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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 12-15-2020

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My Brief
What is Kratom??
How do I take it?
What Can I Expect To Feel?
Can you overdose on it?
Is it addictive?
Is there a withdrawal?
Where Can I Get It?
What Kind Should I Get?
Summary / Recommendation
I want to start this review off with a couple of disclaimers…

1.) I am not, nor have I ever been, addicted to painkillers like Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, etc.

2.) I am not a doctor, so don’t construe this as medical advice. Always check with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

3.) I am also not an addiction counselor, so if you’re fighting an addiction please don’t ask me for help. That’s not what I’m here for, and there’s plenty of other places you can turn for that.

What I do here at is personally test out supplements and give my personal feedback as to how they worked for me.

supplements ive tested and evaluated

I do this to help people make smart buying decisions, and to give you a “no nonsense” feedback about the results I get.

I struggled for awhile on whether or not I wanted to publish this post to my readers. I’m very hesitant to recommend anything that has the potential for addiction / withdrawal issues. I care about my visitors, and they deserve to get the best information possible.

With that said, I would never recommend something that I haven’t personally tested myself.

I also wanted to state that none of the products on this page are technically over the counter drugs.

If you’re looking for an over the counter opiates list, you’ll be shit out of luck because one doesn’t exist.

Sure, you have:

  1. Advil – Not even close to being an opiate.
  2. Tylenol – Also not even close.
  3. Ibuprofren / Asprin – NSAIDs

Yes, all of these can provide effective pain relief at the right doses.

Yes, they’re all available over the counter.

But NO, none of them are opiates.

What I’m about to introduce to you is quite possibly the closest thing to NATURAL Hydrocodone that you will find ANYWHERE.

And you won’t even find it in your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or any other prescription drug store.

That substance is called Kratom, and it will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF…

First, a bit of a background…

My Brief Opioid Medication History…

closest legal thing to hydrocodoneFirst off, I’ve never had any major injuries (knock on wood) that have caused me to use painkillers on a consistent basis. However, since I’m not too big on flossing my teeth I HAVE had several dental surgeries performed, including several root canals and a tooth pulled.

Each time I was prescribed a pain killer, and each time I took it until there was nothing left in the bottle. The feeling I got from them was exactly what you would expect. They put me in a good mood, help me feel relaxed / pain free, and even give an added kick to any alcohol buzz I was feeling (obviously not recommended, but to each his own).

When the bottle would go empty, there’s a certain sadness that comes about…that little magic pill that could make you feel so good was finally gone. Sure, I wanted more…But, I have PLENTY of friends and family who’s lives have taken a turn for the worse with their prescription painkiller addictions.

I knew EXACTLY what the long term consequences of taking opioid medications consistently were, and never felt the urge to try and “score” some off the street. It’s an expensive habit, causes long term health issues, and ultimately your tolerance gets to a point where you’re taking it “just to feel normal”.

Still, I’m a creature of habit…I’m always looking for products to test out that help me perform better, get bigger muscles, melt fat away, and even help me sleep. So, why not try and search around for something that could make me feel better?? Well, I finally found something that does just that.

How I Met Happiness…The Closest Thing To Prescription Painkillers

When I was researching / testing a substance called Phenibut, I came across a site called Top Extracts who sells a 99.99% pure version at a relatively modest price.

Just as I was about to checkout, I took a look at some of the other products they sold, and that’s when I came across a substance called Kratom…

What is Kratom??

Native to most of Southeast Asia, (Mitragyna speciosa korth) or Kratom is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family. It behaves as a mu-opioid receptor agonist like morphine, and is used throughout the world to help relive pain, reduce stress, and in some cases produce motivation and increased productivity.

How do I take it?

Kratom generally comes in 2 methods of ingestion, via powder mixed in a liquid or capsules.

kratom capsules vs powder

I prefer the powder version because they tend to produce better effects then those of capsules.

While the capsules are easy to take and transport, there’s just something about them that makes them not work as effective.

I’m not sure what it is, but it seems to hit WAY harder and is WAY more effective when it’s in powder form.

With Kratom powder, all you literally need to do is mix it in your drink of choice and gulp it down. For me, I like to mix it with Gatorade G2 lemon lime flavor, but some guys mix it in milk, water, orange juice, even their morning coffee. (never tried this, so can’t comment)

Because it tastes like a tea (tastes, smells, and even looks like tea), alot of guys make it into a hot tea.

kratom tea

I’ve never been a big fan of hot tea, but if you’re looking for a recipe here’s one that seems to be popular.

