarrot card readers.

    Whether or not theirs more than sugar in them is irrelevant to me, their marketing tactics disgust me, just today on my face book feed was an article title “Why is Dana white so mad at GSP” which of course was just some bullshit article about how GSP takes this stuff and dana whites mad about it lol (he’s retired from the ufc)

    Personally I think companies like this who deliberately mislead people with fake adds and bullshit like “how did Leonardo get ripped for his next role” these snakes should be sued into the stone age! Buyer beware!

    Nate out!

    1. Hey Nate,
      Do me a favor if you have the time, if you come across any of these ads click on them and send me the URL. I love learning about new scams like this and exposing them. The more you send me the better, my email is Thanks!

  98. If you want to cancel your subscription make sure to do the t90 Then do the NO2 Blast. Do them separately.

    I found out the hard way. Cancel the one but you have to phone again and cancel the other one.If not you will get dinged for one of them.I loss my tracking number so I`m ….

  99. just order yesterday wish that I would have seen this first I will send it back when I get it. Better to loss some money then a lot.
    Thank You

  100. i ordered your prodcts and received them but i also received a bill for more proucts which i did not order you took almost 300.00 dollars out of my credit card i would like my money bak or the product i paid for
    1. Hey Phil, is a review website. We don’t sell supplements.

      You’ll have to contact the companies directly at 1-888-779-7415.

  101. hi gents
    I was about to purchase it online and I didn’t have my credit card with me.I jus received a call from lady that if I order with her now it will be only 2.00 and she even suggested to borrow a credit card or ask a friend to borrow their credit glad I found this and I didn’t buy !!!
    1. Hey Joe,

      Wow. That would go over really well. “Sorry for the monthly $80 charge, Buddy.

      She told me it was a really good deal!" Ha! These companies are unbelievable.

  102. I just got off the phone with Jonathan employee #39013 I was told by my medical profession that this product was unsafe for use. So within my 14 day cancellation period I called cancelled and returned my product.

    Only to have an extra $300 stolen from my card and apparently nobody within the establishment can make decisions to return my stolen money apparently they have no higher standing staff besides the monkeys that answer the phone. Anyone else who has had the same experience please contact me as we all have the right for our money returned.

  103. I have been mistakenly taking only one capsule per day of the T90 and I thought I was seeing results. I am also on Welbutrin for depression.

    I was aware of the charging of the credit card if I decided to keep the product, and of course did not call before that deadline. When I called to understand why they were trying to run my credit card again, only two weeks after the first 82.00, the gentleman offered me a 50% refund and full cancellation.

    An email confirmation was promptly sent to me, but it only mentions the refund, not the cancellation. I will call them again on Monday to get confirmation of the full cancellation.

    I am going to continue taking the suplement as it seems to have worked to a degree. I will then stop the supplement to see if there is any direct impact that is noticable.

    I will keep you posted.
  104. You were right its not 4.95 they nail you 81 bucks and keep sending.
    I had them down to 20 bucks.. they dont take no for an answer.
    even though I call withing 20 minutes of making this stupid mistake they told me it had already shipped..

  105. Hi Rob,
    unfortunately, too late.
    Since I’m in Canada, we don’t have any State attorney, any suggestion on how I can approach or threat them? And as I Canadian, any idea if I can make a complain to the Better Business Bureau in the US?

    Apologies for the tricky questions but anything may help.thx for the good advises and the great work. Ciao

    1. Hey Steve,

      I’m guessing you can make a complaint with the BBB. You’d have to check with them to be sure.

  106. yea i fell for it too. being that iv had problems with losing weight or even having the energy to workout to do so. i just canceled my credit card when i found out it was a scam. but still want to try some kind of supplements any suggestion for fat burning and muscle gain?
  107. This Co is ridiculous where they can access both t90 and no2 blast from your account. When u call to cancel everthing they only cancel one but leave another open. They are in fact not a company you can trust.

    Please do not try their free trial
  108. I took advantage of your trial offer but now I see I have been charged for a shipment now. The trial is not yet over so I wish to cancel any further orders immediately and I expect you will refund the money I paid for this shipment I did not ask for.

