HyperGH 14X Real Review and Results

By: Rob Miller
4 User Reviews
Fact Checked On: 3-31-2020

Note:  This is a review.  Click Here To Visit The Official HyperGH 14X Website

Want to realize the benefits of human growth hormone legally and naturally without painful injections and visits to your doctor? Then HyperGH 14X might be for you.

Similar to other products we’ve reviewed, Hyper GH is a sophisticated high releaser that uses a potent combination of vitamins and amino acids to naturally stimulate your body’s production of human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone or HGH is a powerful and complex anabolic hormone critical for muscle growth, skeletal growth, and general health.

Of course, it is not without its risks or its controversies, but either way, HGH is a very powerful hormone that can provide a wealth of benefits for people.

Some people suffer from a natural deficiency and are prescribed injections of an artificial substitute, but HGH can offer a number of benefits for healthy individuals, especially athletes.

My Results With HyperGH 14x

I had a chance to personally test out a 3 months supply of HyperGH 14X, and I have to say the results were pretty amazing.  The directions stated to take the oral capsules and the spray 2X a day, and for the first few days I didn’t see any major difference.

But then after the first week or so I started to notice very subtle changes, like not feeling sore after a pretty heavy workout session and better quality of sleep.

3 Weeks in is where the major changes started to happen.  For the first time in about 12 years, I actually started to see definition in my mid-section again.

Before you could just barely make out my top 2 ab muscles, but now they were all starting to show.

What was even better was, unlike when I was 21 with a scrawny but ripped physique, I actually had packed on a decent amount of muscle.  I’m not gonna say I looked like Thor or anything, but there was a very, very noticeable difference.  The fact that my body was chhypergh14x reviewanging didn’t get passed on the ladies as well… 😉

I also noticed that my overall energy and mood was significantly enhanced.  I was sleeping better, having better sex, and just felt overall better.  I would say that it worked pretty similarly to some of the T-Boosters I tried in the past, but without any side effects.

I decided to cycle* HyperGH 14x and take a week off, so I could continue seeing benefits.  After about 3 months I had gained about 15 lbs. of pure muscle, and felt like I achieved the body I had been looking for.  Since then, I have cycled it on and off from month to month, and the benefits are still there.

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How Does HyperGH 14X Work?

So how does Hyper GH give you such great results?  Well, HyperGH 14X uses a combination of 15 all natural ingredients that are responsible for helping you build lean, hard muscle, recover faster, strip away fat, and enjoy more restful sleep. These include:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Valine
  • L-Ornithine
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Astragalus Root Extract
  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
  • Colostrum
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Powder
  • Phosphatidyl Choline
  • GTF Chromium

Click Here to see a picture of the label.

For those of us not in the medical field, that list is a little intimidating, but, as you’ll see, their effects are not very complicated. Nearly half of the ingredients — anything starting with “L” — are amino acids, and amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscle and other tissue. Your body uses these building blocks for a variety of reasons, explaining why so many are included in just one bottle of HyperGH 14X.

For example, L-arginine releases nitric oxide into your bloodstream, and nitric oxide forces your blood vessels to dilate, promoting better circulation. L-glutamine is believed to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland, which is responsible for excreting testosterone. More testosterone, of course, is great for building muscle. L-valine and L-lysine are base proteins essential for muscle growth and tissue recovery. L-tyrosine and L-glycine improve the quality of sleep and reduce stress, and, finally, L-ornithine facilitates the removal of ammonia and increases the efficiency of energy consumption.

Does HyperGH 14X actually work?

Heck yeah it does!  I was actually pretty surprised at my results, as I originally thought these all natural HGH supplements were a crock of s$%t.  While the spray has kind of a nasty taste to it, there is nothing a little gatorade washdown cant handle.  I would say that for anyone looking to augment their current supplement regimen seriously consider using HyperGH 14X.  For the value and the results, it’s pretty unbeatable.  I would also suggest you get AT LEAST a 3 months supply, but consider the 6 months supply as it can take quite a bit of time to start working just right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe to take?

For all intents and purposes, yes.  I never experienced any side effects from HyperGH 14x, but of course there is always a possibility.  As long as you follow the directions on how to take it you should have no adverse effects.

How Do I Take It?

The directions on the label say that you should take both of the pills and the spray 2x a day.

Can I just take the pills instead of the spray?

Well, you could, but personally I don’t think you would get the same results.  The spray is supposed to be used in conjunction with the pills, because I believe it helps you absorb the ingredients much more efficiently.

Will I pop a drug test?

I researched the ingredients thoroughly, and none of them seem to trigger a false positive or cause you to “pop hot” on a drug test.  I would recommend you bring the supplement with you to the lab and let them know you are taking it to avoid any red flags.

Where can I buy it?

As of this review, HyperGH 14X is only available on their official website, www.HyperGH14X.com.  If you come across it on any other sites then it is most likely a counterfeit product and you should avoid it at all costs.  It’s a bit on the expensive side, with a one month supply coming in at $79.99.  If you order larger quantities you can receive a pretty hefty discount, but unfortunately I have not found any coupon or discount codes you can use to get it cheaper.

Will it help me grow taller?

From what I can tell, I don’t think it’s intended to work that way.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is any supplement on the market that can actually help to grow you taller.  Anyone who makes this claim is likely not telling you the whole truth.

From a scientific standpoint, it is just simply not possible and any product that is telling you to expect height gains is doing little more than blowing smoke.

Is HyperGH 14X legal in the UK, Australia, and Canada?

After pouring over the ingredients and checking with the regulatory agencies in these countries, I don’t see any that are subject to a ban.  That being said, the rules change all the time, so check with your local commerce department on the latest info.

Who Makes HyperGH 14X?

This supplement is manufactured in a cGMP facility and distributed by a company called Leading Edge Health.

Visit The Official HyperGH 14X Site To Learn More

* Cycling Explained: For those that don’t know what cycling means, it involves taking time off from using a supplement so that your body does not develop a tolerance.  This time varies for each supplement, and in some cases, is not necessary at all.


I used to think that HGH releasers were a bunch of crap, but I can tell you after testing HyperGH 14X that this is simply not the case.

Most guys don’t think about the importance of getting a good nights sleep, and the kind of effects that has on their overall muscle gains.

I’m now a firm believer that gains are built both the gym AND the bedroom.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying HyperGH 14X for any length of time, I would say it’s time to pull the trigger.

One thing I will note is that you should plan on ordering at LEAST a 3 months supply if you’re looking to get the best results.

One box isn’t going to do much, and you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Also, be sure to order it from their official website (www.HyperGH14x.com) to take advantage of discounts and coupons.

Have You Used HyperGH 14X?  Leave Your Review Below!

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User Questions and Answers

Can this product use by women? -Meiying

Absolutely. There's nothing in HyperGH 14X that doesn't work or isn't right for women.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
24 out of 24 people found this question helpful.

I know you mentioned that women can use HyperGH14X as well. But doesn't it have testosterone in it? Isn't testosterone a hormone for men only? And how much testosterone does it actually release? I just want to loss the hard to get rid of fat in my thighs, butt, and abdominal area but also tone a bit. I don't want to end up looking like a guy because of the testosterone. You know what I mean? ? -Ashley

No worries.  There is no testosterone in HyperGH 14X, and it doesn't cause your natural testosterone levels to be elevated.  Women do have testosterone, however. Much less than men, but you still have it.  Regardless, you may be more interested in a fat burner, like Instant Knockout.  It would probably help you lose fat a little more directly.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
18 out of 20 people found this question helpful.

What are the ingredients -Rob

The 15 ingredients in HyperGH 14X include amino acids, herbal extracts, and other natural ingredients.  They are L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, L-Valine, L-Ornithine, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Astragalus Root Extract, Deer Antler Velvet, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Colostrum, Pituitary (Anterior) Powder, Phosphatidyl Choline, and GTF Chromium.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
10 out of 12 people found this question helpful.

Just ordered Mind Lab Pro, and am looking forward to using it. My primary concern IS mental nimbleness and clarity, but I need max energy too. And strength. I know I should probably use Mind Lab Pro for a period of time, before starting something else. Is HyperGh 14x safe to stack with MindLab? How long should I use MindLab alone, before judging if I even need HyperGh? How long do I wait to start, and if I cycle them (is that what it's called?) should I take time off from both at once, or alternate them? Thanks!! -Terri

These two serve very different purposes and work in completely different ways. Taking them together is not a problem at all (Think of it like taking Vitamin C and Calcium at the same time).  But  I completely agree with taking the Mind Lab Pro on its own at first to see if it covers all your needs.  Give it a month before deciding.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
5 out of 5 people found this question helpful.

Can i use it? I am 21 years old and weight is 53kg. Is it safe to use? Any side effects? Cheers -punk

While no supplement can claim to be completely free of all potential side effects, HyperGH 14X is very safe.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
5 out of 6 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded SupplementCritique.com over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. How do I submit my first and only question I care about without getting bogged down in the extra sales BS?
  2. What dosing would a 110# 54 year old woman take? Same amt. as on the packaging?

    Want definition and to build.
    thx. 😉
  3. U mention in your hypergh14x review that you cycle monthly yet later in the review u mention buying 3 boxes cause one box wont do much. Just a little confused as to what to do as far as cycling with the hypergh14x.

    Thanks Rob
    1. Hey Ryan,
      Yeah basically it’s cheaper to buy multiple boxes of HyperGH 14X at once vs. one box at a time. I’ll buy a 3 – 6 month supply, but cycle that over a 9 month period or so.

      Hope this clears things up!
  4. Hi Rob,

    Already taking Prime male and would like to add HyperGH to my stack for both health and anti-aging purposes (I’m 43)

    But looks like PM and HyperGH are both “the same”. The latter promotes lean mass and fat burning as a t-booster does.

    Could you please explain me more the difference between them?

    1. Hey Francisco,

      They are definitely complimentary in that they help you lean, fit, and more energetic, but they work differently. Prime Male focuses on raising testosterone levels naturally, while HyperGH 14X boosts Human Growth Hormone.

      Boosting testosterone will help increase lean muscle and energy, and it will improve your sex drive. Boosting HGH helps you get better sleep, helps increase lean muscle, and helps maintain youth.

  5. I’m looking to get back in the fitness game after having a double bypass surgery four years ago. Is HyperGH 14X safe for former heart patients?

    TestoFuel and Prime Male as well? I’m 46, looking to drop 20 pounds or so and pack on some lean muscle mass.

    Thanks for the help.
    1. Hey Steve,
      Sorry for the late reply. If you had / have a heart condition, really your best bet is to check with your doctor. I’m not qualified enough to make that call, only he will be able to tell whether or not it’s safe for you to take. With that said, yeah a good starting point supplementation wise would be to stack HyperGH 14X (http://www.HyperGH14X.com) along with Prime Male (http://www.PrimeMale.com).

      The two work GREAT when combined, and will help to give you fast weight loss and lean muscle growth. Here’s my review of Prime Male in case you haven’t seen it yet: https://www.supplementcritique.com/prime-male-testosterone-booster-review/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!
  6. I am 42 and looking to loose 15 pounds and put on some lean muscle should I stack hyper gh 14 with a testosterone booster like testorx or am I better off stacking it with something like instant knockout? Thanks

  7. Two quick ones
    1. What’s a good supplement to cycle this with for fat burning?
    2. What’s a good cycle period, as in how long should I use one and how long should the break be?
    Not interested in testosterone stuff and used hypergh 14x and I’d like to use it again if that helps narrow it
      1. Is there a fat burner that has low caffeine? I already suffer from sleep problems and have to take melatonin so I try to stay away from it.

    1. Hey Abel,

      Yes, it can. Most fat burners contain stimulants, so you don’t want to stack them with other supplements that contain stimulants, but this one doesn’t so it would be fine.

    1. Hey Dan,

      They call it a rejuvenation supplement, but a look at the ingredients makes it look like a male enhancement/testosterone booster. Let me know if you’re looking for something in particular, and I’ll recommend something I’ve used personally.

