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By: Rob Miller
7 User Reviews
Fact Checked On: 5-8-2018

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I recently had one of my visitors email me about a supplement called BioMuscle XR, and I have to be honest up until this point I never heard of it.

Apparently it’s being heavily advertised on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, and is being touted as a “revolutionary breakthrough in workout science”.

But what the h#!! is this product and what makes it so great?

Well we set out to clear up some misconceptions about what it is, what it does, and there were a few eye opening moments in our research.

Read on to learn more about this supplement.

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Biomuscle Xr Real Review And Results Video

What is BioMuscle XR?

According to the products very own official site, BioMuscle XR is a “Muscle Growth Accelerator” designed to help promote lean muscle growth, reduce body fat, and amplify raw power and strength.It apparently does this through a blend of all natural ingredients which include 3 types of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Dipotassium Posphate.

biomuscle xr reviewThe ingredient most likely to be the primary one is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that helps promote vasodilation through nitric oxide production. Vasodilation causes the smooth muscle tissues surrounding the cell walls to relax, which allows for increased blood flow.The theory is that with increased blood flow, nutrients and vitamins are delivered to muscles more efficiently, which could potentially lead to increase muscle growth.

Click Here to see a picture of the ingredients label.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the addition of L-Arginine to this supplement…you can find that very same ingredient in HUNDREDS of other supplements, ranging from Testosterone Boosters to fat burners.

The official site states that their product has been seen on several major media outlets, including CBS News, ESPN, MSNBC, CNN, and Men’s Health. But when we searched through those sites I could not find ANY mention of BioMuscle XR. My guess is that perhaps it has been ADVERTISED on those media sites, but not necessarily featured in an editorial piece.

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What Do The Reviews Have To Say?

The site is full of rave reviews from supposedly satisfied customers, showing what look like to me as clearly photo-shopped before and after photo’s.

I tried searching around for credible reviews and testimonials on third party sites, including, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and some other forums, but unfortunately came up short. Even the supposed “reviews” on Youtube are clearly nothing more then a ridiculously bad attempt to advertise the product. Check em’ out below to see what I’m talking about:

There was one somewhat “legit” review that I did come across on Youtube, it was this one:

Now, I put legit in quotes above because i see a couple of flaws in this video. The first is that the video was uploaded not by some individual (like it appears), but literally the name of the channel is “BioMuscle XR Review”.

biomuscle xr youtube

If this were a legit review, wouldn’t it have been uploaded by like some random guys account? Who would name their channel this? The answer is probably someone with a financial connection to them.

Also, the fact that it doesn’t have very many likes (and a whole lot of dislikes) seems to me that most people are smelling the B.S.

likes - dislikes

Also, if you watch the video, it just blatantly sounds scripted. It sounds like an ad, period. He seems like a paid endorser. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this guy selling his services on in the past.

And it turns out, that’s EXACTLY the case here. As you’ll see in the screenshot below, this apparently real review of BioMuscle XR is actually a paid actor!!

biomuscle xr fake review

If you’ve never heard of Fiverr, it’s basically a site where people sell their services (including Testimonials and Reviews by Actors) in exchange for $5.

There’s literally DOZENS of other companies I’ve caught hiring paid actors to post a review on Youtube in the past, and this one definitely seems like one of them.

Lastly, if you look at the comments in his review, they don’t paint a very pretty picture.

bmxr comment

bmxr comment 2

I’m gonna talk a little bit about what these guys are talking about down below, but I just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

Where To Buy BioMuscle XR

From what I can tell, the only place you can buy BioMuscle XR is on their official website, They offer a free 30-day sample, all you have to do is pay for shipping, which is only $5.95. However, there is a HUGE downside to this that is cleverly hidden in their terms and conditions. More on this in a little bit.

I checked out a few of the local nutrition stores near my house, including GNC, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, CVS, Walgreens, and others, and NONE of them sell BioMuscle XR (not a huge deal, GNC sells plenty of other pre workout supplements). Additionally, it doesn’t look like you can buy it outright, meaning the only way to get it is to sign up for their free trial.

Beware of Their Free Trial Scam!

So anyways, back to their free trial. Remember when I said you could get a free 30-day sample simply by paying $5.95 for shipping? Well, there is something you probably missed, check it out below:

biomuscle xr t and c small

That’s right…if you order it and pay the $5.95, they will AUTOMATICALLY start billing you after 14 days a WHOPPING $89.73 unless you cancel. What’s even worse is they will continue to bill you $89.73 every month, continually, unless you call to cancel.

