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Special Note:This is just a review. Click Here to visit the official Vigrx Plus website.

I have personally tested over 50 different male enhancement pills, and more or less know what works:

male enhancement pills ive tested

Some of them are complete garbage, while others just give you a hardon and a headache.

rhino pills
Like this one

When I first heard of Vigrx Pluspills also known as VigRX, I was a little skeptical that it was going to work.

Consequently, this was a result of being burned so many times before.

I’ve seen practically EVERY claim you can imagine, from the 3 inches in 3 weeks wonder pill.

To extenders that promise an 8.7 inch penis in a matter of months:

size genetics claims
I’ve used Size Genetics.

It works, but 8.7 inch penis my A$$…Check out my review here.

Or this penis enlargement cream that asks you the age-old question:

“Why not 12?”

why not 12

Yeah, I’ve pretty much seen all the claims in my many years of reviewing and testing Vigrx Plus supplements.

That’s why I was surprised after the first few doses of Vigrx Plus.

This time I knew there would be a difference.

My erections were:

  • Stronger than the ones I got with any other pills, and
  • My sexual desire was through the roof.I decided to write this review of VigRx Plus to help clue you in on it’s effectiveness, the results of others, and where to buy cheap.

Note: If you are looking to grow some SERIOUS size, then I would recommend taking Vigrx Plus AND combine it with either a water based vacuum pump, likeBathmate Hydromax Xtreme (preferred for comfort and ease of use), or an extender device like the Phallosan Forte.

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What is VigRx Plus?

What Makes Vigrx Plus Different?

Vigrx Plus is Actually Clinically Studied To Work

My Results With Vigrx Plus After 6 Months
Month #1

Month #2

Month #3 - 6

My Recommendation

What is VigRx Plus?

vigrx plus reviewVigRx Plus is a 100% all natural product that is designed to promote your sexual stamina and vigor, as well as increase your sexual appetite.

I first learned about VigRx Plus from another guy that used it and apparently he got great results.

Click Here to visit the official Vigrx Plus website.

This doctor recommended product has actually been available since 2001, and from what I understand over 500,000 guys have ordered it to date…

Vigrx Plus is made up of a unique formula that contains nothing but all natural ingredients.

The full Vigrx Plus ingredient list includes:

    • Damiana Extract
    • Epimedium
    • Ginkgo Biloba
    • Asian Red Ginseng
    • Saw Palmetto Berry
    • Catuaba Bark Extract
    • Muira Puama
    • Hawthorn Berry
    • Bioperine

Click Here for a snapshot of the label.

Most of Vigrx Plus ingredients have been studied by scientists, and shown to help promote overall sexual health and vigor immensely.You can read more about what Vigrx Plus ingredients do here.Some of the ingredients in Vigrx Plus can interact with drugs and certain medical conditions.Click Here to see some frequently asked questions we get regarding medical conditions, as well as a full list of medications that may cause some concern.

What Makes Vigrx Plus Different?

Most male enhancement supplements contain different variations of the same ingredients, so there is not much of a difference at all. However, based on the specific blend mentioned above, and the sheer amount of positive reviews, I truly believe Vigrx Plus trumps the rest.

During my research, some of the things that stood out to me included:

  • Doctor Recommendations -VigRx Plus is endorsed by leading physicians, including the critically acclaimed physician Dr. Steven Lamm, commonly featured on ABC’s “The View”. Click here to see what the medical community has to say about Vigrx Plus.
  • Clinically Studied – Another key point to remember is that Vigrx Plus is one of the only products in its category to be clinically studied by a leading research lab. You can learn more about the clinical study of Vigrx Plus below.
  • Raw Testimonials from Real Users – They literally have handwritten testimonials from users of Vigrx Plus that were voluntarily provided. Check some of them out here.Here’s just a couple of them:vigrx plus review from JP on their official website
  • Ironclad Guarantee – I have been burned before by companies that claim to “guarantee” their product, but for Vigrx Plus I actually tested it out. I had a friend order it online, and then call them up to cancel his order a month and a half later. Much to my surprise, he cancelled his order and got his money back (minus the shipping charges).

Vigrx Plus is Actually Clinically Studied To Work

VigRx Plus is also one of the only male enhancement products that I have come across that is not only doctor approved, but also has been clinically tested to work.

vigrx plus clinical study page

Apparently, Vigrx Plus actually spent $500,000 to have this clinical study performed, which was conducted by a company called Vedic Life Sciences.

I had a chance to read through the actual study, but I will spare you the boring technical details and fill you in on the juicy parts.

For example, when questioned about their ability to get an erection during sexual activity both BEFORE taking Vigrx Plus and AFTER taking it, the results were enormous…

1. How often were you able to get an erection before Vigrx Plus and After Vigrx Plus?

vigrx plus clinical study questionnaire results

2. How much have you enjoyed sexual intercourse before and after Vigrx Plus?

how much have you enjoyed intercourse before and after taking vigrx plus

In summary, the study concluded that:

  • The Ability To Penetrate Their Partner Was DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED
  • The Ability to Maintain and Erection Was DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED
  • Frequency and Intensity of Orgasms were Enhanced Dramatically
  • Sexual Satisfaction was greatly improved by Vigrx Plus
  • Increase in Desire was achieved with practically all men

Click Here to read the results of the clinical study of Vigrx Plus.

My Results With Vigrx Plus After 6 Months

My Second Order of Vigrx Plus

After much research, I decided to order a 6 month supply of Vigrx Plus to test out. The company claims that the best results are achieved after using it for about 3 months, but you have to keep taking the product to keep the results. I ordered it with the assumption that I would probably gain some size, but I knew that this size gain would not be permanent.

That’s another admirable thing about Vigrx Plus is that they don’t make outrageous guarantees that you will gain 4 inches in size in a month. That is just not practical, and it’s a shame there are so many companies that do it.

Month #1

I ordered the 6 month supply and received the package of Vigrx Plus in about 3 days. It arrived via UPS express shipping, which was actually covered by Vigrx Plus when I placed the order. I received a number of bonuses along with my 6 packages of Vigrx Plus, including:

  • Semenax Volume Enhancement Pills
  • Nexus Pheromones Cologne
  • “For Men Only” Exercise CD
  • Erection Fitness Website Subscription

I knew all of these bonuses were coming, it was just nice to see them. After taking Vigrx Plus for a few days, I was surprised that I wasn’t noticing any effects.

In the beginning, I took only 1 capsule per day versus the recommended 2. I really wanted to see what kind of response I would get from starting off with a smaller dosage, mainly because I have received side effects from other products when I took the recommended dosage the first time.

After about a week is when I really started noticing big changes. Prior to receiving my order of Vigrx Plus, I was having a hard time keeping it up during sex. I would get hard in the beginning, but it would quickly fall off after a few minutes in. Vigrx Plus was not only embarrassing, but EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. For lack of a better term, I felt like an ASS.

For the first time in a long time I was able to GET IT UP and KEEP IT UP for like 30 minutes. Not only that, but I felt more engorged, as if there was just a ton of more blood flow to the penis than normal.

Month #2

The above continued on for about 3 weeks, and I saw a natural size gain of about 0.5 inch in length and close to 1/4 inch in girth. Not bad for not doing much else than ingesting a pill. However, I knew this would not be permanent, so I decided that I would start doing manual PE exercise routines, including Jelqing, Wet/Dry Milking, and Kegels. These exercises, from all accounts, are great to use in conjunction with Vigrx Plus, and I actually created an ebook outlining the techniques and procedures to use. Click here to sign up and receive this free guide immediately to your inbox.

Click Here now to visit the official Vigrx Plus website.

Through the month, I continued to take 2 capsules of Vigrx Plus a day, and the results just kept on getting better. At the end of the 2 months, I was seeing a total length gain of about 1″, and just over 0.5″ in girth. To top it all off, I also noticed that the time between erections was significantly reduced. Before, I could only go once, MAYBE twice in a day, without feeling like my penis was going to fall off. At the end of my second month, I was honestly going about 4 or 5 times a day, and felt like I was going to burst my pants open.

Quick Tip: If doing these manual exercises above sounds like alot of work, then you might want to look into using either an extender device like Phallosan Forte, or a water based pump like the Bathmate Hercules.

Both will give you a “hands off” approach…literally.

Check out my reviews of each below:

Phallosan Forte:


Month #3 – 6

Unlike what Vigrx Plus mentioned, I did not see the best results in 3 months. In fact, in the 3rd month I honestly did not see any major change in size or stamina. That’s not to say it stopped working, I just didn’t see any major change in size. I was still getting great orgasms, still lasting longer in bed, and still able to maintain an erection for what seemed like hours.

Right around the end of month 4 is where I saw the biggest improvement in size. I think I can attribute that to the fact that I stepped up my exercise routine to about 6 days a week, instead of just 5, and I also started taking an extra pill of Vigrx Plus everyday. At the end of this month, I saw a total increase in length of 1.5″, and a 1 ” girth increase. My original size measurement was about 6″ length, and 4 ” in girth, so this was a pretty big step up. Needless to say my girlfriend had absolutely no complaints. 😉

Apparently I’m not the only one. I recently went through a few of the Vigrx Plus reviews left on my page here, and see that a couple other guys noticed the same thing.



Visit the Official Vigrx Plus Website Here:

CAUTION:Watch Out For FAKE Vigrx Plus Pills

I have had alot of guys come to me and tell me that they found Vigrx Plus on Ebay or Amazon for alot cheaper than the official Vigrx Plus website. While this may be the case, you have to realize that these may be FAKE VERSIONS of Vigrx Plus, those of which may contain dangerous substances. Some of these counterfeiters, which are mostly located in China, inject substances such as Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra.

This is not only illegal, but is completely unethical, and can result in you experiencing bad side effects, or worse. There’s a few ways you can check and see if you have the real thing.

#1 – Check The Authenticity Code ofVigrx Plus

A few years ago the makers of Vigrx Plus became aware that counterfeit versions of their pills were floating around. As a result, they started adding an “Authenticity code” to the front of the label, which is basically a series of numbers that you can check on their website to be sure you have the authentic / original version.

vigrx plus authorization code

You can check the code at this link and enter the numbers to be sure it’s not a fake.

If the number checks out, you’ll get a message indicating that you have authentic Vigrx Plus.

real vigrx plus

If it doesn’t, you get a message stating “this code has been confirmed as counterfeit goods”.

verification check

#2 – Break Open The Capsule of VigRX Plus

Another way you can check to see if you have the real deal is to break open the capsule and check the inside color.

If it’s brown (sort of looks like pepper), it’s the real thing.

real vs fake vigrx plus pills

If it’s white, which seems to be the most common for the counterfeits, or any other color then you likely have a fake version. Click Here to see a larger version of the above photo.

#3 – Check The Price of VigRX Plus

One of the easiest ways to check if you have the real thing is to check the price. Other then their official website, Vigrx Plusdoes NOT offer any discounts.

If you look around on sites like Amazon and eBay, you can actually find it being advertised for as little as $30 a box.

cheap vigrx plus on ebay

$30 sounds great and all, but there’s one huge problem with this. They DON’T Work!

You might as well be buying a sugar pill, because you will get practically no results at all buying these counterfeit knockoffs.

In short, a one month supply costs $76.99.

If you see it being advertised for anything less, it’s probably a fake.

Make sure you order from the official website,

Where They DON’T Ship Vigrx Plus To

On the negative side, here’s a list of countries where they do NOT ship to: Afghanistan, Argentina, Cuba, Estonia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Myanmar, New Zealand, North Korea, South Africa, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela.

Nevertheless, if you’re located in one of these countries you may want to check out an alternative supplement called Male Extra.

For the most part, Male Extra DOES sell to all of the countries listed above (except Ireland).

Consequently, it’s a VERY effective alternative to Vigrx Plus.

Click Here to see my review of Male Extra.

Don’t Have A Credit Card?

Get step by step instructions on how to buy Vigrx Plus without a credit card in this article.

If Vigrx Plus Is So Good, Than Why Are The Amazon Reviews So Bad?!

I’ve received this question more times than I can count, so I figured I would finally address it here once and for all.

I actually reached out to the folks over at Vigrx Plus a few months back on that, and from what I gather the problem is two-fold:

1.) Competitors have been “buying” it on Vigrx Plus and leaving these negative reviews.

They’ve told me it’s nearly impossible to tell who’s “in on it” so to speak, but they have apparently been working with Amazon to try and fix the problem. This is actually further supported by the fact that 2 independent 3rd parties have indicated that the reviews are likely fake.

For example, check out this report on content/uploads/2011/06/fakespot

And this one on review meta:

vigrx plus review meta rating explained

Both of these are completely independent sites, and have no affiliation with ANY products and / or supplements. And they BOTH rate the reviews as suspicious, unnatural, and likely false.

2.) There’s been a surge of counterfeit Vigrx Plus flooding the online market.

What’s happening is Chinese manufacturers are pumping out fake Vigrx Plus pills in an effort to capitalize on the brand name and popularity. You’ll see these counterfeits on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Bonanza, and they make it very appealing to order through them because the price is just RIDICULOUSLY low.

If you come across prices that are way too low compared to other similar pills you have seen in you search for the right one, chances are it is too good to be true and they are so low for a reason; they simply do not work well at all compared to the actual, reputable name brand real ones.

I’m talking like 50 – 70% less than what you would see on their official site (

The problem is, they’re basically a sugar pill. You heard me right…They aren’t putting any of the actual ingredients you would find in the REAL Vigrx Plus, and as a result you have 1,000’s of customers who thought they were getting the real thing.’

How does this relate to Amazon?

Well, when people are pissed off, they write a review! What better place than to “vent” your frustrations about the product than by doing it on their Amazon page!

I talk about this in great detail below.

My Recommendation of Using VigRX Plus

In conclusion, out of all of the supplements I have tried, Vigrx Plus was by far the most effective.

Consequently, I have tried a TON of different products.

If you’re looking for the best results, order a 3 months supply.

“Why?”, you ask?

Because it can LITERALLY take that long to see the best results.

However, it’s worth the wait!

P.S. If you’re looking for something for your woman to take to help her with her sexual libido, check out a supplement called Her Solution. It works GREAT for stimulating female libido and will make her want you more and more!

Click Here Now To Visit Vigrx Plus

Clique Aqui para ler essa análise em Português

Additional References

User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Works Great!

By Phil,  May 17, 2017

Needless to say I was VERY hesitant to try this out, especially after using so many supplements that "claimed" to work.

Despite this I went ahead and ordered 4 boxes and knew it was working probably less than a week later.

Holy jesues am I horny lol!

I'm so glad I came across your site when I did, I was right at the point of giving up!

Was this review helpful to you?
88 out of 93 people found this review helpful.

Jasons Review

By Jason,  Jun 6, 2017

I tried that Vigrx Plus ( and Phenibut combo you were talking about it another post. At first I didn't notice anything, but about 3 hours after taking it I go this random boner. I met this chick in a bar that night and took her home. All I can say is I now have a "friend with benefits" that I can basically call whenever I'm looking for a good romp 😉 Thanks for the recommendation, I needed something like this!

Was this review helpful to you?
64 out of 77 people found this review helpful.

By Ray,  Apr 15, 2017

I decided on the 1 year supply, as I figured I would be taking it for sometime anyway. Well, let me tell you, this S#&T is the BOMB!  LOL I got like 2 inches bigger after like 2 months and it hasn’t gone away since. I am so glad I found this site, thanks again, your working miracles son…Ray

Was this review helpful to you?
266 out of 335 people found this review helpful.

Rob Miller: Glad to hear it worked for you!


By Steve N.,  Mar 23, 2017

I tried this one (Vigrx Plus) a 2 years ago and got the 6 months supply and can tell you from experience that it really does work. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a boost in size and stamina.

Was this review helpful to you?
157 out of 196 people found this review helpful.

By Simon,  Feb 12, 2017

I’m just six days into taking Vigrx Plus ( and I’m sure liking what its doing to me already. I’m a thickish 6 when erect but quite tiny sometimes when flaccid.I’d like to be a bit more of a ‘show-er’ and so I’m pleased that already I keep a bit more body when there is no arousal at all. Waking? Wow! if the additional girth in my morning glory, already, is a sign of things to come, then I’m up for it! I have a fast metabolism so I have stepped up to three pills a day from the recommended two, and all seems perfectly well.

Was this review helpful to you?
153 out of 192 people found this review helpful.

Visit The Official Vigrx Plus Site Here

Ask A Question

User Questions and Answers

How long do I need to take Vigrx Plus for? -George

Generally speaking the best results are seen at around the 3 month mark. You should continue taking it to experience the positive benefits.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
64 out of 79 people found this question helpful.

How should Vigrx be taken and is it used only before intimacy or everyday?  Does it need to be cycled? -joe

It's designed to be taken every day, not on an "as needed" basis.  As you may already know, it's not a bad idea to cycle it, preferably on a 3 month on / 2 weeks off period.  This will help to avoid tolerance issues. If you're looking for something to take on an as-needed basis, check out Hardon Helper.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
54 out of 61 people found this question helpful.

So would you recommend only taking one pill at a time for vigrx plus or should I do the two pills -Brandon

I would take them both at the same time, and try to keep it the same time each day.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
27 out of 30 people found this question helpful.

Is Vigrx effective after removal of the prostate? -Ted

I would check with your doctor to be sure.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
40 out of 57 people found this question helpful.

Are the effects of Vigrx Plus permanent? -Chuck R.

Well, you need to keep taking it to see results. That said, if you want something permanent then I would recommend you combine it with either an extender device like the Phallosan Forte, or a water based vacuum pump called the Bathmate Hydromax.

I prefer the's more comfortable, you only need to wear it for 10 - 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 - 6 HOURS per day with the extender), and it's cheaper.

Check out my reviews of each of these below:

Phallosan Forte -

Bathmate -

- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
51 out of 63 people found this question helpful.

Author: Rob Miller

Supplement Critique

Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. I am considering taking this. I’m currently taking testrovax and gf9.

    I am having good results I think. Although I have not tried any other testosterone boosters to compare with.
    I don’t want to take so many supplements that I toxify myself.

    Can I take vigrx with the stack I’m taking?

