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By: Rob Miller
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Losing weight through diet and exercise is the key to lasting results.  With that said, it never hurts to supplement your weight loss efforts with an effective diet pill.

Here are a few of the most popular options that we’ve personally tested, as well as our recommendations.

The 8 best over the counter phentermine alternatives are HourGlass Fit, Instant Knockout, PhenQ, PhenGold, Xenadrine Ultimate, Phentaslim, Slimfy, and Evlution Leanmode.  They blow every other option out of the water.  They are also safe, effective, and available without a prescription.

Read on for more details.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine. . . Chances are you’ve heard of it.

For many people, it’s their go-to for weight loss. The stimulant is like amphetamine, which decreases the appetite so you can increase your skinny-ness.

In short, the affordable drug packs a pretty good punch for those looking to whip into shape.

Ah, but did you catch that? Yep, our good friend phentermine is a bona-fide drug. D.R.U.G.

Phentermine is a drug
Phentermine is a drug

And to a get a drug you need doctors and prescriptions and all that jazz — or at least have a cousin named Vinny who knows a guy that. . . yeah, it gets a little dicey.

Quite simply, you CANNOT buy phentermine over the counter, despite numerous other sites telling you otherwise.

And that’s not all. . .

Phentermine often causes side effects that include:

  • feeling restless or hyperactive
  • headaches, dizziness, tremors
  • sleep problems such as insomnia
  • dry mouth, or unpleasant taste in mouth
  • diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach
  • Increased or decreased interest in sex, impotence
Phentermine weight loss
Phentermine pills. Image from Webmd.com

And those are just the common side effects. The more serious ones that’ll really have you questioning your life decisions include things like “pounding heartbeats,” “dangerously high blood pressure,” “unusual thoughts or behavior,” and even “swelling in your ankles or feet.”

Cankles anyone? No gracias!

phentermine can cause ankle swelling
Having cankles is like having elephant feet.

Why does life have to be so damn complicated? All you want to do is lose a little (or a lotta) weight.

So naturally, people like you are on the hunt for over the counter diet pills similar to phentermine.

Something that will actually help them to lose weight and feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Well, you can skip having to sort through the hundreds or thousands of products out there, because I’ve brought the goods. A handful of over the counter weight loss pills and supplements like phentermine with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Because options are a beautiful thing. And because what’s phenter-mine is phenter-yours. (See what I did there? 😉

So many weight-loss pills to choose from
There are hundreds and even thousands of weight loss products out there.

In this Review I Will Tell You:

  • The specific pills and supplements I’ve tried on my quest to lose weight
  • How they work
  • What you can expect
  • My personal thoughts
  • And my final recommendations

So. . .

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 8 over the counter phentermine alternatives that work as good (or better than!) Adipex to help you lose weight.

#1. (Females) Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: HourGlass Fit

hourglass fit review

Note: Click Here to visit the official HourGlass Fit website.

You weren’t born yesterday. So you know that the biology of men and women differs drastically. Mentally, physically, emotionally. . . it’s like apples and oranges.

Aware of this, the makers of HourGlass Fit set out to create a fat burner like phentermine specifically designed for women.

Yup. . . Ladies, this one’s for you.

Pretty neat, right? Well my wife thought so. And it didn’t hurt that HourGlass Fit’s design and branding game was on-point, which made for especially attractive packing.

Needless to say, my wife gave it a whirl for two solid weeks and had quite the experience. But before we dig into that, let’s find out what this HourGlass Fit is all about.

What’s in HourGlass Fit?

HourGlass Fit has a power-packed list of ingredients that includes everything from Vitamin B6 and Konjac root, to Chromium and Cayenne powder.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the ingredients label:

hourglass fit ingredients label

HourGlass Fit boosts metabolism and cuts fat with this weight-loss cocktail of ingredients. So if you or a lady friend wants to try it, you can rest easy knowing you wont be overdosing on caffeine.

What you’ll find instead is a great OTC alternative to phentermine, complete with rich antioxidants and essential minerals.

HourGlass Fit Success Stories

You can search the web and find lots of positive feedback and reviews for HourGlass Fit.

One particular success story that we really liked was Laura’s. Here she is before using HourGlass Fit. . .

sadie before pic

And four short weeks after using HourGlass Fit. . .

sadie after pic

At a starting weight of 146 lbs., she was able to knock it down to 138 lbs. after just 30 days.

8 lbs. of weight loss without sacrificing lean muscle mass in the process, not too shabby!