I actually wrote a big article about free trials and how they end up scamming you, check it out here.

Most guys completely overlook this when they’re ordering, and don’t put 2 and 2 together when they start receiving more bottles of BioMuscle XR. It’s not until you check your bank statement or checking account that you see the repeated charges.

Just to be clear, if you’re reading this now and you’ve already been billed, you’re likely out of luck. No matter how much you beg, plead, curse at, or flirt with, they will NOT issue you a refund…It sucks, but it’s the truth. However, if you’re reading this and you haven’t been charged yet, you have a couple of options.

Option #1, you can call them and cancel your order right away. If you’re still within the 14 day trial period, you can call them up and tell them that you want to cancel your autoshipment right away. They will do EVERYTHING under the sun to try and keep you on as customer, including offering an extended period of time to try the product, a discount, and more.

The choice is completely yours, and BioMuscle XR may indeed really “work”, but at a cost of close to $90, there’s a hefty price to pay.

Option #2, if you have been charged and you don’t want the product anymore, then you still NEED to cancel. Here’s the contact info for anyone looking for it:

Toll Free: 866-356-7277
We are open 24 hours a day/7 days a week

My Personal Results

I actually ended up getting the BioMuscle XR Free Trial, as well as their Biotestosterone XR.

The directions on the label state that the dosage is 2 capsules every day, 30 – 45 minutes prior to your workout.

You can also use it on your non-training days.

I have to admit, I barely felt anything with Biomuscle XR.

If anything, I would say maybe my energy increased a little bit, but nothing to the extent that they were claiming. One other thing I noticed was that my blood pressure had dropped WAY below what it normally is.

I would say with 99% confidence that this was a direct result of the L-Arginine they put in the stuff.

It wasn’t so low that I needed to call a doctor or anything, but I would say it was about 10 points below normal.

I called and actually told them about this, and they cancelled both of my orders immediately.

I didn’t even have to send it back, which was very nice of them.


We see these free trial scams all the time, and it has cost thousands of guys MILLIONS of dollars over the years. Does BioMuscle XR really work? Maybe. But, if it was so damn effective then why do they need to “hide” their billing practices in the fine print?

Does it work? Maybe for some, but it didn’t for me.

My recommendation?? Save your money. If this was legit, you’d be hearing about it non-stop on all of the major bodybuilding forums.

There’s more effective products out there that cost less, are likely more effective, and don’t sucker you into a impossible to cancel free trial.

Have You Used BioMuscle XR? Leave Your Review Below!


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and bio testosterone xr

User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Not for me

By Troy,  Oct 29, 2015

Made me constipated. Then they told me that what they sent me isn't free!!!???


Really??? What happened to "free trial".


So I am sending the product back so they wont bill me.... I hope.


I'm on hold with them as I write this.

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128 out of 134 people found this review helpful.


By Cochise,  Jan 30, 2016

It's crap, made my stomach upset, nerves on edge, and I became irritable. It has to be crap, since I ended up with a double order for the cost of s/h; $5LEANdot95.
I cancelled within 3 days of ordering because I was told about this scam.


Bottom line, don't even expect anything they advertise. Save your time and money.


HELL NAW! I won't recommend to anyone, not even my enemy.


Was this review helpful to you?
84 out of 86 people found this review helpful.

Junk Product

By Mkkng,  Apr 10, 2016

1 star is being generous, the product sucks and the offer is a scam. Beware, stay away, better results with dog shit and training harder.


Was this review helpful to you?
49 out of 51 people found this review helpful.

Bio muscle xr

By Tarik,  Mar 26, 2016

I haven't tried too many products,but I can tell u that after trying the bio muscle xr IT definitely did have benefits.

I gained about 8 solid pounds of muscle in the first month,seeming to plateau after about 3 weeks.

I felt more energetic as well as noticed muscle growing faster than without the supplement.I will be trying different supplements such as mutant mass as my next choice but I wouldn't say bio muscle is a scam.

I cancelled my subscription to it instantly after ordering the free trial and had to pay 40$ to keep the free trial which I did (so it's not really free).

But all in all I am happy with the results and look forward to trying other supplements,depending my liking to others I try I still would keep bio muscle in mind.