    Can i take vigrx as a long-term solution, and take hard on helper now and then?

    I’m considering switching to one of the Brand’s you recommend.

    Can I take vigrx while taking one of those?
    Do you sell any supplements yourself?

    Thanks Rob. You’ve got a really great site

    1. Hey Owen,
      I would say if you’re already taking Testrovax and GF9, and having good results, that it might be a better idea to hold off on the Vigrx Plus for now. Can you stack them? Absolutely. The problem is that if the Vigrx Plus starts working and you’re still taking the other 2, it might be very difficult to determine which one is giving you the best results.

      I would consider finishing up the bottles of Testrovax / GF9 first, then give the Vigrx Plus a try.

      It’s def designed as a long term solution, and in my personal experience, actually works better than the other 2 (I’ve used both, as well as dozens of others). Now the Hardon Helper, on the other hand, is a different story. You can take that with any of the supps listed above, and it works great as an “as needed” boost in libido.

      Here’s my full review of Hardon Helper in case you didn’t see it:

      Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Hello I have been using vigrax Plus capsules for the past 20 days no result yet about size or timing and eracttion nothing yet must I buy 60 more tablet any idea
    1. Hey Junior,
      Yeah Vigrx Plus ( definitely helps with performance and libido. It can also help with size, but you need to either be performing manual enlargement exercises, or use a pump like the Bathmate or an extender like the Phallosan Forte along with it.

      You can sign up for my free “Enlargement Exercises” ebook here:

      and here’s my reviews of the Bathmate and Phallosan:

      Bathmate –

      Phallosan Forte –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
    1. Hey Ram,
      Yup, I’ve seen those reviews and they concerned me as well. I was told by the people over at Leading Edge health (the guys that make Vigrx) that these reviews are “phony” and were planted by other companies to make their product look bad.

      I don’t know if it’s true or not, that’s just what I was told.

      1. Thanks, I’m concerned about Vigrx having saw palmetto as an ingredient. I tried saw palmetto for hair loss before and it did hit my erection real hard, so wary of going back at it again.

        Let me know your thoughts. Thanks ?

          1. Yes, I tried Hard on helper and it really works great but I guess I can’t take it daily for long term. I am looking for something like that for long run.(no saw palmetto)

    1. Hey John,
      I’ve never actually combined Vigrx Plus ( with Testofuel, but I’ve heard of a few guys doing it. It seems to be hit or miss, ie some guys get great results doing it, some don’t really notice a huge difference then taking them by themselves.
    1. Hey Alan,
      I’ve never actually heard of it, but I just took a look and it looks like it’s a scam. There’s no official website, no credible 3rd party reviews, and virtually no solid info on it at all. I would take a pass. Go with Vigrx Plus ( It’s been clinically proven, and is the best supplement I’ve ever tested (and I’ve tested a shitload).
  3. What would you recommend to increase sex drive and last long during sex as well as maintaining an erection
  4. have been using Vigrx for 15 days have not notice any change in my erection..Looking for my erection to get hard …and its not .what do u think .
    1. Hey Ray,
      I would give it a few more weeks before writing it off. Vigrx Plus is weird like that sometimes. One time I used a 3 month stack and didn’t feel ANYTHING for like a month, and then WHAM the effects took over. If after a few weeks it’s still not working, check out a supplement called Hardon Helper.

      Unlike with Vigrx Plus, you can just take it as needed and it starts working in about 45 min. Here’s my review:
  5. Rob,

    What is the official VigRX website now? These links seem to not be working anymore…?

    I only want to buy from the official website as per your recommendation.

  6. I’m trying to find a natural product that I do not have to take daily. I have purchased some from sex shops that are all natural and work fast but I can’t find those particular ones online.

    I only need them when I have more than one girl at a time
  7. I would like to ask about using three products at once, ie Vigrx Plus, the Bathmate and the Philosan Forte. Would that produce some amazing results or would that be overdoing it?

    Just Looking to get the best permanent results from all three of your recommendations….and I had the thought, why not all three? Your thoughts on this would be helpful, thanks.

    1. Hey Will,
      Good question, and not the first time I’ve been asked. Simple answer, yes. It’s definitely worth doing it. The Phallosan Forte is best used for length, and the Bathmate is primarily a girth-driven device. As for the Vigrx Plus, it will help to augment the gains you get from the Phallosan / Bathmate combo.

      I talk about how to gain extreme size in my Phallosan review, check it out here (it’s in the Q and A section about halfway down the page):

      As for the Vigrx Plus, just use it as directed on the label. Here’s each of their sites:

      Vigrx Plus –

      Phallosan Forte –

      Bathmate –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Hi Rob
    You are so honest.

    How can i order vigrx plus in india?
    Can i get this product in web site price in india or
    More than price?

    Please reply
  9. Hey rob. I’ve been taking Vigrx Plus for the past 3 weeks now.

    At first I didn’t notice anything so I decided to up it to 2 pills morning and 2 pills at night. At that point it seemed to be working but then this past week it feels like the opposite like the pills stopped working.

    I have that feeling that every time I take it now it kills my blood flow. Also I tried prime male and had a similar effect.

    What do you recommend??
    1. Hey Josh,
      Sorry to hear that! Did you buy it on their official site? There’s a TON of fakes out there, and most of them don’t work. I would take 2 weeks off and see how you feel. Vigrx Plus can be funky like that sometimes. I’ve actually had some times where it seemed like it didn’t do anything at all, and then other times where I felt like I didn’t even need it!

      Check out a supplement called Hardon Helper. I just got done testing it not too long ago, and it’s by FAR one of the best fast acting male enhancers I’ve ever taken. I would just go with a small order to see how it works, you can always buy a larger quantity in the future to save $.

      Here’s my review:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
      1. Hey Rob I really appreciate the response back. Yes I did order Vigrx from the official site and checked the authenticity number so all good there.

        Just ordered another months worth, figured maybe I needed a bit longer, maybe it still needs to build up in my system but who knows. As for the Hardon helper I read your review on it and actually got the owner on the phone Dr Seltzer himself which was pretty cool.

        I ordered the 24 pack. My question to the hardon helper – is this a supplement I can take on a regular basis when ever I want with out issues and building up a tolerant to it or is it something I should only take once and a while?

        1. Yep no problem, man. Yeah I’ve spoken to Dr. Seltzer too, definitely a colorful guy haha. As for whether or not you should take Hardon Helper every day, that’s actually a really good question that I unfortunately don’t have an answer to just yet. I’ve only been taking it off and on for the last 2 months or so, so it’s tough to tell.

          I will say this though, typically with really ANY supplement, there is a tendency to build a tolerance. Vigrx Plus ( is sort of an exception because it takes SO long to kick in, but with the vast majority of supplements I’ve tested that’s been the case.

          In any event, keep me posted on your results with the Vigrx Plus and let me know how your Hardon Helper experience goes!
        2. Hi,my sex life has been non existence since I had prostate cancer surgery.When my prostate was removed the nerve was partially severed and resewed.Is there a product that will work for me,please no Viagara or cialis.Thank You
          1. Hey Gary,
            Sorry to hear about that, and I have to admit, that’s a tough one. Once that nerve is severed, it’s a lose-lose situation. Given that it was partially severed, however, there’s still hope. You may want to consider using a water based pump called the Bathmate along with a penis ring. The Bathmate will allow you to obtain a full erection, and the ring will essentially “trap” the blood in the penis, allowing for a sustained erection.

            I talk about the Bathmates’ use in ED on my review briefly, check it out here:
  10. Rob,told you I I had tried ultra tmale with some positive feedback , well tried 30day supply of nugenix and you recommend vigrx but giving the benefit of the doubt I bought another bottle of nugenix and in the second week with minimal difference in anything , so what do I try for testosterone booster , didn’t try vigrx cause I thought I seen it in one of the local pharmacy but can’t remember where so will have to order on line
    1. Hey Jeff,

      Yeah, absolutely. Let me know what kind of benefits you want to focus on in your pre workout, and I’ll recommend something great for you.

      1. Hey Jeff,

        Yeah, that’s the one of the biggest problems with certain stacks. Not to worry in this case.

        There are no stimulants in VigRx Plus.
    1. Hey Cheng,

      While it’s not the primary function, there are a couple ingredients that may help increase testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris is believed to do so (though there is no clinical evidence) and Saw Palmetto may help prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT, thereby increasing free testosterone levels.

  11. I just started experiencing ED and I’m just 18. At 3 different occasions with 2 different girls.

    Could this help out ?
    1. Hey Adrian,
      Sorry to hear that. At 18 you’re WAY too young to be experiencing ED issues, and my guess is you may have some underlying medical condition.

      I would suggest you get checked out by a doctor as soon as you can.
  12. Hi Rob,

    I have been taking vigrx plus for almost a month now, but i don’t see any changes to libido or erection strength, could you advice why that might be?
    1. Hey Dave,

      I would definitely expect for you to have seen some improvement by now. Try for another couple weeks.

      Make sure you take it consistently at the same time each day. If you still don’t get results, return it for a refund. (You have 67 days).

      You could be one of the few it doesn’t work for. If that’s the case, let me know and I’ll recommend something else that hopefully will work in your case.

      1. Hi again Rob,

        Following up on our conversation a few weeks ago.So im a month and a half in and still nothing. Have you had people in the past telling you that vigrx has not worked for them?, also what would work for me if vigrx didnt?.

        1. Yeah every once in awhile I have someone email / comment saying it didn’t work. It happens, but in my experience it’s very rare. There’s a lot of factors at play: diet, medications, lifestyle choices, etc. can all play a role.

          You may want to check out a supplement called Male Extra. It uses a pretty unique set of ingredients compared to Vigrx Plus, and is another supplement I got a great response with.

          Here’s my review:

          In the meantime, did you contact them about getting a refund?
    1. No pill will give you a permanent increase in size, at least not by itself. Vigrx Plus ( works great to give you boners, help you last longer, and it actually gives you a TEMPORARY increase in size, though.
    1. Hey Greg,

      It’s basically B.S. They talk about proof that it can make you bigger, but there’s no proof because it’s impossible for a pill to accomplish this. It may be okay as a performance enhancer, but it won’t increase your size.

  13. Hello Rob,
    I have bought Phallosan Forte last month and started using since then. If I take VigRx Plus now for 6 months and stop using VigRx Plus but continue to use Phallosan Forte. Will the gain I gain with Phallosan and VigRx be permanent or not?

    You have mentioned that VigRx work while taking it
    1. Hey Binod,

      That’s right. If you were taking VigRx Plus and doing nothing else, the benefit would only last as long as you’re using it.

      But because you’re using the Phallosan Forte as well, your benefit will be permanent.
  14. Rob,
    OK I have read a number of q&a’s below and decided it is time for me to pitch my situation to you…
    I am 45, active, weight-lifter, runner, etc. I had a vasectomy about 15 years ago. I have been diagnosed with Low T (~350 ng/dl) and my norms should be around 1200.

    As a result I have loss of sensation in the penis, severe loss of libido, difficulty achieving erections, difficulty achieving orgasm. I have started taking a number of herbs to help but still have issues (pine pollen, maca, etc.).

    Do you still recommend VigRx Plus? and why?
    1. Hey Steve,
      That’s a tough one. As far as I’m aware, Vasectomy’s have NO effect on sex drive, performance, etc., so I’m guessing the Low-T is definitely the culprit here. If that’s the case (which it probably is), I would steer you towards a testosterone booster called Prime Male.

      It’s one of the best T boosters we’ve ever tested, and seems to work better than any of the others in guys 40+. BTW, I write about why it’s better than Testofuel (my typical #1 choice) in my review, check it out here:

      Also, I’m sending you my free “How To Boost Testosterone Naturally” ebook, as well as some bonuses, to your email here.

      It’s packed with tons of tips on diet and exercise to give you the best results.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  15. Hi….
    Is I’m active in fitness I take bcaa, creatine and protein.

    Will this affect me taking vigrx at the same time.

  16. Can the Vigrx be used with Viagra? Is there a benefit to using both? or the extenze…can that be used with viagra and will there be an added benefit?

    1. Hey Jake,

      VigRx Plus should be fine to use with Viagra. I’d be a little more cautious with Extenze since it’s got Yohimbe, which can be pretty harsh with the side effects.

      In both cases though, you should check with your doctor before mixing a prescription drug like Viagra with a new supplement.
  17. The official website says that after you stop taking these pills that they will lose their effect after 60-90. This makes sense; however, does this mean you will lose your 1.5 inch and 1 inch gains? Have you noticed size reduction as of 60-90 days since you’ve stopped taking them?

    1. Hey James,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

    1. Hey Markus,

      Even though you’re through puberty, you may very well still be growing. It’s best not to take it before you’re 18.

  18. Is vigrx plus safe for dibatic patient. And due to diabetic my erection is very bad, so will it help me in this case.

    Now i am not with my wife so can i take vigrx plus plills now or i have to wait till that my wife comes to me. Is it good if i start it now and till i meet my wife it will start some effect.

    And the last one will it effect the same day i take the first pill ir it may take some time also, bcoz if it takes time for errection then i have to be ready with another option bcoz i dont want to disapoint my wife. Please reply asap bcoz i will recieve my forst vigrx plus pill in couple of days so i want to start it as per your suggesion.

    I buy this in your trust. Thanks

    1. Hey Mik,

      It should be safe, but you should check with your doctor to be sure. VigRx Plus is made to be taken daily.

      You will probably get some help with your erection the first day, but the bulk of the effects will start to appear about 3 or 4 weeks in.
  19. Thanks SO MUCH for being honest and telling us “You won’t find a pill that will enhance size”. That’s all I needed to read.

    I’m done with pill research thanks to you. If you ever find a pill that enhances by itself, email me.

    1. Hey Craig,

      They’re both at the top of my list, but which one is better really depends on what your needs are. If you want something to take every day so you’ll always be ready, go with VigRx Plus. If you want something to take only as needed, Extenze Plus is a better choice.
  20. hey, i didn’t seen any mention in the comments about decreased libido/ED issues in regards to SSRI usage. aside from not getting the desired effects from using SSRIs for about a year, it took me a while to pick up on the fact that its completely killed my sex drive and i can’t recall having very many erections( good ones at that) over the past year. i’m currently withdrawing from lexapro and have started dating a woman and the drugs have completely screwed me up in regards to sexual performance.

    do you have any knowledge or testimonials from people that may have gone through the same thing i’m experiencing? i have the emotional/mental desire for the woman i’m with but my dick is betraying me and is also causing me to develop a mental block/complex about it. just looking for some feedback. thanks!
    1. Hey Man,
      Yeah I’ve had a few guys that have come to me with that question. I’m not going to lie, I’m really not sure if Vigrx Plus would work in this case. You may actually want to check out an alternative supplement called Extenze. It’s the best fast-acting supplement I’ve used, and it sounds like you don’t necessarily need something to take daily.

      I would try a box and see how it works, here’s my review:
  21. Hey Ron,
    I just saw this after answering your other question. Yes, VigRx Plus will round out your benefits to include boosted libido.

  22. Hey Ron,

    You might get increased benefits from taking them both together, but there might be better stacking options as well. Let me know what benefits and effects you’re looking to add, and I’ll recommend the right stack for you.

  23. Well done Rob. Am in my 50, I do smoke and take alcohol.

    I have weak erection and quick ejaculation. What would you advice and recommend for me.

    Wiffy does not complain about my penis size. Is VigRX good for me too.

    1. Hey Demola,
      Thanks man! Besides the obvious advice of quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, yeah, Vigrx Plus ( will definitely help. You may also want to consider signing up for my free “Enlargement Exercises” ebook.

      The exercises are mainly for size, but some of them (most notably kegels and wet and dry milking) will help with your erection quality DRAMATICALLY, especially when combined with the Vigrx Plus.

      Click Here to sign up for it, it’s completely free!
  24. There are some many companies that sale male enlargement pill but which one it’s the right one to buy to gain side and last longer in bed?
    1. Hey Bryan,
            First off, I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte.  Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate.  It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.
      Here’s my reviews of each:
      Bathmate –
      Phallosan Forte –
      Combine it with Vigrx Plus for improved blood flow and libido, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. 
      Here’s their site:
  25. Hi Rob

    I’ve been using VigRX Plus for around a year and have just ordered another years supply. I wasn’t worried about size but now in my mid 40’s was sometimes dissapointed with hardness and stamina.

    This product solved both and I’m now go like i did in my 20’s. First visit to your site and like how it is fair and honest IMO, congratulations on a great job.

    My new problem and it’s not really a problem, is that i sometimes do not climax.

    Do you have any recommendations?

    As said, not really a problem as over an hour, sometimes 2 hours of intercourse, my partner is satisfied and I’m knackered but i know sometimes she feel’s she hasn’t pleasured me and i don’t find her attractive which is far from the truth. She is beautiful and sex is great.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    1. Hey Bud,
      Glad to hear the Vigrx Plus is working for you! You may want to consider using a volume enhancer called Volume Pills. It’s formulated to help increase seminal fluids, which in turn will give you more explosive orgasms. I think in your case it would help you achieve an orgasm much easier.

      And it’s actually sold by the same people over at Vigrx Plus, so you know the quality is there. Here’s my review:

      and here’s their website –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
      1. Hey Rob

        Thanks for your recommendation. I will be receiving a free bottle Semenax with my last order of Vigrx.

        I believe it is with the same company. Which in your opinion would be better to use Volume pills or Semenax or both?

        Will definitely chose one but wonder which is the better product?

        Thanks again

        1. Hey D,

          Yeah, they’re very comparable, so go with the Semenax since you have it and it was free.
  26. I amin my 80s and good shape other than diabetics,i have spoken about the pill and he said go ahead i have tried other pills and they did nothing . do u think vigra will work? i read some where that there is a pill simalar to cialis without the side effects .do u know what i am talkink about?

    1. Hey Marvin,
      Not sure if you’re referring to Vigrx Plus or Viagra, but if it’s Vigrx Plus ( than yeah it definitely has potential. I’ve recommended it to probably hundreds of guys in their 80’s without any complaints.