    Please confirm receipt of my request and that I will be reimbursed.
    Thanks, Greg MacCoul

    1. Hey Greg,

      You’ll have to contact the company you ordered the free trial from. We are a review website; we don’t sell products.

      There should be a customer service number on your credit card or bank statement.

  109. this is a complete rip off tried to cancel in the first 14 day got confirmation number and unopen bottles were sent back with tracking whick cost me $12 then they took $82.61 off my card for nothing and then they took another $87.56 and sent me another bottle, I have to paid another $12 to send it back and they will only credit my account for$82 back. the company is the biggest RIP OFF that I have ever deal with. Will be posting this on face book as well in the Toyota Plant in Woodstock of about 900 works.

    Thanks for the scam
  110. Well:
    I did go through exactly what you have explained and you are correct. I did receive the T-90 after 4-5 days, and instead what I did after I could not get anywhere with the sales rep. and she would not take no for an answer!

    Not knowing that she was dealing with a salesperson myself, and I am not afraid of bullies,
    instead I cancelled my credit card. I tried the product for 30 days, and I have notice some credible claims.

    However now that i read your version I am kind of reluctant to re-order additional supplements, because I do find these people are not dealing in good faith, and it may not be worth getting involved any further.

    Should this company be legit, and I as sure that they follow your blog page… would be in their best interest to close the illegitimacy of their claims and be more up front and less aggressive.

    My Question: I would like to purchase more! How would like to have more clarifications on the ingredients that I am ingesting, and any possible side effects?

    1. Hey Peter,

      They don’t list their ingredients, so you would have to contact the company for that information, and my guess is the customer service department isn’t going to be all that knowledgeable. I recommend you go with something that’s got a better reputation, like Testofuel.

  111. Hi Rob, so glad to find this site. I got scammed too, will cancel as soon as I can.

    I am wondering what you recommend for a guy like me who is already lean and very tall and struggles to gain muscle mass.

    Darn, almost everything is directed towards fat people and I have the opposite problem.
    1. Hey Emmery,
      I wish I had problem putting on weight haha. Check out a supplement called the Crazy Mass Bulking stack, works great for hard gainers like yourself. Here’s a link to my review:

      Also, sign up for my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips to help you bulk up while keeping fat gain to a minimum.

  112. I need to lose at least 40 pounds, I am in no immediate rush but I’d like to have my goal accomplished by next summer. I’d like a recommendation as to what supplement to use that will help me accomplish this.

  113. The best way to avoid having companies like NO2 Blast going in to your card it card is that as soon as you get the product, cancel your credit card. In a week you will get a new one.

    Think of your cardit card as your password in your electronic banking, every once an a while you Ned to change your Passward.
    1. Hey Jeff,

      We don’t sell supplements. In fact, we don’t recommend going with NO2 Blast or any of the supplements they say to take it in combination with.

      You’ll need to contact them directly to check on the status of your order. Their number should be on your credit card statement.


  114. these supplements may be bs or maybe they do have some benefits but the main point is you can’t have those gains/results in just 31 days. I’d like to see somebody do it for an extended period to know for sure

  115. I fell for this as well. Instead of arguing over the phone, do you think I can cancel my credit card before the additional charges go through?

  116. I was stupid enough to buy NO2 Blast, What are to Governments doing about this exploitation of people. If these products are harmful then they should not be allowed to advertise in any Magazine.

    1. Hey Ron,

      From what I understand, the products get away with it because they stop just short of breaking the law. That, and they change things up frequently so they don’t get caught.

      As far as I know, none of these supplements is harmful, though. They’re just expensive and useless.


  117. Hi Iam a young 58.Work out with free weighs three times a week, Also playing ice Hockey twice week.what pruducts do you reccmon, I take purple.k also TESTOFX.
    1. Hey Kevin,

      Let me know what your goals are, and I’ll come up with a great supplement or stack for you.

        1. Hey Kevin,

          Keep taking The Purple K and Testo FX, but add Nitrocut as your pre workout. The bloat should go away within about a week after you stop taking creatine.