What Can I Expect To Feel?

I have to admit, the first few times I tried Kratom I didn’t get much of an effect. There was some noticeable giddiness / happiness, and an overall sense of calm and well being, but nothing revolutionary.

kratom capsules vs hydrocodone and vicodin

I realized, after much trial and error and research, that I was significantly under-dosing. Typically I would only take a 1/4 of a teaspoon full and drink it slowly.

I decided to increase the dose to a full, level teaspoon and drink it slowly over the course of an hour on an empty stomach. The results were TREMENDOUS…

It’s sort of a hard feeling to describe, but the way most Kratom extracts make me feel is a sense of sheer happiness, combined with an overall feeling of being perfectly content in the moment.

I could be watching the most boring TV show imaginable, and find enhanced interest in it.

I also notice a heightened state of awareness, almost a trance-like state of being in meditation. Kratom works perfect to help ease anxiety, produce feelings of euphoria, and can even help with erectile dysfunction from my experience.

However, there are many different varieties of Kratom, all of which produce different effects (more on that later).

Can you overdose on it?

As far as I’m aware, no.

With that said, there has been 15 “kratom related deaths” between 2014 and 2016.

HOWEVER, in practically every single case it was noted that MULTIPLE other substances were involved (such as prescription drugs and alcohol) or the decedent had an undiagnosed medical condition.

So basically it was unclear if Kratom was the actual culprit.

And in all likelihood, it probably wasn’t.

When stacked up against other “Hard drugs” like tobacco, aspirin, and peanuts, the numbers are put in a more delicate context.

is kratom similar to hydrocodone

Is it addictive?

The answer to this one depends on who you ask, but lots of things are addictive.

Coffee can be addictive.

Sex can be addictive.

Even exercise can be addictive.

It’s addictive to be happy, and if something is making you feel happy then you’ll have the urge to keep taking it, right???

If you have an addictive personality (like myself), then it would be responsible for you to approach Kratom use with caution.

This is why I always suggest that you limit your use of Kratom products to just a few times per week, max. With this stuff, the least amount seems to produce the most profound effect, while limiting any tolerance or addiction issues.

Is there a withdrawal?

Just like hydrocodone, oxycodone, vicodin, and oxycontin, yes. There is certainly a withdrawal period after consistent daily use. This all depends on your individual body chemistry, and how often you’re taking it.

I’ve personally experienced what I would consider to be a “withdrawal” from Kratom, just once. I had taken it for about 4 days straight, rotating the various strains, and on the 5th day I decided not to take any.

The feeling was unpleasant, but not unbearable. I felt groggy / tired, and a bit like I was coming down with the flu. For me, this seemed to only last about a day, but of course it can last longer depending on how often / how much you dose.

That said, I have read some horror stories about people withdrawing from Kratom, and it’s not a substance to be taken lightly. If you use it on an occasional basis like I do (couple of times per week max, at low doses) I would say you should have no withdrawal symptoms.

What’s The Legality?

In the United States, these legal vicodin alternatives are available in practically every state.

where is kratom legal

If you’re in the following states, you’re f#$cked (it’s illegal): Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Washington D.C., and Vermont.

If you’re in these states, you’re good to go (fully legal): Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida (except Sarasota county), Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington state, Nevada, California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

If you’re in these states, things are not looking good (legislation is pending): New York, West Virginia, Mississippi.

Where Can I Get It?

There’s dozens of different vendors that sell Kratom, and I’ve had some very good (and very BAD) experiences with many of them. I’ve bought Kratom from:

My personal favorite is a company called Top Extracts Kratom. They are a medium sized vendor that sells practically every variation of Kratom you can think of.

top extracts kratom review
Top Extracts kratom offerings.

Their prices are reasonable, they ship very quickly, and their customer service is great.

Most important, it’s actually the HIGHEST quality / grade Kratom you can buy on the market from my experience.

Their Kratom comes on smooth, doesn’t give you any nasty side effects, and it works GREAT.

Here’s their website:

What Kind Should I Get?

Well, this is a bit of a tough one…What I found (and what seems to happen with EVERYONE who uses Kratom) is that EACH and EVERY strain seems to work differently in every person. And by that I not only mean the strain, but also the amount that one takes, whether or not it’s on a full or empty stomach, time of day, hydration, etc.