      “I read some where that there is a pill similar to cialis without the side effects .do u know what i am talking about?” The only other pill I can think of off the top of my head is Levitra. It works like Viagra, but it’s a bit weaker.

      However, most report very few (if any) side effects with it.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  27. had prostrate removed because of cancer cannot get erection at all nothing works. Is there anything that i can use to help get a erection

    1. Hey William,
      Sorry to hear that, and unfortunately yours is a story I hear far too often. Vigrx Plus “might” help, but it’s not going to work miracles. Another alternative I would suggest is Exenze. Unlike with Vigrx Plus, you don’t have to take it everyday to get effects.

      Just take 1 capsule about 45 minutes prior to sex and see if that helps.

      I would pick up one box of Extenze and give it a shot, worse case scenario you can return it for a full refund. Here’s their site:
    1. Hey Stel,
      Good to hear from you again. Yeah using Vigrx Plus and Semenax is actually highly recommended. The increase volume you’ll get from the Semenax will give you increased orgasms, better than if you just got the Vigrx Plus.

      When you go to order on their site ( you’ll actually be presented an “upgrade” for the Semenax. This upgrade is like a 60% savings or something, so definitely add it on as opposed to buying it separately from Vigrx Plus.

      Did you ever end up getting the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack? How did it turn out?
    1. Hey Paul,
      If you’re looking for something that works within 30 – 60 minutes, and you don’t want to take a pill everyday, go with Extenze ( The upside to Vigrx Plus ( is, even though you have to take it everyday, over time the effects build up to the point that you’ll basically be ready to have sex whenever you need to.
      1. I’ve looked throughout the ExtedZe website for reference on you note about not having to take it everyday as you do VigRX but can’t find anything to verify your statement. The first thing that their homepage states, and is underlined, is that it’s taken once a day.

        What gives?
        1. Hey Joe,
          You’re not the first to point that out, trust me. They say you need to take it everyday so they can sell more supplements.

          From my personal experience, you can either do this, OR just take it as needed, and you’ll get virtually the same results.

          If you take it everyday, you’ll have boners everyday. If you take it only when you need it, you’ll have boners only when you need it.

          Make sense?
  28. Hi Rob I read your review of Rigrx and am interested in trying it out. However I live in Ireland and it says they don’t ship there.

    Have you any idea are they going to any time soon. If not can you recommend another product.

  29. My issues in the past have been premature ejaculation, but lately I am starting to have erectile dysfunction issues as well … which product would you recommend?
  30. Hey Rob,

    What do you recommend to take when you want to increase in size about 3-5 in and increase stamina?
    1. Hey rafeeque,
            First off, I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte.  Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate.  It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.
      Here’s my reviews of each:
      Bathmate –
      Phallosan Forte –
      Combine it with a high quality supplement like Vigrx Plus for improved blood flow and libido, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. 
      Here’s my review of Vigrx Plus:
    1. Hey Kwabena,
      Well, Nitrocut isn’t really a testosterone booster. It’s actually a pre workout supplement, here’s my review in case you haven’t seen it:

      As for combining Vigrx Plus ( along with a T booster, yeah it can be done. Try stacking it with a t booster called Testofuel to get the best results, here’s my review:
  31. u can only get vigrx plus on their webside,this sounds good!but if u use the product and it damaged some of ur internal organ.Who do u hold responsible?since u dont even know there address other than website!
    1. Hey Wale,

      If anything goes wrong, you can call their customer service number: 1-866-621-6886 in the US or 1-604-677-5365. Here’s their address as well:

      Leading Edge Health
      c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
      Elizabethton TN 37643
      United States of America
  32. Hi Rob,

    Do you know anything about RexaDrene? I see a lot of really high ratings on a number of sites, but I did not find one by you.

    I always look to see what you have to say, so if I missed it could you please direct me?

    1. Hey Jason,

      RexaDrene is not worth trying. I’ve written reviews of the same product made by the same company but with a different name.

      They are never positive reviews so the company always tells me to take them down. I don’t have to, but I don’t think fighting them is worth it.

      This company basically makes one weak supplement and changes the name every time too many people discover it’s weak. Look up a product called RexaVar.

      You’ll see what I mean.
  33. does the trial version, vigFX work better or the same as vigRX? and have you tried prolabs horny goat weed or any horny goat weed, and what were the results?
    1. Hey Mike,

      They’re exactly the same formulas, so they work equally as well as each other. I do like horny goat weed as an ingredient in a performance enhancement supplement, for the dual roles of libido boost and increased blood flow.

  34. So think my hub is estro dominant. 47 and I’m lucky if get some once week and never really been instigator. Will this still work for him.

    To b honest he’s just always tired bad work hours
    1. Hey Beck,

      Yes, I would definitely recommend he give it a try. It helps with both libido and erections.

  35. Rob, Thank you for your thorough review. I believe your review would affect/change many men’s life.

    My humble suggestion: If you could disclaimer that you have no financial interest/ advertisement income from the product, and provide a photo copy of your order receipt (with your private info covered, of course), and disclose your age range (35-40 I guess?) your review would be rated a five-star itself.
    1. Hey Sahara,

      I do have an affiliate relationship with some of the products I recommend (including VigRx Plus). When my readers click through and order VigRx Plus through our website, I receive a small commission.

      Of course, customers get the same price as they would without the commissions, and I only recommend products I have used and believe in.
    1. Hey Ross,

      I haven’t tried it personally, but I have done a little research, and it looks like another version of an old supplement scam that keeps recycling itself. I used to have reviews for these products, but the company behind them always harasses me to take them down. Take a look at this product: It’s the exact same thing in the exact same packaging with a slightly different name.
  36. Is there a penis pump out there that really works? That the results you get aren’t just temporary they are permanent?

    And does vigrx also Aid in permanent gross games? And does that really work?

    1. Hey Rob,
      Yeah the Bathmate is a great option. At first the gains are temporary, but over time with consistent pumping you’ll see permanent gains. Here’s my review in case you haven’t seen it:

      VigRX Plus ( does indeed help with girth gains by increasing the blood flow to the penis. I’ve used Vigrx Plus with the Bathmate AND by itself and it consistently works.
  37. Have been on it for months, just feel little tingling sensation down there but a little hornier. Taking 2 capsules daily after food but no real difference in size.

    Maybe its my age as I’m nearing 60 and my testorone levels are low. So it only works for some people really, as each individual body is different.

    1. Hey HM,

      Thanks, and you’re right. When it comes to supplements, there really is no one size fits all.

      Let me know if you’re looking for another option and I’ll make a recommendation for you.
  38. pls send me your ebook on natural enlargement exercise, please! i am 21, i can last about 5-10 minutes when masturbating, thou sometimes its maybe just like 2-3 minutes or even 10-15 minutes depending on the porn i watch or my mode, is that normal? I wish to be able to last longer but i have a very huge sex drive that can allow me go like 2-3 rounds straight and i easily get strong erections that i can maintain for real long, i have had sex only once, i was quite drunk so i lasted for just 1 minutes even thou i still maintained my erection for long that i had to maturbate again that same day. do you think i need any drug maybe to be lasting longer when am married?

    But i think my sex drive can cover for that. my penis size is just like 4″ but can be as long as 6.5″ when erect, am thinking of a bigger one!
    what do you think about that?
    1. Hey Buddy,
      I’m sending the ebook to your email, let me know if you didn’t get it. It’s pretty typical to have premature ejaculation at your age, but if you’re looking for something that will help you last longer then check out a supplement called Prosecution Plus.

      It’s the only supplement I’ve ever heard of that actually had a clinical study conducted, proving it’s effectiveness at helping with PE problems. Check out my review here:

      If you’re looking for size gains, I would recommend you use either a water based pump called the Bathmate or an extender device called the Phallosan Forte. Here’s my reviews of each:

      Bathmate –

      Phallosan Forte –
  39. I bought 4 ” vigrx bottels ( origenal version ) to use it because it offer on our pharmacy and vigrx plus not allow to enter my country , so is same result of vigrx plus about big penis will offer in vigrs bottel ( ov ) ?
    1. Hey Faiedl,

      To my knowledge, you can only be sure you’re getting the real VigRx Plus by ordering from their website. What you have may be a decent performance enhancement, but I don’t think it’s the real thing.

  40. Hey Rob I currently own a bathmate and I just ordered a vigrx I was wondering if gaining a inch or 2 is practical in a 6 month cycle
    1. Hey Jake,

      Most of your gains will come from the Bathmate. An inch is a reasonable expectation in 6 months. 2 inches would be a stretch.

  41. Hey Rob,
    I’m starting a new work out routine in which I’m using a test booster with an estrogen blocker. I’m wondering if it is safe to use vigrx with my test booster.

    1. Hey C,
      Absolutlely. VigRx stacks very well with a testosterone booster.

      It doesn’t really boost the workout effects, but the testosterone contributes to the male enhancement benefits.
  42. Hi rob I have a problem and I really need some help. I have masturbated a lot from I was 16 to 27 and now that I’m older I decided to stop but now I have side affects from over masturbating now I have PED and semen leakage.

    It very frustrating because I want to be healed but don’t know what to do. Im always tired now, lack of motivation, cant focus, can’t have regular sex and it frustrating.

    If I had known that masturbating would do this to me I would have never got into it. What supplements should I take or what can I do to be healed 100% please?

    Im desperate to get my life back. I also heard nf cure and shilajt can help, is that true?

    Thanks for your help.
      1. Hi rob thanks for the reply. Is nf cure and shilajit good also?

        Also do I need to get a testosterone booster to help as well me with fatigue and strength? Thanks.

  43. I am suffering from purchasing vigrx or buying Hydromax
    There is a cheap penis pump in my house
    There is also a capsule capsule of arginine and citrulline from NOW Foods
    Which would you like to choose?
        1. Hey Tani,

          A pill can’t make you longer. That’s what the Hydromax Xtreme will help with.

          VigRx Plus will help with the performance end of things.
          1. Hey tani,

            Just sent you an email.

            For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  44. I would love to believe that you are on the up & up regards this brand really working. I am 68 and have tried several natural things and nothing ever works.

    I have even tried Viagra as prescribed by my doctor…does nothing for me. I can get an erection, just doesn’t stay hard or last long enough to get the job done.

    Don’t take this wrong, but you blast other products but then promote your own. How do I know that your not just pushing a worthless product like all the others?

    1. Hey Ken,

      I understand your skepticism, there are a lot of scammers on the internet. I do have an affiliate relationship with VigRx Plus, but it’s because I trust them and their product.

      I’ve tried dozens of products, and this one is the best.
  45. Hi…. my erection is not lasting for long and also it’s not hard enough….I have no problem with time as once it’s hard I can stay for long
      1. I want to ask how many capsules i have to take n after how many days it will start woking? Like penis size enhancement.?

        1. Hey Aarshi,

          Take 2 capsules per day. You can take them any time, but try to be consistent from day to day.

          You should start to see better (bigger and harder) erections in the first couple weeks.
  46. I really was with you on your main review, but after reading your review of this product, all I have to say is that NOTHING short of Penile Extension Surgery will make someone larger.
    1. Hey Jabriel,

      I think you missed where I elaborated. Go check again, you’ll see the second answer I gave you was: “No.

      No supplement gives permanent results. They work as long as you take them."

  47. I want to avail the benefits of your product. How to order and how much?

    Im from the Philippines. ASAP thanks

    1. Hey Jake,

      Drinking in moderation is fine. Drinking to excess won’t cause a negative reaction with VigRx Plus, but it will work counter to what you want to achieve.

      1. OK i was just asking because i am 19 and party a lot but just wanted to get a little bigger. Is this a product you keep taking to keep the size? like all year round

  48. Hi, I have really enjoyed your site, I’m always skeptical because there are so many review sites just trying sell their product.

    First off Im not looking for a monster porno penis, Im very happy with my size, a little extra would be great, but its not what Im after.

    I’m a very confident guy in all areas of my life except sex. Probably because my first time at 16 I came way too fast and got too embarrassed to get hard again.

    Since then, I’ve only had three relationships where my mental problem didn’t get in the way as much because with those three women our first encounter was positive not negative, so I had the confidence thing fixed. But even with those relationships I never lasted as long as I wanted to, and if its a stranger, or the first time with any particular female, I usually cum in a few seconds and then it goes flaccid never to return because of the shame.

    All that to say Im considering combining VigRX Plus to address the issue of keeping an erection for multiple rounds, with Prosolution Plus to address the Premature Issue.

    Whats your take on combining supplements?

    Specifically these two?

    Also I am 27 years old and in excellent health and I am not taking any medications of any kind.

    Thanks so much, keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Jonathan,
      Thanks for the info, definitely makes it easier give you the best recommendation! What I would actually suggest is a different approach. Instead of combining Vigrx Plus ( with Prosolution Plus, I would recommend you get the Vigrx and combine it with their Delay Spray.

      It’s literally a spray that you put on like 5 – 10 min. prior to sex, and it will allow you to last a REALLY long time.

      I just got a chance to personally test it out, check out my review here:

      When you go to buy the Vigrx Plus, you’ll be presented with an offer to add it to your order. That’s what I would suggest you do. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
    1. If I stop using both the product after six month period time, what will happen to size gain? Will they remain same size or go back to starting size?

    1. Hey Claude,
      The recommended dose is 3 pills twice per day, and you should start to see some results in about a month.
  49. Rob, my problem is during sex, I have taken viagra, cialis, but I can’t finish, ie…cum.

    If I masterbate I can finish no problem in as little as 5 minutes so long as I’m watching a a video with beautiful women… But during real sex, when taking viagra, cialis, I can go for 30 to 45 min etc, but can’t finish even without a condom, ie if I get a BBJ or handjob.

    I do have diabetes 2, high glucose, but I with exercise and diet, I can eventually prevent it and control it. Which is what I’m doing.

    I was just diagnosed 3 months ago. I’m 58 and I was an athlete in my youth through college, and I believe that has helped me at my age.
    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    1. “If I masturbate I can finish no problem in as little as 5 minutes so long as I’m watching a a video with beautiful women”

      ^ This is your problem buddy. Lay off the porn for a few weeks and you’ll probably have no issues reaching a climax with just sex, bj, whatever.

      Supplements wise, I would stick with Vigrx Plus (
  50. So I need to use the bathmate to gain more length and girth to make it stay that size permanently? And use ure vigrx to get results faster?

    But ure saying once u stop taking vigrx as long as u have been using the pump u will stay that size?
    1. Hey Andrew,

      It’s actually very comfortable which is the biggest reason I recommend it as the best. The more comfortable it is the more often you’ll use it and the better results you get.

      If you keep at it, you can get about 2 inches.
  51. Hey i recently asked a question on the pholisitatin device i am also interested in using this after. Is this safe for a 19 year old and will it make me last longer then 3 minutes hahahah.

  52. Quick question, if this can enlarge a mans growing in the long run, why would doctors tell us us that we cant change the size of our penis and that it all ties back to your genetics and if your generation had large penis or not??
    1. Hey Gio,

      It’s true, a supplement won’t make you bigger. It will help improve erection size and performance, but it won’t give you actual size increases.

  53. Respected Sir , Recently I came across your Site and read the information provided by you . Firstly let me inform you that I am 52yrs old Male .My height is 5’8″ and weight is 85kgs .

    I have Blood Sugar on the Border Line and otherwise I am Healthy with No Other Physical Problems . And One thing more that I am a heavy Cigarette Smoker like I Smoke around 10 – 15 Cigarettes per Day .

    Now tell me ,is your Product going to Work on me for 1) Enlarge the Size my Organ in Length and also Prolong the Duration ? What is the Cost of this Medicine in Indian Rupees ?

    Please reply ASAP .
    1. Hey Sanjoy,

      Vigrx Plus should be fine for you, but you might want to check with your doctor about the blood sugar. It can definitely improve your performance, but it won’t give you a permanent size increase. You can place an order on their website at You can check with VigRx Plus directly for exact prices in Rupees, but by my calculations, a one month supply shipped to India would cost about 7146 Indian Rupees.
    1. Hey Gio,

      It’s actually based on your erect penis size, not your height. The Goliath is really for guys who have 9 inches or more already, so the Hercules is best for most guys. Unless you’re more than 9 inches, go with Hercules. Here’s a link to the website: where you can order.
  54. Im 18 and i want to improve my size before it stops growing and add more to it. I’m thinking of trying the Vigrx Plus with your exercises and a Bathmate.

    I didn’t measure it but i know it isn’t 7 inches and ladies told me its an average size. What Bathmate should i use?

    What routine should I use as well? and with this combination will my size get bigger as im in collge?
    1. Hey Gio,
      As far as the Bathmate, since this is your first time I would recommend you just pick up the original Bathmate ( As you progress (keep getting larger) you can upgrade to the larger pumps like the X Series and Xtreme Series.

      The Vigrx Plus ( will DEFINITELY help to augment your size gains, as well as help with blood flow, erection quality, and stamina.

      As far as a routine, jump to Chapter 5 in the ebook I sent you. It outlines the exact routine you should be doing to get the best results.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Ajit,

      VigRx Plus is a great option for you if you want to improve your performance, but it won’t make you bigger in a permanent way. It will improve the size of your erections, but not your permanent size.

    1. Hey Fahad,
           First off, click here to sign up for my free “Natural Enlargement Exercises” ebook.  It’s packed with tons of tips to help you reduce your premature ejac. symptoms, as well as help gain size and stamina.
      Supplements wise, check out a product called Prosolution Plus.  It’s the only supplement that I know of that’s been clinically tested to help with premature ejaculation, and I’ve personally used it with great success.
      Here’s my review:
      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey Stephen,
      Yeah I’ve heard of that one, but unfortunately haven’t had a chance to test / look into it yet. I’m going to try and get a review of it up soon, check back with me in a couple of weeks.

    1. Hey Joe,
      As far as helping the premature ejac., check out a supplement called Prosolution Plus. It’s made by the same folks that make Vigrx Plus (, but is specifically designed to help with PE issues.

      Check out my review here:

      For size gains, check out either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender called the Phallosan Forte. The Bathmate is GREAT and very easy to use. It primarily helps with girth, but length gains can be seen as well.

