Universal Nutrition Torrent Review – Best of the Best?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 5-2-2018


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Universal Nutrition Torrent Overview

Choosing bodybuilding supplements can sometimes feel like a full time job. First you have to figure out which category or categories or supplement you want to take (pre-workout, fat burning, muscle building, recovery). Then you need to pick actually supplements from within each category. And there are hundreds. We try to make it easier by laying out some of the details for you, and today we’re doing it with Universal Nutrition Torrent.

Universal Nutrition Torrent is a post workout recovery and nutrition supplement. They call it a “post workout lean mass accelerator.” What you can expect is an opening of the anabolic window of opportunity after a workout session where you can achieve the best gains and growth.

Universal Nutrition Torrent ReviewUniversal Nutrition Torrent Ingredients and How They Work

Universal Nutrition Torrent doesn’t hold back. They’ve packed in just about everything that could help you repair and grow muscle after a workout:

  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is the quickest digesting protein available, so your muscle tissue gets replenished immediately.
  • Osmosulin Matrix is a mix of complex carbohydrates that gives you a quick replenishment of glycogen and insulin level boost.
  • Amino Acid and Creatine Blend totaling 18 grams for immediate muscle repair and recovery.

Unfortunately, Universal Nutrition Torrentis a proprietary formula, so we don’t know how much of each ingredient they use. That makes it harder to judge, and frankly it pisses some guys off. They know their stuff and don’t appreciate it when they feel like supplement companies are hiding useful information from them.

The recommended dosing is 3 heaping scoops with 20 ounces of water just after an intense training session. Unlike some of the purely amino acid post workout powders, you only need to use Universal Nutrition Torrent on workout days since one of its main purposes is to replace lost carbs.

Universal Nutrition Torrent Pros and Cons

A quick look at what’s good and what’s bad about a product is a good way to figure out which side you land on before you spend your money.

Advantages of Universal Nutrition Torrent

  • The Universal Nutrition Torrent reviews we’ve seen are all really positive.
  • This stuff has helped a lot of guys gain real mass.

Disadvantages of Universal Nutrition Torrent

  • A tub only has 15 servings so it can get pretty expensive.
  • Some guys don’t like the taste.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Universal Nutrition Torrent online or in stores, like GNC. Retail is $57.99 for the 15 serving tub, but most everyone’s got it on sale at the moment. It’s running mostly at just over $30. There is a larger tub with almost double the product, and we’ve seen it for under $60. This would be the way to go if you know you like it and know you’re going to use it.


For post workout recovery and making real muscle gains, the only thing we don’t like about Universal Nutrition Torrent is the price. Our recommendation is that you use it only when you’re bulking up. That way, you get all the benefits when you need them, but you’re not constantly paying for a product that might not ideally suit you at that particular time.

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