Was this review helpful to you?
27 out of 34 people found this review helpful.

Spike greeno's Review

By Spike greeno,  Jun 13, 2016

The product is not very good at all, no real positive results. The company resorts to sneaky, deceitful practices to con you into signing up.


If they were so confident in their product they shouldn't have to rely on lies and B.S.

Was this review helpful to you?
19 out of 19 people found this review helpful.

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Ask A Question

User Questions and Answers

I received a trial bottle for just the shipping do I have to cancel it to keep from getting charged for more I do not like it -Donald

Yes you do. If you don't cancel within 14 days of the original order date, you'll be charged $89.73 every month until you contact them and cancel.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
34 out of 35 people found this question helpful.

I wish ti cancel the Bio Muscle XR and the Bio Testosterone XR. Today makes eleven days since I first purchased it. I would also appreciate it if you would refund th $177.35 that you dunned my credit prior to the 14 day trial. thank You -russell is a review website. You'll need to contact BioMuscle XR directly to cancel your free trial. The number I found at their website is 1-866-356-7277.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
34 out of 37 people found this question helpful.

I want to know at what age does this product woks best. I am 77 and want to know should I take it. Also has it appoved (safe for any age)? Also whay side effects should a person of my age expect? -Pete

I wouldn't recommend it for anyone at any age. It's one of those free trial scams we're always talking about.  If you're looking to get stronger with increased lean muscle mass, go with a stack of Testofuel as a natural testosterone booster and Nitrocut as your non-stimulant pre workout. They are both safe as long as you're healthy, but check with your doctor if you're concerned or if you take any medications.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
30 out of 35 people found this question helpful.

Quel est la posologie et a quel moment on doit les prendre ?merci -Guy

Vous aurez à lire les instructions de la bouteille. Je ne ai pas sous la main.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
8 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

is there an increased likelihood of prostate cancer with this product what if you have had prostate cancer in the past -Laury

There's no known connection to prostate cancer, but if you have a concern, you should talk to your doctor to be sure.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
7 out of 9 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

77 comments on “BioMuscle XR Review – Does It Really Work?”

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  1. If any of this garbage actually worked, it wouldn’t be allowed to be sold over the counter and doctors would be prescribing it. Changing your endocrine system takes a lot more than a few milligrams of L Argenine or any other junk they put in these pills.

    Best thing? Buy Viagra from a licensed pharmacy.

  2. I’m 54, run, bike, and play basketball competitively with High School/College and older guys regularly and have run competitively road races, triathlons, and some marathons. I am very intrigued with the amino acid in BioMuscle XR that you discuss because about 10 years ago I began getting unexplained muscle cramping from time to time that damages and tears my muscles.

    I never had such when I was younger. Also had same kind of cancer that Lance Armstrong had and wondering if my body is not producing something that is contributing to this.

    Wondering if this BioMuscle XR may help with my cramping issues. Any thoughts or other recommendations?

    1. Hey Frank,
      I personally don’t think that the Biomuscle XR will help with cramping. Are you getting these cramps before, during, or after exercise?

      You might want to start taking in a magnesium and potassium supplement. That and start drinking pickle juice during and after competitions.

      Pickle juice has been shown in limited studies to help reduce the severity and duration of cramps dramatically.
      And I’ve personally drank it and can tell you, it works!

  3. I’m 48 and became handicap 3 years ago. I can’t do weight training or cardio.

    My problem is with my back and hips. I get steroid injections every 3 months to help with pain.

    I know I’m asking the impossible, but is there any suppliments that would help me loose weight and/or gain muscle mass. I’ve already had three major surgeries and looks like at least 2 more in the next 3 years.

    I’ve been getting steroid injections in back, SI joints and hip joint. Since The 15 months I’ve been getting these injections I’ve gained 30 lbs (180 to 210), I’m 5’7″.

    Any advice?
    1. Hey Randy,
      Well unfortunately if you can’t lift weights you won’t gain muscle mass. However, if you can control your diet you should be able to keep weight gains at bay. Check out a supplement called Phen 375, it works GREAT for guys that can’t workout.

      Basically it helps to curb appetite AND increase your metabolism, even without working out. Check out my review here:

      and here’s a link to their website:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Jay,
      I didn’t feel much of anything, maybe a slight energy increase. As for side effects, it lowered my blood pressure by about 10 points due to the L-Argninine in the formula.