      Here’s my review:

      The Phallosan Forte is almost strictly used to help with length issues. I’ve personally used it with great results, check out my review here:

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
    1. Hey ahasan,
            First off, I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called Phallosan Forte.  Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate.  It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.
      Here’s my reviews of each:
      Bathmate –
      Phallosan Forte –
      Combine it with a high quality supplement like Vigrx Plus for improved blood flow and libido, and you’ll start seeing results in no time. 
      Here’s my review of Vigrx Plus:
  55. Hello
    I wanted to buy Vigrx Plus but the problem we face when I go to the payment method of purchase is not, but they say as follows:
    We’re sorry, but your PayPal payment was declined. If you continue to have difficulty, you can phone our customer service center at 1-604-677-5365 to get help in completing your order.
    Reference: 146861361182051004-134391

      Do you have to contact support PayPal to open the field for me to buy from the site, or what should I do?

    Knowing Visa card charged the amount required.
    1. Hey Buddy,

      If you choose PayPal as your payment method, you will be taken to a different page to enter your PayPal account information. It sounds like that’s where things are going wrong.

      Do you have a PayPal account? You mention your Visa card.

      Are you paying with PayPal or a Visa card?
  56. but I recommend taking about a week off every 2 months or so, just to reset your system. I AM NoT CLEARLY GETTING YOUR WORDS,please tell how I should take vigrx after 6 months,
    please answer briefly

    1. Hey Mohideen,

      The recommended dose is 2 tablets each day, taken the same time each day.

  57. but I recommend taking about a week off every 2 months or so, just to reset your system. I AM NoT CLEARLY GETTING YOUR WORDS,please tell how I should take vigrx after 6 months,
    please answer briefly

  58. hey rob I’m from Iraq, the length of my penis is 12.5 cm and width 11 cm used Phallosan Forte and Andropenis did not get any increase during the three months at a rate of 6 to 7 hours a day What should I do VigRX substance and works to enlarge my penis and used with Phallosan perhaps gives a result Multiply and I have been an increase in the length I need your advice I need to help me please
    1. Hey Hameed,

      Sorry to hear you haven’t seen results yet. It sounds to me like you need to give it more time.

      Extender devices are the best way to increase length, but it does take a lot of time, and the results aren’t usually extremely dramatic. It’s true that adding VigRx Plus should help you get there a bit faster, but you’ll have to keep using your devices as well.

  59. I suffer with ED may I use this,how long should I use this,please denote the clear dosage taken, please tell clearly after the 6 month how many time I intake that per month and at what interval of time
    1. Hey Althaf,

      VigRx Plus may help with your ED, but as a supplement, if you want to maintain its effectiveness, you’ll need to keep taking it as directed. As with all supplements, once you stop taking it, the effectiveness shortly wear off.

      The recommended dose is 2 tablets each day, any time, but preferably with a meal, and best taken at around the same time each day.

    1. Hey Cain,

      That’s right. Because it works like a supplement, you’ll continue to feel the effects as long as you’re taking it.

      Once you stop, the effects will gradually wear off after a week or two.

  60. hey i’m 16 and i’ve just started having sex but I feel I could do better. I am very self conscious about my size and performance. i’m not big enough for most girls leading to some embarrassing situations. i’m not saying I am going to use it but what would be the side effects of taking vigRX plus at age 16.

    If they are dangerous I will wait until i’m 18
    1. Hey Stewart, Most supplements of this kind, including VigRx Plus, are not recommended for kids under 18. The main reason is that none of the ingredients have been tested on still growing bodies, so it's unknown what the effects would be. My advice would be to be a patient. Let yourself learn naturally. You'll get there. Rob
    1. Hey Larry,

      It works very differently than Viagra. Viagra improves erections very will, and within about 30 minutes, but it does nothing for libido, stamina, or anything else.

      VigRx Plus is a supplement you take every day to improve your overall sexual experience. Viagra is better at making sure you can have an erection, but VigRx Plus is more well-rounded solution for a better sex life.

  61. Sir I want to know my pennise size is ok and also erection is good but at the time of sex my erection is going down plzz tell me is vigrx is better for me my age is 27 now and how many time I take vigrxplus .after 6 months how many months you get erections and also I don’t have any night erection ?
    1. Hey Buddy,

      VigRx Plus does help strengthen erections, so it should be of help to you, but you’d have to try it to be sure. They do offer a 67 day money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work, you could get your money back.

      It’s a supplement you take every day. You should start to see some effect soon, with the full results showing up at about the 3 month mark.

      Like any supplement, the effects will wear off shortly after you stop taking it.

  62. Hi Rob! Is it safe to take centrum multivitamins daily whilst on a stack of vigrx plus and testofuel?

    Or would I be putting myself at risk of doubling up on certain substances which may be harmful to me, if not immediately but certainly in the long run? Thanks.

    1. Hey Mo,

      No problem at all. In fact, a daily multivitamin is a good idea.

  63. Hello

    have been taking vigrx plus since last 40 days (1 in the morn & 1 at night) mainly for stronger and prolonged erection. Did notice an improvement in the libido & erection but not to a great extent yet.

    Is it safe to take Viagra in conjunction with vigrx plus once in a while for a better performance before sex or it would have some neative effects because of overdose of ingredients. Thanks

    1. Hey Pret,

      It should be fine to take Viagra occasionally while you’re taking VigRx Plus. There’s no overlap in ingredients.

      But you should check with your doctor just to be sure.

      1. Thanks a lot Rob. After going through some of your answers, I found out that you have been recommending people to combine Extenze plus with vigrx plus for better erection.

        Is there a difference between Viagra and extenze plus and would you advise extenze plus over Viagra before sex.
        1. Hey Pret,

          Viagra uses a prescription medicine called Sildenafil to help you get and sustain an erection. Extenze Plus uses Yohimbe, which is a natural supplement. They each have their pros and cons, and they each are known to cause side effects in certain people. In your case, you should experiment with each to see which works better for you.


  64. This product and its marketing sounds very shady to me. I think its brilliant of them to give potential customers the idea that the product really starts to work best after three to four months.

    By then I’m assuming it doesn’t work at all for most people, but too late, they’ve already spent their money on not one, not two, but three to six months or more of this product that likely doesn’t give them any noticeable benefits. I also see conflicting info in this review that suggests that it starts working good after a week, after a few weeks, and after a few months.

    Which is it??? I’d be very weary of this guys.

    Hold on to your money until you know more. Or if you really feel you have the info you need to make a decision, then go ahead and buy it.

    1. Hey Lee,

      You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but VigRx Plus has been clinically tested and shown to work, I’ve used it myself and found it to be the best, and I’ve gotten tons of feedback from readers who’ve also used it successfully.

  65. Hi Rob I am heajthy male 34 years old but experiencing some erect issues along with PE. This is my 4th week with vigrx plus and I have not started experiencing any difference yet maybe coz I took only one tablet a day for few days instead of recommended 2.daily so giving it some time .My question is the best fast acting pill to use alongside vigrx plus as per needed few minutes before sex. I saw few that you tested like pboost , vicerax and biglarix , which one would you recommend ?

    1. Hey Ed,

      Go with Extenze Plus. It’s technically meant to be used every day, but I’ve found it works very well as a fast acting supplement as well. The main reason it works so quickly is that it contains Yohimbe. It’s great for blood flow (better erections), but it does cause side effects in some people, especially if you take medications or have blood pressure issues. Here’s my full review, including my personal results:

      1. Hi Rob I found out that extenze is not available in Canada or it can’t be shipped here .It appears health Canada banned it as they think it can cause cancer . Please advise

        1. Hey Ed,

          That’s too bad. Yeah, Yohimbe is banned in Canada.

          In general, I don’t find that fast acting supplements work unless they use Yohimbe, so I would go back to recommending you use VigRx Plus daily on its own.


    1. I have an affiliate relationship with VigRx Plus. When one of my readers orders it using a link from my website, I receive a commission, without increasing the cost to the customer.

      I have affiliate relationships with a few of the products I recommend, but only products that I’ve used, had success with, and trust.

    1. Hey Cody,

      You’ll feel the effects and experience the harder erections for as long as you’re taking the pills. Once you stop, the ingredients will slowly leave your system, and you’ll go back to baseline – where you were before you started taking it.

      It won’t leave any worse off than when you started.

      1. I want to know if you take the pills for 6 months then stop would you go back to normal eventhough you were doing the PE exercises around the same time? Wouldn’t you have been able to keep the growth you worked for with those exercises regardless?

        1. Hey George,

          Growth that comes from the exercises is permanent (though it’s probably a good idea to keep up with an abbreviated exercise schedule to make sure you fully maintain your gains).

  66. I actually enjoy sex more when I am a little drunk (I know, hit me with a wet noodle). However, I know it is dangerous to take Cialis and Viagra with more than two glasses of wine.

    One friend told me Sexvoltz was totally safe with larger amounts of alcohol; however, you have not favorably reviewed that product. Is it safe to take VigRx with significant amounts of alcohol?

    1. Hey Dave,

      It hasn’t been specifically tested for use with alcohol, but none of the ingredients is specifically known to be problematic in that way. Of course, use caution and some moderation.

  67. I have diabetes I use lots of pills now they don’t work what can I take for that also when I cum the chum stay in my clock what can I take for that also
    1. Hey John,

      I’m afraid I can’t help you with a supplement that will cure your diabetes. But for erectile problems, I recommend VigRx Plus.

      Make sure you discuss the ingredients with your doctor first, to make sure there are no conflicts with your medications.

  68. i want to know if this brand of “TONGKAT ALI” by (CNI SMA of PHYTOBIOTECH SDN .BHD) is the original 300mg per capsules
    1. Hey Victor,

      I don’t have that information. You’ll have to contact the company to find out.

    1. Hey Jossy,

      It looks like a decent performance enhancer, but it won’t provide penis enlargement. Unfortunately, no pill can really do that.

    2. Thx for your insight, it really clear things up. But I think you are more comfortable recommending VigRX over sizegenix right.

      1. Hey Jossy,

        That’s correct. VigRx Plus has been clinical tested and shown to work, I’ve used it personally, and I’ve heard from literally hundreds of guys who’ve used it with success.

        I can vouch for it in a way I can’t do for SizeGenix.

  69. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the quick reply to my previous question. What would make a good stack with Vigrx Plus, GenF20 or Testofuel?

    This to go together with Batmate Hydromax pump and PE exercises. I heard that extremely high levels of testosterone over prolonged time can cause prostate cancer.

    Which would be the great stack accompaniment, the HGH releaser or Testosterone booster? Thanks

    1. Hey Mo,
      Testofuel would be best to stack with Vigrx Plus, but really only if Low testosterone is an issue. Have you ever had your T levels checked? If not I would recommend you do so.

      Testofuel will also not cause things like prostate cancer, it doesn’t cause a HUGE surge in testosterone like that.

  70. Hey whats up? Just got my vigrx just took my first dose.

    Im new to this so if this really work and do what it say it does i will let yall know. I just really hope i can get my money back if gf dont see or feel result.

  71. what is that ( total in : ” aud cad eur gbp usd ” ) when i am buy vigrx plus . what i am should to choose ? or what abetter choose ?
  72. Rob,
    I am trying to choose between Extenze extended release and Vigrx. I was able to try extenze and it feels promising.

    I don’t have the option to try Vigrx, and especially if the effects can be seen after a few months, then in this case, isn’t extenze a better option? Results can be seen pretty much instant and in the long run.

    Please let me know what you recommend. Thanks!

    1. Hey Mike,

      It’s a good question, and for your purposes, Extenze Extended Release may be the better option. But you will see effects on your libido and erection quality in the first couple days with VigRx Plus.

      You’re just at peak results in the later months. My biggest hesitation with Extenze XR is the yohimbe.

      It works, no doubt, but it’s somewhat common to get side effects with it… occasionally serious side effects.

  73. What happens if one stops using vigrx plus, can they still maintain their sexual performance or it goes back to normal?
    1. Hey Allex,

      Unfortunately, as with all supplements, once you stop taking VigRx Plus, you won’t get the benefits any longer and things will slowly return to how they were before you started.

  74. Hey, Rob…
    I ordered a few boxes of Vigrx Plus & have been taking it for about two weeks. I take one pill in the a.m. with food… & 1 pill in the evening with food.

    Would I see the same results as you did if I took both pills at the same time? Thanks.

    1. Hey Chase,

      I would take them both at the same time, to get more of the active ingredients at once.

      1. Thank you for your response… also, did you cycle during six months of using VigRx Plus or simply take them until they were all gone. I figure if It takes three to four months to get maximum affect, then cycling will mean having to start over again.

        Am I right?
        Thanks again, Rob!
        1. Hey Chase,

          I didn’t cycle when I took it for 6 months. There’s no real reason why you have to.

          With that said, though, I do generally like to take a week off from supplements every month or two, just to start with a clean slate. You won’t lose much in the way of gains in just a week.


  75. Hello Mr. Rob

    After searching many webs from past many days eventually I found this informative link. I really appreciate your response on so many queries here..

    I 32yrs old and looking for a product which can give me atleast 4-5orgasm / night with longer, harder erections in every orgasm.

    As at present just in my 2nd orgasm I am unable to achieve harder erections.
    Now days I am taking horny goat weed to boost my libido but it just giving me a slight more urge more on sex thats it..nothing more thn that..

    Well, i came across some supplements and need your advise on them like 1) Vasoplexx 2) Male Xtra 3) Extenze 4) Powermaxx 5) Erectzan 6) NiagraX
    And I found all of them quite interesting..
    To tell you frankly I am a grower for about 5.5″ but really need it to reach 6.5-7″ atleast coz sometimes size does really matters..

    Now kindly advise me, which supplement or combination to go with..and how.. for 4-5 orgasm / night with 6.5-7″
    I was about to buy Vasoplexx & NiagraX but these reviews on Vigrx made me to post my query..

    Thanking you in anticipation..
    Awaiting your response..

    1. Hey Dexter,
      Glad you like the site! If you’re looking for size gains, I would recommend you pick up either a water based pump called the Bathmate, or an extender device called the Phallosan Forte. Personally speaking, I prefer the Bathmate. It’s easier to use, you only need to use it for 10 – 15 min. a day (as opposed to 4 – 6 HOURS a day with the extender), and it’s cheaper.

      Here’s my reviews of each:

      Bathmate –

      Phallosan Forte –

      As far as helping sexual stamina, orgasms, etc. out of all of the supplements you’ve posted I had the best response with Vigrx Plus. Extenze works pretty well, but it contains a healthy dose of yohimbe which has the potential to cause some minor side effects.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  76. Yes I have a 13-year-old that plays outside linebacker for his school he is going into high school this year I wanted to know what type of supplements that he can get on to give him protein and all the things that he needs for what he will be doing in football
    1. Hey Faioda,

      I checked over the ingredients and it looks like it would be fine to take them both. I would start with a half dose of each to assess how they work together.

        1. Hey Faioda,

          Not really. They’re both male enhancements. It’s true that one way to improve sexual performance is by increasing testosterone, but these two focus more on herbal aphrodisiacs and blood flow enhancers. If you’re looking for a testosterone booster, check out Testofuel.


  77. I am about 6″ in size and thick, I have no problem keeping a erection for long periods of time. I simple can not cum.

    The only way I can cum is by my own hand which I hate and my woman thinks she can not satisfy me. Even when she tries to jack me off I can not cum.

    I am no 3 minute man at all she likes that but says she want to feel me cum inside her and so do I. Been like this for a long time.

    I am a 62 healthy male, with no health issue and very Leary about putting anything in my body. I do not drink or smoke, I do not drink soda’s I do drink lots of water and about 2 gallons of whole milk a week.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Hey Jarod,

      I don’t know of any supplement to specifically address your issue, but with the blood flow and libido enhancers in VigRx Plus, and the fact that it’s the best overall performance enhancement, give it a try. It’s all natural and will not cause any additional issues.

  78. The edge claims that Spartagen xt contains red magic but in the ingredients I can’t find it. Also there is a discrepancy in the labels about the ingredients.

    One of the ingredients piper longun doesn’t even persists.
    Plz also tell me if vigRx is superior to Spartagen xt or what?
    How do u compare ur top three testosterone enhancing products with Spartagen and vigRx?
    I am a medical doctor, so need maximum information so that I can recommend appropriately to my patients according to their needs.
    Plz also tell me if two or three of these products can be combined together for maximum benefits?

    Could u plz also tell me if the top three testosterone enhansers are vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
    Many thanx,
    Kind Regards,
    Dr S. FAISAL
    United Kingdon

    1. Hi Dr. Faisal,
      Vigrx Plus and Spartagen help with different things. Vigrx Plus is designed to help promote sexual stamina, desire, and enhanced libido, while Spartagen XT is designed to encourage your bodies natural testosterone production, resulting in increased energy, libido, and muscle gains.

      From my experience, Spartagen seemed to work well for the first couple of weeks, but then the effects disappeared.

      I would also say I got better results with my top 3 testosterone boosters than I did with Spartagen XT. If Spartagen XT was superior, I would have it in the top 3.

      Here’s how I would break it down for your patients:

      Suffering from ED: Vigrx Plus – It’s the best male enhancement product I’ve used, and Ive used A LOT of these supplements. Here’s a link to their site you can refer patients to:

      Looking to restore natural testosterone levels – Testofuel – Testofuel contains a high dose of D-Aspartic Acid (2300 mg) as well as other ingredients that will help with testosterone related problems.

      Here’s their site:

      You “could” combine these supplements, but if you were to do that I would recommend they take each one separately at first to assess their tolerance / response to the supplement.

      I do believe all of them are vegan, but check with them to be sure.

    2. Dear Mr. Millar,
      That’s very kind and very helpful as well indeed.
      Could you please suggest if the Male enhancement devices suggested by you can be used alternatively, i.e to use Batate while taking a shower and Hydromax afterwards while outside and sleeping?
      Could you please also comment about Red magic.

      If it is really available somewhere in the form of pills or is it just a name for differnt herbs?

      1. No problem, glad I could help. I “think” you meant the Bathmate in the shower and Phallosan Forte while sleeping / outside? (the bathmate and hydromax are the same thing) If so, yes, you can definitely use them in conjunction the way you described. 1

        I’m not sure what you mean when you mention Red Magic…do you have a link you can send me?

