Muscle Core X Review – Should You Use It?

Rob Miller | May 2, 2013
Product Reviewed: Muscle Core X
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Muscle Core X Overview

All bodybuilding supplements are not created equal.  Luckily, more and more, companies are realizing that their customer base is by and large basically pretty knowledgeable about what they put in their bodies.  In fact, there probably aren’t very many people that are more concerned about what they put into their bodies than bodybuilders.  For that reason, we’re finding lots of companies are moving away from the proprietary (secret) formulas and more toward letting us know exactly what goes in them and how.  But that’s not true for all supplement companies and products.

Muscle Core X is kind of a vague muscle building supplement made by an unknown manufacturer.  The purported benefits are:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better pumps
  • Gains in lean muscle mass
  • More endurance
  • Boosted libido

Now let’s dive into the details.
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Muscle Core X Ingredients and How They Work

The primary way that Muscle Core X works is by increasing the amount of nitric oxide available in the body.  Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels leading to better blood flow throughout your body.  This means more oxygen and nutrients are transferred to your muscles during workouts.  It also means better pumps and more vascularity.

Then ingredients are mainly amino acids, particularly L-Arginine, that increase the amount of nitric oxide produced by your body.  Then there’s alpha lipoic acid which encourages your body to store carbohydrates in muscle as opposed to in fat and Niacin for that niacin flush that opens up blood vessels.

The Muscle Core X  formula is however proprietary, so we have no way of knowing how much of each ingredient it used.  In our opinion, this is extremely important information to have, especially when you’re dealing with an unknown manufacturer without a reputation to protect.

Where to Buy

Muscle Core X Review

Muscle Core X  was available only by taking advantage of a “free trial” offer.  You would pay only shipping and receive a one month supply.  If you didn’t call to cancel within a certain period of time, you’d be billed for the initial “free” bottle, and you’d be signed up for monthly shipments and payments.  At this time, all the websites and links that offered this promotion for Muscle Core X, now lead you to other products.  So it would appear as though Muscle Core X is not currently available.

Muscle Core X Pros and Cons

Advantages of Muscle Core X

  • Still trying to think of one.

Disadvantages of Muscle Core X

  • Full ingredient information is not disclosed.
  • What we do know about ingredients shows that it’s lacking many key components for bodybuilders such as beta alanine, creatine, and energy boosters.
  • Ordering Muscle Core X  was only possible through a free trial scam.
  • It is currently not possible to order Muscle Core X .


If the only time you’ve spent on researching Muscle Core Xhas been the time it took to read this review, we think you’ve spend more than enough time already.  Don’t waste any more.  Find a product you can count on, something made by a reputable manufacturer who’s not afraid to reveal its formulas.

Have You Used Muscle Core X?  Leave Your Review Below!

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Looks like a scam to me.- Rob

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