  4. I was looking at the add was thinking what a great deal was getting ready to pay and seen the 89 dollars so I cancelled the transaction but they still sent me a bottle of stuff with no wAy to cancel or send it back, so watch out for the scam not sure if their going to bill me or not
  5. The free trial isn’t free after receiving the product I was billed for it,then to order it you have to set up monthly and I did not receive the quoted discount price and I also found out my credit card was being billed with no product being shipped. Avoid this trap.

  6. I to ordered the Bio Muscle and Bio Testosterone Products. The minute I received the product about 4 days later I found your site supplementcritique and boy was I happy to find out what a scam I walked into.

    Just like You said they were going to try to double talk me. But, I said I had spoken to my Doctor and he told me not to take them for my medical condition.

    I could hear in her voice she felt sorry for me, but it did not stop her from trying to charge me $49.00 cancellation fee, then to $29.00, down to $9.00, but the whole time I said my medical condition would not allow me to keep them In the end, she cancelled my order and charged me nothing at (which I received emails confirming the cancellation) this point, but I will keep checking my account. So the point is.

    Tell them You have a medical condition and they are so much easier to cancel Your charges. I hope this helps someone else.

  7. there ripoff and scammers put into one I wanted a free trial and then they charged me $90 dollars don’t believe them don’t want anyone else to be scammed
  8. This product is the biggest scam. Don’t waste your money. I cancelled after being billed 90$ a bottle. Now I have to constantly check my account to make sure they don’t try billing me again.

  9. I don’t normally add my “review” but this company does not do business the correct way. The 14 day trial is a “got ya” it starts the day you place the order and it takes a week to 10 days to get the product (which is done on purpose) so that they can charge you card the $89 for the little trial bottles which are smaller in size.

    I read the reviews before I did the trial and should’ve heeded to them but decided to give them the company the benefit of the doubt and try it and i got what the others have wrote about. When I called them they say that well the 14 day trial starts the day you place the order.

    I said well it took over a week to get the product. He said well you should have called within 3 to 5 days.

    Oh and I’m suppose to know this how? As for the product it’s self, well it could be just fine, but I didn’t get the trial time to review it as is stated because they charged my card within a week of getting the product and it upset me that they do business like this and I don’t want anything to do with a company that does business like that.

    To each their own but my review is no thank you.
  10. I just wanted to hop on here and thank you guys for posting this in-depth review on this hoax. I ignorantly purchased the “free” sample ten minutes before I came across this article.

    My order is now canceled and I have you to thank for saving me precious time and money. Keep it up!

    1. Did you still receive the trail for 5.96 ?? I did the same thing and canceled for future but I am wondering if the 5.96 will I get the trail still ?
      1. Hey Jake,

        As far as I know the trial is still available, though these products do tend to come and go after several months on the market. You’ll have to check with their website.

  11. It is a total scam. I ordered the free trial when I tried cancel they had already pre charged my account.

    Lucky for me I kept fighting it. Go to your local health store or gnc is safer

    1. Hey Malika, is a review website. We don’t have any affiliation with this product, so you’ll have to contact the company you made your purchase from to cancel your order or billing.


  12. I called after receiving my “free trail” the individual on the line spoke in circles continuously talking over me I made my statement clearly ” I would like to cancel my subscription until I can test the product for a 30 day trial before you start hanging me $93 for a product I have not fully tested and seen the outcome to” then the man started trying to extend the trail a week I said no thank you then proceeded to tell me I have to be charged for the product and must return it after three more attempts to get me to purchase the product anyhow even if it works he was a scripted work from home scam artist. They should be up front about any billing and a free trial is supposed to be FREE not get it try it a few days and pay for it and send it back

    1. That’s funny I just got off phone from canselling the products and the lady was tryen to over talk me the whole time and she said that they don’t take back open bottles ..And I told her that it would be false advertisment ..because in order to try something you have to open the bottle etc so I’d slap a law suit against them etc and of course she canseled the products and I can keep the bottles and won’t charge me the 9.99 she was tryen to charge me ….so funny how they try and scam people and scare them ..luckily I got an attorney on call lol…
  13. I am in the market for some muscle gain and weight loss, what would you recommend, i weigh about 240-250lbs and am 6 foot 2, i lift 5 times a week and diet for those 5 days but would like to use some supplements, what do you recommend.
  14. Well the benefit of the biomusclexr scam is I found this page when I couldn’t find any answers anywhere. Thanks Rob Miller, they did get me for 29.99 but I should have kept reading your reviews and the others comments could have gotten away Scott free.

