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Rob Miller | June 6, 2018
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We review supplements day in and day out.

Here’s our take on the new fat burner Leanbean.

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There’s a new category of supplement on the market called the female fat burner.

These weight loss supplements have become super popular in last year or so and with all the noise it’s clear that they’re going to be around for a long time.

Scientific research is getting updated all the time but the success of this category comes down to one fact.

Women and men are poles apart when it comes to biology!

Body weight and fat percentage are different, hormone levels are different, the way our bodies react to Caffeine is different.

Even the brain’s responses to cravings and food is different (men generally ignore sugar cravings easier).

At Supplement Critique we review all our supplements personally.

leanbean fat burner review

Usually this means we spend time using products that make no improvement at all.

From what we’ve found only a handful actually work.

My wife loved the look of a new product called Leanbean and was excited to try it.

She’s used different fat burner supplements before but was interested to see if this one would be more effective than the others.

After just 2 weeks she was completely sold.

Leanbean curbed her appetite, it literally gave her the discipline to start shaping her body overnight.

She also got a noticeable ‘energy buzz’ whilst using it, which really solidifies the argument that you don’t need massive doses of Caffeine in a fat burner.

In total she lost over ten pounds, not only that but she really tightened and trimmed every part of her body too.

To see real life before and after pics and Leanbean success stories then keep reading.

What is Leanbean Fat Burner?

Leanbean gives you the benefit of three supplements in one fat burning pill.

It’s a proven appetite suppressant for women containing around 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia, Glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper.

Unique ingredients like Turmeric and Vitamin B help prevent Estrogen dominance and fat deposits.

leanbean fat burner ingredients label

This supplement is a metabolism booster too, you’ll find Raspberry Keytones as well as Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea to drive metabolic rate.

Ingredients like this work well for women, remember you want the ability to melt away more fat but don’t want the side effects of large volumes of Caffeine.

Leanbean is not a prescription or medicine, there’s no naughty ingredients or diuretics in it meaning its reportedly been used by athletes including fitness models, surfers and soccer players.

The natural formula makes it attractive from this standpoint as it can quicken weight loss and is legal to use if you’re competing.

All of the ingredients in this product have been tested and studied in scientific laboratories, with research being carried out in the US as well as lots of other countries around the world.

You’ll also find added antioxidants and minerals in Leanbean, the most potent of which are Chromium, Acai and Black Pepper.

Some of the benefits of Leanbean:

  1. Extra appetite suppressants
  2. Boosts metabolism without Caffeine
  3. Natural formula to control fat hormone Erastidiol
  4. Improves energy without effecting your heart rate.

  5. It’s suitable for a Vegetarian/Vegan diet.

  6. Excellent customer results
  7. 90 day money-back guarantee, return the product if you’re not happy.

The ingredients in Leanbean can help you avoid addictive and unhealthy foods, and if you can limit the calories going in then you’re going to lose weight way quicker.

With the best ingredients, sticking to the right diet will be easier, energy and the motivation to work-out more will be higher.

When using the Leanbean fat burner you take 4 pills a day and get a more sustained dose of weight loss ingredients.

how to take leanbean fat burner

This guarantees the product will work for the whole day.

Many other detox products and diet pills use 1 serving only which is less likely to help you burn fat.

It’s a bit of a side note but we did really like the packaging with this product also, it’s kind of unusual for a weight loss supplement, we’ve seen all sorts of monstrous containers reviewing products over the years.

Laura’s Personal Results with Leanbean

We searched out more positive stories and reviews with this fat burner. Laura is one example we liked.

leanbean female fat burner before and after

She used Leanbean for four weeks and earned some quick results.

leanbean before and after

You’ll see from her pictures that her face slimmed right down and her waist became visibly narrower.

The biggest result was on her belly though, it’s incredible how much flatter and defined this became over the course of the month.

Here’s another video review that shows how powerful Lean Bean Fat burner really is:

Frequently Asked Questions We Get

Are there any side effects?

Usually when I review a fat burner I’ll be seeing at least some side effects.

Caffeine certainly has its benefits but no doubt it has its drawbacks too.