  118. I felt for the scam and ordered the free trial of NO2 Blast and Metaboost . Then I called the company after few days as the product did not help me at all .

    I had to pay for shipping both products separately even though the company sends both of the products in one package . In total between both shipping, I lost $40 and Sri fighting with the company as they do not pick up registered mail .

    I want someone to sign for it , so they can’t charge my credit card the money . All I can say is that this product is a total rip off and stay away from it .

    1. They told me they had to be shipped back separately as well (even though they were being returned to the same address). I ignored that and sent them together, putting both RMA numbers clearly on the front of the package.

      I actually used the same packaging them came in, and yes, they were sent to me together so I sent them back together. Saved a little bit on return shipping by doing it that way.

  119. I searched and found your article before giving my credit card number. I’m so glad I did.

    Thank you for the effort to expose this scam.
    With gratitude, Johan Van Braeden
  120. Hey Rob,
    I to order the free sample, but when the representative phone me , I explained over and over to her that I wasn’t interested and just 3 weeks later the charges still came out, I sent them an email to tell them I informed the bank, my credit card holder and the authorities
  121. how can we catch these scammers from ripping off inocent peo?ple they need to go to jail these people are real low life scum they make me sick its pretty sad u have to google to pretect yourself from scammers!!!!!
  122. Mr. Rob Miller,
    I had just placed my order and after that had heard about these types of things going awry. Sorry to say i did not do my homework on the whole thing before doing so.

    I must admit that I was convinced after seeing the results they are posting and reading about this product and claims that they are making. I came to this product after reading a link shared on Facebook by a freind of mine.

    He meant no ill-will towards me, but the problem being is that this is being circulated of these types of media. It should be reported to FB that this scam is being circulated on their website and that it is indeed a scam.
    After reading the reviews on this site regarding NO2 Blast I have decided to cancel my order.
    Thank you for the info regarding this product and will do a better job in the future doing background on anything of this nature.
    p.s If there are any tips on how to get through the process of cancellation I would be more than happy to hear them.

    Wish me luck
    1. Hey Waylon,

      Glad we could help you out. Just wish you’d found us a little sooner.

      Just make sure you call them as soon as you receive the products, and stay firm. They will probably try to convince you to keep it by giving you discounts.

      Don’t bite. Just tell them you don’t want to be charged and you’re no longer interested.

  123. Thanks Rob. after a little searching i found your site. I’m glad I did!

    It saved me a lot of hassle. I guess if something sounds too good to be true…..

  124. I couldn’t get them to let me keep the two bottles AND get out of their autoship program. Instead I will pay the shipping to send the bottles back and be done with this company.

    I knew it was an ad that led me to their product webpage, but what I don’t like is the fact that the page falsely pretended to be a valid Men’s Health magazine article. Even if the product works (which it may but I don’t know), I do not want to use it from this company.

  125. I got NO2 Blast and T90 Xplode with me after almost a month of waiting and all the agony of contacting their customer service as to why they charged me a lot on my account. The only thing I wanna do is try them and see the results.

    Whatever it may be, I’ll try to post it here. And we’ll see.

  126. What Rob said about them trying to stick you with a surprise charge is correct. I went to cancel my order and they have an “easy cancel” button that will charge over 40 bucks.

    They have another option where you request an RMA and they give you an address to return the orduct to, but if they “do not recieve” it by a set date they charge over 80 bucks. I am a Soldier serving our country and all these people care about is screwing me over.

    These people are ruthless.
  127. I was not even aware that they might stick me with a huge charge after the trial period. Fortunately, I have not gotten to that point yet.

    So the question remains: How do I cancel NO2 Blast before it gets that far?
    1. Hey Douglas,

      Give them a call before your trial period is up, and tell them you don’t want to be enrolled in their autoship program. They may tell you you have to return the products.

      If they do, I would push back on that at least a little. I’ve heard from a lot of guys who didn’t end up having to return their trial bottles.