  8. How are you doing you had recommend me a l-citrulline n I went out bought a bottle I didnt write down the the bottle I bought but got one with a 1000mg specialty 120 veggie capsules n I don’t believe this the right one if can recommend a better brand please let me know
  9. I am trying to build bigger muscles because I play baseball and what would you suggest me get and I workout 5times a week
    1. Hey Arnie,

      They don’t offer a free trial, per se. But your purchase is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

    1. Hey Buddy,
      First off, I’m sending you my free “How To Get Larger, Stronger, and More Powerful” eBook. It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercises you should be doing to help gain mass and strength.

      Supplements wise, I would recommend you stack HyperGH 14X (http://www.HyperGH14X.com) along with a testosterone booster called Testofuel. Using both in conjunction WILL give you great results, check out my review of Testofuel here: https://www.supplementcritique.com/my-personal-testo-fuel-review-and-results

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    2. Hey leitor,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  10. If you taking testosterone supplements can you take Hypergh 14X together ? I was reading hypergh 14x has testosterone booster in it already ..

    1. Hey Cory,
      Good question. HyperGH 14X (http://www.HyperGH14X.com) does contain Tribulus Terrestris, which can have an effect on testosterone levels. However, it’s not in a significant quantity, so the effect is minimal.

      If you’re looking to stack it with a t booster I would recommend using it in conjunction with Testofuel. The two pair very well together, check out my review here: https://www.supplementcritique.com/my-personal-testo-fuel-review-and-results
  11. Hey rob come to this site just about everyday. I have experienced some ed problems i purchased extenze 2 weeks ago and it works pretty good.

    I just added Pycnogenol 100mg going to see if it enhances the effect. I got the extenze because my ed was causing trouble with my relationship my girl is 24 and i am 42 i knew i had to do something when she said she wasnt fully satisfied because i couldnt get an erection or keep one and she didnt want to because she loved me so much but thought about sleeping with other guys with bigger and harder erections but since i have taken extenze the issue doesnt come up anymore but to make a long question short can i take hghx14 and extenze and have better effect and also wondering is ethel ester arginine better than aakg and l arginine and would that boost my extenze ( take extenze 1 to 2 x a day) and also read articals that nothing will make your member bigger but i know there has to be a way.

    I know im asking alot but really curious. Also would like a good supplement that has 40% to 60% icariin and heard catuaba, butea superba, yohimbe, tribulis, okg, and pycnogenol are the best supplements to take for ed.

    I know applied nutriceuticals RPM has 40% icariin and l arginine but nothing else is there any supplement that has it all or should i just try adding the thigs that are missing. Sorry so long just so much out there.

    Thanks Rob
    1. Hey John, Glad I could help! Yeah I don's see any problem combining HyperGH 14X (http://www.HyperGH14X.com) with Extenze. However, I don't think this is the best course of action for you. Personally speaking, I would say you're probably suffering from reduced testosterone production. In that case, I would actually recommend you supplement with a product called Testofuel. It's by FAR the best testosterone booster I've tested to date, and I've tested DOZENS of these products.

      Here's my review: https://www.supplementcritique.com/my-personal-testo-fuel-review-and-results

      It's also safe and effective to combine with Extenze. As far as getting bigger, you definitely have a few options. I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte.

      Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate. It's easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it's cheaper.

      Here's my reviews of each: Bathmate – https://www.supplementcritique.com/bathmate-hydromax-xtreme-review/

      Phallosan Forte – https://www.supplementcritique.com/phallosan-forte-review-does-it-really-work/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  12. Hey, Rob. I’m 20 years old, college baseball player. Been on HyperGH14x for almost two months.

    I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my sleep quality and strength gains, but fat loss hasn’t been profound. I want to lose fat, but stay within the same weight range.

    Considering I’m only 20 (and already have high GH levels), would you recommend me buying HyperGH14x for a third month? Also, will my recently-purchased Nitrocut help me lose fat?

    Your review of IKO was great, but I chose Nitrocut over IKO for now because I don’t want to lose too much weight. Thanks!

    1. Yeah you should be fine with the Nitrocut. Sorry I was a bit confused, when I saw you say “goal of shredding fat” I was thinking IKO would be a great fit.

      But yeah the Nitrocut should do the trick.
  13. I don’t know much about supplements I’ve just seen some people take creatine and my friend offered it to me before and I turned it down because I wasnt sure what it was but I’m not looking to loose like a bunch of weight sense I’m only 16 and been working out for 2 years now and I’m in good shape but I don’t want to get a big ol supplement that does everything just like a booster to help get more lean and gain some muscle a lil but easier.
    1. Hey Allen,
      Yeah because you’re 16 I’m hesitant to recommend anything to you. I would recommend you just up your protein intake to 1 gram for every lb. of body weight, and hit the gym!

      1. Hey Rob, I’m taking testosterone (p-6 ) I’m taking protein and sst fat burner for almost two years . I’m not see any difference in my body.

        I’m 40 years old . My muscle are not getting big .

        I work out 4 times a week. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong .

        Please help me
        1. Hey David,
          What’s your goal exactly? Are you looking to bulk up?

          Or are you looking to shred down fat / increase lean muscle? Let me know so I can make the best recommendation for you.

          1. I want the cuts in my arms and I want to bulk up , just a little I’m not over weight . I just have a belly .

  14. Both my with and I are in our mid 50s . I’m a truck driver and she’s a house wife .

    What products do you recommend for weight loss ? I suffer from fatigue as well !

    1. Hey Ted,

      Since diet and workout are the most important factors, sign up for my free weight loss ebook. It’s got a great plan to follow. A stack of Testofuel with Instant Knockout will be great for both of you. Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster (your wife can take it too) while Instant Knockout is a fat burner. Both will provide energy as well.

      1. Awesome ! Hopefully this works !

        My wife has tried numerous diets and supplements and nothing has worked to her satisfaction ! Thanx for the reply !

  15. Rob,
    I just wanted to follow up on a question I asked a few weeks ago in reference to the source of Hyper’s Pituitary (Anterior) Powder. Did they ever get back with you on that?

    1. Hey Arturo,

      Thanks for checking in. Yes, I heard back from HyperGH 14X, and they source their anterior pituitary powder from cows.

  16. Hi Rob,
    I am 64 years young,always been active,I have been thinking about trying GHR Platinum….. Not looking for building up,just want to maintain a healthy life style….

    Loose a few pounds and boost my energy levels ….
    What are your thoughts !!!!!!
    Bob ?

  17. Hey rob, steer me in the right direction in purchasing a product. I’m 56 years of age, I’m very athletic , but find myself struggling to keep at it .

    Lack of solid sleep, motavation is starting to slow down, feel ache, sore joints lost of libid somewhat. Prime male vs. Hypergh14x.?

    1. Hey Art,
      I just answered your other comment on another page. Based on the limited info you’ve given thus far, I think a combo of Prime Male and a supplement called Instant Knockout would be your best bet. The Prime Male will help with sleep quality (over time) and libido, and the Instant Knockout will provide motivation for your workouts.

      Here’s my reviews:

      Prime Male – https://www.supplementcritique.com/prime-male-testosterone-booster-review/

      Instant Knockout – https://www.supplementcritique.com/instant-knockout-fat-burner-review/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  18. What would your suggestion be if I was looking for a meal replacement powder or protein powder for women who don’t want to bulk and is not filled with sugar?
    1. Hey Megan,

      If you’re planning to use your protein shake as a meal replacement, go with Casein protein. It’s slower digesting than other forms so it will keep you feeling full longer.

      I don’t really have a favorite Casein myself, but I’ve heard Naked Casein is pretty good.

  19. I ordered testofuel and liked your review on HyperGh 14 x,
    Should I use both of them same time , or testofuel one month and HyperGh on the next month and interchanging .
    I need to lose 30 kg fat and to build muscle
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hey Dustin,

      Yes. It all depends on your diet and workout program.

      If you’re lifting heavy and eating a surplus of calories (clean eating), you’ll gain muscle with HyperGH 14X.

  20. I am planning to buy 3 month supply of hypergh 14x and want to stack it with instant knockout.Protein i am using is nitrotech which contains 3gm of creatine per serving.My goal is ripped and lean physique.So please advice me if this is ok or not and if it is ok , then how should i do the cycle.
      1. Hey rob,
        Thanks for the advice. I will use hypergh as directed and nitrotech protein post workout for recovery but you said use instant knockout as pre workout.

        So you mean to say only once a day i use it before workout. Can you please explain how to cycle instant knockout with hypergh.

        1. Hey Amit,

          Sorry for the confusion. No, take Instant Knockout twice a day – once in the morning before breakfast and once before your workout.

          On non-workout days, take it before your two earlier meals.

          1. Hey rob,
            Thanks again but one last question , what should be the serving size if will take twice daily.

  21. I’d really like you to help me out. In any way please.
    I am 18 and I’m really thin.

    I’m just about 60kg’s. I’ve been in that weight for a long long time.

    I tried too many supplements * protines * and I did not have any change. Is this good?^^ the pills and spray?

    Or should I take somthing else? Please do tell me.

    Thank you !
    1. Hey Mohammed,

      Diet and workout are very important for gaining weight. Download my free “getting strong” ebook for help with that part of things. You’ll need to eat a lot and lift very heavy. As for supplements, continue to use a protein shake (try 100% Whey Gold Standard) and also add Creatine to your stack.

  22. Hi Rob
    I have used Testfreak in the past and saw great result. Now am currently using hemavol as my preworkout and no other supplement; am debating on using testofuel or going back to Testfreak any advice? also should I stick with hemavol? am looking to reduce my body fat while gaining or maintaining muscles.

    Any recommendation for protein powder, am currently using phase8 by muscle tech. Thanks

    1. Hey Robert,

      I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’ll put in on the list and let you know when we get a review posted to the website.

  23. Hi Rob:

    I just want to know if you heard of GenF20® Plus? And if you tried it?

    Would you consider GenF20® Plus vs. HyperGH 14x?

    Which one would you consider.


    1. Hey Kevin,

      I haven’t personally used it, but we do have a researched review for GenF20 Plus. I think it’s a great product, and I’ve seen tons of positive feedback from customers. My personal preference is for HyperGH 14X because I had such a great experience with it. But I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.

  24. i dont know where to start.

    im 39 yrd old 170 pounds im skinny with a gut


    do i bulk up or get cut up first????
    1. Hey David,

      It really is just a matter of personal preference. You’re right that you can’t do them simultaneously.

      But really, the choice is yours. Do the one you think will make you feel better and more motivated to continue.

      When you decide, let me know and I’ll help you out with which supplement or stack to use.

  25. I am 52 (female), menopausal I’m sure, and seem to have been hit with the “old age” stick overnight! Its like I woke up one morning and felt muscle loss throughout my whole body, tired, unmotivated to workout.

    I have gained a lot of fat around my midsection and hips. I have always had a flat stomach so, this is very upsetting.

    I am tired of feeling old! Been looking at the HyperGH14x, the Phen375 and the Nitrocut.

    What do you suggest in fighting this age related issue?

    1. Hey Valerie,
      Sorry for the late reply. Definitely go with a stack of the Nitrocut and Phen375. You don’t need the HyperGH 14X, the other supplements will take of everything.

      That said, you also need to workout. Click Here to sign up for my free “How To Get Ripped, Lean, and Strong Quickly” ebook. It’s packed with tons of info on diet and exercise you should use in conjunction with the supplements for the best results.

  26. Rob,

    How are you cycling the product HyperGH 14X? Also, do you recommand taking this at the same time as Nitrocut and Testofuel?

    I am looking to pack on a high amount of lean muscle and add weight. If you do like this stack, what type of protein is your favorite?

  27. Rob,
    44 years old and can’t lose the stubborn fat around waist. Workout 4X a week and Bike ride 6X a week.

    Watch all my food intake and calories.
    Thinking about Nitrocut, Instant knockout and HyperGH 14X.
    Tried to order Crazy Mass Cutting Stack but not sure what is going on with them. almost 4 weeks now and no word or product.

    Called and emailed and no responses.
    1. Hey Sebastian,

      Crazy Mass has been on back order for a few of their products for a while now. They keep assuring me that they’ll be back in stock soon, but in your case, I wonder if your order actually went through. Check your credit card or bank statement to see if you’ve been charged yet. If you have, then you will get the product. If you haven’t, then yes, Nitrocut, Instant Knockout and HyperGH 14X would definitely be a good stack. And if you haven’t already, you should definitely sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for meal and workout plans.