Here’s a snapshot of my personal favorites:

kratom most like vicodin

HOWEVER, there’s A LOT of factors that go into determining which one will affect you in which way. For me, these are what I take for certain situations (again, your experience will likely differ / vary, it will take some experimenting on your part):

1.) Feel Relaxed / Good Mood / Pain Free

top extracts red bali powder

Typically I will get this feeling with Red Vein Bali, Super Green Malay, and White Indo. These are my “lazy” days where I typically will take it to just kick my feet up, throw a movie on, and relax.

They provide a gentle “warming” sensation that literally makes you feel like you took a hydrocodone / vicodin pill.

Generally speaking, and this is with all kratom, the larger the dose the more euphoric the effects. Now that doesn’t mean you should be chugging 20 grams of the stuff.

Think like 4 – 5 grams, which is about 1 level teaspoon (depending on the strain).

Here’s a link to buy the best strain for these effects:

2.) Get Motivated / Productive / Focused

Usually I get a strong effect from Maeng Da, Red Vein Indo, and Red Vein Borneo. They seem to provide me with a consistent focus / motivation to help me get things done.

I usually take these 2 – 3 times a week when I’m a bit behind on schedule, and they never seem to fail me.

Unlike with the slow strains, you want to take as small a dose as possible.

Think like 2 – 3 grams, sometimes even less.

If you end up taking too much you’ll end up getting the sedating effects of Kratom, which is of course the opposite of what you’re shooting for in this case.

Here’s a link to buy the best strain for these effects:

3.) Reduce Anxiety / Increase Social ability / Feel Happy

top extracts white borneo powder

White Vein Borneo. Usually when I mix White Vein Borneo with a stimulant like Caffeine or 1,3, DMAA, I just feel really, really good.

It makes me very social-able and happy, as well as keeping anxiety levels at bay.

It’s kind of like a cross between the slower strains like Super Green Malay, and the faster ones like Maeng Da.

I like to take strains like this when I have chores to do for a couple of hours.

Here’s a link to buy the best strain for these effects:

Summary / Recommendation

The key thing to remember is practically ALL of the versions of Kratom will produce ALL of the positive feelings listed above. However, each and every person WILL (I can’t stress this enough) respond to different types of Kratom and how much you’re taking.

This is why I recommend buying the beginners starter pack from Top Extracts. It includes a 50 gram sample of Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, and White Vein Bali.

By doing this you’ll be able to see which type works best for you, and in which ways. Here’s a link to their starter pack:

They also sell a capsule sample pack, which you can pick up here:

Personally speaking, I prefer the powders over the capsules, as it seems to hit harder and faster.

With that said, you can’t beat the convenience of capsules!

I ALWAYS recommend you start off with a very low dose (1 – 3 grams TOPS) to assess how you feel before moving on to bigger doses.

If you’re looking for a healthy, all-natural alternative to prescription medications like Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, even Morphine, then Kratom might be worth your while. It’s relatively inexpensive, legal (as of now), and will help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

That said, you know your body and you know your limits. I would never recommend anything that I haven’t personally taken, including Kratom. But use it responsibly and you should start feeling great in no time.

Check out our other “Over The Counter” series articles below:

Have You Used Kratom? Leave Your Review Below!

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Why does Top Extracts say its for soap, not human consumption? Is that for legal reasons? -Mel

Yeah, Kratom is definitely in legal limbo these days, so they're doing what they have to do to keep it available.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
33 out of 35 people found this question helpful.

How do you order this product? -Larry

You can pick it up at the Top Extracts website. Here's a link: Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
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Have you tried Raiu kratom and, if so, how does it compare with Maeng Da, etc.? -Maude

I've never actually tried that strain, so I can't really draw a comparison.  I'll try to get around to testing it soon and update the review.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
8 out of 12 people found this question helpful.

I live in Tennessee is it legal to buy it threw the mail . -Lisa

Unfortunately, no. They can't send it to you in Tennessee.- Rob

Was this question helpful to you?
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Is this available in Indiana -Judy stuckey

Last I knew Kratom was banned in Indiana.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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Rob Miller founded over 7 years ago, and has been the chief editor ever since. He has a diploma in Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor, and worked at GNC for 3 years. He KNOWS supplements, both inside and out. Rob currently resides in Jupiter, FL, with his wife of 4 years.  Learn more about him in his Bio here. Follow him on Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn, or find him on Google +.

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  1. Although I could always use more energy…I’ll be 65 this May and all of the sudden I’m feeling pain in my mussels and joints. ( mostly arms, elbow, wrists and shoulders. Wondering what supplements to start with and how much.