    1. Hey Daemon,

      I haven’t checked it out previously, but I just took a quick look. It’s tough to tell since they don’t disclose the complete ingredient list.

  79. hi

    i am 52 years old, diabetes, high blood pressure,with weak erection, and fast ejaculation, i am on treatment, and, i am using hard 10 days, it is some how ok, but not that much happy, i want your advise please for safe drug that gives me strong erection and long lasting.

    thanks a lot

  80. Sir I have both of prob but I want to hard erection any time becoz premature ejaculation I have but the prob is my erection sometime with out erection ejaculate I need solution if I m using vigrxplus 6 month then how long it will b effective if I didn’t take after completing 6 months then it’s also working
    N also I want to married after 1 year so if I m not doing any sex then it give me benefit or problem
    I hope u give me best reply
    1. Hey Rhbar,
      It sounds like a combo of Vigrx Plus along with Semenax will help you. It should start working within a few weeks, and the best results are usually seen within 3 months. Does this answer your question?

      1. Thanks rob
        U give me fast reply
        With out any sex can I use this pills or not
        And please tell me vigrx plus oil for quick erection is it good or not and tell me if I m using oil so there is have some side effect or not
        And if I m using this vigrx plus with in 6 month if after some time if again some erection problem is came then I use again vigrx plus is it no problems. To use again

        1. Hey Buddy,
          Ok I think I understand now. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re having sex or not, the pills will still work.

          I would wait until you get married though to take them, no sense in taking them if you’re not having sex.

          One thing to keep in mind, once you stop taking it you will stop receiving the benefits. It’s not some kind of miracle cure or anything.


  81. Do you test any gels that say they provide similar results? For example, Surgeon Gel that says it increases penial size (length and girth).

    Would you be interested in doing that as well or just supplements?
    1. Hey James,
      Yeah I’ve tested a few, but never really had “great” results from them. Usually gels like the one you mention are good for using when you’re performing penile enlargement exercises like the one’s I have in my free ebook.

      Other than that, I don’t see them increasing your size just by rubbing it on.

  82. can you please explain to me how you can prove that Vigrx Plus is the best, when as far as I can see that is the only product you tested?
    there are at least 10-20 testing sites on the web that claim they have tested 12-25 different products, they then show a list of the top 10 products. The number one product is always the top one,It does not which testing site you select the top product is is different.

    And as you said there is a lot of SCAM products listed on the web, How do I know that your Vigrx Plus is not one of them

    1. Hey Frank,

      We’ve tested hundreds of products. Here’s a list to get you started, though it’s not completely up to date. You’re right to be skeptical, but all I can tell you is that of the many many products we’ve used, we’ve found VigRx Plus to be the best. They do offer a money back guarantee. So if you’re still unsure, make sure you keep the packaging so you can send it back for a refund if it doesn’t work for you.

  83. I am 19 years old and would like to gain length and girth. Will taking the pills and using the Bathmate hydro pump be safe? Will it affect me in the long run in any negative way? If I would like length, seeing that the pump helps mainly with girth, is there anything else I should do?
    Thank you (:
      1. Hi rob
        okay if I was to take pro solution plus for 6 month and continue to and do manual exercise would the pro solution plus pills would it prove my sex drive
    1. Hey Arty,

      I haven’t gotten to it yet, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll check it out and let you know when I get a review posted.

    1. Hey Michael,

      It’s believed by some that zinc may help increase testicle size, so you might want try something with zinc, like Testofuel.

        1. Hey Michael,

          I personally don’t think so and there haven’t been studies to prove it, but there is some belief that zinc will help increase testicle size. You might want to check out the forums over at PEGym for some other ideas.


          1. But tell me please VigRX Plus It’s the pills best From all The pills Others that There is To Enlarge Penis ?
            Thank you very much for your reply ^_^

  84. Hi Rob!,im currently taking some vitamins in the morning called: Calcium,Magnesium & Zinc., should there be any harm taking the VigRx Plus in the afternoon???
    1. Hey Junaid,

      The main difference between the two is their formulation, and what they are intended to do. Prosolution Pills contain a number of different ingredients, including Butea Superba, Cordyceps, Drilizen, and Solidilin. ProSolution Plus places more focus on preventing premature ejaculation. You can learn more about the differences in our ProSolution Plus review.

  85. If I am facing erection problems and not having morning erections lately, should I go for VigRX Plus or Testofuel? Will my libido and testosterone returns back to its normal level after taking the pills for a few months or am I expected to rely on them til the rest of my life?
    1. Hey Chester,
      Well, if low testosterone is the root cause of your ED than Testofuel will definitely help in that regard. If you’re an older individual, I would recommend checking out a supplement called Prime Male instead. It contains 3 additional ingredients Testofuel doesn’t have, and is better suited for guys looking for increased energy levels and a libido increase.

      Check out my review here:

  86. Hi Rob:

    Just to follow up to what you said which testosterone is better in your review you mentioned and I Quote:
    “That wasn’t the case with Testosterone Max...almost EVERY SINGLE morning I woke up with a raging hardon.
    The type of hard-on where you have to pee so bad but have to wait until the erection subsides before you can even push your d$%k down towards the toilet :)”

    From that review would you still recommend Testofuel over Testosterone Max?

    Thanks again for your help in all this.


    1. Hey KN,

      Basically, you can’t go wrong with either. I like the Crazy Mass stacks a lot, and Testosterone Max is part of all of them. It also works great as a standalone testosterone booster, especially for the sexual benefits of increased testosterone. Overall, though, Testofuel is still my favorite for when my goal is lean muscle and/or an overall testosterone boost.

  87. Hi Rob:

    I have a couple questions regarding ED.

    I have heard and read from a couple sources can you use for size increases use an extender device like Phallosan Forte or a water pump like Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme which can also help ED.

    Is that true it helps with ED?
    Or des it somewhat helps?

    Also what is the difference between Testosterone boosters and HGH for boosting Hormones?
    And which one works better with Vig-rx?

    Also what is your take on Testogen for testosterone and Vig-rx together?

    Thanks for your intake and time on all of this.


    1. Hey KN,

      An extender device won’t do anything for your performance, but you can use the Hydromax Xtreme to help you get a good erection when you need it. HGH releasers increase HGH, while testosterone boosters increase testosterone. The results are somewhat similar, but the testosterone will be more specifically useful for sexual issues. A great stack for your needs is VigRx Plus with Testofuel.

    1. Hey Junaid,

      I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. I’ll look into it and let you know when we get a review posted to the website.

    2. Hey Jason,
      I’ve actually never heard of that one, I’ll have to take a look at it. Prosolution works great for premature ejaculation issues.

      What’s your main issue? Do you think you have ED or premature ejac?

      Or are you looking for something to make you bigger? Let me know and I’ll give you the best recommendations.

    1. Hey Mohamed,

      A one month supply costs $76.99, but if you buy more than one month at a time, you can save quite a bit.

  88. Hi Rob,
    I have got two questions..
    1) while taking Vigrx plus if I drink is this going to effect the supplement. I am taking Vigrx plus but I don’t drink too much sometimes few drinks over the weekends.

    Have you tried Maxgenics VIDUR .my friend is trying this product he really like this product could you please review this product..

    1. Hey Ricky,

      No worries. A few drinks here and there won’t be a problem.

      I haven’t tried Maxgenics Vidur. If you give me a few weeks, I’ll look into it, and let you know when the review is posted to the website.

    1. Hey Richard,

      I’m not familiar with xp1mo. Is there a website you can point me to?

    1. Hey Mukhtar,

      For size increases, use an extender device like Phallosan Forte or a water pump like Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme. A supplement like VigRx Plus can help you get results a bit quicker and keep your performance up as well, but the real size gains will come from the devices.

  89. I have tried a few times, but the confirmation email will not appear in my email. Please send a copy.


    1. Hey Richard,

      Sure thing. I sent it over to your email address.

      If you don’t see it in your inbox, it may be in your spam folder.

  90. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for always replying.
    I am taking Vigrx Plus from two weeks.I am already feeling better and my Prime Male is on the way.I have tried Vigaplus three times bit it did not work for me.Is there any Male supplement which can effect in hour
    Can you please suggest something I am struggling in my marriage I am only having semi erections not full erections not hard who gh to penetrate.

    What are your thoughts about Enduro max??

    1. Hey Ricky,

      I don’t generally recommend fast acting male enhancement supplements. Usually, they either don’t work or they work because they secretly contain prescription ingredients that they’re not supposed to. Try Extenze Extended Release. It’s meant for every day use, but I found it works pretty well if you take it about an hour before. It does contain yohimbe, though, so you’ll want to be careful if you’re sensitive to that.

  91. Hi Rob:

    I got another question for you there is a light buzz about Rexavar.

    can you tell more about this besides what the website talk about.
    plus how does Vig-rx plus match up against Rexavar? Also is it safe? how long can you take it for?

    This product alos got endorsed by Ron jeremy and some other big names.


    1. Hey Kevin,

      We had a review for Rexavar up on our website, but we took it down because it wasn’t very favorable, and the company that makes Rexavar has come after me before because of unfavorable reviews of their products. I am perfectly within my rights to keep the reviews up whether they’re positive of negative, but it’s not worth the fight. Anyway, no, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s all hype with really nothing to back it up. Go with VigRx Plus for sure.

      1. Hey Rob:

        Thanks so much for the reply. That does clarify my concerns about Rexavar.

        My other question is basically this vig-rx is ur No 1. rated product review however on your Extenze review you mentioned that it works wonders when taken with vig-rx. Can you clarify more on this.

        When you say that does it help with the Libido boost or is it for size purposes?

        Also does it help with extra staying up power as well?

        By the way great job on doing all these reviews. It has helped and assured me of choosing the right products to purchase



        1. Hey kevin,

          What I would do is take VigRx Plus daily for steady improvement and the ability to be more ready to go at any time. Then when you know you’re going to need it, take 1 Extenze Extended Release pill about 45 minute before. What you’ll get is extra assurance with both a libido boost and a better erections. In my experience, yes you’ll last longer as well. Thanks, man!


  92. Hey Ken,

    There are no listed side effects, but everyone is different, so mild headaches or slight nausea when taking the pills are unusual but not unheard of. VigRx offers a 67 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a refund.

    I wouldn’t expect permanent size increases though, mainly bigger erections.

  93. Hi Rob:

    Is it safe to Vig -rx plus regular dosage with the testostorne max regular dosage?

    Also after the year recommended dosage of Vig-rx can you still keep using it for life?
    Or do you recommend taking a 2 week-month off before continuing?

    1. Hey KN,

      Taking VigRx Plus and Testosterone Max together is totally safe. You can take them continuously as they’re all natural and don’t suppress any of your own systems. But I like to take a week off each month or 2 weeks off every 2 months with every supplement I take, just to start fresh.

  94. 50 éves multam ,van esélyem pénisz növekedésre
    A vigrx plusszal?És ha igen ,kel használni ,feltétlen?l más eszközöket,vagy önmagában is elég?
    jó lenne. Izgatottan várom válaszukat.
    Köszönettel István

    50 years of history, there is a chance penis growth
    The VigRX Plus?

    And if so, use cabbage, unconditional? L other assets, or alone is enough?

    It would be good. I am excited response.

    Thanks, Stephen
    1. Hey Istvan,

      No pill can make your penis grow. Use a device like Phallosan Forte or a pump like Hydromax Xtreme from Bathmate. VigRx Plus can help with progress, but cannot do it on its own.


      Hé István,

      Nem pirulát is, hogy a pénisz nő. Olyan eszközt használ, mint a Phallosan Forte vagy a szivattyú, mint Hydromax Xtreme Bathmate. VigRx Plus segíthet a haladás, de nem megy magától.

  95. Hi Rob,
    I am going to start taking Vigrx plus as I am struggling g with erection.Some days I am not having any erections in morning or during the day.I am only 31 year old.While using Vigrx plus can I use Vigaplus sometimes for quick results. I am taking Tongkat Ali as well can I keep taking Tongkat Ali 1:2 extract while using Vigrx regularly..
    Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hey Ricky,

      You should be fine taking all that. Just pay attention to your body when you do. If you feel any side effects, make an adjustment, like halve your dose of VigRx on the days you plan to use Vigaplus.

  96. Hey Ahm,

    I haven’t heard of a side effect like this before. Are you taking anything else?

    I would cut your dose in half and see if anything changes, and let me know how it goes.

    1. Hey Chris,

      I haven’t yet, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll check it out and let you know when the review goes up on the website.

  97. Hi Rob,

    im 28 years old from india and i want enlarge size of my penis for 2 inch’s length and girth about 2 inch.. Does vigrix plus is the suitable for me,if how long course i have to take….thank u.. suresh

    1. Hey Suresh,

      VigRx Plus isn’t really for enlarging your penis. It’s a performance enhancement supplement. Any minor size gains you get from it will disappear once you’re not taking it. For real permanent size gains, check out an extender device called Phallosan Forte or a water pump called Hydromax Xtreme. Here are my full reviews:

  98. How do I get supplies of this product in Cameroon? Are there representatives/outlets/exclusive dealers through who this product can be acquired?

    1. Hey Simon,

      it’s not sold in stores. The only place to be sure you’re getting the real deal is the VigRx Plus website. They do ship to Cameroon so you should be all set.

    1. Hey Basil,
      It depends on how much you order. I always recommend you get at least a 3 months supply because generally speaking it takes that long to see the best results. A 3 month supply will run you about $212, which includes shipping. Here’s a link to their pricing page:

  99. Hey Rob,i am using bathmate for 6 months and i want to get something to boost things up a bit.What do you think that best pill for bloodflow is? And if you can recommend some other pills too because i live in Serbia and we dont have a large choice :/
  100. Hello Rob I just turned 60 a couple of months ago I’ve been having a problem with my prostrate trouble urinating had a procedure done to alevitate the problem. I’ve been having problems getting a strong erection and very little semin for a couple of years and now after my procedure it is worse very frustrating I wanted to know if Vig RX or any other supplement would help with my problem and giving me my sex live back

    1. Hey Nicholas,

      It’s the best natural solution out there. It’ll definitely help.

      If it doesn’t give you the results you want, I’d recommend seeing a doctor about a prescription ED solution.

  101. Hi Rob,
    You are such a nice and professional person to manage your site so well with genuine responses to all questions.

    I would like to explain my situation first.
    I am late 40 and have relationship with my wife almost every week. i don’t have an erection issue but flagging down within a few minutes.
    We really love petting but now it is difficult to do that because it is gone within a few minutes during petting. Very frustrating. So we just have a sex without proper petting. So I take a Viagra to solve the issue. It is working well but I want to try other stuff as well.

    A few questions I have. Appreciate your advice.
    1. Do I have to take VigRx Plus everyday? Can I just take a pill or apply cream just before sex?
    2. I have a health concern if I take pills everyday.
    3. Based on my explanation, what is your best recommendation?
    1. Hey DJ,

      VigRx Plus is a daily pill, so I’m not sure it would be right for you. Unfortunately, the natural alternatives don’t really work well unless you take them every day. There’s one pill called Extenze Plus you might try. It’s meant to be taken daily, but I’ve found it works pretty well when taken just as needed.

    1. Hey Jay,

      Sure. I don’t see a problem with that. Vydexafil focuses more on the testosterone boosting side of things, while VigRx Plus takes care of the libido and blood flow.

        1. Hey Jay,

          It shouldn’t be a problem, though I would start with one just to make sure that if there are any side effects, they’re more mild than they would be if you took two.

  102. Hi,Rob.
    It’s me again,Gunawan.For your reminder,I am 38 yo and I’ve been taking VigRx Plus for almost 5 months.For me,the result is like up and down.

    When I am tired than I don’t have my morning erection and I can’t keep it up when I want to have sex.
    But,when I am not that tired,I have my morning erection and I will got firm erection and last longer.

    I have followed your website everyday and I have question:
    1.Which is best for me to combine, VigRX Plus with Extenze or VigRX Plus with TestoFuel?
    2.How to take the combination of VigRX Plus with Extenze or VigRx Plus with TestoFuel?
    3.I am allergic to Glucosamyne,can I be allergic to TestoFuel too because it contains oyster extract
    1. Hey Gunawan,

      Great to hear from you again. Often, a glucosamine allergy is based in a shellfish allergy, so I would stay away from Testofuel. But I do think a testosterone booster is the way to go, so I’d recommend you use an alternative that doesn’t contain the oyster extract. Go with Testosterone Max from Crazy Mass, and just take both it and the VigRx Plus as directed.

  103. Hey Rob I was wondering could there possibly be any somewhat even if a little bit of a permanent gain by taking these is possible? If not that’s cool but having a permanent gain even if just a little bit of one would increase my opinion of these pills

    1. Hey Jeff,

      I suppose anything’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  104. Hi,

    Just want to know can one take vigrx plus twice a day and maybe a prosulotion plus pill one a day. Or is it not recommended.


    1. Hey Ej,
      You “could” do that, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The Vigrx Plus will take care of many of the same issues that Prosolution Plus does.

  105. Hi Rob,
    got your email to recommend this today, sounds like just what I need!

    but I am wondering if I can take it with other supplement? such as Crazymass cutting stack, since it already include something to increase your libido.


    1. Hey Rock,

      You can combine VigRx Plus with the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack without issue. In the stack, it’s a testosterone booster that helps boost libido, whereas VigRx Plus uses more blood flow enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

  106. Greetings again Rob,

    What are your thoughts on vigrx oil or a more superior one…..I should of mentioned before ,years ago I rowed played rugby etc. Then my thyroid packed it in and I gained a huge amount of weight and turned to booze and cigs. Now been sober 2 1/2 yrs. and quit smoking.And am incredibly motivated.

    Wondering if there was anyway I could hire your services as long distance consultant…Thank you for your help Steve
    1. Hey Steve,

      VigRx Oil does a good job. I prefer the oral supplement but in your case, with all the pill you’ll be taking, the oil might be a really good idea. Sorry, consulting isn’t part of my job description, haha, but if you haven’t already, you should sign up for my free “getting ripped” ebook for tips and plans for meals and workouts.