  28. Hey Rob,

    Quick question and this may sound dumb but the doses of oral spray. They go in your mouth correct and it just 3 sprays in the morning before workout and 3 sprays before you sleep right(on the website it says 2x doses a day and each dose is 3 sprays)? and it’s okay after the 3 sprays to wash it down immediately with water or any liquid?

    1. Hey Steve,

      That’s right. 3 sprays in your mouth in the morning and 3 sprays in your mouth at bedtime. On workout days, take your morning dose before working out.

      You should keep it in your mouth for a about 30 seconds before swallowing. At that point, it’s fine to wash it down with another liquid.

  29. Hey Rob,

    I have a few questions for you,

    So, I’m about to purchase the 3 months worth to start my cutting phase and was wondering if you could continue with my normal cycle of creatine along with my dosage of protein shakes along with that ( i assume protein shake will be fine, but wasn’t sure about the creatine.) secondly, I was considering signing up for your free book, but is it fairly specific in terms of meals that will help you stay in-line during cutting phase?Lastly, I was thinking about buying Nitro, but I’ve tried “C4” before and it really didn’t do anything for me, so if i get nitro would that compliment HyperGH well? or what other product should i consider to aid to my cut process for summer?!

    Thanks for all your help Rob!

    1. Hey Conor,

      Creatine allows you to work out harder, with the end result of building more muscle faster. It’s generally not used in cutting cycles, and that’s mainly because of the bloating that it can cause. Definitely add Nitrocut to your stack. C4 has caffeine, where Nitrocut works without stimulants. I’ve used it with HyperGH 14X before with great success. I absolutely recommend you sign up for the ebook. The meals are pretty clearly laid out, but they’re flexible as well, so they should work well for you.

      1. Hey Rob,

        Final question- I purchased the 3 month supply of the product, but the NitroCut is too expensive for my college budget right now. Can you please recommend and products cheaper that do the job?

        Ripfire?No Xplode(caffeine i know). For now I could buy the 1 month supply and use that with the 3 month HyperGH and then as soon as I get paid buy the 2month supply and continue it.

        IS getting the one month bottle and using it with Hyper, my BEST bet for the time being?

        for all your help Rob

    1. Hey James,
      I haven’t taken a look at Avinobolic Deer Antler Extract yet. But if you give me a couple weeks, I’ll do that and write up a review.

      I’ll shoot you an email when it goes up on the website.

    1. Hey Mason,

      It shouldn’t be a problem, but you should bring the bottle label to the test with you just in case.

  30. Hey,

    Right now im in my bulking phase, sicne this product loses fat and builds lean muscle would it be best to use this when im cutting in a few months?
      1. Hey Rob,

        One last question, so I’m bulking first before i buy the Hypergh 14x, I was just wondering if Im doing it right, the bulking. Eating complex carbs and protein along with pre workout and post protein shake, I train arms 2 days a week (space them out equally) and in between those 2 arms days I throw in a shoulder,chest ,leg and back combo days.

        Always lifting heavy, low sets and reps. Is it ok if i put all those on one day?

        So it looks like this
        Monday -arms
        Sunday- chest legs, back, shoulder
        1. Hey Conor,

          For the workout,your Wednesday/Sunday schedule is a bit busy. It’s doable, but I would limit it to 1 – 2 exercises of each muscle group, except legs (you could do 3 – 4 exercises for that).

          The other days are perfectly fine.

  31. Is this product ok for women? I am 52, I work out 4-5 times per week and run on the treadmill also.

    Need to lose that middle age muffin top!
    1. Hey Jacquie,

      Absolutely. There’s nothing in it that’s harmful for women, and lots of women actually do use it to stay fit and young. I also recommend you give Nitrocut a try as your pre workout, and sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for plans and advice for meals and workouts. Your muffin top won’t stand a chance!

    1. Hey Jason,

      That depends on what you mean by “works”. You should feel more energy and you’ll get better sleep. But you won’t lose weight or put on lean muscle without doing the work of eating right and working out. For help on that end of things, sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook.

  32. Dear Rob,

    I’m playing basketball for my high school and while I’m not 100% sure I’ve finished puberty, I am almost sure I have stopped growing naturally. I haven’t seen much of an increase in growth in the last three years (I have been 6’0 since 8th grade) I want to grow taller (maybe a 6’2 or 6’3) can this supplement help me grow safely?

    1. Hey Jabari,

      These supplements are not recommended for anyone under 18. I would recommend you talk to your doctor.

      SupplementCritique.c om
  33. Hi. Rob im 28yrs old and have been taking hypergh12x for 5weeks nw. ive gaind some mass but doesnt seem to be losing lot of fats..
    would this product hypergh12x help lose chest fats? i dun have gyno but bit of chest fat..
    would this help if i keep taking it?

    1. Hey Jim,

      You can’t really spot reduce fat. If you keep taking the supplement while eating right and working out, you’ll lose the weight. I recommend you sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s got great plans and advice for meals and workouts to help you out. You could also add a fat burner called Instant Knockout to your supplement regimen.

  34. Hey Rob,

    Would drinking alcohol while taking this product be dangerous? I was wondering if a couple of drinks during the week would be safe, or I should cut it out completely.

    Obviously, no alcohol is always the best decision, but wanted to see if this combination could be harmful.


      1. When you say a few drinks what do you mean?
        Like 3-5 the whole week or a 6 pack over the weekend?
        And would it be dangerous if you did knock more than a few back?
        1. Hey Dan,

          Everybody’s tolerance is different. It’s not “dangerous” to drink alcohol with HyperGH 14X any more than it is to drink alcohol with any supplement.

          It’s just not advised to overdo it in general.

  35. Hey, just turned 40 yrs old and I’m starting to notice that keeping weight on is more and more challenging. (Currently 5’10” 162, but would like to add a little bit more mass.) I work out 5 days per week (sometimes 6), with about 15 minutes of cardio after each workout. I take Global Formulas Bio Force creatine product along with D-Testosterol TS (from GNC) before workouts and I take BioRhythm After Glow after workouts.

    Would HyperGH14x fit well into this routine/supplement line-up? Also would Nitrocut be a good addition? (Or if there’s another product you recommend more, open to that as well.)

    1. Hey AJ,

      Go with Nitrocut. You need a pre workout to get you pushing even harder and heavier than you already are. Also, sign up for my free “Getting Strong” ebook with workouts and meal plans to help you put on muscle weight. I know 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but cutting that out would help as well.

  36. Hi Rob, I’m looking to grow bigger and put on more mass. How would you compare HyperGH 14x to the Muscle Advance Creatine?

    Is one for lean muscle and one for bulk muscle? I wanted to start one before signing up with a trainer to optimize my gains.

    Also, you mentioned this helped you have better sex.

    Can HyperGH 14x replace the use of a male enhancement like Vigrx? Were you on Vigrx when you tested HyperGH?

    Thanks, JT

    1. Hey JT,

      You’ve got it exactly right. HyperGH 14X is more about lean muscle and overall well being, while Muscle Advance Creatine is what you want for packing on muscle weight. I didn’t use HyperGH 14X while using VigRx Plus, so the benefits were definitely coming from the HyperGH. The direct sexual benefits are better and more complete with VigRx Plus, but you may find you get all the help you need with the HyperGH.

      1. Thanks Rob! I like the positive side-effects of better sleep, mood, and energy you experienced.

        And you were able to put on 15lbs of muscle. So I’ll start with HyperGH and see how it goes.

    2. Rob, I am interested in this product, I’ve never taken anything other than whey protein and creatine, I’m curious about how long you have to take this product, like if you take it for 6 months get good result and then stop taking the supplement but continue working out, what will happen to your results?
      1. Hey RJ,

        The direct effects of the supplement will wear off once you stop taking HyperGH 14X, but the gains in muscle mass and strength that you achieve while you’re on it will last as long as you continue working out and eating right. That said, I’d go with 6 months of a 4 weeks on/1 week off cycle to ensure you really have the time to achieve those best results.

  37. Hey, I was just curious. I agree with all the supplements in this.

    I am wondering what exactly the spray does? Is it needed or are the pills really all that is required?

    If the HGH is metabolized through taking the pills, whats with the spray?
    1. Hey John,

      Some of the ingredients in the spray are the same as in the pills, but the spray also contains Alpha GPC which activates fast twitch muscle fibers and improves mental focus and clarity.

  38. Hey Rob..I am 51 years old and no stranger to the gym. I am coming off an arm injury and like you said have tried them all..I am really tired of spending all this money on supps I could probably retire on all I have spent.

    Is this hypergh really what it is cracked up to be..Reading some of your post you do seem straight up so, looking forward to your response..
    1. Hey Bob,

      I’m not sure if the science holds up, and the the stuff hasn’t been clinically tested, but I can honestly say that it works well for me. The most pronounced benefits for me are the great sleep and easy recovery.

      I feel ready for anything. Hope that helps.

  39. Hey Rob, I’m a teenager looking to gain weight while maintaining my milage, which is about 25 to 30 a week. I am strongly considering the use of amino acids in the future, though I noticed that this product contains deer antler velvet and other ingredients I’m not enthusiastic about using, which makes me wary of considering this product for use some time in the future.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hey Carl,

      I wouldn’t recommend using anything more than 100% Whey Gold Standard protein and Muscle Advance Creatine until you’re over 18. Most of the other supplements that attempt to affect hormone levels and such haven’t been tested on people under 18. It’s also going to be hard to gain weight with that much cardio in your routine. You’ll have to eat a ton of calories.

  40. Hey Rob, I have been taking Testofuel and Nitrocut for the past two months with good results, Could I add HyperGh to my daily intake. Thanks.

    Or should I alternate the Testo and Hyper. Any thoughts?

    I am running like 12-15 miles a week and started to lift again..

    This is what I started at…

    Hey Rob. I am 42 and have always been a very active person with fitness and sports.

    Feeling like age is catching up to me. Which one of your T boosters would you recommend trying first.

    I am currently running with some lifting… Thanks.
    1. Hey Mark,

      Keep up the great work! I would keep taking the Nitrocut consistently, and alternate the Testofuel and HyperGH 14X. I’ve gotten good results from both, though in slightly different ways. I slept really well with HyperGH14X, which came with all the benefits of being well rested, like great workout recovery. Testofuel is great with overall everyday energy. They both help lean you down. Cycling the two on and off while using Nitrocut will definitely give you results, and you’ll be able to tell which benefits you’re getting from which, and this is something I always try to do.

      1. Thanks. I think I will go three months on testo and then three months HyperGH.

        Does that sound ok, or should I cycle them both within the three month dose?

        Also Does the Nitrocut need to be cycled. Or can it continued to be taken throughout.

        Thanks Rob…
        1. Hey Mark,

          The 3 months on each schedule sounds right, and keep taking the Nitrocut the whole time. No need to cycle it.

  41. Hi Rob,

    I’m 23 years old, currently at about 120lbs.I go to gym 4 times a week and workout hard. Taking animal pak, ON serious mass and Arnold iron pump preworkout.

    But I can’t seem to be putting on much weight. Do you think I should take this HGH product?


    1. Hey Keith,

      What I would add supplement-wise is Muscle Advance Creatine. It’s been proven safe and effective for packing on muscle weight. I have a few other tips for you as well. Since gaining weight requires a surplus of calorie intake over calorie consumption, you need to eat more. Make sure you get lots of complex carbs in the morning and plenty of protein throughout the day. When you work out, lift heavy and limit or eliminate cardio. That should help. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  42. **I’m 23, 6’1″, and weigh 159 lbs. I work out 3 times a week and also do mountain biking, running, and Parkour.
    I currently take Hyper GH14x, and love the increased endurance it has given me thus far (it’s been about 3 weeks). I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on supplements, and GH14x seems to be the best one to have if you only have one.
    I mean if I had a choice between better overall endurance and strength (which 14x gives) or Nitrocuts longer workout endurance, the former sounds like a better bet.
    I’m just looking to get a good-looking, functional “Ninja-esque” physique (not really huge muscles), as well as greater strength and endurance.**

    1. Hey Jonathan,
      Glad to hear HyperGH 14X is working out so well for you. I agree that if it’s working you should stick with it.