  128. Brian,

    So I’m in the market for supplements to aid in my quest for better health and I too bought into these free trails.
    the T-90 X-plode has a 497mg blend of Tribulis Terrestris extract (standardized to saponins), Eurycoma Longifolia extract (standardized to Glycosaponins) and Trimethylxanthine.

    The NO2 Blast is comprised of a 1300mg blend or proprietary Niatrix Oxide matrix A-AKG as Arginine Alpha Ketugluterate, A-HCL as Arginine Hydrochloride, A-KIC as Arginine Ketoisocaproate

    Is this safe stuff???
    1. Hey Alberto,

      Yeah, you’re safe as far as taking the supplements goes. That’s not a problem.

      Just make sure you cancel the free trials before your time is up and they charge you an arm and a leg for them.

  129. Hello,

    Thank you for this very informative website. May I ask if there are similar supplement in the market with these two new questionable new supplements?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    More power to you and your website.

    Brian D. of the Philippines

    1. Hey Brian,

      Yeah, absolutely. Use a pre workout called Nitrocut with a testosterone booster called Testofuel. They’re both great products with no “free trials” of hidden costs.

      1. Hello Rob,

        Thank you very much for your prompt response. May I also ask if you experienced any negative effects with your usage of the of the two products?


        Brian D.

  130. If I order one subscription for the trial and then get a new credit card number can I afford the automatic charges the next month.
    1. Hey Buddy,
      Nah it doesn’t work that way. When they go to charge the card it won’t go through, and I would imagine they just wouldn’t send it.

    2. Under no circumstances should you deal with this company…they are out and out crooks. DO NOT give them your credit card information, the product is not worth the risk.

    1. Yeah man it’s never ending haha. I doubt Tiger Woods has any idea that his name is being used to market these supplements, much less would even care if he did.

      I’m sure his lawyers would though! I’ll see if I can get some contact info.

      Thanks for the heads up!

    I was a victim of this scam, but I thought I at least tried to do the right thing. There is a note to contact your physician before usage.

    Long story short, by the time I was able to get an appointment, I would have been too late, so I verbally told the customer service guy who called a couple days after shipment that I didn’t want the product or be charged. They claimed this wasn’t customer service and just a sales representative.

    As it happens, my doctor told me not to take it, and I was still charged unknowingly. When I called the company, I got the typical runaround.

    No company details, address or phone number…just a 3rd party service that won’t even give me enough information to file a report, take them to court, or get a refund.

    1. Hey Buddy,
      Sorry to hear about your predicament, and if you read some of the other comments, there’s plenty of others in the same boat. Your best bet is to contact your credit card company / bank directly and dispute the charge with them.

      It might work, it might not. But it’s your best chance at getting a refund.

    1. Im with you….. i fell for it….. im not even going to deal with them. Ill pay for the shipping on their “free promotion” but thats all their gunna get out of me.

      Im going to just cancel my card and learn from this.
      1. I cant believe I was this stupid.Got linked from an ad off ESPN sporting news talking about Crosby getting busted.I guess the easy way out is to report your card stolen.
  132. I don’t even have a prostate and was misled to believe as well that this was a “free bottle” as stated by the site I ended up at. It was a site that said “Choose your free product!

    All you pay is $4.95 shipping” Um, well, upon going back over my statements they actually billed my account twice for everything and now I’m out $433! I am super steamed about this and I have to borrow $$$ to RETURN shipment???? What kind of idiotic company is this?

    Don’t they know that a happy customer is a lifetime customer? I’m sorry, I don’t CARE that there’s terms and agreements, this is NOT a LEGAL and BINDING contract as I signed NOTHING!

    It is a UNILATERAL contract which means when THEY state it’s a certain way, it’s that “certain” way legally however, NOT binding 100%! Unilateral contracts are not BINDING!

  133. I almost bought into this scam, but im older and wiser, thanks for doing some research on this. my question is Does your company recommend a supplement that could help guys like me increase my testosterone and muscle
    safely. thanks Houston
    1. Hey Houston,
      First off, what's your goal?Are you looking to get ripped / lose weight / build lean muscle?Or are you struggling to pack on the weight and are looking for something to help bulk up?Let me know and I'll recommend a custom plan for you.


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