  107. Thanks Rob very much. I have six months supply of nitrocut, ignite and vivre.

    But only 1month of test freak and gh freak.Could you suggest something that overlaps less but is really beneficial . Thanks so kindly Steve

    1. Hey Steve,

      The Test Freak is a testosterone booster, You’ve already got that in Ignite. Additionally, both Nitrocut and VigRx Plus contain some testosterone boosting ingredients so you’re fully covered there. Stick with the GH Freak though. It provides that HGH boost and better sleep which is so important for getting and staying fit. Other than that, you can add a fat burner like Instant Knockout if you’re cutting, or Muscle Advance Creatine if you’re goal is putting on muscle weight.

    1. Hey Steve,

      That should be fine. After you take it for a while, check how you feel and re-assess your stack then. You may find you don’t need quite so much overlap.

  108. Hi Rob,

    I have both premature and not so hard issue.
    You think Vigrx can help with this 2 issues at the same time?

    1. Hey Tony,

      Actually, your best bet is a product called ProSolution Plus. It’s been clinically proven to help with PE, and it’s a great all around performance enhancement pill as well.

      1. Hi Rob

        i know prosolution plus the best for both world of PE and ED. But i live in Malaysia, according to Leading Edge Health, there have no dealer in Malaysia, further they could not accept credit card or paypal if i order from them.

        For leading edge health, i found this is unacceptable, now, even buying a $50 online item can be paid by credit card or paypal.

        1. Hey Tony,

          Leading Edge makes both ProSolution Plus and VigRx Plus, so the same issues would apply to both. But I’m not sure why they told you they don’t accept credit cards. It’s true they don’t take PayPal, but their choices of payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Also, neither one is sold in stores in any country, but they do ship to Malaysia. You can click on the link to their website an place your order.


          1. Hi Rob,

            I have checked with their support.
            They said they credit card system cannot accept credit card from malaysia.

            They can only accept bank draft from malaysia.
            I thought i was back to 20 years non internet era.

          2. Hey Tony,

            Yeah, that’s hard to believe. I’ve never heard of anything like it.

  109. Hey Rob

    Really like the info on the site. Is it safe to take Vigrx along with the sample of semenax and instant knockout all at the same time?



  110. Dear..
    im using penatropin now my friends advised to use it.. im looking for big zise & pleasure.
    My Q is this product like vigrx plus ..or i have to change it ..

    I dont want to continue if that product not work for what im look.

    Thank you
    1. Hey Ayman,

      I would definitely recommend you go with VigRx Plus. But since you’re using Penatropin, stick with it long enough to see if it works before switching.

    1. Hey Mac,

      It is still available. To make sure you get the real VigRx Plus, order from their website. It looks like they do deliver to the UAE.

    1. Hey Dato,

      Not at all. That’s one of the ways it’s better than the prescription stuff.

  111. Thanks for your reply. I forgot to ask what the difference is between vigrax and vigraxplus.

    As im from the UK there is a uk based vigrax centre.

    I believe the plus has a added ingredient in it? Are they both as good or?

    And would you become worse than you were of you stopped taking the supplement after a while?

    Thank you again Rob

    1. Hey Jay,

      VigRx Plus and Vigrax are two different products from two different companies – unrelated. There are lots of imitators for VigRx Plus, but the only way to make sure you’re getting the real thing is to go through their VigRx Plus website. When you stop taking it, you slowly return to how things were before you started, but you don’t get worse.

  112. Hi Rob, I have never left a comment on website page before. However I appreciate your professionalism and effort to making replies in helping us all.

    So I hope you can help.

    I am 21 and from the UK. I lead a healthy lifestyle.

    I know if I increase my current excersise and put extra work in the gym as well as eating more healthily that I will see natural results. However this can be rather time consuming.

    I have never tried a male enhancement product before.

    The closest i got to anything was Korean Ginseng, studies showed improvements for men so my research led me to your website.

    Like you said its not only just for male performance but also a good daily supplement for those ingredients so therefore a win win situation. What I would like to ask is the following.

    1) Once I have seen improvements etc do I have to continue taking the product after say 4-6 months?

    Or would my body be conditioned by this stage with the combination of excersises and healthy eating to no longer need it for the performance?

    2) What would kind of programme would you recommend for a person of my age and lifestyle

    3) does it conflict with any other vitamins/minerals
    Example I take multivitamins/zinc/iron

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
    1. Hey Jay,

      Great to hear from you. As a supplement, the effects will only last as long as you take it.

      Of course, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle will continue to help. But the effects of the VigRx Plus will wear off not too long after you stop using it. You should take the pills as directed, 2 tablets daily with meals.

      I’m not aware of any conflicts with other supplements, but check with your doctor if you take any prescription medications.

  113. I came across a product by Century Systems called Male Drive Sex. This seems to have a lot of good ingredients in it. did you do a review on or have you heard of this??

    1. Hey Robert,

      I haven’t yet, but if you give me a few weeks, I’ll write up a review and let you know when it goes up on the site. (By the way, I think you mean Male Drive Max.)

  114. Hi,Rob.
    I have been taking VigRX Plus for about 2 and a half months.I now have a better erection and I have my morning erection almost every day.But for me,the result is a little slow.My questions are:
    1.When I got so tired because of my daily activity and/or lack of sleep,than I will not get my morning erection and it’s hard for me to get my erection even when I want to have sex with my girlfriend.Is that normal?
    2.Can I sometime take fast acting enhancement pill along with VigRX Plus?
    Will it make bad effect to the result of VigRX Plus?

    3.Should I take 3 pills of VigRX Plus daily to faster the result?And if yes,how should I take it?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Gunawan,

      Keep taking the VigRx Plus as usual. Then when you want something more immediate, take an extra capsule about half an hour before you’re ready.

      A lot of the fast acting pills use undisclosed ingredients that may not be safe. Best to go with what you know.

  115. I want to buy vigrx plus from the official site but they dont ship to Malaysia.

    Please advise any reliable resellers at ebay or elsewhere.

    1. Hey Sam,
      Unfortunately, the website is the only place to be sure you’re getting the real thing.

      It looks like they do actually ship to Malaysia. Have they told you they don’t?

      1. Hey Rob, if I order vigrxplus would it be safe to mix it with A male enhancement from a gas station or pharmacy?
        1. Hey John,

          VigRx Plus should do the trick for you all on its own, but yes, as long as the supplement you’re picking up is a natural, with no undisclosed ingredients, you’ll be safe.

          1. Hey Rob, thanks for the advice im going to try vigrx plus first then start mixing it if I don’t start to see results
    1. Hey Ariel,

      As far as I know, they only take credit card orders, but you might be able to work something out if you call them on the phone. Their international phone number is (Int’l Calling Code) + 1-604-677-3533. Use reference code 134391. That way they’ll know I sent you.

  116. Hey Rob
    Is it ok to take vigrx plus with testosterone boosters? Im asking because of ingredients wise, will I be taking too much of certain ingredients? or maybe a testosterone booster I should steer clear of because it’s too much of the same?

    I’m 39 years old I haven’t worked out in a good while now. I used to work out 6 days a week seriously weights and cardio.

    I’m getting back into it, but I’m getting up there in age. So I’m looking for that boost but also the libido thing.
    Thanx Charles

    1. Hey Charles,

      That’s no problem at all. There’s only one overlapping ingredient – Ginseng – and between the two supplements, you’re still well below the higher end of the daily dosing requirements, so go ahead and take the two with no worries.

  117. Hey Rob I got two things to ask:
    How old do you have to be to use Virgx plus and because im from the UK how would I pay for the Virgx plus if our currency is pounds?
    1. Hey Jacob,

      VigRx Plus is for anybody 18 or older, and when you buy it online, you’ll use a credit card, which takes care of the currency exchange automatically.

    1. Hey Jay,

      Not really. Because I review so many supplements, I don’t really stick with one for too long.

      I’ve heard almost all positive things though from guys who’ve used VigRx Plus long term.

    1. Hey Rich,

      It should be, but you should check with your doctor to be certain in your particular case.

  118. Looking at the reviews they are all young guys. I am 81 and having to look for ways of spicing up my love life.

    A natural way that works would interest me. I have been trying Damiana and the first day it did have an effect but nothing after that and have had to resort to Viagra but even that does not give me an erection.

    Some manual stimulation does. I am at a loss and getting depressed by what I see between my legs as a useless piece of equipment.

    You seem to be genuine and hope you can help an old fella like me.
    1. Hey Mike,

      There’s no age limit on the benefits of VigRx Plus. It’s got a great mix of aphrodisiacs and ingredients that help with erection, so hopefully you’ll do well with it.

      They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so I’d say you should give it a try.

  119. I noticed you were critical of the use of saw palmetto as an ingredient in your Virectin review but make no negative mention of it being an ingredient in this product and was wondering why that was? Thanks.

    1. Hey Rob,

      Yeah, I agree, it’s confusing. The truth of it is that Saw Palmetto has been anecdotally indicated to cause erectile dysfunction, but this has never been proven in a clinical setting and I’ve never experienced or heard of anyone experiencing ED from it.

      I mentioned it in the Virectin review, but haven’t harped on in much because there really is no clinical evidence supporting the claim.

  120. Hi,Rob.I have been taking this pills for 2 weeks,1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.
    At the first week,I got improvement and have my morning erection.

    But at the second week,I don’t get my morning erection and my erection become soft.
    Is that normal?
    should I continue taking this VigRX Plus?
    Thank you for you information.

    1. Hey Gunawan,

      Yeah, you’ll want to stick with it and let your body grow accustomed to the ingredients. Your improvements should be more consistent by about week 4.

      1. Hi Rob,
        Thank you for your information.
        I want to tell you about my daily suplement;
        In the morning around 07:00 AM, I take Spirulina and “2-A-DAY MULTI VITAMIN/MINERAL FORMULA” from WELLNESS.

        And then I have breakfast around 07:30 then I take one pill of VigRX Plus at 08:00 AM.
        After lunch,I take “PROSTAC” from WELLNESS( this suplement for kidney and prostat) and “LECITHIN’ from NATURE’S PLUS( this suplement for Liver)
        I have dinner at 07:00 PM then I take one pill of VigRX Plus at 07:30.

        I am 38 years old and my prostat is slightly swollen because my urethra narrow(that’s why I consume PROSTAC).
        My qeustions are :
        1.Is it okey to take all the suplements along with VigRX Plus?
        2.Will all the suplements slow down the effect of VigRX Plus to me?
        3.Should I stop all the Suplements to get the best result from VigRX Plus?
        4.Is that okey to take VigRX Plus half hour after meal?
        5.What food/habit should I avoid while I am taking VigRX Plus?
        Thank you.

        1. Hey Gunawan,

          That’s one of the great things about VigRx Plus. Because the ingredients are all natural, safe, and effective, you can take it without worry with other supplements. The only exception is prescription medication. If you’re taking anything prescribed by your doctor, you’ll want to check with them to make sure there are no contra-indications.

          Half an hour after a meal is a great time to take it. This way you haven’t got a completely full stomach, but there’s enough there to make sure you don’t get queasy. As for foods, you should sign up for my free “penis enhancement” ebook. It’s got some great tips for eating and exercising.


    1. Hey Kevon,

      Yes, you will. VigRx Plus (like any supplement) is focused on performance enhancement, not really enlargement. You’ll need the exercises for that. Sign up for my enlargement exercises ebook for the program you need.

    1. Hey Fred,

      There are no cancer causing ingredients in VigRx Plus, but you’ll want to check with your doctor to make sure he thinks taking it is a good idea.

    1. Hey Anders,

      It’s recommended for adult males, 18 and over. Most supplements, including this one, haven’t been tested on guys under 18, so it’s not advised that you take them.

      You could still be growing, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that would mess with that.

  121. Hey Rob I have a quick question for you. I’m 23 yrs and I picked up interest in this product mainly for the possible size gains.

    I know all the ingredients are natural, but by any chance would I have to continue use in order to perform? I’ve also been taking 1000mg of L-Arginine, 60mg of Ginkgo Biloba, and 450mg of Cayenne Pepper daily, and to be honest it has done some extra reinforcement in blood flow.

    But bottom line is would it be safe at my age? And I also plan on the Phallosan Forte, like I mentioned before mainly for the possible size gain 😉

    1. Hey Gio,

      Yeah, no worries. VigRx Plus is safe for any healthy adult male, and you don’t have to worry about dependence. That’s just not how it works. And I’m glad to see you’re going with Phallosan Forte as well, since that’s your way to real size gains.

  122. If I start taking this and stretch or whatnot, but stop after a few months.. Will the effects in size disappear?? In other words, can the effects of the pill, if combined with jelqing he permanent

    1. Hey Caleb,
      I’ve found that once you get to the desired size you are looking for with the Vigrx Plus pills and manual exercises that you can stop them and still maintain the desired length and girth with “maintenance exercises”. By that I mean jelqing, milking, kegels once a week for about 20 min., and you should retain what you’ve got.

    1. Hey Dominick,

      We are a review site. To see prices and to order VigRx Plus, use the link above, or click here.

  123. Hi Rob, great job with the comments. I would like to know if Virgx plus would help with sperm quality especially for someone trying for a baby.

    Also, someone recommended three drugs for erectile dysfunction – Flusher, Stree Overlord and Spray. What do you think about this bearing in mind I have already seen your review of Overlord but do you have anything to say about the others?

    1. Hey Jay,

      VigRx Plus doesn’t have any effect on your fertility. You’ll have to see your doctor about that.

      And sorry, I haven’t heard of “Flusher” or “Spray”, and can’t find any information on them. Are you sure you have those names right?

  124. Did you cycle VigRX and if so what cycle program did you follow. 4mths on 1mth off or something, or can it be taken continuously without the body becoming immune to its effects?
    1. Hey RP,

      According to the manufacturer, VigRx Plus doesn’t have to be cycled, but I tend to like to cycle off of everything every once in a while, giving myself a clean slate. So really anything that’s convenient for you would be fine – 4 weeks on/1 week off would work. Even if you went for 4 months straight, you’d probably only need a week or two off to clean your system out.

  125. Hey Dave,

    Yep, you’ll get a better, harder erection which also mean bigger, but the results won’t be permanent.

  126. Just to make sure I’m understanding this right.. if u take just the pills you will notice a size difference only when you are erect?
    1. Hey Dave,

      That’s right. It makes for a bigger, harder erection, but the effects don’t last through to when you’re flaccid.

  127. Good job Rob!.. damn!.. yeahh you are legit, no doubt. I mean, so many questions answered(like 400?), that sold me right away, you do care.

    My Q: It seems that this product is best for enlargement with pumps.

    With the exclusion of some getting erection results. Is there any one time quick fix (apart from Viagra) for just erection that you recommend?….

    Keep in mind, I did took Viagra, it worked, but one pill did nothing, I had to “up” to two pills to get erection plus it’s so expensive. ($25/30 a pill)

    No Yohimbe please!, too dangerous.

    1. Hey Omar,

      I was never a big fan of fast acting enhancement supplements. Either they don’t work, they contain Yohimbe, or they contain dangerous undisclosed prescription only ingredients like sildenafil – the active ingredient in Viagra. The only one I tend to recommend is called Extenze Plus. It’s technically a daily, but it does work on an as needed basis as well. The problem is, it contains yohimbe, so that won’t work for you. I recommend you stick with VigRx Plus. It’s safe, and it works.

    1. Hey Kyle,

      It shouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t be sure everything they check for. I can give you the complete ingredients list, and you can check with someone on your end who would know.

      There’s: Korean Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Cuscuta, Epimedium, and Bioperine. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

      1. Rob do you have the strengths or mg mcg for each ingredient. couldn’t find it on vigrx site. thanks
        1. Hey Paul,

          Sure, here’ you go:

          200 mg Korean Ginseng, 200 mg Saw Palmetto, 200 mg Hawthorne, 200 mg Ginkgo Biloba, 200 mg Damiana, 150 mg Tribulus Terrestris, 100 mg Catuaba, 100 mg Muira Puama, 50 mg Cuscuta, 30 mg Epimedium, 10 mg Bioperine.
    1. Hey AT,

      Absolutely. The only ingredient that overlaps is Ginseng. You’ll get a boost in overall health, strength, and virility from the Testofuel, and you’ll get the erection and performance help from the VigRx Plus.

    1. Hey James,

      Unfortunately, no. You must pay with either a credit card or paypal.

      But I have been recommending VigRx Plus for years, and have never heard of anyone having a problem with receiving their order or having money stolen from them.

  128. Hi,

    As it is not permanent, how does the penis size keep up with the new length and girth? Even after 90 or 120 days, if you have stopped taking doses of Vigrx Plus, does that mean you will lose the gain and overall size and end up being back to square one?

    I hope that does not mean everyone is self-reliant on taking those pills everyday like vitamins, that would nuts to keep doing that for the rest of your life!

    1. Hey Squall,

      It’s not really the VigRx Plus that drives the size gains in the first place. VigRx Plus is a performance enhancement that helps your size gains along when you’re using exercises or an extender device like Phallosan Forte or a pump like Bathmate. It helps by improving stimulation and increasing blood flow. That said, the gains you get from a device would be permanent, so you wouldn’t have to use the pills forever.

      1. Hey Squall,

        When I saw your note, I got in touch with my contact over at Phallosan Forte. He told me they’re changing up their website shortly, due to the suspicion that they’ve been hacked. I’ve been assured that in the meantime, all orders are secure and it’s safe to use their website. Thanks for the heads up!

        1. Hey Rob, its me again if I take vigrxplus after using a pump for so long can it prevent me from getting erections without it?
          1. Hey JT,

            Nope. That’s one of the great things about natural supplements.

            They don’t shut down your bodily processes, they actually work with them. So when you’re not using the supplement anymore, things go back to the way they were before, not worse.

        2. Hey JT,

          VigRx Plus is great all on its own, but a testosterone booster like Testofuel makes a great stack. Testosterone is a key factor in sexual performance. Making sure your levels are good will go a long way.


  129. Let me see if I understand…you need to jelq or pump in supplement for vigrx plus to help size. But I’ve heard that can drastically increase foreskin.