      Let me know if you’re every looking for something else.

  43. Hey Rob,
    I’m 23. 5’7” 160 lbs 13% bf. Currently lifting 5 days a week.

    Taking whey protein, creatine, and casein protein before bed. Wanting to add about 20 lbs of muscle before cutting down to sub-10% bf.

    Would HyperGH 14x be worth adding to my supps?
    1. Hey Gavin,

      Not while you’re trying to put on weight, but when you move into your cutting cycle, adding HyperGH 14X will definitely help.

  44. Hi i m 23 years 5:8and 210 pounds i want to be a professional wrestler but m not satisfied with my height .so is there any chance to increase my height? recomende me something so i can full fill my dream I did’nt try any hgh yet . Plz help

    1. Hey Karan,

      There are a few products out there saying they can add height, but I’m sorry to say nothing has been scientifically proven, and most in the scientific community say it’s not possible. With that said, HyperGH 14X could help you with energy, mood, and focus as well as helping you build lean muscle mass.

      1. hey rob i’m 40 yrs old and just had shoulder surgery about 8mths ago. i’m looking to get to working out i’ve lost a lot of my size and gain weight is hypergh 14x the way to good or do u recommend something else
        1. Hey Chris,

          I’ve had great results with HyperGH 14X. It’s great for overall mood and energy, as well as solid sleep and recovery. Stack it with Nitrocut as your pre workout. It gives you awesome workout energy but without using any CNS stimulants. If you combine these two with the workout and meal program in my free “getting ripped” ebook, you’ll get the results you’re looking for. Be careful with your shoulder, of course. Make sure you adjust the workout for it.

  45. Hey Rob,
    just so were clear.. Is this product intended for use for men and women?

    I am a 41 year old female and would like to have anti aging benefits as well as boost my bodies ability to develope lean muscle and burn fat. Am i supposed to use the same dosage as a male? 2 in the morn 2 at night and the spray?
    in combination with my normal clean diet and exercise?

    1. Hey Shannon,

      HyperGH 14X is great for both men and women. The recommended dose is the same, but if I were you, I’d start out at half dose to see if it works. I do that with every new supplement I try, mainly to lessen any risk of side effects.

      But a side benefit is that if the lower dose works for you, a bottle lasts longer and you end up spending less money.

  46. Hey rob,

    Will taking hgh 14x and phen375 help achieve a really good ripped physique or since one is a fat burner will it nullify the results produced by the other?
    Thank you
    1. Hey Kevin,
      No, it doesn’t work like that. The HyperGH 14X will help with recovery and muscle building, and the Phen375 will help to burn off the stored fat deposits. No issues taking both at the same time.

  47. Rob,
    I have been visiting you site for quite a while and reached out to you a long time ago with some questions. I am 34 6’2″and about 187lbs. I took a hiatus from working out due to some knee problems.

    I am back now and have been attending CrossFit classes for a few months. I am not really seeing the progress like I hope I would.

    We normally perform an Olympic lift of some kind followed by High intensity rounds of various exercises. I am finally at a point where I am not getting terribly sore but I am finding my muscles are fatiguing quickly and am exhausted the following day.

    We do a lot of squatting. An example is the other day one of our rounds contained 200 body weight squats.

    After about 10, my legs were yelling no more.
    With all that being said, my goal is not to look big and huge. My goal is to get stronger and lose a little fat packed on around my mid section.
    I have seen your reviews about “testoFuel”, muscle advace creatine, HyperGH14x, Phen375, and Gold Standard whey.

    I try to abide by the 5meals a day plan. The mid-meals I normally put down some fruit, almonds, and occasionally a protein shake.

    I do try to get fast carbs and protein in within 30 minutes of post exercise.
    With all that being said what do you recommend and how would you take it?
    My daily schedule is get up at 5:00am, eat breakfast and go to work. I get back home and to the gym around 5:30pm.

    We are normally done by 6:45 and I am home by 7:00. I try to be in bed by 10:00pm.

    Please Help.

    1. Hey James,

      Sounds like you could use a great pre workout supplement to help you power through. Go with Nitrocut. It’s great because it works so well without using stimulants that make you all jittery. You also need something to help you recover better after workouts too. Protein is great, and you need it. But you could use something with BCAAs as well. Check out a product called AfterGlow from BioRhythim. Glad to see you back in it. Hang in there, you’ll get through and be better for it!

    1. Hey Kendall,

      Yep. It’s a natural supplement that encourages your body’s own HGH production process.

      There’s no HGH in it, and nothing that will show up on a drug test.

  48. Hi, is HyperGH 14X results permanent or do you have to keep taking it? Also can you take HyperGH 14X with an male enhancing pill like vimax and vigrx plus?

    1. Hey Max,
      The results you get from HyperGH 14X, and any supplement really, won’t be permanent. Once you stop taking it, the effects will slowly taper off as the ingredients work their way out of your system. Taking it with an enhancement supplement like Vimax or VigRx Plus is a great idea.

      1. Ok thanks. I also would like to if hgh 14x will age me or make me look older and I really don’t want to look like an old man.

        And does hgh 14x causes your hair to fall out or is it testosterone pils that does that? I am looking on combining vigrx plus with either testofuel or hgh 14x, out of the two which on will be better I also joined a gym so ill stick to whatever one you recommend.

        1. Hey Max,
          HyperGH 14X will actually have the opposite effect. Most guys say it makes them look younger. It smooths out wrinkles on your skin, helps you get better sleep, and maintains lean muscle mass so you’ll look younger, not older. It’s testosterone that is believed to increase hair loss, but at the level of increase caused by supplements, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Go with the VigRx Plus/HyperGH 14X stack. There’s no overlap in formula and function.

        2. Max, anything that increases growth hormone will actually make you look younger, your hair and nails will improve etc. A derivative of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the compound that causes the skin to look older and hair to fall out. Certain anabolics will increase DHT levels more than others.

  49. Hi Rob,
    I’m 6’5 245 & would ideally like to be about 200 again.I’m very active over a week or so period until I get fatigued, than I tend to lose even more energy, feel sluggish and discouraged for another week. It comes in cycles.

    Consistency for me is my Achilles heel and I feel like with the right supplements and advice I can overcome this and live up to the potential I see in myself. I’ve got your ebook (although I would prefer a hard copy-can it be done?), I have access to good food, I have access to a great workout facility, I play a lot of floor hockey and try to get out on my mountain bike, MX bike and snowmobile as much as possible.

    Ideally dropping as much body fat as possible while gaining strength, endurance and lean ripped muscles is my goal. Not so much putting on heavy muscles.

    What would you recommend? The nitrocut, muscle advance creatine, phen375, HyperGH 14x and whey Gold all seem like what I need after reading all your reviews.

    If I’m going to do this I’m going to put in an honest effort but I don’t feel like dealing with online shopping or going to the local supplement store if I could just buy bulk and cycle through the supplements as needed. What do you recommend?

    First things first I’m going to start reading your book.
    1. Hey Ryan,
      It sounds like you’ve got almost all the pieces in place. All that’s left is getting set up with the right supplements. Start with a base stack of Nitrocut and HyperGH 14X. The Nitrocut will motivate you for workouts, while the HyperGH 14X will help you feel better, more energized, and more motivated all the time. (You’ll get great sleep which is key for motivation during the day). You’ll have to pick these up online, but you can go with the bulk packages they offer (6, 9, or 12 months of Nitrocut and 6 months of HyperGH 14X) Add the 100% Whey Gold Standard after workouts to help with post workout energy and recovery. You can pick up the big tub at GNC or order it online. Go with the 3 of them to start. You can always switch things up down the road when you feel like you need a change. Get back to me then, and I’ll help you out. I don’t have hard copies of the ebook. Perhaps you can print it out.

  50. Hey Rob!
    I’m 17 about to be 18 140 5’7 and I’m trying to get bigger for football season!

    I work out 3 or 4 times a week and I eat pretty healthy although I cheat every now and then. I’m trying to build muscle and lose fat around my stomach. I think I’m gonna get nitrocut as a pre workout but I don’t know what else to take.

    Should I do this or creatine and should I get a protein too?
    1. Hey Derrick,

      At your age, I wouldn’t go with Nitrocut just yet. These supplements have not been tested on guys under 18, so we just don’t know if they might have an effect on growth or hormones or anything else at your age. Since you want mainly to put on lean muscle, go with Creatine from Muscle Advance and 100% Whey Gold Standard protein. Also, make sure you sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s full of tips on eating and working out to help you get where you want to be. I’ve also recently added a few bonuses that can really help keep you on track.

  51. Hey rob,

    Im 23 yrs old 5’9 weigh about 215 I would like to lose weight and build muscle my goal is 180 ive been using cellucor super HD for fat burner along with cellucor Clk also using creatine by beast havent seen much results mayb its the way I eat or im just doing something wrong what would u recommend
    1. Hey Eddie,

      It sounds like you’re doing fine with supplements, but I don’t know what your routine is as far as eating and working out goes. Download my free “getting ripped” ebook for help with those aspects. I recently added some bonuses to the package that will help keep you on track. If you’re looking to change up your supplements when you run out of what you have, I would recommend Nitrocut and Phen375 as replacements.

  52. Hey Rob,
    I’m a 19 year old rugby player, 170 pounds, I work out 3 times a week and Try to eat healthy but I give in to temptations occasionally, and odds are that won’t change.
    I’ve been looking into products to get because I would like to put on muscle (not too much though, as I rely on my speed on the field) and get more definition (maybe lose that last inch or two on the belly).
    I’ve been reading your reviews and you do such a great job on them I just don’t know where to start haha.

    I’m sure I’ll get nitrocut for a pre workout after looking into it a bit, and hypergh 14x looks promising but I’m not sure. any advice you can give me? Thanks a lot for your time!

    1. Hey Nathan,

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the site and find it helpful. Definitely go with Nitrocut, but at your age with your goals, I would stack in Muscle Advance creatine instead of HyperGH 14X. At 19, your HGH levels are still high. Creatine is what you want. It increases your muscles’ capacity to work, you lift and workout harder, and you get bigger. And you’re in control of how much you grow. It all depends on how hard you work. You should also download my free “get ripped” ebook for tons of tips and ideas for meals and working out. I’ve some bonuses as well to help keep you on track.

      That should do it. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  53. Hi Rob,
    A friend of mine suggested this to me, I am 5″10 and 170lbs, not all of that is muscle and I am really wanting to slim down and turn it all to muscle. I’m going to order this next week but do you have any other suggestions to help me turn it all the muscle?

    1. Hey Jace,

      HyperGH 14X is a great choice for increasing muscle mass and burning more fat. You should also stack in a pre workout called Nitrocut. You’ll have great energy for workouts, and it doesn’t use stimulants. If you haven’t already, make sure you download my free “get ripped” ebook. It’s filled with great information on diet and workouts that’ll help you reach your goals.

  54. Hi Rob,

    I am 39 , and I am trying to gain muscle mass. I have just started using HyperGH 14x.

    I have read before it was good to have a post workout meal with high glycemic carbs, which is the only time I do, and whey protein. Now I have been reading that high glycemic carbs can impair the release of HGH after a workout and products like HyperGH 14x useless.

    What is the case. What should I be doing for post workout meal?

    1. Hey Eddie,

      The way I understand it, as long as you don’t eat high glycemic carbs close to bed time, you won’t impair your HGH release process, which occurs mainly while you sleep. As for whether or not HGH releasers like HyperGH 14X work, there definitely needs to be more scientific studies. But I can tell you from experience it makes me feel better, look better, lose fat, and gain lean muscle.

      If you haven’t already, download my free “getting ripped” ebook. It’s loaded with diet and workout advice, and I’ve just added a few bonuses, including sample meal plans, a workout log, and my “Big List of Foods You Can Eat.”

  55. Rob I am confused when you take this if you do not work out in the morning. I work out at 5 do I take then and then again at bedtime?