    Should I start with the Starter pack ? Not in the mood to experiment if you know what I mean.

    Thanks, Rick
  2. Hey Tracy,
    Unfortunately kratom is banned in Wisconsin, so I doubt you’d find anyone that would ship it there. I would recommend you pick up the Mood Enhancer power pack from Absorb Your Health. It’s the closest supplement combo I’ve found to Kratom, and they ship to every state in the US.

    Here’s a link to their site –

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Hi Rob,

    I live with post-herpetic neuralgia on my head from a bout with shingles years ago. I’m not taking much hydrocodone, just 5/325 anywhere from a half a tablet a day on a good day to 8 tablets on a bad day.

    I run a business, so I’m not looking for something to get high, just something to relieve the pain and allow me to do my job. What do you suggest and what dosage?

    1. Hey Mike,
      Since different kratom strains affect people differently, you’re best bet is to go with the starter pack from Top Extracts ( It contains 3 different types of Kratom so you can see how you respond to each.

      You’ll get good results with each one, it will just end up being a matter of which one works the best for any given situation. Here’s a link to the capsules sample pack:

      And here’s a link to the powders sample pack (preferred):
  4. Well I started off slow and never felt a thing. I got the beginners pack and started with the red one the other day Saturday and the white one today….

    And nothing there’s 25g in each pack and it’s hardly any left now cause me trying to get something. All I got was the most horrible taste in my mouth and really hot body temp….

    I’m getting discouraged and I’m not so sure I can handle that taste!
    1. I just tried red butuangie. It lit me up.

      After 3 days of 3grams a day at once, 3 days later I’m having rls, feels like I drank a pot of coffee, insomnia and flu symptoms. I’ve been on methadone 2.5mgs, 3x/day very low. Stopped to try Kratom.

      Mixed in o
      Oj and felt it in 20 min. Don’t know why I feel like this but it’s frustrating. Took 1gram yesterday to see if would stop, it didn’t.

      Only took methadone today and I still have symptoms. Conclusion, maybe don’t take if on options.

      Anyone else? Will stay in touch.

  5. How long does it take to kick in once you drink it or however your interesting it? I took about 2 tsp.

    Is that enough?
    1. Hey Casey,

      Start of slow with a low dose and only increase if you feel it’s necessary. You should start feeling it within the hour.

  6. Hey Rob. I’m new to Kratom and am seriously confused by all the different terminology. “Horned, Malay, Bali, Borneo, Indo, Maeng Da…etc." Then you’ve got Red, Green, and White versions of all of these.

    Do you have a source to explain the differences? I really wany to learn and choose wisely.

    1. Hey Kari,
      Sorry for the ridiculously late reply, your comment slipped through the cracks. I really need to get some sort of a full blown guide up to explain the whole thing.

      I’ll try to do that soon. In the meantime, what’s your goal?

      Are you looking for something to help with mood / motivation? Pain relief?

      Increased energy?

      Let me know the problems you are having and I’ll guide you in the right direction.
    1. Not a chance haha. I’ve never seen Kratom sold in stores like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. The only stores you can buy it in would be gas stations and head shops, which I would TOTALLY avoid because the quality is usually terrible.

      Pick up an order from Top Extracts ( Trust me, it will be worth the wait.
    1. Hey Shirlan,
      Great question, I’m surprised someone else hasn’t asked that yet. The simple answer is, no.

      Unless they are testing for the specific alkaloids in Kratom, it will NOT show up on a drug test.
      1. That is wrong, it does show up on a drug test! if they’re testing for drugs it came up under something else. So just be aware that this does show up on a drug test.

        Since I was taking oxycodone I had a drug test done to make sure that I wasn’t taking more than my dose of Oxycodone or that I was taking it at all and they wanted to know if I was taking any additional drug.
        I buy from Happy Hippo they have great customer service and great product. When I got the drug test I was trying each kind to see if it worked for me that way after surgery I could get off oxycodone and get on kratom so I can’t tell you which one came up on the drug test cuz I sampled them all.

        1. Are you sure they weren’t testing for the active ingredient in Kratom? You’re literally the 1st person I have EVER read about that had a false positive show up, and I’ve been researching this plant for almost 2 years at this point.

