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Oroxyn Overview

We usually talk about supplements in pill form, but today’s product is a little different.  It’s called Oroxyn, and it’s a male enhancement oral spray.   The company that makes Oroxyn is Barmensen Labs.  They also make Maxoderm cream, a libido booster you rub onto your penis, so I guess you could say this company likes to do things a little differently.

The primary benefit of Oroxyn is better erection quality.  By using it, you’ll have more blood flowing to your penis making for a stronger, harder, longer lasting erection.  It’s the kind of male enhancement supplement you use only when you need it, as in shortly before sexual activity.  The spray’s got a minty flavor to it, so it’s pleasant and it freshens your breath too.

Oroxyn ReviewOroxyn Ingredients and How They Work

Unfortunately, there seems to be something strange going on concerning Oroxyn.  Barmensen Labs has a website to promote its supplements, but Oroxyn isn’t even mentioned there.  Without any official information out there on the product, we weren’t able to locate an ingredient list.  We were however able to track down a bit of information on how you use it and what to expect.

About 15 minutes before your expected event, pump about 3 sprays into your mouth just under your tongue.  What makes it so fast-acting is that the ingredients are delivered almost directly to your bloodstream, instead of having to go through your digestive system.  And while we don’t know exactly what those ingredients are, given that all natural Oroxyn is designed to enhance erections, boost libido, and increase energy and stamina, we can assume it’s got ingredients similar to a mix of L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, and herbal aphrodisiacs.

Oroxyn Pros and Cons

Making a comparison of what’s good and what’s bad about a product is an effective way to make sure you’re considering both sides of the coin.

Advantages of Oroxyn

  • It’s fast acting.
  • The spray bottle is convenient and discreet.

Disadvantages of Oroxyn

  • No ingredient list is available.
  • Oroxyn is expensive.
  • There are no Oroxyn reviews from customers online so we can’t tell what people are really saying about it.
  • We found several online complaints against Barmensen Labs.

Where to Buy

As we mentioned above, Oroxynis not listed on the Barmensen Labs website.  We only found it available at Amazon for the outlandish price of $169.99.


Oroxyn may be great, but I wouldn’t recommend you be the guinea pig to find out.  Without the backing of the company, an ingredient list, or any online reviews, we simply have no way of knowing what the truth is.  And to pay $169.99 under these circumstances seems highly unwise.

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