    Or just take in the AM and will that effect results?
    1. Hey,
      Yeah you would take 2 capsules 15 min prior to your workout (is it 5 am or pm?) and then 2 capsules before bedtime.

      1. I workout late, around 8 at night. Do I take three pills 15 mins before the workout for the first dose or just in the morning when I wake up and the second right before bed?

        1. Hey Joe,
          Yeah just stick to the dosing schedule on the label, which calls for 2 X a day. It’s not really designed as a pre workout supplement, so taking it 15 min before a workout won’t make much of a difference.

  56. Hey rob I’m 24 187 5,10 I need to shed some fat off my stomach and stack some muscle what do you recommend ?
    1. Hey Bill,
      First off, sign up for my free “Get Ripped” ebook, it’s packed with ton’s of diet and exercise tips to help you reach your goals faster. In your case I would recommend a stack of HyperGH 14X along with a pre workout supplement called Nitrocut. They both work very effectively at helping you achieve more muscle gains, and lean out as well.

  57. Hi Rob
    I am affected with a neuromuscular disease, similar to als, called ataxia with oculomotor apraxia type 2 (AOA2) which has been causing me to lose nerve cells and as a result lose muscle mass. Over the last few years my upper body has taken a lot of stress due to weakness throughout.

    I have been looking into HYPERHG and GENF20. .Do you have any comments or suggestions?
    1. Hey Steve,
      I’m not too familiar with your condition, so I think it would be best to consult with your physician regarding these supplements. Sorry I couldn’t provide any additional info!

  58. Hey Rob, I’m 6″ 165 really skinny dude but I’m pretty ripped as I want to gain a lot more muscle mass. I’m currently taking testofuel with carnivor beef protein and ill sometimes pop some amino acid pills but somehow my size stays the same, I only look pumped up just the day of my workout.

    Anyways, can I take muscle advanced creatine n maintain the muscle if I don’t stop takin the creatine? Or should I add the protein with the creatine as well?

    Or should I take testofuel n creatine n protein at te same time?
    1. Herman, buddy, you just need to eat more. Eat 6 meals per day that are high in protein and carbs.

      Eat 50g of carbs like oats 45 mins before you work out. You should be working out atleast 4x per week and getting 8+ hours of sleep.

      At your size, you should be getting at least 4000 calories per day from primarily protein and carbs if you want to get more muscular. Supplements can not replace a terrible diet.

      Get your nutrition in order first with a basic creatine monohydrate and whey protein powder.
  59. Hi Rob,
    I’ve visted your site for quite a while and have used a variety of supplements you recomended. I would say the best results I recieved has been from using Hyper GH for the past 5 months.

    I have gained quite a bit of lean muscle and have dropped about 15lbs working out 5/6 days a week. I want to keep the results I have attained, but add a bit more mass since for some reason my wife keeps saying I’m “skinny” even though I’m 5’9 175lbs. Since I’m almost at the 6 month mark with Hyper GH what cycling would you suggest with this product to sustain my lean muscle, and are there any additonal supplements I should use to gain mass yet keep definition?

    Thank you for all of your help, you have the best and most honest reviews online.
    1. Hey Chris,
      Glad you like our site and that it’s been helpful to you. After your 6 months, cycle the HyperGH 14X one month on and one month off. That’s what works for me. For adding on some more lean muscle, definitely go with Muscle Advance Creatine. Nothing beats creatine for packing on the muscle and nothing beats Muscle Advance for convenience.

      And if you haven’t seen it yet, you should download my free “get ripped” ebook for tons of tips on diet and exercise. Feel free to share it too!

  60. Hi Rob,
    I am 29 years old, 6 ft, and I fluctuate from 140 – 155 lbs. My main problem lately has been that I cannot gain weight. I have always been thin (every male on my father’s side is thin as well), but I was always in the gym training because of high school and then college sports.

    So, I was always very cut, very ripped, so being skinny didn’t bother me because I looked great. Then in 2006 I almost died in a car accident, thus ending my sports career.

    I sustained some pretty horrific injuries which took 5 years to reach full recovery. And I am now technically “disabled” for the rest of my life.

    This is due to my right leg being held together at the hip and down the femur with titanium rods. So I have a weight lifting restriction for life, can’t ever run again..

    You get the point I’m sure. But I still love to work out.

    I am reduced to a lot of body weight style workouts like push-ups and exercise bands. I just can’t seem to find a supplement that allows me pack on the muscle I used to have and keep it on due to my restricted workout requirements.

    Being thin helps me put on muscle quicker it seems, but my insanely fast metabolism makes it a daunting task. So far, nothing I’ve tried yet has given me explosive results I so often read about.

    Do you have any advice as to what supplements work the best for hard gainers like myself? Is HyperGH14 a good bet for my situation?

    1. Hey Ryan,
      So sorry to hear about your tragic accident, but yours is the kind of inspirational story we all love and need to hear. I’ll recommend the same thing for you as I do for all the hard gainers I hear from. I’ll leave it to you to decide which exercises are best, since I don’t really have expertise in that for your particular case. Definitely add protein to your routine. My favorite is 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition. And you’ll want to eat at least 6 times a day, making sure to get lots of complex carbs in the morning and about 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight. (In your case that’s a little over 100 grams of protein a day). Do you best to limit your cardio too, of course. As for supplements, you’ll want to go with Muscle Advance Creatine for big muscle gains.

      Thanks for writing in, Ryan, and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  61. Hi Rob – I am a 44 year old father of 4 kids. I have let myself go and I am now overweight and need to make a change.

    I work long hours and need something to help me lose weight and build muscle again. I am 5′ 11” and weigh now 307.

    I am very active but just can lose the weight. What do you recommend for me to start taking because I have tried many and many have failed.

    1. Hey Chris,
      Yeah this is a common problem I see with guys 40 and up. It can be tough to get the weight off, but there is hope. First, sign up for my free “Get Ripped” ebook. It’s packed with tons of diet and exercise tips to help you shed the weight quickly. As far as supplements go, I would recommend you stack a pre-workout supplement called Nitrocut along with a fat burner called Phen375. Use both in conjunction with the exercises guide for the best results.

  62. Hey rob Im 29 6″ 165 and was wondering if I could stack hypergh with nitrocut and testo fuel for adding a bit more muscles and cutting up im also planning on taking vimax do you think I should drop testo if taking vimax or should replace testo with advanced creatine ?What do you recommend
    1. Hey Juan,
      One of the problems with taking everything all at once is that you don’t really know what’s working for you and what’s not. I would separate your supplements out a bit, taking fewer at a time, and experimenting a little to see what benefits you get from each.

      Once you know that, you’ll be in a better position to stack the ones that add up to the benefits you want.

  63. Hey rob!

    Just wondering what the best way to cycle nitro cut and hypergh14 was. Do you do both together for one month and take a week off, then repeat for another month?

    Or do you alternate between the nitro cut and hypergh for each month? Thanks!

  64. Hey rob im trying to bulk up with some cuts i want to take muscle advance creatine. But dont know if I should take it with hypergh or testx180 what do you recommend.

  65. Hey, Im 25 about 6′ 2″ and just around 200 pounds. I work out atleast 4x a week and lift heavy.

    I want something to increase my muscle growth even more, what supplements would you recommend for me. Was thinking about the hypergh 14x

    1. Hey Colin,
      For putting on muscle, go with Muscle Advance Creatine. Nothing packs it on like creatine. You can stack it with HyperGH 14X if you want, but the effect you’ll get from it is more of a toning than a building.

  66. Hello rob.

    My name is Jeremy, I’m a 6’1″, 156 lbs, 24 yr old male. I’ve been disproportionately skinny my whole life, despite working out regularly and living an active lifestyle.

    I’ve tried the whole of my adult life to figure out the combination of diet and excercise that will help me put on some real muscle. My efforts have gotten me a well cut frame, and almost no body fat I’m concerned with, but it seems impossible for me to even break 160 lbs!

    I’ve increased my diet to 5 meals a day, mostly carbs and protein, and the greasier the better it seems, every time I try to eat too healthily, I lose weight!

    I also supplement my workouts with protein shakes but other than that I’ve never really tried real supplements. I have an intense morning routine, an hour of varied push-ups and crunches, with very little cardio, and do lifting at least once a week, and I also commute via bicycle, so there’s some cardio I can’t really get rid of.

    I’ve got great tone, but I’m so skinny, if I could just figure out how to get up to like 170 something I would have the Bradd Pitt/Tyler Durden body, which is the definitely where I’d like to be.

    What am I doing wrong here? And what supplements would help a guy in my situation actually pack on some solid pounds that aren’t going to vanish two days later, cuz I missed a couple workouts?

    Any help would be awesome!

    Just need some pointers as to how to go about really revamping my life and my body. I don’t know where to go from here but I’m sick being a beanpole!

    Thx and I enjoyed reading through your reviews.

    1. Hey Jeremy,
      You’ve obviously done a lot to try to gain weight. I can see a couple of changes you could try. I usually recommend that guys in your predicament eat at least 6 times a day. Or you can look at it in terms of calories if that works better for you. Add 500 daily calories to your eating plan. If you haven’t gained anything after a week, add more. But keep track so you get to know what’s working and what’s not.

      Lower your cardio as much as you possibly can, and up your lifting to 3 or 4 times a week, and make sure you’re lifting heavy. Keep using protein shakes for the muscle building and calories they provide.

      As for supplements, stack Nitrocut and Muscle Advance Creatine. Creatine is the best say to supplement for building muscle, and Nitrocut will make sure you’re maxing out your muscles during your workouts.

      Best of luck, Jeremy. I know it’s hard, but you’ve just got to find the right combination of efforts and stick with it.

  67. I have read your review on HyperGH14x and Nitrocut. I am looking to get back into working out.

    I have really lost touch with it and I want to find some ways to truly build strength. I am a baseball player, and I have lost my bat control.

    I am 25 5’10, only 145 now. I use to stay consistently 155-160, so I wanted to know what you recommend for supplements (I easily lose weight when I do not work out).

    I plan to work out 3-4 days a week compared to 5-6 days when I was younger. I am presuming nutrition plays a key role as well, but I would love to hear your recommendations on what I should be doing.

    1. Hey Colin,
      As for supplements, if you’re looking to put on muscle weight, stack Nitrocut with Muscle Advance Creatine. You’ll also want to take a protein shake. I recommend 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum Nutrition. And you’ll want to limit your cardio and eat at least 6 times a day. Make sure you eat a good amount of carbs in the morning and get at least 1 and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. For you that would be a little over 200 grams for you. One last thing, you should download my free “get ripped” ebook for other tips and ideas.

  68. I’m interested in the HyperGH 14x. I’m a 50 year old man.

    As we age our HGH production naturally declines. I notice that you cycle one month on, one month off.

    However, you are still young. Is there any problem with not cycling and just taking it continuously for us older guys?

    1. Hey Dr. Gee,
      There are no specific instructions to cycle HyperGH 14X. I find that cycling allows me to get in all the supplementation I want without having to take too may different pills at once.

      I also subscribe to the idea that you should take the least amount of a supplement you can that still gives you the benefit you’re wanting. So the real answer is that you should experiment until you find what works for you.

      I’d love to give you a more definitive answer, but the fact is we’re all different.

  69. rob can I take phen,nitrocut and hgh14x at the same time I bought them all…im neither fat or skinny..i sort take my supplement,work out and let everything shape me how I whined up.just put my head down and work…is this ok or do I have to cycle something….I don’t want to loss track of taking stuff and different times..just do what the bottle says..any advice.
    1. Hey Khalil,
      If you don’t have any weight to lose, there’s no real reason to take the Phen375, but if are looking to lose, first stack the Phen375 with Nitrocut. When you’ve reached or neared your goal weight, keep the Nitrocut, lose the Phen375, and start taking the Hyper GH 14X. Other than that, follow the instructions on the bottles and you’ll do just fine.

  70. Hey rob I just ended a three month supply of nitrocut and now I want to bulk up so I was thinking of taking muscle advance creatine. Is the creatine better with hypergh14 or nitrocut.