    But still better than 80$. I’m 40’and just started hitting gym serious with my wife just looking for that time I can be not ashamed of my body.

    Thanks again and I’ll be around signing up for that 52 page get lean too.
  15. Why would anybody be so gullible and naive to believe Biomuscle XR’s statement that it “just melts away fat and builds muscles with little effort”. That’s not the way it works.

    I don’t believe that the photos are photoshopped because make a living using and teaching Photoshop.

    The truth is that these before and after shots are likely real. What is misrepresented is that these people, in reality, spent months pumping iron under the guidance of personal trainers.

    Who is going to be gullible enough to believe that getting this ripped isn’t a great deal of extremely hard work and commitment and not the result of taking some magical supplement.

    Too many, it appears.

    But It’s total B.S. This company is likely somewhere on the website with scores of scathing complaints about the misrepresentation Biomuscle uses ubiquitously in its promotions. One doesn’t find the negative reviews on the Biomuscle website because the vast majority of them are plants or customers who are just expressing their excitement over getting their ‘FREE” supply and can’t wait to try it out.

    They have no idea that Biomuscle “owns” them unless they cancel their order within the 14 days.

    What Biomuscle is doing in their promotions and billing and so-called free bottle promotion is a violation of the Fair Trade Practices Act and should be reported to the proper agencies who can order Biomuscle to cease and desist from
    misrepresenting their product and misleading the customer that they will get a free bottle with no strings attached except for the $6 shipping and handling fee. Deception this extensive borders on the criminal.

  16. Hey Rob,
    I’m very frustrated is there anything out there naturally that really works for ED? That will really make me want my wife all the time sexually increasing my libido and making me rock hard??

    Thank you for your time and efforts!


    1. Hey Mike,

      Check out VigRx Plus. It’s the best daily male enhancement supplement I’ve tried and it’s been clinically proven to work. You may have to adjust your expectations a little though. It’s a supplement, not a miracle cure.

  17. I had tried the Bio Muscles XR and it did nothing for me and what really pissed me off is that I was told that it was a trial and I wouldn’t be automatically billed and sent another bottle unless I like it then I would have to order more,yet I was charged $89.00 for a bottle of XR.I called them and told them I didn’t authorize them to take any money from my account,but they did.I’d say it’s a scam and it doesn’t work and I suggest you beware…
  18. Just want to say Thanks Rob as I just called and cancelled my BioXR for any other orders to come after the free trial funny thing though the lady said well seeing it’s your free trial I can give you a discount today for a one time payment of $29.99.I said how can that be when I have already paid you your $5.99 for the free trial bottle then she went on to say I can do even better and give it to you for $9.99 for a one time offer I said I have already paid for this and no.Like you said they did try to offer an extended trial base which I said no they did cancel and I told them to email me the cancelation and conformation number in which she did lol unreal but I will try this product just to see thanks once more.
    1. Hey Mark,
      You need to be doing the right types of exercises to help boost your metabolism. Specifically you’ll want to build more muscle by lifting heavy, and your cardio should include a High Intensity Interval Training component.

      Click Here to sign up for my free “Get Ripped” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info to help you pack on lean muscle, and provides plenty of examples of HIIT.

      Supplement wise, check out a fat burner called Instant Knockout. It contains a healthy dose of caffeine and other metabolism boosting ingredients that work great in conjunction with the ebook.

      Here’s my review:

      I would also recommend you stack it with a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut. Nitrocut delivers nitric oxide production, which will intensify your workouts and act to amplify the effects. Here’s my review:

  19. Hey. I too fell for the scam.

    Luckily I cancelled the order within 2 minutes of placing it – I was however told that the order has already shipped and they cannot cancel the free trial order itself (must be the worlds best service warehouse EVER with FedEx waiting for your order – 2 minutes!!). Anyway, the shipping and handling fees are non-refundable, and they confirmed that my account has been closed and all future charges have been cancelled.

    I am now on week 3 since the accidental lapse in judgement, and so far no further charges to my account. They have confirmed that the trial bottle is mine to keep and that all my charges have been cancelled.

    Will keep you posted if anything changes.

    Best to visit a GNC next time and buy something legit!!
  20. I just received my trial bottle. About 3 days ago.