  7. Thank u for ur advice I am tryin it,ur advice was well put down thanks again for ur knowledge
  8. Which Do you prefer for severe chronuc pain and motivation, Happy Hippo or Top Extracts?
    Please advise as soon as you can.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Sis,
      Happy Hippo Herbals is good, but definitely Top Extracts. For chronic pain I would recommend a VERY slow strain like Red Bali (it’s SUPER Euphoric and pain relieving), and for motivation I would recommend a moderate strain like Yellow Indo.

      Here’s links to each:

      Red Bali –

      Yellow Indo –

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!
      1. Hi Rob,
        1st thanks for getting back to me.
        I just received my starter pak today. I inadvertently ordered it before I saw your reply.

        I received Red Vein Manga Da, White vein Bali, & Green Vein Malay. I will use it until gone and order what you have suggested . I have tried 1tsp of green Vein
        1 hr. ago and mixed it with MT.Dew. not so bad lol.
        I will take another tsp shortly. It feels good, but the chronic back/ hip pain is still there… So-we’ll see what happens. .. thanks again for your help.

  9. Hi!
    Happened on this site by accident looking for alternatives to 30mg oxycondone per day. 15mg morning and 15mg afternoon!

    Sometimes I do the whole 30mg in the morning!

    I enjoy the euphoria and the concentration that comes with it and motivation to work and walk talk write or xyz, perhaps my body is strange but I know it well.

    What strain would you suggest for initial high level Euphoria thats last about 1-2 hours then social and motivation to work?

    I have been taking oxycodone 30-40mg a day for 5 years I have PTSD, Degenerative Disc disease. Osteoporosis?

    Bone and Arthritic Major depression etc fro war deployment.

    I feel like life is worth living on the oxygen yet I dislike when the bottle runs out and you have to scurry to find someone that has the “amount” needed per Rx (VA is a bitch as you noted of you want it you have to go every month!)

    Please advise
  10. hey rob, i don’t know how i stumbled across this site, but im so glad i did, u have a great way of being informative without coming across as condescending. anyway, i have been battling cancer for three years now. the radiation destroyed my intestines and now i am left with both a colostomy and urostomy. so i have been dealing with constant pain and cramping for a while so i have a high tolerance for pain meds..but if i could find an alternative im all for feels to me like my dr has turned into my dealer..i have to drive three hours one way every month to get those stupid pills..and im a desert shield vet so i have to deal with the va which is a nightmare..any suggestions for chronic pain
    1. Hey Stephanie,
      Yeah I’ve heard some stories about the VA that make me cringe. I can tell you for a fact that probably THOUSANDS of vets use kratom for pain relief, and to get them off those horrible opioids they shove down your throats. I detailed most of my favorites above, but if you’re just dealing with straight up chronic pain then go with Classic Red Bali.

      It provides the most euphoria / pain relief out of any of the strains I’ve personally tested, here’s a link:

      If you decide to take the plunge keep me posted on your results, I love to hear stories about how it changes lives.
  11. When I try to pay the state I live in doesn’t show show I’m not able to purchase. Is there a reason for that

        1. Sorry, it’s banned in Wisconsin. In fact Kratom is actually banned in a few states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont.

          Are you looking for just straight up pain relief, or relief from anxiety? Let me know what you’re looking for and maybe I can recommend an alternative.

  12. Thx bunches for the speedy reply ? No rhyme or reason for first question (just being nosy) and for #2 just wanted to be sure working out wasn’t a prerequisite (or needed daily activity) cuz I find motivation hard to come by! With that said, I got the Beginners pack from Top Extracts and can’t wait to provide you with POSITIVE feedback. Thx again in advance ??
  13. I have tried it a few times. I bought it from a store in my area.

    I was told great things, and blada blada, but it did nothing for me, which saddened me greatly. the first time was in capsules. he weighed it at about 10g, I started with 3g, nothing, added more, before I knew it I took all them, and nothing. the second time I bought about the same amount in powder form, tried to make tea, (tastes awful), and still NOTHING! Of course I was upset about it.

    I tried again afrom a different place, and still nothing. I want so badly for it to work, but oh well… any suggestions maybe I’m in taking it wrong.

    1. Hey Barbara,
      Rule #1, don’t buy it in stores / head shops. The quality is usually TERRIBLE, which is no surprise based on your feedback. Go with one of the online vendors like Top Extracts ( to get the best quality.
  14. Hey Tracey,

    I have an affiliate relationship with Coastline, so when one of my readers clicks through and places an order, I get a small commission. Yeah, I work out, the body doesn’t come from Kratom, unfortunately, haha.