All the evidence on Leanbean shows that it’s as close to a side effect free fat burner as you can get.

There is some Caffeine in the product but this is in smaller amounts than you’ll find in many supplements.

In it’s place there’s bigger amounts of Cayenne and Turmeric to help boost metabolism and lower inflammation.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Leanbean fat burner can be bought from just one place, the official website www.leanbeanofficial.com.

After doing online research it doesn’t look like his company work with traditional retailers like Sephora.

We couldn’t find any discount or coupon websites working with this brand either.

You will be able to access deals straight from the manufacturer though.

There’s free product and guides for customers that buy three bottles or more.

If you buy the 90 day supply and find you’re unhappy with the results you can get your money back.

How Do I Take It?

1 tablet at a time, 4 times a day.

Taking with food is recommended, not least because it will help you get into the routine of using it.

Some user reviews have suggested 2 capsules before a workout in order to get maximum energy benefits.

Can I take after pregnancy?

Women are commonly looking to lose weight after pregnancy.

Leanbean will help you maximise your post baby training, but if you’re still breast feeding you really need to get the advice of a doctor before using it.

It’s the same advice if you’re looking to take the product whilst pregnant.

Are there better fat burners for women than Leanbean?

Not that we’ve seen. It’s a genuine stimulant free supplement that works for the female body.

The extra craving suppression and hormone balancing ingredients make this fat burner the perfect product for women.

Our Personal Results

When you live close to the beach like us you kind of become obsessed with maintaining a nice body shape.

With lots of people they can just blitz the gym for a month before their summer holiday and then forget about it for the rest of the year.

Here we live outside for a lot of the time, socialising in Florida comes with the pressure to look fit for most of the year.

Keeping motivated for long periods of time is difficult though, and there’s always times when you lose interest, slack off, and start going in reverse.

Good supplements are a way of turning things around and making life a little easier.

For my wife Leanbean provided just that.

There’s supplements in my stack that she would never consider taking.

She was instantly attracted to Leanbean and in her view it really does work better for women. It’s one of the few products she’s carried on taking way beyond her first month’s supply.

There was no desire to snack whilst taking Leanbean and she felt extra energy week on week.

She lost extra fat but also preserved muscle in the right parts of her body too.

The results since using Leanbean has seen her confidence really grow, to the point where she’s spending more money on swimwear.

She’s going to see out all three months of the product so she can give a fuller review.

If you want the views of few different users before buying the product then you can get those by clicking here, you’ll also be able to access video information on how the product works.


Most of the fat burners we’ve reviewed in the past have been geared typically towards men, so it’s nice to see someone develop something specifically for women.

Based on everything we’ve seen, and tested, regarding LeanBean tells me this is going to a real winner.

If you have any questions on this particular product, don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments section below!

Visit the official LeanBean site here:  www.LeanBeanOfficial.com

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Visit the official Lean Bean site here www.LeanBeanOfficial.com

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Hi, I'm reaching out since i being determined to lose weight and right now in using a GNC vitapak but I haven't being to reach my goal. That's why I wanted to ask has there being any new developments with the leanbean? Is it recommended to combine a pre-workout? Can you drink protein supplement with it? Or is it better on it's own? Since I did read you have to drink two to get that boost at the gym. Thank you any coments will help since i really want to reach my weight goal -

Adding protein to your supplement regimen will definitely help you lose weight, and there's absolutely no conflict with Leanbean. As for the pre workout, that's fine, but you'll have to make sure you don't overdo it on the stimulants. Leanbean does has some caffeine, so if you go with a stimulant-heavy pre workout, you have to account for the stimulants in both. Everybody's got a different tolerance, so start off slowly with either a low-stimulant pre workout or a low dose of a typical stimulant pre workout.- Rob

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do you have to take this pill with food? How many a day is needed to loose weight? Are their any side affects? Is the coffee Lean Bean better to take and how many cups a day is needed? -

The instructions are to take 1 capsule 4 times a day with a meal or a snack. How long it takes for you to lose weight is more a function of your diet and exercise routines. If you eat right, and take in a calorie deficit, you could safely lose up to 2 pounds per week. I'm not familiar with a Lean Bean coffee product.- Rob

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