    1. Hey Oscar,

      In my opinion, there’s nothing better than creatine if your goal is to build muscle. Obviously each supplement has its strengths, but for packing on muscle, Muscle Advance Creatine is what I’d go with.

  71. Hi Rob.
    Your site and recommendations are fantastic.

    Thank you !
    I’d like to ask your recommendations for me:
    I’m 45 years old, 5’10” and currently about 192 lbs. I lost 55 pounds in the last 6 months doing lots if swimming, heavy cardio, eating right and taking some “total nutrition” supplements as Testrolean and somnitrim…
    Now I really want to start getting some muscle definition and some nice abs… I’m starting to look skinny… What supplements would you recommend for me ?
    Also: for how long are we supposed to use test boosters ?

    Di we have to cycle them ??
    Thank you again
    1. Hey Robert,

      Sounds like you’re looking to change up your routine a bit to put on some muscle. First off, I’ll say you should sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook for a bunch of ideas about diet and exercise. As for supplements, go with Nitrocut for your pre-workout. It’ll help you get the most out of your lifting routine. If you really want to bulk up, add in some Muscle Advance Creatine for muscle building. Most professionals say testosterone boosters should be cycled, mainly one monty on and one month off. You could cycle your Testrolean with a different testosterone booster, like Testo Fuel. Or even better, cycle it with HyperGH 14X.

      I’m glad you like the site, Robert. You could help us out a lot by liking us on Facebook and telling your friends!

  72. Hi Rob,

    I’m 21 164lbs 6’3 and I’m trying to pack on a lot more muscle as I’m an ectomorph with a fast metabolism. I tried creatine post workouts and it didn’t really have any effect on me.

    Would you advise this product the most or this +combination of something else? Really need help as I’ve never been able to have muscle gains….only lose/maintain around this weight.

    1. Hey William,
      Hard gainers like yourself often have to try several different things before they find something that works. Definitely go with creatine.

      Try Muscle Advance Creatine. Add protein too.

      I like Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey. You’ll also have to eat more real food (mainly protein and carbs) and of course lift heavy and cut down on your cardio too.

      Try changing things one at a time, so you can tell which factors are working and which aren’t.

  73. Rob,

    What are the side effects of Nitrocut and HyperGH? Would either of these cause acne, increased hair growth, or etc?

    1. Hey Anuj,
      There are no reported side effects for either Nitrocut or Hyper GH 14X. They don’t increase testosterone levels, so you wouldn’t get the typical high testosterone side effects that you mention.

  74. Hi rob…. My name is Tim I am 22 years old 250 pounds 6’2 honestly I wanna cut some fat and add muscle.

    I need advice on some home exercises and some supplement please
    1. Hey Tim,

      The most important thing, of course, is diet and exercise so I’m going to recommend first of all that you sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook. It’s packed with exercise and meal programs to help you get started and stay committed. As for supplements, go with a stack of NitroCut and Phen375. NitroCut is a non-stimulant pre-workout supplement. It uses Nitric Oxide to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles so they benefit more from your workouts. Phen375 is a great fat burner that also works as an appetite suppressant. When you achieve your weight loss goals, you can drop the Phen375. At that point, come back here and we’ll discuss whether or not you need to add anything to your regimen.

  75. Hey Rob,
    I’ve just received my 1st order of HyperGH (3 months supply)
    LIttle bit confused, as the instructions state 2 doses per day. Though I’ve been supplied 3 months worth in liquid form & 3 months worth in capsule form.

    So technically I have been supplied 6 months worth of HyperGH 14x. Or do you take the liquid & capsules together as a single dose
    Thanks, Tom

    1. Hey Tom,
      You take two daily doses each of the capsules and the spray. As per the instructions, take 2 capsules and 3 sprays twice each day, once in the morning or before a workout, and once in the evening before bed.

      You’ll get great results!

  76. Hey Rob,
    I’m a woman, 31, 5’8″, and approx 170lbs; some of which is fat that I’d love to get rid of. I work out 4 times a week for an hour each time splitting the hour between cardio and weights pretty evenly.

    I eat pretty well (avoid highly processed foods, dairy, fatty foods, etc) and get most of my protein from fish, nuts, whole grains like quinoa and legumes. Do you think I’m too young to benefit from an HGH releaser like HyperGH 14X?

    Also is there any workout or supplement advice you can give me to help me shed the fat/ tone up more effectively?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hey Naima,
      It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Keep it up.
      Although it’s true that the effect will be more dramatic for someone older, anyone who’s trying to lose fat and/or gain muscle will benefit from an HGH releaser. If you want to put your focus on losing fat, go with Phen375. You can stack it with HyperGH 14X for great results. Also, sign up for my free “get ripped” ebook for all kinds of workout and diet advice.

  77. Hey Rob,
    I know I just posted some questions, but I was curious since I have not seen it anywhere. I do want to put on more lean muscle.

    I think at 6’2″ 180 or 185 would be a happy spot. I have slight flab around my belly that I am dying to lose.

    Could I stack Nitrocut, Hypergh 14x and Phen375 all together?
    HyperGH in the morning and before bed, Nitrocut before workouts and the Phen375 as directed?
    I am 34 years old and am tired most days, but still get to the gym.

    Thank you Rob.

    I have a vacation in a month and am trying to look good for my wife..
    1. Hey James,
      Yeah, you could easily stack all three, and you’re plan for scheduling the doses seems. Just check the bottles to make sure.

      And once you lose the weight you want to lose, drop the Phen375 and keep using the other two. I’d use the NitroCut consistently and cycle the HyperGH14X one month on, one month off.


  78. Rob,
    I have spent hours reading all the stuff on your site. It has been very informative.
    I am 34 “I think”, and am relatively fit in my mind. 6’2″ and 185lbs. I work out in the gym with TRX, kettlebells, and bands 2 or 3times a week.

    I also play soccer once a week. I have always struggled to put on muscle.

    I eat fairly well, but do slip. While I could definitely improve my eating habits, I am looking for supplement help.
    I have never been able to see a 6pack. 4 at the most if I flex really hard.

    I do have extra fat around my mid-section, and love handles.
    I have tried various supplements in the past. Currently using C4 for a pre-workout.

    I have played with Creatine Monohydrate and whey protein from GNC a little. Sometimes it feels like the C4 helps and others it doesn’t.

    However, I am not a huge fan of the niacin flush caused by it. I have also tried Pure IGF with the velvet Antler.

    The only thing I feel I received from that was a much better sleep and vivid dreams.
    I am quite tired most days and have no motivation or energy to get to the gym. I do drag myself though.

    I have been able to correlate a waking up from sleep to my energy levels during the day. I go to bed at the same time every night and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

    If I wake up on my own in the morning I feel fine, but if the alarm wakes me, I drag all day.
    The only other thing I can say is that I drink Chia seed religiously every morning. The reason I started this was for the anti-inflammatory effects for the high doses of omega 3’s.

    I am recovering from extreme patellar tendonitis with a partial tear.
    Finally to the point, I am dying to get rid of extra weight around my mid section. I am happy at 185lbs, but want to ditch the fat and add on some muscle.

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to do 5 chin-ups.
    Please help. I did grab your ebook and plan on reading that tonight.

  79. Hey Rob,

    I’m 26 years old, 6’3, 195 lbs and work out about three times a week. I have a pretty athletic build but am definitely on the skinnier side.

    I’d really like to tone up and put on a few extra pounds of muscle. I was thinking of doing creatine along with either HyperGH 14X or Nitrocut.

    I don’t have a lot of body fat so wasn’t sure if Nitrocut would just make me skinnier. Also, what would be a typical cycle for those products?

    Two weeks on, one week off? Thanks!

    1. Hey Chuck,
      You’re definitely on the right track. Let’s see if we can fine tune your choices. As for creatine, go with Muscle Advance Creatine. It works great, and it comes in pill form so it’s super convenient. As for the other two, NitroCut doesn’t have stimulants so it won’t make you skinnier. It can really help you build muscle since you get in more efficient and effective workout, and you’ll be able to lift more. HyperGH 14X is also a good choice. I like to cycle HyperGH 14x one month on, one month off. Try using NitroCut during your first cycle off the HyperGH 14X. If you like your results, keep up the cycle switching back and forth each month.

  80. Hi Rob!

    I’m 30, 6’3″ and 175 lbs. I’ve always been a beanpole. I’m looking to tone up, and put on some muscle mass.

    I’ve used creatine and whey protein in the past with modest results, but I’m looking to step up my game.

    I was considering using this HGH + Nitrocut + the creatine powder that I already have.

    Am I asking for trouble by stacking that much? I’d love your professional opinion.



    1. Hey Nick,
      It’s not too much to stack as long as your stomach can tolerate the pills. (I tend to get nauseous when I take too many supplements in too short a period of time.) The only potential problem I see for you is that at age 30, you are just now beginning to lose some natural HGH, so I’m not sure how much of a difference the HyperGH 14X will make. It won’t hurt.

      It just won’t create as noticeable an effect as it would on someone a few years older. Try adding 500 calories a day of real food to your diet and cutting back on the cardio as well.


  81. rob, i’m 37 years old 5’11 210 lbs. Would like to lose 20 lbs. I have been lifting now for about 6 months and have seen some results, but would like to take the next step and lose the weight and be able to sleep better. I typically wake up at night at least three times and as time has passed I have a hard time getting up in the morning.

    I also have high blood pressure and take two medications for that. I have been taking syntha 6 in the morning and after workouts at night, also novem pre workout . Would hyper gh 14x replace these?

    1. Hey Kyle,
      HyperGH 14X will really help improve your sleep, so as long as your doctor okays it, I think it would be a great addition to your supplements. As for replacing them, it might.

      These things are all pretty variable. I’d drop out the Novem first and see what kind of results you get with your protein and HyperHG 14X.

      If you don’t get the results you were looking for, add it back in. The three together might give you what you want in terms of physique and sleep quality.

        1. Hey Kyle,
          I don’t have any particular ingredients in mind that would interfere. I just believe for anyone, if you’re taking medications, you should make sure there are no contraindications before you add a supplement to your diet.

          Take the whole list, just to make sure you’re all clear.

  82. Hey Rob I am a 19 year old that is currently working out for asthetics. I would consider myself pretty athletic, however i am looking to improve my physique.

    Currently, I started attending university and gained extra calories. I converted those calories into more muscle, along with it came body fat, unfortunately.

    I have been cutting for a week and still am to get rid of the body fat. I noticed, however, when i was cutting that i also lost what i would consider a significant amount of muscle.

    I was thinking of trying out three of your supplements such as,, HYPERGH 14X, Capsiplex, and Muscle Advance Creatine. Is it possibly that i could take all these at the same time, and i currently use a pre-workout called C4.
    1. Hey Andrew,
      Stacking these is not a problem. But at your age, I’d probably skip the HyperGH 14X. The more HGH you have naturally, the less of a difference you’ll notice from and HGH releaser. You could try it. I just don’t think you’d get much out of it. A stack including your pre-workout, Capsiplex, and Muscle Advance Creatine will definitely help you reach your goal.

  83. Rob,
    Working out in the morning is tough working full time, and Hypergh 14x is meant to be taken in the morning, so is it essential that I take it in the morning along with a workout or can I take in the evening before a workout and again before bed?
    1. Hey Monaco,
      Actually, the dosing recommendation for HyperGH 14X is once before working out and once before bed. If you’re not working out that day, just take it in the morning.

      So if you work out later in the day, just take it then. There are no central nervous system stimulants in the formula so you shouldn’t have a problem falling asleep. In any event, you don’t need to be locked into a specific time.

  84. Hey Rob,

    I’m 30 yrs old, 150 lbs, 5’6″ with a proportionate, athletic build. I find it very easy for me to gain or lose weight based on diet alone, and I also find it very easy to gain or lose muscle quickly based on exercise alone.

    Right now, I’m finding that I’m in pretty good physical condition I look better now than I did throughout most of my 20s and I would argue that its primarily the result of eating natural and healthy foods, and going for a jog a couple times a week, coupled with some mild lifting at work (cases of beer, etc.). Id really like to see what my body is capable of though.