    And are size increases permanent? or will they go away once you stop taking this drug.
    1. Hey Jim,

      VigRx Plus is more about performance enhancement than it is about growing size. (No pill will make your penis grow, at least not permanently). Size gains come from exercises and devices like the Phallosan Forte extender or a water based pump like the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme.

      The VigRx Plus helps by improving stimulation and increasing blood flow, getting your results somewhat faster. So it’s not really a matter of taking pills to maintain size. You would need to continue the exercises, knowing that the pills will help, but aren’t the crucial part. As for jelqing, you can retract the foreskin. It makes it a little more complicated, but it can be done.

      Sign Up for my free “Enlargement Exercises” ebook if you haven’t already done so.

  130. I’ve read that the results from taking Vigrx plus are not permanent. Once you’ve reach your desired result do you need to take the same dosage every day or can you take less to maontain the same result?

    1. Hey Park,
      That really depends a lot on the person. For most guys, reducing your dose down from 2 tablets to 1 tablet per day after you’ve used it for 90 days will probably work just fine.

      But that would be something you would experiment with when you get to that point.

  131. my question i have diabects i have been using africa black ants which have worked good in past but some times it not as good ,the diabects has give my nerve damage i dont have the filling in penis an have not had orgram in years i will like to know if any thing that can help …an do have to take vigrx daily
    1. Hey David,

      VigRx Plus is a daily pill, and it may help. But it sounds like your situation is a bit more serious and may be better helped by a visit to your doctor.

    1. Hey Kay,

      Definitely not. I had a Penatropin review up on the site.

      It wasn’t very favorable so the company demanded that I take it down. I didn’t have to, but I didn’t want the hassle at the time.

      I wouldn’t recommend a company that doesn’t allow honest opinions to be shared when they’re not favorable. I would recommend VigRx Plus over Penatropin any day.

    1. Hey Joseph,

      Absolutely. It’s all natural and it’s been studied and proven to be safe and effective.


  132. Hi Rob,
    I love your site, it is very helpful to a lot of men, including me..
    I need to ask what are the side effects of Vigrx Plus, no one is talking about the side effects and I find that strange…..

    Is there any ???
    1. Hey Joseph,

      That’s one of the best things about it. It actually works, and causes no side effects.

      The real reason you don’t hear about them is that there are none. Of course there could be a natural ingredient that doesn’t agree with someone, but there really no common side effects.

  133. Hi, i m here again. I m taking vigrx plus abt 16 days. 4 days after taking.

    I got strong erection and able to sex with my wife. But i dnt know what happen. After 10 days till now.

    My erection go back to initial state. Weak and sometime unable to erect.

    I am so scared. May i have some advise on this?

    Thk u.
    1. Hey Mike,

      VigRx Plus can take up to a month before you start to notice the effects, while the ingredients build up in your system, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. What you experienced in those first 4 days might be what’s known as the “placebo effect." It’s when you expect a certain result from a medicine or supplement, and because of your expectations, you sort of experience that effect.

      In any case, give it some more time – about a month, and you should see some consistent results.

  134. I was in depression because i was not able to satisfy my wife sexually. This product came into my life and everything has changed.

    I am happy with my wife now. good product.
  135. Hi, i started taking vigrx plus yesterday.
    I want to ask u if i can ocassionaly take viagra (sildnefil 50 mg) while i am taking vigrx plus pills regularly.

    Thk u & await for ur kind reply.
    1. Hey Mike,

      I wouldn’t think you’d need it, but any time you’re taking or thinking about taking a prescription medication, you should run it by your doctor and tell him about any supplements or other medications you take. He’ll give you the best guidance.

  136. I’ve taken the plunge after reading so many reviews. Honestly, I’m pretty skeptical because most websites seems to fake their reviews but yours felt genuine (Gut feel).

    Just placed my order for 1 year supply of VigRx and will post my reviews upon trying out this product.
    1. Hey Jimmy,
      For me, the best results were seen right around the 4 month mark, which is a bit different than what the official Vigrx Plus site says. That said, I think you should get at LEAST a 3 month supply, and go from there.

      1. hi,rob,i am an asian,30 years old,i am not living in america,so i wanna know whats the difference between “vigrx plus” and “CVS vigrx plus”,i heard someone argue that CVS version is fake,but another say that the two have different function,CVS vigrx plus can enlarge penis size,but vigrx plus can not,is that true?
        1. Hey David,
          I haven’t heard of CVS VigRx Plus before, so I have to guess that it’s fake. There is only one version of VigRx Plus. Your best bet is to order it from the official website.


          1. Rob,Thank you for your reply!That mean CVS pharmacy do not sell vigrx plus?But why the Verification Code of CVS version can check an authentic result in official website?can i eat spicy food and drink beer during the medication?
          2. Hey David,

            To my knowledge, CVS does not sell VigRx Plus. That said, if the box you have has a valid authorization code, it’s probably legit.

  137. Hi Rob,
    I have ED and PE problems.I’m finding the fast acting product.Can you tell me which is the best fast acting product that have less or no side effects?Thanks!
    1. Hey Jim,

      It’s tough to find a fast acting supplement that actually works and doesn’t cause side effects. You’re really not going to find anything that fits that bill, especially if you’re fighting ED and PE.

      Pretty much any fast acting supplement that works contains either Yohimbe or illicit prescription only ingredients, and both of those cause side effects. I really recommend you use VigRx Plus for remedying both of your problems.

      It is an every day pill, but it works.

  138. Hey Khalil,

    I’m really sorry to hear that. VigRx Plus has worked great for me and for almost everyone I know who’s used it.

    It could be that for some reason, supplements won’t work for you. Perhaps your doctor may have some advice?

  139. Hi Rob,
    I m a diabetic and currently on insulin and also high blood pressure patient could u please let me know that vigRX plus is safe if i will use it ? If yes then how it is safe medically.

    1. Hey Ramesh,

      If you’re taking medications, you should talk to your doctor about any supplements you’re thinking about taking. Here’s the ingredient list for VigRx Plus.

      Take it to your doctor, and see what he says.
      Korean Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba Bark, Muira Puama, Cuscuta Seed, Epimedium, and Bioperine


  140. Hey Rob, I was wondering if using herbal creams like conmax serum or butea superba gel along with excersises and taking vigrx plus would be the absolute best approach? If so, is there a particular herbal cream that you would recommend that is the best?

    Also I read that you have to continue taking vigrx plus to maintain the results, is that also true if you gained length through the excersises while taking vigrx plus?
    1. Hey Andrew,
      It sounds like you’re looking for penis enlargement. If that’s the case, stick with the combination of VigRx Plus and the exercises.

      Creams are more of a fast-acting enhancement. They work to get you a good erection when you need it, but for enlargement, you want something you take everyday.

      The enlargement results you get from exercising will last even if you stop using VigRx Plus. It’s the gains you’d make from only using the pills that you would lose.

      Hope that makes sense.

  141. if i stop using the the product after a month, will i keep recieving the same sexual increase pleasure . or will the effects of the pill wear off after i stop taking the pill?
    1. Hey Robert,

      Unfortunately, the effects only last as long as you take the pills.

    1. Hey Damien,
      It’s absolutely a good idea. In fact it’s the best idea.

      By using VigRx Plus with penis enlargement devices, you increase the power of the devices you grow larger, faster. This is basically because of the increase in blood flow that you get when you take VigRx Plus.

      The more blood that flows in, the bigger you get!

  142. Hello

    I live in Kuwait and i went to a lot of pharmacies around me and some of them told me that (VigRx Plus) is not allowed here in Kuwait where it listed as dangerous drugs, but the do have VigRx (without plus) and it cost 15 KD (53 $). so is it from the same manufacture or is it even a REAL product not some this just using the same name i wonder?
  143. Hey Rob,

    what kind of exercise routine should I do to maintain results after 6 months of taking Vigrx Plus?
    1. Hey Fernando,
      The results you get from taking VigRX are not permanent and will fade away not long after you stop taking it. I’ve got an ebook full of penis enhancement exercises, though, that can help you out with achieving your goals. Sign up for it on the right side of this review page.

  144. Rob,
    I wanted to give you props for responding back to everyone that writes you. Thats one of the main reasons I like your site and app to believing what you’ve written. Unlike those other bot review sites.

    About me, I’m what you call a grower not a shower. Even then I’m about average maybe a little less.

    Ideally I would like to gain 2 more inches, “like thats possible." But I would be ecstatic for even 1 inch and permanent. I’m willing to put in the work and money to reach my goal.

    As far as performance I have my good days and bad days, usually good as long as my sex life is active 2-3x a week. But I’d like to be more consistent when I’m not as active.

    I’m recently an honorable combat veteran have spending two years in hell. Having the system fail me and now that I’m out, I dont make even close to what I did in the army.

    So my budget is really scarce. I’m willing to go without some of the luxuries such as eating out or paying for brand name food to give this a try.

    But I want to know if vigrx is even worth the time andmoney for what I’m looking for?
    1. Hey Andrew,

      I’m glad you like the site, and that we’re helping you out. You can help us out if you want by liking us on Facebook and telling your friends. About your situation, the kinds of results I get with VigRx Plus seem like they’re exactly what you’re looking for. I used it together with enlargement exercises, and grew 1.5 inches within 5 or 6 months. But the results don’t last after you stop exercising and taking the pills, so you should know that. Download my free enlargement exercise ebook for the exercises I used. Now, I know money is tight. I wish I could guarantee it would work, but I can’t. Luckily, VigRx Plus does offer a 67-day money back guarantee, so you can send it back for a refund even if you’ve used 60 days worth of pills.

      So go ahead and order VigRx and the ebook. Best of luck and make sure you keep all your packaging in case you want to take advantage of the guarantee.

  145. Hey great article,
    My biggest problem is premature ejaculation…I usually last about 3 minutes, I have no problem getting erections and staying erect until i finish. Would this still be the optimal product to help with my problem?

    I also notice you’ve recommended exercises for PE, but is there a supplement you can recommend to help in that department?
    1. Hey Sid,
      If PE is your primary concern, check out a product called Prosolution Plus. It’s made by the same company that makes Vigrx Plus, but is specifically intended to help guys with premature ejaculation issues.

    1. Hey Rashad,

      I try a lot of different supplements for the site. When I try something new, I like to start with my system clean, so I can really know what effects I’m getting from each individual one.

      If I didn’t run this site and I wanted to stick with one performance enhancer, it would be VigRx Plus hands down.

    1. Hey Gal,
      VigRx Plus is not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age. Your body is still growing and you don’t want to mess with that.

  146. Hey Pisonja,

    Given all you’ve tried so far, I would have to say you’ll probably be disappointed in the enlargement results you’ll get from VigRx Plus. It’s primarily a performance enhancer – for better erections, boosted libido, and greater stamina.

    Any enlargement results would be temporary at best, and most likely would require that you do exercises and/or use an extender too. Sorry to leave you disappointed, but better now than after you’ve spent money and time on the product.

  147. Hi Rob

    Iam interested in getting a bigger dick, nothing more actually. Will you recomend this product for me?


    1. Hey Filip,

      No supplement alone will do much for you in that regard. A better option would be to use VigRx Plus together with an extender like Phallosan Forte. The pills keep the blood flowing for bigger erections, while the extender uses traction to “stretch” your penis. It takes quite a time commitment, but it’s the best way to get the results you want.

  148. Hello Rob,

    I have been a long time user of MOJO Risen; but, the product has been taken off the market by a lot of Wholesalers due to questionable ingredients and warning from FDA. I found the product to be great, but I believe I should lean on the side of caution. Your website claims you have tested every product.

    Can you compare MOJO Risen to Vigrx plus? I would like to try the product but I am looking for the similar results I achieved from using the above mentioned product.

    Thank you,


    1. Hey Alan,
      We haven’t personally tested every product, and we don’t claim to. We’ve certainly tested a whole bunch, but not all.

      That said, it’s difficult to compare MOJO Risen to VigRx Plus for a couple of reasons. MOJO Risen was promoted as a Viagra alternative, meaning that you take it only when you need it.

      VigRx Plus is an everyday supplement. The effects are more subtle but more lasting.

      Also, it turns out the reason MOJO Risen worked so well was because it wasn’t a natural product at all, and instead contained undisclosed ingredients that require a prescription. If you were comfortable with that, maybe you’d do well to discuss getting a prescription for Viagra with your doctor.

      I love VigRx Plus and think you’d get great results from it, but it’s a different animal than MOJO Risen. Hope that helps, Alan, and let me know if I can help any further.

  149. Hi Rob!

    I’ve read some of your reviews about different products and all your answers to the comments and questions about this pill -VigRx Plus- which I understand is the best. What makes me writing is that you seems to be a really nice and honest person!

    Therefore I would appreciate some answers.

    Some other comments has already touched them, but not completely.

    What I’m looking for is something that can make my penis permanently bigger and I’m not talking about that I want some extreme horsedick or something. My natural measurents are 6,3×4,7″ which I understand is slightly above medium.

    And I’ve slept with many girls and I’ve never heard any complaints. And I’ve even heard, many times, through others, about how good I was etc, but honestly, that talk doesn’t make me feel any better and it doesn’t make me feel any worse.

    I just don’t feel anything when I hear it.

    Therefore I think my issue is about that I just want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, in all spectras of life. I mean, I’m happy with my penis, it is what it is and it does the best job it can do.

    I mean, I’ve got no problem getting it up or keeping it up. But for me, only 1inch in permanent lenght and 1inch in permanent girth would be very satisfying for my selfbeing, because then I would know that OK, this might be as good as I can get.

    But is it even possible at all? What can I expect?

    And can you please send me a copy of your ebook? Will it help me?

    And let’s say, for example, that I go from 6,3×4,7″ to 7,5×6,0″ when eating the pills and using some of the exercises in your ebook… How can my penis “understand” what my original size was and go back to that again?

    Is there not anyway in the whole world that I can make these changes permanent?

    Or does I have to keep eating those pills/doing the exercises for the rest of my life? And in that case, how much bigger could I expect to get?

    I mean, is it worth it? And how much would that cost me/month?

    Merry Christmas and best regards, Pete

    1. Hey Pete,
      Thanks for your email, and glad you like the site! Permanent enlargement is possible, but you need to look at it from a certain standpoint. I always like to use the example of weight loss…If you were looking to lose say 20 pounds, you would diet and exercise, right? Once you have achieved that goal, you can’t just go back to eating fast food 4 times a week and stop exercising and expect to keep the results, right? PE works the same way, you need to work hard to get the gains at first, and then do minor maintenance to keep those gains.

      I’m emailing you the exercises ebook shortly, but you may want to consider a combo of Vigrx Plus pills, along with a device called the Penomet. Basically what the Penomet does is gradually but firmly stretch the penis to a larger size using vacuum therapy. Check out more on their official site here.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

  150. Rob, I have seen a million websites like yours here. They review a product and claim them to be better than all the rest in EVERY way, but then they never actually work.

    I have tried several products, some with actual effects, most leaving me feeling like I got my skull crushed. Can you confirm the this webpage is not just an auto update page that updates the dates of the posts daily, but never actually has new comments.

    I am VERY interested in trying this product and want to know that the results are legitimate. Thanks!!!


    1. Hey Sean,
      I know a lot of the sites you’re talking about, and I can assure you this is not one of them. I’ve used VigRx Plus (and tons of other supplements) myself, and this one’s the best as far as I’m concerned. And no. We don’t just update dates on posts or automate answers to comments. I and my staff research and write all the reviews and I personally answer the comments we get from real guys like you every day. Hope this puts you at ease. Let me know how things work out. I’d love to hear.

  151. I’m quite huge down there but can’t seem to get it up long enough to have sex. would taking this product do any good? how long do i need to take it for and when can i stop taking it?
    1. Hey David,
      VigRx Plus will definitely help you get better, longer-lasting erections. You’ll start to see some results almost immediately, but it will keep getting better for until you reach the peak at about 4-6 weeks.

      If you want to maintain the results, you’ll need to keep taking it. Once you stop, the effects will leave your system.

        1. Hey David,
          Unfortunately, like all supplements, if you want to continue to have the benefits, you have to keep taking it.

    1. Hey Kelvin,
      As is the case with most herbal supplements, the results you get from VigRx will pretty much only last as long as you continue to take it. There will be a slight residual effect, but it won’t last long.

    1. Hey Ismael,
      Yeah it really does. It’s been clinically proven, and there’s a money back guarantee too, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

    1. Hey Chaz,
      Yeah I’ve used it, and I got great results, but unfortunately they don’t last after you stop the program. Your best chance for lasting results is to use VigRx along with an enlargement exercise program or extender device. I’ve got a free ebook full of enlargement tips for you to download. Sign up of it at the right hand side of this page.

  152. sir my penis have some problem i can’t sex becuase my penis not tight and i am discharg early so please tell me some medicine. and my cock is also small
  153. sorry rob PS…what can you tell me about prosolutions cream…any better…have you tried it….I have slathered my member thick with the vigrx oil to see if it would work…nothing all night.
    1. Hey Khalil,
      I’ve heard lots of good things about ProSolution Gel. I haven’t tried it myself, but guys I know have had lots of success with it.

      Best of luck to you Khalil. I know your solution is out there somewhere. (Talk to your doc).

  154. Rob I know this is out in left field but I must ask have you critique vig rx oil…once again im disappoint in these grand claims yet …nothing…a few drops give it 7 days..well it been over two weeks I think I have been sold snake oil…there are no 90 sec erections at all…I don’t know what going on I get erections just not quality I want..the pills have not done much yet either still early coming on two months…so desperate I was taking 2 in morn and 2 in evening(thought I read that how they did the study and placebo testing)…is there any topical oil that really delivers…have you tried the oil…what else is out there if vig rx fails…really depressed the way this is going.but I will finish my 6 mnth supply
    1. Hey Khalil,
      I’m so sorry to hear about all your frustrations. I’m wondering if some of your lack of results might be coming from using too many different supplements all at the same time. I know your list is very long. Some guys have no problem with this. Some find that bad interactions or sensitivities arise.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with VigRx Oil (personally or reviewed for the website), so I don’t have substantial information on it. I did, however, just get a review for Virectin up on the site. I know you were interested in maybe giving it a try. Again, though, Khalil, I’ll help you as much as I can, but with the HRT and all the supplements, and still not getting results, you may really want to consider talking to your doctor.