    How do I cancel? And will i have to ship my order back?

    I also used a prepaid credit card, so will the effect me at all?
    1. Hey Mark,

      Give their customer service a call right away to find out the details of canceling your trial. The number I found for them is 866-356-7277.

      I’m not sure whether or not you’ll have to ship it back to them. Some companies make you do it.

      Others don’t. Make sure you call them within 14 days of the day you first placed your order.

  21. I noticed the subscription charge a day after ordering the free trial. So I went ahead and emailed them, getting an email directly stating that I will not receive any future charges.

    I’m thinking about calling them, just to be sure it’s actually cancelled. On a side note, 6$ for one bottle, lol I think it’s worth it.

  22. If I ordered that bio muscle XR , and I wanted to cancel it I would change my credit card number immediately they cannot bill you anymore, Little bit inconvenient but save you the hassle him long run
  23. Thanx I almost fell for this scam but when they asked for the credit card info, I said hmmm why haven’t I heard anything EVEE about this product from anyone that I ever worked out with. Turns out it IS INDEED a COMPLETE SCAM, and you’re better off not taking anything then paying 180 dollars a month for these whatever pills.

    Use isopure, and something for preworkout. No one needs to look like “the Rock” it’s unnatural looking and the result of steroid use which in turn, kills you.

    Healthy diet, maybe a supplement, good workout routine, dicipline, high protein low carbs. And that’s free.

    So, yea. Thanks again for exposing these creeps.

    1. Precisely, and glad I could help! Sign up for my free “How To Get Lean, Ripped, and Strong Quickly” ebook, it’s got all the necessary info to get you on the right track. Supplements optional 🙂

    1. Hey Johnny,

      You’re right. Lot’s of guys use that method when they can’t get these companies to stop charging them.

      1. After reading all of these reviews. It’s the first the thing that came to my mind.

        So guys. If you ordered it less than 14 days I’d HIGHLY SUGGEST to go to your bank and request a new bank card.

        Before these douches take your money. Thanks Rob.

  24. Hey Rob

    I made the order and then realized that this supplement is an absolute scam. I received the pill bottle today and called them to cancel my subscription.

    Since I have these pills, I thought I might as well try them out. I just have a few questions about biomuscle xr that I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet.

    1. Do I take this as a pre-workout type supplement and take it like 30 minutes before my workout? Or could I take one earlier in the day and still be energized for my workout?

    2. Do I HAVE to take two a day consistently or could I preserve these and take one for the days that I would work out?
    3. Is it okay for me to take other supplements such as whey protein after a workout while I am on biomuscle xr?

    1. Hey Josh,

      I can’t really answer your dosing question definitively. I haven’t used it myself and or even seen the bottle or packaging in person.

      I would think the dosing information would be somewhere on there. But if it’s not, I think the main thing is that you try to keep the time you take it as consistent as possible from day to day.

      I usually start off any new supplement at a low dose to assess its effectiveness and to mitigate any potential side effects. So, yeah definitely try one pill to see if it works.

      As for the whey or other post workout supplement, that should be totally fine.

  25. Okay, we now know that the advertisement is misleading for trail payment. My question is does this supplement really work?

    1. Hey Richard,

      Think about it. If it were effective (and worth the money), would they be using this scammy marketing technique?


  26. this isn’t about the actual product but the gimmick they use to sell it.. my underage son fell for the $5.95 one time trial and in one month they have taken over $300.00 out of his checking account. I personally would not have fallen for this but he’s a teenage boy and figured these pills would help him with his work out but instead these low life scums just drained his wallet of money he works hard for.

    I wouldn’t even give it one star but I needed to check one off to submit this warning
  27. Hi,

    I am not really an avid weightlifter, and I go to the gym to do mostly cardio about 2 to 3 times a week. Looking for a supplement with no side effects or stimulants that can increase my muscle mass, and burn fat.

    Can you suggest anything?
    1. Hey Thomas,
      Check out a supplement called Nitrocut, would be perfect in your case. No stimulants, no side effects, and it gives you a healthy, all natural energy to help you power through your gym sessions. Here’s my review:

      Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for my free “Get Ripped” ebook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to help you get the best results.

  28. Hey Rob,
    In what was supposed to be a 5min mail check, one click led to another&I found your site while tracking down a BiomuscleXR link. Now, sorry for length but check this out.