    I don’t want to get totally jacked in a big way because I have a pretty nice shape and I’m a pretty agile person (not as much as I was). I am interested in this product, but I am concerned about supplements in general because I really believe in putting only natural things into your body.

    In my eyes, this excludes things like whey and creatine. My sex drive is pretty good but I think we are all willing for improvements of this nature, my energy levels could use improvement (seems to fluctuate), and I was probably strongest when I was 15, but I crave the strength and agility I had back then. I know its achievable, through consistency, pushing myself, perhaps hiring a trainer.

    But do you think a supplement such as this would rapidly increase results without compromising my desire to remain “clean and natural”? Are side effects common?

    How about down the road? Would you recommend anything else?

    I know its a long post, thanks for your time.

    1. Hey John,
      I can totally respect your desire to maintain a natural approach to your health and physical well-being. HyperGH 14X contains only natural ingredients, and they’re all very safe. I think either this or a natural testosterone booster like Test Fuel would be best for what you’re looking for. They both work with your body naturally and boost your energy and overall wellness.

  85. Hey Rob

    I’m 5’9, 27 years old and recently i’ve started to gain weight. For a while i was at the gym seven days a week switching up cardio and weight training day to day, at my peak i was just under 150 lbs and had good muscle definition.

    Tried a bunch of supplements like ripped freak, grenade, hydroxycut, no boosters and would always end up feeling off. Like dumber than normal kind of thing.

    Over the last year my gym habits have gotten really spotty, lost motivation, big loss in sex drive and im up to 165 pounds and only mildly muscular/strong. Don’t want to get big, i gain muscle fairly easily but suck horribly at losing fat.

    I’d like to get to a cut 160 -165 lbs. What kind of stack would you recommend. I have that vega protein powder, milk products tend to mess with my guts, and multi-vitamins etc. already.

    Thanks for your time.

    Good website too, you seem to be giving legit reviews

    1. Hey Ross,
      Given how you’ve reacted to some of the other stuff you’ve taken, you should start with a stack of HyperGH 14X and Phen375. The Phen375 is a fat burner/appetite suppressant, and you should only need it for a month or two. Then drop that off and continue with HyperGH 14X alone, or add in some Muscle Advance Creatine for muscle building if you want. HyperGH 14X is great because while it gets you defined, it also helps you feel more energized without the annoying jitters or distraction.

      I’m glad you’re benefiting from the site. Help spread the word by liking us on Facebook and sharing with your friends!

  86. Hey Rob, I’m a 30 yrs old male,I would like to lose some fat and gain muscle as well, what products should i use first??? I was thinking to try Nitrocut but if i work out at nights, should i be able to sleep fast??

    1. Hey Luis,
      That’s one of the best things about NitroCut. There are no stimulants like caffeine to keep you up. You get extra energy because the improved blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to you muscles and throughout your body. And none of this will interfere with getting restful sleep. For the weight loss, consider taking Phen375 for a while. It’s a great fat burner and appetite suppressant.
    2. Hey Luis,
      That’s one of the best things about NitroCut. There are no stimulants like caffeine to keep you up. You get extra energy because the improved blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to you muscles and throughout your body. And none of this will interfere with getting restful sleep. For the weight loss, consider taking Phen375 for a while. It’s a great fat burner and appetite suppressant.

  87. Hey Rob,
    Feeling a little low energy and fatigued lately. I’m 39 years old.

    Really would like to increase my energy and get ripped. I workout 3-4x per week.

    What would you suggest?
    1. Hey Al,
      Definitely go with the HyperGH 14X. I sleep like a baby and have tons of energy all day when I take it.

      You won’t be disappointed.

  88. First, I would like to say your reviews are incredible. I almost fell for those facebook suplement scams & luckily my research lead me here.

    So basically, im about to be 21 & im 188lbs. I have an athletic build at 6′, but I let college foods do their damage. Ive decided that I dont wanna get body builder big, but I do wanna pack on lean muscle.

    Im chasing that perfect, almighty ripped 6 pack, & really ripped back & shoulders. Would it be better to start with the Muscle Advance Creatine & Nitrocut to get big & toned first semester, & then use Phen375 to start cutting fat second semester?

    Or should I lose bodyfat weight first, & then pack on the muscle later?
    1. Hey Arizona,
      Thanks for the praise, and help us spread the word by liking us on Facebook and sharing with your friends! You’ve obviously done you’re research, as you pretty much suggested what I would have suggested. I think in your case it just sounds like you need to tone up existing muscle groups, so a stack of Nitrocut and Muscle Advance would be your best bet. Once you achieve your desired size, cycle off those two and use the Phen 375 to tone up and get that 6 pack your’e looking for. Be sure to lift heavy during your workouts, and follow them with High Intensity Interval Training to get the best results. I have some great examples in my free get ripped ebook, let me know if you have any other questions.

  89. Hi Rob,
    I have a question in reference to this product compared to GenF20 plus. I’m not interested in body building, just as an HGH stimulator for anti-aging purposes.

    Genf20 makes lots of claims about this and this product is geared toward bodybuilding. My question is that if both seem to have identical ingredients except this product has about triple the amount of everything, like genf20 on steroids, (pun intended) would this product give me the same claimed anti-aging benefits as the other and maybe one day I take the full dose and the next 2 days just half a dose and so forth?

    It does contain about triple the amounts… What do you think?
    1. Hey Anna,
      The difference between HyperGH 14X and GenF20 Plus is mainly in the marketing. One focuses more on the bodybuilders. The other on people looking to slow down the aging process. The truth is they can all benefit from both brands. Which one you choose is really up to you. One benefit of the higher doses in HyperGH 14X is that you can lower it by taking smaller doses if you want. Then if you decide to go with the full amount, it’s there for you. Good luck Anna, and let me know what you decide.

  90. Hey, rob. Can taking too many supplements a day be harmful?

    Also I was thinking about consuming vig rx plus with duramale , do you think that the duramale would reduce the side effects of the vigrx plus.
    1. Hey Jacob,
      You should always be aware of and pay attention to all the medications and supplements you take on a daily basis and how they may interact with each other. As for VigRx Plus and Duramale, they should be fine together, but I don’t know what you mean about Duramale reducing the side effects of VigRx Plus.

  91. Hey Rob, I am currently 5.5 ft in height and weighing about 165 lbs. Would you suggest me any pills that will speed up my height and make me lose lots of weight to seem slimmer and fitter? Thank you.

    By the way, I can do any type of training since I have been in the soccer area all my life.
    1. Hey Jimmy,
      A supplement isn’t going to make you grow taller. I do know of one called Elevate GF that claims it can, but the science just isn’t there to back it up. As for getting more fit, I’d go with NitroCut before you hit the gym or the field. You’ll have more energy and endurance, and you’ll get the most you can in terms of results from your efforts.

  92. Hi Rob

    Firstly, thank you for the informative and honest website. I would like your help and thought i would ask specifically instead of guessing which products to buy.

    I am 39 (male).

    I weigh approx 205lbs. I generally lack energy and sexual drive. I currently don’t excercise at all however I will be starting the gym in a week or so (getting over a bad flu).

    I would like to lose the belly fat, tone up and gain muscle to achieve a nice physique. What products would you recommend?

    Also, please tell me in what combinations and cycles I should take them. I am available via email anytime if you like more information.

    1. Hey Raoul,
      I’d be glad to help. Starting with HyperGH 14X sounds perfect for you. It will give you a nice “kick off” boost of energy, mood, and sex drive so you’ll be able to build on your initial motivation. I’d say stack it with Phen375 for the first couple of months to really get some quick weight loss results. After those few months, drop the Phen375 and add in Nitrocut. It’s a preworkout supplement that’ll help you talk your gym time to a new level. At that point, you could stick with the HyperGH 14X if it continues to work for you, or you could switch that out for Testo Fuel, a testosterone booster.
      This should get you through the first few months or so. At that point, you may want to reevaluate because your needs may have changed quite a bit. Keep in touch Raoul, and feel better soon!

  93. Hey Rob, It seems that you are a fan of this product. Though I want to consider this product, however, how would you compare this and HGH Energizer— Because for some reason, I feel like 14X doesn’t have the “naturalness” compared to the energizer.

    Please let me know if I am right or wrong. I have been trying to lose weight but I have calcium deficiency, Hypertension… and I am pretty active… play bball 3X a week, lift 3X week, just can’t cut the excess weight.

    1. Hey Ali,
      After going back and checking the ingredients in both HyperGH 14X and HGH Energizer, I don’t get the same feeling about HGH Energizer being more natural. Most of the ingredients are the same, with HyperGH 14X having a few things added for better absorption. Personally, I like HyperGH 14X, but HGH Energizer is a great product with lots of fans, and if it works for you, the value can’t be beat! Best of luck to you, Ali, and let me know what you decide.

  94. rob,
    i noticed on the phen375 that it says do not take with anti depressants? I am wondering why? any idea?


    1. Hey Art,
      I don’t know off-hand, and I did a little digging, but I couldn’t find anything. I’d follow the directions if I were you though.

  95. Hey Rob, i got a question im 26 6’4 about 410 but im very athletic for my size i play football but i want to loose weight i want to get down at least 100 pounds ive changed my diet i workout regularly, i just feel i dont see any results i juss want to loose and gain lean muscle and really loose my belly thanks…ps i have the sytropin trail haven’t used it yet.. should i??
    1. Hey Brody,
      If your focus right now is primarily weight loss, the supplement you should be using is Phen375. It’s the best fat burning appetite suppressant I know. You should also take a look at my free “get ripped” ebook. It’s got workouts and meal plans. You’re bound to find something to help you shake things up a little. Be patient. The Phen375 should help you shed some pounds quickly to help with the motivation factor. As for the Sytropin, go ahead and try it, and make sure you keep track of the free trial period so you can cancel in time if you don’t like it.

  96. Hey Rob

    Loving the reviews giving for products.. really informative.. just a bit confused what I should do.. im 23.. been gyming for about 10 weeks and im not seeing any results… I saw your reviews for the testo Fuel, Muscle Advance creatine, HYPERGH 14X.. my goal is to just put on some lean muscle.. is it safe to take all 3 products (and if so how should I take them together) or should I do something else? what do you recommend?

    Thank you
    Much Appreciated

    1. Hey Neil,
      The only one I would change up if I were you is the Testo Fuel. You shouldn’t need it at your age. I’d replace it with Nitrocut for more energy, stamina, and pumps in your workouts. Definitely keep the Muscle Advance Creatine for putting on lean muscle, and the HyperGH 14X for overall strength, health, and energy. Take the HyperGH 14x in the morning and before bed. Take the Nitrocut before workouts. And take the Muscle Advance Creatine after workouts. You shouldn’t have to cycle the Nitrocut or Creatine (though you can if you like), and you’ll want to cycle the HyperGH 14X one week off after four.

    1. Hey Art,
      I haven’t seen any literature specifically referring to Phen375 being hard on the adrenal glands. But if you’re concerned, you should definitely consult your doctor.

  97. Hey Rob,

    I’m a 20 year old, 5’10” 165, very lean, retired college wrestler. I want to pack on about 20 lbs of muscle.

    Would you recommend going to the HGH and/or the Testosterone boosters?


    1. Hey Jack,
      Both would help you build muscle, so it basically comes down to what else they do. A testosterone booster also helps you burn fat and kicks up your sex drive. An HGH releaser will help you lose fat and support bone strength and density. At your age, you probably don’t need more testosterone, so you may want to go with the HGH. If you do decide to go with a t booster, I’d recommend Testo Fuel.

  98. I would like to know what you think about a food called cordyceps,,what it does and how it works??
    thank you
    1. Hey Robert,

      Cordyceps Sinensis is actually a type of fungus found in China. It’s used in a lot of male enhancement supplements because it has the effect of increasing the male libido and erectile function by increasing testosterone levels in the body.

      Unfortunately, as is the case with most of the herbal aphrodisiacs out there, there isn’t a lot of science backing up the claims. It’s more anecdotal evidence than anything else.

      Basically, I consider Cordyceps a “nice to have” more than a “must have” ingredient in a good supplement.