  155. Hi Rob, I am using pro extender system and I want to know if I can use vigrx pills together to get best result. Would it be harmful using both vigrx pill and extender at same time period???

    Would be grateful to know from you. ..Thanks !
    1. Hey Ramesh,
      Nope, not a problem at all. In fact, they sometimes sell package deals with the two products together!

  156. Hi Rob,
    I work in high stress atmosphere and maybe because of this I am unable to maintain my erection and ejaculate within 2-3 minutes of insertion, do you think there is any supplement which can help me in improving this condition.

    Best Regards,
    1. Hey Fary,
      If premature ejac is your primary concern, I would check out a supplement called Prosolution Plus. It’s made by the same company that sells Vigrx Plus, but is specifically formulated to help guys suffering from premature ejac problems.

  157. whats the difference between nite rider pills n vigrx??
    how long it can stop from ejection??
    what are the drawbacks /side effects/negatives of these pills??
    because i know the positives…
    1. Hey Sai,

      These two pills are very different. You take VigRx every day, and it’s been clinically proven to improve sex drive, erections, and performance. Nite Rider is a pill you only take right before sex. Not too long ago, Nite Rider was recalled for containing and undisclosed prescription medication in the formula. They’ve removed it, but from what I can tell, they didn’t replace it with anything that’ll improve erections. Personally, I’d go with VigRx Plus.

  158. Hey Rob just wondering what can i do to increase a few more inches (if possible permanently) ??
    I have read the comments and i checked the extender but would it help gain inches…as well what happens if i combined the extender and the Vigrx???
    Thxs for taking time reading my comment

    1. Hey,
      Your best bet is really to focus on achieving and maintaining better (and bigger) erections, not permanent size gains. Permanent gains in flaccid size are extremely difficult to come by.

      You can get there with an extender but it would take 6 hours a day for months, and this is just not feasible for most guys. That said, if you’re looking for a confidence boost, combining VigRx Plus with an extender may help you out with confidence and better erections.

      1. Thxs for the response…But then what would u recomend to have and sustain bigger erections..

        thxs again for taking the time to reply Rob
        1. Hey Esteban,
          Sorry for the confusion. When it comes to better erections, VigRx Plus is the best I’ve found, hands down.


  159. Hey Garrett,
    It just came to my attention recently actually, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out. I’ll try to get around to it soon.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hey Garret,
      We had a review of it, but was forced to take it down under threat of lawsuit (even though I really tried the product and posted my real results with it). Personally, I didn’t think it worked, but i can’t speak for everyone on that.


    1. Hey Will,
      Since it doesn’t contain any stimulants you would most likely be fine. But, to be absolutely sure I would recommend you speak with a doctor before taking any supplements.


    1. Hey Khalil,
      I actually haven’t. I’ve certainly heard of it, and you can find lots of reviews of it online, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      Keep looking though. We’ll get to it.

    1. Hey Sam,
      Absolutely. By improving blood flow and increasing your desire, your erections will be longer, stronger, thicker, and longer lasting.

  160. I have been on harmone therapy for 2months..i also take phen 375,nitro cut,creatine pill, are these supplement s ok to take with harmone replacement therapy.
      1. Sorry Khalil. I must have missed it.

        I don’t know of any conflicts particularly, but when you’re under the care of a doctor and taking prescription medications, you should always check with your doctor. He’ll know for sure.

    1. Hey John,
      I do get a small commission in the form of affiliate sales to help pay for the operating costs for this website. However, please note that I am never paid to do a review, and I truly do present my unbiased opinion when it comes to these products.


    1. I have heard of PHGH, but I haven’t gotten around to doing a review. The testimonials are good, but the website is a little hyped.

      I’ll get a review out soon. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Rob thanks for the fact that your a real body and not a face plastered on a marketing answer site…you just will never know how important that is to men out here…thanks Brah.
  161. what is the best way to take these pill…i would take two in the morning…or should i do it 1 every in morning and 1 evening…been on it about 2 weeks not seeing any result..still having erection issues as far as maintaining….was really hoping to feel an d see improvement like so many other men…i had low T and have been on a regimen for 3month…even that didn’t change anything…so i wonder is it ok to use vigrx with that testosterone inject…plz explain what i should do rob…im feeling hopeless.anyone plz….will it get better.
    1. Hey Khalil,
      I’m sorry to hear that it’s not working for you yet, but it is a bit early to give up. The company says it should take 3 months before you see the best results, so I would hold on for a while longer.

      I would say you can take the pills either both at once or split them up. Since the box only specifies to take 2 a day, my assumption is that they mean together, like you’re doing.

      As for whether or not you should take VigRx Plus at the same time as your testosterone replacement therapy, that’s really a discussion you should have with your doctor.
      Hang in there Khalil.

    2. I have been on harmone therapy for 2months..i also take phen 375,nitro cut,creatine pill, are these supplement s ok to take with harmone replacement therapy.
  162. Hi Rob

    Is it possible for you, to somehow do a review on bathmate, that would be cool and great and really helpful. Or any information on bathmate would be great as well.

    This is the best website for all the information related with male enhancement tips.

  163. Hey Rob,
    Recently came across your site and like what I’m seeing. Already took your advice and started using Nitrocut (first time back in the gym for a loooooong time and I really like how it’s working). I’ve also ordered TestoFuel and wanted your opinion as well as others about any possible issue taking TestoFuel and VigRx Plus.
    Thanks in advance.
    1. Hey Tim,
      Glad you like the site. There shouldn’t be a conflict between the supplements.

      VigRx doesn’t have any testosterone boosting ingredients so if you’re worried about too much of that, it’s not a problem. Of course, everyone’s different, but there’s not intrinsic conflict.

      You should also talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have.

      1. I appreciate the reply.
        Based on my own research, I didn’t think there would be a conflict either, but just thought I’d reach out.

        Thanks for this site!

        Looks like we’re neighbors (almost).

        I live in Dania.
  164. I was considering buying male enhancement pills from Neosize XL. Have you heard anything positive or negative about this product.

    I believe they located in vancouver. Thank you for any feedback.

    1. Hey Scott,
      I wrote a review for Neosize XL a while back. I’d say it’s a so-so product, but it doesn’t compare to VigrRx Plusl, in my opinion.

      1. Hey Scott,
        I hadn’t heard of Powermax XXL, but I’ll look into it and get a review up soon. Thanks for the heads up!

  165. I was thinking about buying a product called Neosize XL. Have you ever heard of it and if so, any good or bad feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  166. Hi Rob, I am thinking of trying a product called Erectzan. Have you ever tried it?

    Results? They have a warning on the bottle that says do not take with caffeine.

    Is there some kind of danger with that or is it just a digestion issue, or something else? Just a little curious about this as I do enjoy about 2 cups of coffee every morning.

    Thanks for your time Rob!
    1. Hey Doug,
      I’ve never tried Erectzan personally, but I do have a review of it here if you want to take a look. I think it looks like a great product! As for the concerns about caffeine, I’m not sure why they caution against it. I looked over the ingredient list and don’t see a problem. Of course, I’m not a doctor, so you should either call Erectzan and see what they have to say and/or talk to your doctor.

  167. hi Rob,
    i am a 60 year old male in really good physical shape except for some ED problems. some days i’m a stud and other days a dud.

    after combing the internet and youtube, my research shows auctus is the #1 male enhancement pill, but after reading your review, i am now very interested in vigrx.

    i ordered PHGH 2 days ago after discovering only 5 star positive reviews from all who’ve tried it. there is also a money back guarantee. my question is; would it be beneficial to consume either auctus or vigrx at the same time as PHGH? i don’t mind spending the money to get good results.

    thank you and keep up the good work! robert
    1. Hey Robert,

      I did a quick comparison of the ingredients in all three, and I’d say you probably don’t want to take more than one at the same time. PHGH and VigRx Plus only share one ingredient in common, but it’s Epimedium, and if you take too high a dose, it may cause shortness of breath or hyperventilation.

      PHGH shares a whole bunch of ingredients with Auctus, so again, for safety reasons, you shouldn’t take them together.

  168. Hi Rob

    I have heard good reviews about bathmate something you might want to look into. If possible can you please tell the legitimate website for it form where I can buy it there are so many that I am confused now.


  169. Hi Rob,

    I had a few questions before buying Vigrx Plus and was wondering if you could give me some more info.

    1) You stated before in previous answers that the gains from vigrx are not permanent if you stop taking the pills, my question is.. if i were to jelq everyday while im on vigrx plus, would the gains become permanent after i stop taking the pills?

    2) How does Vigrx plus differ from buying all the ingredients separately in bulk (much cheaper) and taking them together. I understand it will be 2pills in the case of Vigrx compared to probably 10pills, but its still cheaper.

    3) I workout alot and sometimes like to use Preworkout supplements, BCAAs, Vitamins, ZMA, Tongkat, Whey and was thinking of trying a HGH support supplement, my question is will any of these interfere with Vigrx Plus or penile gains?? If so what ingredients in supplements should i try and avoid? Does “1, 3-dimethylamylamine” in preworkout supplements have a negative effect??

    4) I know you recommend the Phallosan Forte, but i honestly dont have time for one and i have tried one before and found it extremely uncomfortable.. Do you have any feedback for the Power Jelq Gym device..

    Also, will jelqing and kegels alone help me with gaining in length or will i have to do stretches??

    5) Does Vigrx Plus honor their “free special offer” where they give you an extra box for free?

    6) Last question i promise.. Is Vigrx Plus the one pill you would recommend over alll the others, or have you found something better lately??

    1. Hey Mo,
      I’ll take the questions one at a time:

      1) The gains from jelquing are not permanent either. (Some people say they are, but there’s no clinical evidence). So to get permanent gains, you’d have to go with surgery or at the very least, a mechanical device.
      2) If you took the exact amount of each ingredient in the formula, your results would theoretically be the same.

      The trouble is that the formula is proprietary so you won’t know how much of each herb to use.
      3) VigRx Plus is safe to take with everything you mention, though you may want to cycle through some of the supplements you use after experimenting what works well together. You should stay away from the DMAA, especially if your taking so many other supplements.

      It’s considered unsafe, especially when taken in combination with alcohol or caffeine, so mixing it with a bunch of different supplements is probably not a good idea.
      4) I haven’t tried the Power Gym device, but I can look into it and write up a review for it soon. As for whether or not you need the stretches, it’s really going to depend on your particular physiology and how dedicated you are to the program.

      Some guys respond well and quickly. Others see less success.
      5) I have always found VigRX Plus to be a very honest and upfront company.

      If you place an order that includes a free box, you’ll get it.
      6) VigRx Plus still has my vote. I’ve tried over 80 male enhancement products, and nothing has come close.

      Best of luck to you, Mo. Let me know how things turn out.

  170. Hi Rob,

    I had a few questions before buying Vigrx Plus and was wondering if you could give me some more info.

    1) You stated before in previous answers that the gains from vigrx are not permanent if you stop taking the pills, my question is.. if i were to jelq everyday while im on vigrx plus, would the gains become permanent after i stop taking the pills?

    2) How does Vigrx plus differ from buying all the ingredients separately in bulk (much cheaper) and taking them together. I understand it will be 2pills in the case of Vigrx compared to probably 10pills, but its still cheaper.

    3) I workout alot and sometimes like to use Preworkout supplements, BCAAs, Vitamins, ZMA, Tongkat, Whey and was thinking of trying a HGH support supplement, my question is will any of these interfere with Vigrx Plus or penile gains?? If so what ingredients in supplements should i try and avoid? Does “1, 3-dimethylamylamine” in preworkout supplements have a negative effect??

    4) I know you recommend the Phallosan Forte, but i honestly dont have time for one and i have tried one before and found it extremely uncomfortable.. Do you have any feedback for the Power Jelq Gym device..

    Also, will jelqing and kegels alone help me with gaining in length or will i have to do stretches??

    5) Does Vigrx Plus honor their “free special offer” where they give you an extra box for free?

    6) Last question i promise.. Is Vigrx Plus the one pill you would recommend over alll the others, or have you found something better lately??

  171. Hi Rob

    I ordered my one year supply and also got it with it:
    Nexus30-all natural cologne
    Semenax-dietary supplement.

    Would you know anything about it.
    Is it ok to use them.


    1. Hey Max,
      I’m not familiar with the cologne, but Sememax increases semen volume. It’s totally fine to use. You can read our review of it here.

      1. Hi Rob

        thanks for the reply. I have staretd using Vigrx plus and will post my reviews in 2 weeks or a month.

        Just wanted to ask you, is it safe to tke vigrx during night after dinner.

        1. Hey Max,
          There’s no reason at all not to take it after dinner. Just make sure to take it daily.

          And thanks, Max. Can’t wait to hear how it’s working out.


          1. Hi Rob

            I have been taking Vigrx for 2 weeks now, i have seen a bit of enhancement when my penis is errect but nothing when its facile. I think I ma being impatient here.

            Juts wanted to know seek your advice.

          2. Hey Max,
            Most of your flaccid size gains will come from manual exercises, like jelquing, wet/dry milking, and kegels in conjunction with taking VigRx Plus, and I started to see the gains starting after about a month. You should also remember that the size changes won’t be permanent.

  172. Hi Rob

    thanks a lot for a real review website. Had few questions before ordering what appears to be a great product:

    1. I have been engaged in some natural exercise like stretching and jelking and kegels so in conjunction with vigrx can i hope the results will be permanent.

    2. Do you think it will help gain 1 inch, thats all i am looking for 🙂

    3. Are there any short term or long term side effects.

    thanks greatly appreciated
    1. Hey Max,
      Good questions, and just the ones you should be asking before investing your time and money in a new routine and supplement. I can tell you that my results definitely matched what you say you’re hoping for, so I’d say yes, you can gain that inch.

      Unfortunately, the results won’t be permanent. They will last only as long as you continue the supplements and exercises.

      As for side effects, VigRx Plus is one of the most side effect-free products I’ve used. Some people have reported nausea or jitters, but they tend to be rare and mild.

      I think you’ll be really glad you tried it!

      1. Sorry to bother you I need to ask u one very important question, if I take 2 pills at a time in the morning or one pill in morning and one after lunch will it have same effect.

        1. Hey Max,
          That’s a great question. When I first started taking it, I halved the dosage, and started feeling the effects in about a week.

          The recommended dose, and the one they used in the clinical study, is 2 pills twice per day. If you wanted to change that to 1 pill twice per day or 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, or just 2 pills in the morning, those options would all be fine.

          The important thing is to make sure you’re consistently getting the active ingredients into your body.

    1. Hey John,
      There’s nothing in the ingredient lists of either product that can’t be taken together. On top of that, it doesn’t look taking them together would give you too much of any substance.

      In fact, the only ingredient that overlaps is Saw Palmetto, and that shouldn’t cause any problems. Of course, if you still have reservations, you should talk to your doctor.

      1. Great thanks! Now my shipment arrived and it came with the free bottle of Semenex.

        Is that safe to take with Max Ejaxx or should I just take one or the other?
        1. Hey John,
          I don’t see a particular contraindication for any of them, but taking all three at the same time is probably overkill. A better idea would be to cycle them.

          That way, you can really tell which one you get the best results from. And be sure to come back and let me know how you make out.


    1. No, that’s exactly what it’s intended to do actually. Help you last longer, promote more full erections, and more powerful orgasms.

  173. Rob If I decide to use this product, how long do I need to take it. And if I stop taking the supplement will the effects (Size, Stamina, and erection ability) stop completely.

    1. Hey Louis,
      Best results with Vigrx Plus are generally seen around the 3 month mark, but I always recommend getting more than that as it varies with each individual. If you stop taking it the effects will slowly dissipate over time.

      Unfortunately, there is no cure for ED and size issues.

  174. I’ve tried other penis enlargement supplements before, and became discouraged with the regular stretching programs; without immediate results in size. If I buy this product how soon will I see results in size.

    Also I feel that my libido and stamina is fine. Will I get the same results if I don’t have the same problems in these areas?
    last but not least.

    If I do buy this product will I automatically be charged and shipped more overtime?
    1. Hey Geno,
      Vigrx plus is primarily intended to help with libido and stamina, while also giving an increase in size. How quickly depends on your individual physiology, but typically best results are seen within 3 months.

      However, again this is not a miracle pill that will give you 3 inches overnight. Nor will it give you a permanent increase in size.

      No pill will do that, and anyone that tells you this is lying to you. Vigrx plus does not have a free trial, so you will not be put into some autoshipment program.

  175. How much will it cost for the 6month corse, will there permanent gain results? Let me know so I can try it out

    1. Hey Zynal,
      A 6 months supply will run you about $385, and the effects could be permanent if combined with the extender or the exercises I keep mentioning. If I were you I would consider the 12 months supply (1 year) of Vigrx Plus, its only $100 more and your getting an additional 6 months more than you would with just the six months supply.


  176. Hi. Just concerned about Ginseng.

    Have had heart racing problems with Ginseng in past. Did you experience any increase in heart rate due to Asian Ginseng?

    Thanks for your time.
    1. Hey Bob,
      I personally have never had heart racing problems from Ginseng, but I would check with your doctor to be sure its safe for you to use it.

  177. I’ve been taking vaso 9 for like 3 months nooooo resaults at all so I will try this hope I dont get scammed again
    1. You need to either keep taking it to maintain the size you get, or use those enlargement exercises or extender I was talking about earlier.

  178. hi Rob, apparently your works seems to be fantastic according to these comments, i would like to know what effect makes the product on my thing? does it make it bigger?
    1. Hey Lesly,
      Yeah Vigrx Plus is definitely a great product, the best I have tested (out of like 80 different enhancement products). It will make you bigger, but this effect is not permanent. You would need to either use enlargement exercises in combination with the pills, or use an extender device. Check out the Phallosan Forte, it’s probably the best I’ve used.

    1. Hey JC,
      The oil actually works great with the exercises guide, but is not exactly the same as the pills. I will email the ebook over shortly.