    In July I saw the fake “TMZ article” &thought it seemed really worth it so I entered my info on their order form but changed my mind before the credit card entry after seeing the fine print. Sadly, I worked for Jordan “Wolf of Wall Street” Belfort’s Med-Care scam in Boca Raton years ago&we had a similar set-up so I already knew they had my info in real time despite never pressing send or entering my credit card.

    Sure enough, it was 2-3 days before the EXTREMELY aggressive calls started 9, 12, 15x’s a day from 7AM to 10:15PM from a (754) prefix in the Western S. Broward/N.

    Dade area which I Googled&it turned out that they’ve been endlessly reported for harrassment&they peddle all sorts of B.S.,but mostly very over-priced fish oils, libido enhancers, prostate aids, and/or other health&testosterone supplements. Finally, after a week I answered a few calls&each time it was very poor-speaking telemarketers&terribly broken English that was barely understandable&each time I tell them; it’s illegal to have my number& take it off your list&each day they call again.

    Finally, I had someone at my job in HR use our reverse search program, and I got the company’s info&called their main office (b/c if you call back the other line you just get a fax beeping). I called repeatedly through that day, giving them a taste oftheir own medicine&threatened to come down there, raise some hell, call the cops&also get their owners’ name off the public state registry for the business license& then promised start calling his house all night, every night.

    After that, I never heard from them again, but I wanted so badly to go down there (it’s like a big call-center in the Plantation, FL area) & just start a one man war vs them, but as fun as that seemed, I knew then it was time to stop before I got myself in trouble. However, if you wanna uncover anything, I’m sure if you go to that TMZ ad&list your phone number but nothing else&then cancel out you’ll have those sharks circling&calling too.
    Otherwise, I wanted to say, I’m a former Florida H.S. (Spanish River), college (FSU) & pro (AVP) v-baller from the 90’s who played briefly on tour till my knees were shot from years of indoor&I ended up stopping everything active&healthy after that.

    However, I’m very impressed&happily surprised to find such a knowledgeable, thorough & well-orchestrated site. I truly hope you maintain that unbiased system of judgement&reviews, as well as that your recommendations never are “for sale” nor influenced by other means because (in my opinion) this site is a tremendously valuable resource for myself as well as the entire supplement community.

    I’ve seen A LOT OF THESE SITES over the years&if it’s not owners’ kickbacks, it’s unfounded supplement advice&recommendations based on personal opinion that lack the science or supreme depth you put in&on every page from ingredient breakdowns to pics of results, labeling on bottles, etc.. Seriously Rob, you’ve done a tremendous job.

    Lastly, I’m at a crossroads because after 28yrs of gym life&living all of this to keep an 8-pack or 6% body fat, and yet still add mass when I could year round while playing v-ball each morning&trying to book modeling jobs in SOBE each night all ripped-up&ready to go, I totally left it all&for 10+ years (now 39) am considering going back because while I’m not overweight, I do need to be healthier. Hopefully, this site may bring the interest back, Thanks for your time&again, your excellent job&I apologize for the length. (P.S.- I used to be a big fan of VPX labs&use all their stuff back in the day from Paradeca to Andro-5, etc..I still always see Redline&their protein stuff in stores&they’re still way expensive.

    It always worked back then, but how are they as a lab now?)
    1. Hey Jared,

      I’m glad you like our website. As for VPX, I’ve always liked their stuff.

      But they did get in a little hot water over having DMBA in their Redline White Heat pre workout. They definitely go hardcore.

  29. I order the Biomuscle and Testosterone supplement and after reading this article cancelled the same day it arrived. I was told to ship back the unopen bottles at my expense and I would only be charge $5.95 for shipping.

    Well, I removed 14 capsule from each bottle as that was supposed to be the trail period before billing starts. I hope they don’t bill me for opening the product.

    I mean, How are you suppose to try the product if you don’t open it????
    1. Hey Richard,

      I don’t think they’ll charge you. These free trials usually let you send back empty bottles.

      They try to get you any way they can, but I don’t think even they can justify not letting you open the trial bottle.

  30. Just wanted to warn that even when you call within 14 days they tell you that you have to be charged for the bottle(30day supply).
    Even when I ranted about how deceitful the add was & I would make my bank aware of this, flag the website etc… They called themselves compromising & said they’ll have to charge me $19.99 & cancel further shipments.

