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L3 Series Precept Overview

Complete Nutrition is a supplement company specializing in products to help anyone reach and achieve their fit and healthy lifestyle goals, including bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.

They offer several individual items as well as stacks, that you can use together, individually, or however you wish.

One of their products is L3 Series Precept.

It’s part of the L3 Series Stack designed to help you achieve lean muscle mass increase with a dry, ripped look.

The L3 Series Stack includes L3 Series Precept and L3 Series Auxturnal.

The Precept is the aromatase inhibitor, while the Auxturnal is the HGH booster that works while you sleep.

Together, or in combination with additional supplements, the stack will get you looking lean and dry.

L3 Series Precept ReviewL3 Series Precept Ingredients and How They Work

The L3 Series Precept formula is anchored by Acacetin which is naturally found in the Chrysanthemum plant.

It’s got powerful anti-aromatase activity and can block up to 63 % of aromatase activity. What is aromatase activity, you ask?

For those of you who don’t know, it’s when testosteorone converts to estrogen. The problem with boosting testosterone is that when you do, you activate aromatase, or the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. So the more testosterone you have, the more estrogen you have too (leading to fat storage and man boobs).

Unless, you use something to inhibit that conversion, and that’s where L3 Series Precept and Acacetin come in.

By inhibiting aromatase, the acacetin in L3 Series Precept prevents the negative effects of increased estrogen while you’re trying to increase testosterone.

The formula also includes White Button Mushroom extract which is also an aromatase inhibitor that will prevent conversion to estrogen from negating the effects of your increased testosterone.

Since they are generally found together, we’ll quickly go over what’s in Auxturnal and how it works.

The main components are Safed Musli and Velvet Bean which work together to increase the production and secretion of natural Human Growth Hormone in your body.

With more HGH, you sleep better, feel better, and put on more muscle and less fat than you would on your own.

L3 Series Precept Pros and Cons

Advantages of L3 Series Precept

  • Its goal is very specific to inhibiting the conversion of male hormones to estrogen.
  • It’s offered as part of a more complete package.

Disadvantages of L3 Series Precept

  • It looks like you have to buy L3 Series Precept as part of a stack.
  • It’s only available in Complete Nutrition stores.

Where to Buy

You can choose between an L3 Series Stackincluding L3 Series Terminus and L3 Series Auxturnal or L3 Series Precept and L3 Series Auxturnal.

The difference is that Terminus is the testosterone boosting component to the system.

The L3 Series Precept with Auxturnal is considered option 2, and you must go to your local Complete Nutrition store.


The focus of L3 Series Precept is probably a little to specific in the end.

If you have a real problem with aromatase, probably the best thing to do is visit a doctor.

He’ll tell you what you can do or take to alleviate your problem.

If you’re looking to get in shape, there are much more comprehensive solutions.

Of course, exercise caution and do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose of L3 Series Precept.

Make sure that it or any of its ingredients do not interact with any medications or supplements that you are currently taking.

Have You Used L3 Series Precept?

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User Reviews

Have you used this supplement?

Very Mild

By C,  Apr 16, 2015

Too much money in my opinion. With a clean diet and this supplement with L3 Precept, I barely noticed a difference.  Doesn't come anywhere close to a pro hormone. The results I experienced were the same as just having a good protein supplement and strong workout regimen. Had they been cheaper it wouldn't be that big of a deal but when you spend that kind of cash you expect and demand strong results.  I wouldn't recommend.

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1 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

Mark's Review

By Mark,  Mar 31, 2016

This stuff is awesome just don't eat 4 hrs prior to sleeping so there is no hgh and insulin conflicts I gained close to 20lbs of muscle. Remember to only eat 99%lean Turkey during the week and beef on weekend.

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Amazing so far

By Trey Swain,  Apr 26, 2016

I have been on this stack for 15 days now and have noticed a huge increase in strength and stamina. As insane and unlikely as this sounds, 2 weeks ago my bench was maxed at 270, today I got 275 twice.  I'm eating around 2000 clean calories a day currently and am also trying to cut weight. I haven't weighed lately but once the stack is finished I'll post my results.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve strength and stamina.

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User Questions and Answers

dear Rob, I have L3 supplement dirty for 3 months but am afraid to use it because of testosterone noting that am under Wight by 20 KG and am going to use it with whey gold standard do you advice to go ahead -adel

I don't see any reason why not to go ahead with it.- Rob

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I started a L3 stack with Terminus and Auxturnal with HardcoreMass. I'm on my 2012th day and I'm feeling some discomfort in my stomach. Should I be taking a Post during my stack or when I finish my 30 days? -Hal

Take your post after your cycle. I'm not sure what's causing the stomach upset. See if taking them with a little food helps.- Rob

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Can I use Terminus along with Hardcore mass and lean during my cycle -Allan

It's not a stack I've tried, but it yeah, if you're looking to put on mass, it should be good.- Rob

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Is this what the Fla. Gator QB was using? -David

No.  The rumors are that it was the SARM Ligandrol, but he and his people are denying all the specifics.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?

Do I really need to take the posteoporosis cycle will I be fine without it or is it actually necessary -Quentin

It depends on what you're using on your cycle.- Rob

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  1. I’m. Currently using ADT in which I’m stacking with LA series terminus twice a day.

    An taking L3 series Auxturnal at night. I’ve seen an increase in size an strength so far.

    I know you have to cycle out after 4 weeks. Have you heard any bad side effects from this line of products.

    I couldn’t find any.
    1. Hey Killis,

      They main side effects I’ve heard about is loss of libido and dry joints from the ATD. Nothing at all in relation to the L3 Series supplements.


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