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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-15-2019


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Everyone needs protein. It’s the building block of life, and without it our bodies would wither away into nothing. Ive been taking protein supplements since I was about 16 years old, and the vast majority of them didn’t taste so great. Either they left a bitter aftertaste, tasted very “chalky”, create an upset stomach, or just plain sucked. I was turned onto Gold Standard Whey when a friend recommended it to me, and I decided to give it a shot. The following is my personal review, and why I think it’s the best whey protein on the market.

What Is Gold Standard Whey Protein?

Made by a company called Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard is a brand of whey protein that comes in 14 different flavors. It uses Whey Protein Isolates (or WPI’s), which is the most pure form of protein you can get. A typical serving (one rounded scoop) provides 24 grams of quality protein, along with 5 grams of Glutamine and Glutaminc acid and 5 grams of BCAA’s (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine).

Why I Switched To Gold Standard

gold standard whey proteinI had been taking several protein supplements over the years, and the most recent one before Gold Standard was Twinlab Whey Fuel. I personally am a fan of chocolate, so I always ordered the chocolate version of it. When I first tried it I thought it tasted a bit chalky, but I figured eventually I would get accustomed to the taste. Unfortunately, it didn’t really taste very good, and had that chalky texture to it.

By chance, I was talking to a friend of mine who suggested I try Gold Standard. I ordered a 2 lb. tub, which by the way is surprisingly cheap at less than $30, and got it in the mail a few days later. There’s not much else to say other than I was VERY impressed at the flavor, the texture, and how easy it was to mix. I typically mix my protein with fat free milk, and the first time I used gold standard I thought I was drinking chocolate milk!

The Good About Gold Standard

  • Tastes Great
  • Mixes well with Milk
  • Cheaper online, but available in stores
  • No clumping
  • Easy to sip, no need to chug it just to get through it
  • Highly rated on many supplement sites
  • Easily stacks with other products
  • Low in Fat, calories, and carbs
  • Ideal for those looking to bulk up or lose weight

The Bad About Gold Standard

  • Not the “cheapest” protein on the market
  • I personally only like a few of their flavors
  • Doesn’t have a “rich” flavor, for those looking for that

Why I Recommend Gold Standard Whey

In my personal opinion, and this is coming from years of trying various types of protein powders, drinks, bars, and even cookies, Gold Standard whey is the most effective, best tasting, and affordable whey protein on the market. It works effectively for both men and women, and can help you get your required protein intake per day, without adding any additional calories, fat, or carbs to your diet.

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I'm just 16 and I'm doing bodybuilding is gold standard whey protein suitable for me ? -Dineswaran

Yes. At your age, protein is about all I would recommend, and Gold Standard Whey is a great choice.- Rob

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How many lbs can I gain by using a 5lbs on gold standard whey -leon

The amount of muscle weight you gain depends on your diet and workout plan and your commitment to that plan. If you do everything right, 8-10 pounds in a month is an achievable goal.- Rob

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