  15. I have been on Roxicodone for almost four months. Before this I was on fentanyl and Percocet.

    I have degenerative arthritis in my neck and back that is non surgical. All they can do is keep me out of pain.

    My dr doesn’t give me enough to keep me out of pain and I end up in withdrawals every single month. I’m sick of the rollercoaster ride with this.

    Will Kratom help me get through the withdrawals and possibly help me get off the pain meds? Which one would you suggest?

    I have a very high tolerance which is something I never had before these things. I’ve been on some type of pain med for five years now so my body won’t function without them.

    Can you help me?
    1. Hey Dee,
      I absolutely hear you. I’ve never been addicted to opioids, but I have read COUNTLESS stories of people that got off of Opioids using Kratom. It truly is that good. Go with the Beginners pack from Top Extracts, and I would specifically use the Super Green during the day, the White Borneo for after work, and the Red Bali for sleep.

      Here’s their site –

      I sincerely hopes this helps you (I’m 99% sure it will), please check back in a few weeks if you decide to order it and give me an update.
      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will definitely give it a try.

        Right now I have the Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa Maeng Da in the capsule. So far so good but I’m also tapering my meds at the same time.

        Once I’m completely off, which will be tomorrow, then I will know for sure how this is working. But I will order the starter pack and give it a try.

        Thank you again.
  16. Hey Maz,
    I was talking to their customer service a day or 2 ago and they said that their credit card processor was closed, hence the reason why they’re requiring bank details like that.

    From what I understand it wasn’t anything they did. They were in an aggregator account and another merchant in the account did something wrong, and they got the whole aggregator shut down.

    They said they will be accepting CC payments within a few days, so in the meantime they offer eCheck as a payment option to those that don’t feel like waiting.

  17. Im a terminal cancer patient would like to know the strain for me…. Some days i cant hardly walk n others im ok… I need something strong cuz im still working n i want to until i cant anymore.

    Thank u
  18. are you taking red vein bali super green malay white indo together or choosing just 1 of the 3
    1. Hey Rhonda,
      Nah just choose 1 of the 3. So day 1 try the Red Vein Bali one day, Super Green Malay the next, and White Indo the day after. It’s also a good idea to take frequent breaks to avoid building a tolerance.

    1. Hey Liza,
      Good question. The easiest way to describe the differences would be like this:

      Red Vein Kratom – Is a very calming strain, that produces more euphoric feelings as well as better pain relief.

      White Vein Kratom – Produces more energetic feelings, and contributes to a positive mood. It’s basically a good substitute for caffeine and other stimulants.

      Green Vein Kratom – Is somewhere in the middle of the Red and White vein. It promotes a mild increase in energy, as well as improved energy and pain relief.

      If you want to relax, sleep better, help quell pain substantially, go with a Red Vein blend.
      If you want to perk up, get stuff done, and overall feel good, go with White vein.

      If you want something in the middle, go with Green vein.
      Hopefully this clears things up, let me know if you have any other questions.

  19. Hi Rob. In Malaysia, we called it Ketum.

    Now it was illegal by goverment due to over dose using. After read your information, now i know and understand the benefit if we use it wisely.

    Before this my opinion is ketum is not good for health. Tq.

    1. Hey Silahudin,
      Yeah it’s total B.S. When used properly (meaning don’t abuse it) Kratom (Ketum) has some significant overall health benefits, especially for opioid addicts in recovery.

      Typically big governments are in cahoots with drug companies to make substances like these illegal. Mainly because there’s a TON of money in pharmaceuticals and introducing a substance such as Kratom affects their bottom line as it’s essentially competition.

  20. Regarding Kratom,
    you say to take it on an empty stomach, I find taking any sort of herbal on an empty stomach tends to cause me Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and taking any of the preventatives for IBS do not work for me, I get cramps for easily an hour or more. Also, does it cause weight gain?

    This is something that also seems to happen to me, when taking products that should give me energy, make me feel good, whatever good feelings that I would love to go back to feeling.
    I appreciate this website, because I see so many alternative products that look like a miracle pill, but turn into snake oil after I buy them.

    1. Hey Maree,
      Great questions. Kratom can definitely upset your tummy, so If you’re going to take it I would suggest taking a relatively small dose (2 grams or so) on a full stomach to assess your tolerance.

      As far as causing weight gain, I haven’t seen any at all. If anything it actually may help you lose weight.

      For me, it tends to curb my appetite and give me energy, resulting in longer workouts.

      Just be sure to keep your dose low, higher doses tend to cause sleepiness / sedation.

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