  99. Hey Rob,

    I’m 5’8″, 230 lbs. I’m USAF and I’ve been back from deployment for the last 6 months I’m sad to say, I feel I gained a’lot weight since I’ve been back. I’m almost back to the high level physical activity (high cardio, heavy lifting crossfit and trx).

    My biggest concern is to get rid off the inches I’ve accumulated around my stomach. I don’t really have that much knowledge with supplements currently taking hydroxycut elite and gnc multi vitamin with whey protein.

    Do you have any recommendations.

    Thanks, Clay.
    1. Hey Clay,

      If weight loss is your major concern, you can go with Phen375. You could also go with something like Nitrocut to help you maximize your workouts. If you stack the two, you’ll probably start seeing results pretty quickly. Best of luck and keep me in the loop.

  100. Hey rob,

    I’m 20 years old, just under 5’9 and about 155 pounds. I work out regularly and have seen solid results since I first started years ago but I have hit a wall.

    I’m not seeing much of a size increase for a couple months now and it’s been more difficult than it should be for me to lift heavier weights now. I want to lose the belly fat I can’t seem to shake and find a way to have more energy throughout the day.

    Can you name a supplement that might help me a bit?
  101. rob appreciate the feedback. Just a quick question for you.

    I had started the hyperg 14x and no problem switching over, but i experienced a massive headache both mornings after being on it. Is this something you have heard or experienced with that product? just curious


    1. Hey Art,

      I haven’t heard about massive headaches like you mention, but it’s not uncommon to experience mild ones when starting a new supplement. I hope they’ve calmed down a bit by now.

      Keep me updated on your progress.

  102. Hey rob, I’m 20, 5’11 / 167lb /6-8% bodyfat, I am a trainer and am on a mass gainer (mutant mass) to jack up the caloric intake and cycle on and off creatine, I wanted to give the hgh a try except the only thing I’ve heard about it is it stunts growth as far as growth plates closing early. Is this true?

    Anything else you would recommend as far as training to go with the hgh (besides llift heavy low rep because I I cycles high rep low weight and vice versaeach month to keep my muscles shocked ,
    1. Hey Tyler,
      Well, at 20 years old you are probably done growing, plates are probably closed up for good. But yes it is possible that unmonitored HGH can mess with growth, especially in your early teens.

      I would recommend cycling the supplement on a 5 week on, 1 week off basis.

  103. Hey, Rob just starting on HyperGh 14x it does not say anything about cycling on and off, do you have a recommendations?
    1. Hey Don,
      Yeah they don’t mention it, but you should definitely do it to get the best results. The effectiveness of practically any supplement, including HyperGH 14x, is best cycled.

        1. Hey Don,
          It’s kind of up to you how you cycle it. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little ’cause every guy is different.

          I’ve done it 4 weeks on/1 week off, and I’ve done one month on/one month off. They both worked, but I stuck with the one month on/one month off for the long term because it fits better into my supplement schedule as a whole.

  104. hi Rob

    I’m pretty fit at 5’7 157 lb ectomorph.I’m looking into bodybuilding and want to gain about 80 lbs and have already started on upping my caloric intake.What supplements would you recommend?
    1. Hey David,
      In your case, I would recommend a stack of Muscle Advance Creatine and HyperGH 14X. I would also recommend that you limit your cardio, as well as lift heavy in your training regimen.

  105. Hey Rob. I played football in college 2 years ago, but since then have trimmed down quite a bit from what I was.

    Currently I’m around 245 lbs at 6’4, but I have an opportunity to play again. I want to get back up to between 285 and 300 lbs again.

    The only difference this time is I have a pretty good foundation to put that weight onto. Any recommendations to put on some good weight with some solid muscle, while improving strength.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    1. Hey Darryl,
      Obviously you need to increase your caloric intake dramatically for this, so keep that in mind. If you want to put on solid muscle and size, I suggest a stack of HyperGH 14X and a creatine supplement like Muscle Advance Creatine. I think these will get you on the right track to achieving the goals your looking for.

  106. Rob,

    Thanks for such an informative website! After reading many reviews I decided to purchase nitrocut.

    Im 20 yrs old and weight 195. I also stand at 6’1″. Im pretty happy with my actual weight, but I would like to swap out belly fat for more muscle.

    Is there anything I should stack with nitrocut to help shed fat in those hard to reach areas and help gain lean muscle? Additionally, I was courious as to see if I should drink Whey protien as snacks or substitues for meals.

    Is that safe considering the supplements I am taking? Thanks!

    1. Hey Anthony,
      Good choice on the Nitrocut, I think stacking it with Phen375 will help you to maintain a lower caloric intake and help you get the results your looking for quicker. Taking Protein supplements as snacks/meal substitutes is a great idea, and should be completely safe.

  107. Hey Rob,
    Thank you for this website, im 30yrs old and weigh 153 and is 5,8. I’ve been looking for some supplements that i can use that i can build muscles but also healthy.

    Is HyperGH 14X good to use and is there anything that lower in price. Again thank you for your expertise

    1. Hey Emmanuel,
      HyperGH 14X is a great product, but I will admit it’s shortfall is its price. Barring the price, I haven’t seen any other products that compare, so I think If I were you I would just save up and get it when you can afford it.

  108. i am 33 years old,5’6 205…..recently i have lost 100lbs from 1/01/13 to 07/01/13, by doing nothing but cardio and i want to start lifting weights and start getting lean…would you recommend this product and if you do recommend it, what should i stack it with? testofuel, whey protein, creatine?
    1. Hey Steve,
      First off, congrats on your dramatic weight loss, keep it up! Lifting weights is going to take you to the next level, I recommend that you start with high reps low weight at first to get your body acclimated to lifting. As far as supplementation, HyperGH 14x will definitely get you on the right track, and I would say in your case you should stack it with a fat burner like Phen375, as well as a T-booster like Testofuel.

  109. rob,
    i am looking for your best recommendation. I am 45 years old and used to play baseball in college.

    Weighed 190bls standing 6ft tall. I now wiegh closer to 250lb. I have done the p90x thing on and off, but never been able to get below the 220lb level before burning out. i would like what you would recommend, that will give me no side effects as far as jitters, but allow me to lean myself back down to the 210lbs and below.

    I really am not lookign to add to muscle mass, but need to cut the fat dramatically. I would guess my BMI is 25 at least. any suggestions that would allow me to not use things that ramp my heart rate up ( ie ephederin ) but enable me to have the stamina for p90x ….suggestions?


    1. Hey Art,
      Looks like in your case a stack of Nitrocut and Phen375 would probably work best. The nitrocut will give you energy for the gym, and the Phen375 will help to curb your appetite and assist in far burn.

      1. rob,
        would i run into issues taking the hypergh-14x and nitrocut? can you explain the difference between the hypergh and the phen375? i have read both reviews and cant seem to find the difference….also a brief review of nitrocut would be appreciative.

        thanks for your quick response

        1. Hi Art,
          Generally speaking, there should be no issues combining the two. HyperGH 14X is an HGH releaser that uses a combination of amino acids to help encourage natural hgh production, while Phen375 helps primarily with appetite suppression and weight loss. You can read my full review of Nitrocut here.

          1. rob,
            one last thing just we are on the same page. The last thing i want is to put more mass on my body. if i am maintaiting a good cardio regiman, with p90x and taking the hypergh 14x with phen375, do you think i am in the right direction? or would you prefer, knowing what you do about me, that i leave out the Hypergh 14x for now? nitrocut seems to be a natural steroid, and i fear adding too much mass while trying to slim down? thoughts?


          2. Hey Art,
            Based on your specific goals I think you should skip the HyperGH 14X and stick with a stack of Nitrocut and Phen375. Nitrocut works to expand the blood vessels and allow for increased blood flow and oxygen delivery, and works completely different from steroids. Let me know if you have any other questions and keep me posted on your results!

  110. Hey Rob,
    I’m 41, 175lbs, 5’9″. Started to workout again but in need of supp help.

    Most of my weight around my gut and chest, skinny legs and arms. Also, been feeling tired throughout the day but I am getting adequate sleep.

    Thinking of taking HGH and Nitric Oxide supplements. What would you recommend?

    1. Hey Josh,
      Yeah I think a stack of an HGH product and a NO supplement would be right for you. I think HyperGH 14X works well, and you should stack it with Nitrocut.

  111. Hey Rob,

    I’m 48 years old and up to 5 years ago I was running 15 miles and considered myself to be in good shape. I stopped running and packed on 30 pounds.

    What can I use to help me quickly and safely shed them. I do plan to start running again, and is it to late for me to bulk up some muscle.


    1. Hey Hector,
      It’s never too late…In order to bulk up muscle though your going to need to lift weights, preferably heavy. Check out my free “get ripped” ebook, it’s packed with tons of tips on exercises and meal plans you can use. As far as supplementation, I think you would benefit from a stack of HyperGH 14X and a T-booster called Testofuel.

  112. I’m 31 and am just about to start excercising and lifting again. I have been a basketball player all my life so I’m naturally skinny.

    I’m 6’0 165 and would like to gain 20 to 25 pounds. Would taking hypergh be good to take for that?

    Would something else be more recommended? I also would like to know if by taking hypergh would this take the place of vigrx?

    1. Hey Jesse,
      I think in your case HyperGH 14x, along with a creatine supplement like Muscle Advance creatine, would be your best bet. Because HyperGH 14x is made up of different ingredients and is intended to help with different conditions, it would not take the place of Vigrx Plus.

  113. Hi, I’ve been wondering if pre-workout supplements are recommended to take if you are more of a cardio enthusiast than a weight lifter?
    1. Hey Omar,
      While pre-workout supplements like Nitrocut are primarily designed for weight lifters, there is some evidence that it can help people who pursue cardio more.

  114. Rob,

    what is your opinion about taking a test booster like testofuel and a hgh booster like hypergh 14x?
    (they are both your top recommended products in their respective catagories)

    Is it harmful or not worth it to take both at the same time?

    I am a 41 year old male and it seems like both could help me out in different areas, even though some areas are redundant.


    1. Hey Steve,
      It’s actually a really good idea to take both at the same time, as it should give increased results. Given that they are made up of all natural ingredients, there should be no issues combining them. To be absolutely sure it’s best to check with your doctor. Both Testofuel and HyperGH 14x are designed to help men your age and older, so I say give it a shot.

  115. Hi Rob…id like to know what the difference is between hgh and a pre workout? Which one do you recommend better and is more natural and has less side effects?

    I want to gain lean muscle and lose a little fat. Thanks…

    1. Hey Zack,
      Primarily, the difference between Pre-workout supplements and HGH products are what they are intended to produce. I recommend pre-workout supps over HGH all the time, mainly because they produced better results for me. Pre-workout supps have a higher potential for side effects in my opinion, but really only the ones with stimulants in them. Check out a product called Nitrocut if you are looking for increased lean muscle and decreased fat.

  116. I’m interested in getting hyperGH 14x to help build muscle. At this very moment I’m in the process of loosing weight.Currently I’m 270 and my goal is 230.

    Building muscle helps burn body fat but would you suggest that I wait or should I go ahead a start taking hyperGH. Also would it be ok to stack it with vigrx plus and a fat burner of you recommendation.

    Thanks for your help.
  117. last question…I promise. This is quite expensive so I am being cautious.

    I do exercise and am very active as a caregiver and as I said I have taken sero vital hgh for a few years now. HyperGH 14X seems to talk about bulking up and body building.

    Putting on pound after pound of muscle. Is this more for men than women?

    I want to stay fit and active, burning fat but I don’t want to bulk up. So before I try this is it more geared toward that?

    1. Hey Christine,

      No problem. HyperGH 14X can help put on muscle, but only if that’s your goal and that’s what you’re working toward.

      You will only gain muscle if you eat an excess amount of calories as well as work out hard (ie using heavy weights). If you’re eating right and light, and staying active, it’ll help you maintain and improve your fitness level.

      For me, I usually use it when I want to trim down and start to see my abs again, and it works in that capacity. So it’s perfectly fine for what you’re trying to accomplish too.

  118. Hi again. Thanks for answering, sorry it was long, just wanted you to understand the importance of taking care of me.

    I am taking Sero vital HGH at this time. Have you reviewed that? thanks again

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