    The Company is ridiculous! Claming that all you have to do is pay for shipment & the trial is free but with intentions to overprice you for the bottle.

    Sounds unlawful right?
  31. Thanks for the info. I went round and around with a telemarketer at least twice after ordering my “free” sample to make sure any hidden order was canceled.

    After ready your article I called again to follow up.

    They said that they had no cancellation but that they would cancel any future orders. I explained that I had canceled earlier.

    She explained that they had no record of the cancellation and that the $89+ was non-refundable.

    I told her that I understood and that I would contact my credit card company about the charge. Miraculously the charge became refundable.

    I just have to wait to see if the credit shows up on my bill.
  32. Another instance where this product if a fake. I was just reading an article where the Rock was arrested.

    (Link Removed)

    At the bottom Danny Luther, a member of TMZ (Not True) took a 4 week challenge.

    The problem is that Danny Luther is also featured with the same article as working for ESPN. The ESPN story is where I found first found this product and ordered it.

    This product is a total scam.

    Also another note. In all of the articles promoting this product it states that you must give it 2 weeks before you will see any benefits of the products.

    That 2 week time span will put you over the 14 day money back guarantee from the day you order the product. Since you are over the 14 day mark they will charge your credit card and not give a refund.

  33. Thanks Rob for your website and reviews. This was the only site I found that wasn’t another promotion for the product.

    Like many before me, I missed the autoship program until reading your review. So I read the Terms and Conditions on their website before calling the Customer Service number where I had to say “no” to the service rep about 5 times with her offering me a cheaper price each time.

    Then she tried to charge me $19.95 for the trial product they already sent me. I refused and she said I can ship back the unopened bottles or pay for them for a $19.95 one-time fee.

    I asked to speak with her supervisor and she told me he was busy and that I needed to call back. I told her I would wait.

    When the supervisor finally came on the phone, he held to the fact I need to be charged for the trials. I had to direct him to the Terms & Conditions page on the BioMuscle website and point out section 2.1 before he relented and allowed me to keep the existing bottles and cancel my autoship membership. I hope my comments help other readers to know their rights and not get tricked by this trial scam.

  34. Thanks for the heads up Rob. I did order the product with a feeling that it was to good to be true.

    Just received my order last night and took one pill this morning. After reading your article I called and they said that since I opened the bottle they could not refund.

    As soon as I fought back a little they told me to keep the product and cancelled my subscription with confirmation numbers. Thank you so much for supplying the phone number.

    If not for this article I never would have seen the $90.00 per bottle coming my way.
    1. Sorry, Kevin. We are a review website and don’t sell products.

      In fact, we specifically recommend against buying BioMuscle XR for the exact reason that you wrote. It’s called a free trial scam.

      When you signed up for the free trial, you inadvertently signed up for an autoship program as well. It was there in the fine print, but most guys miss it like you did.

      You’ll have to call them to try to straighten things out. I don’t know if they’ll return your money, but if you don’t call and cancel, you’ll see the same charge every month.

      I can’t find their phone number. Call your bank or credit card company.

      They will have a number you can reach them with.

  35. Your program is terrible. How can anyone try your product before making a decision to continued?! 14 day trials should start not the day you order but the day you receive!

    It took more than half the days to even receive the product. Yes I will be sharing this to others on all media outlets!

    1. Sorry to hear buddy, but we don’t sell this stuff. If you read the review above you’ll see we actually recommend against it.

  36. Please help, I just placed an order for the free trial and called about 10 minutes later to cancel and they said they are not pulling up anything with my name or credit card information nor confirmation number.. I want to cancel ASAP .

    1. Hey Selena,

      I would call them again after a day or so to give their system a chance to update. Then, if they still don’t have your information, I would say you’re probably canceled.

      If by chance you receive the product, call then to cancel.

  37. Rob,
    Thanks for the warning. I just received the “free trial” bottles last night and called and cancelled this morning.

    There is no way that anyone could actually see results in the few days one has to try the product before they charge $89. I personally would have had about 6 days!

    They do try to talk you into it, but simply saying no 10 times worked for me. Cumbersome RMA process for the “unused portion”, so best to simply not order this at all.

    Thanks again, Eric
    1. That’s disgusting that they would ask for unused pills be returned. How do they know they won’t be tampered with?

      How can they get away with re using those!?
    2. Hey Eric, How was your cancellation? You returned that Trial Bottle and then when they receive it its cancelled?

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