My Wife’s Results Taking HourGlass Fit

My wife tried other fat burners in the past. So when she took HourGlass Fit, she was admittedly a bit skeptical.

But she found that it immediately curbed her appetite and gave her the motivation to really start sculpting her body in the gym.

Another positive effect of HourGlass Fit was the ‘energy buzz’ it gave her in the short term. But even week over week, she found she had energy reserves that never before existed.

And to top it off, there was no “snack-rafice.” That is, she had virtually no cravings for snacks to battle.

When the dust settled, she stood on the scale and lost over 10 pounds. She not only lost fat, but preserved muscle where it mattered, and she loved her new ‘trim’ look.

All in all, HourGlass Fit was a sound investment for my wife, as it has been for others. She plans on taking it longer-term and writing a thorough review of the product.

Where can I buy HourGlass Fit?

You can find HourGlass Fit for sale on their official site here:

It’s nearly identical in price to IKO, and they offer free worldwide shipping.

#1. (Males) Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: Instant Knockout

instant knockout fat burner review

Note: Click Here to visit the official Instant Knockout website.

I’m excited to share my personal experience with the hard-hitting fat burner that is Instant Knockout (IKO). But first, let’s go over why it’s a solid alternative to weight loss drugs like phentermine.how much caffeine in coffee google search result

First off, much like the others on the list, IKO suppresses the appetite so you eat less food. But IKO has a little trick up its sleeve that really sets it apart from the others. That is, it’s designed to target those pesky pounds and fat deposits in hard to target areas.

instant knockout fat burner review

What’s in Instant Knockout?

The proprietary formula that delivers the Instant KO includes:

  • Vitamin B6
  • B2
  • Zinc
  • GTF Chromium
  • Green Tea extract
  • Green Coffee bean extract
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Glucomannan
  • Caffeine
  • and Bioperine (black pepper extract)

Yep, caffeine. A whole 300 mgs of the stuff. That’s like chugging three 8-ounce cups of coffee. . . you beast.

how much caffeine in coffee google search result

Oh, and those chili peppers. That’s the secret-weapon ingredient, as chili peppers are known for their weight-loss properties. Popping peppers delivers a one-two punch that first increases your body temps to activate calorie burn, and then leaves you feeling fuller, longer.

Here’s the full list of ingredients. . .

instant knockout caffeine content

My Personal Results with Instant Knockout

In most parts of the U.S., winter comes and we fatten up because it’s too damn cold to get outside and exercise. But I live in the parallel universe better known as Florida.

Here it’s the opposite. The brutal summer months roll in, and you can hardly think straight due to the oppressive heat, let alone get outside for this thing called exercise.

So. . . one recent summer I packed on 8 pounds of fat.

Thankfully, not much later I got my hands on 3 bottles of Instant Knockout. You can read the full story here, but in a nutshell this is how my day progressed. . .

Like a genius I took 2 capsules instead of just the one recommended capsule (not recommended).

I then started my 25 min. round of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Shortly after I experienced a tremendous surge of Richard-Simmons-like energy.

HIIT Training and weight loss
HIIT Training exercises for weight loss. Image credit: My Southern Health

Then I continued with a my explosive-movement course that I’ve developed over time. In fact, ’twas so nice I did it twice. That’s right. . . two rounds of everything.

I finished and felt like a boss the remainder of the day.

The most encouraging part was that I began to see a HUGE reduction in fat deposits. I traded the “fluffy” look for a midsection that resembled abs (if you squinted just right). And my smaller bathing suits were finally fitting me again.

Can you see my abs? Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
Can you see my abs? Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

My Overall Thoughts on Instant Knockout

Is IKO perfect?


But the common side effects are mostly caffeine-related, i.e.  insomnia, irritability, headaches, and drowsiness. I can deal with that.

Caffeine side effects
Caffeine side effects

And overall, I’d go out on a limb and say that Instant Knockout is a fine OTC alternative to phentermine.

If you are a regular or long time caffeine user, it seems like you would be near immune to the side effects that Instant Knockout may have.

It works for both men and women, and really shines in the one department we could all use a little help — the “light-a-fire-under-my-arse-so-I-workout” department.

Thanks for that, IKO.

Where To Buy Instant Knockout

You can find Instant Knockout on their official website, www.InstantKnockout.com.

It’s a little more expensive then PhenGold, with a one month supply retailing at $59.

Of course, discounts are provided for larger orders.

#2. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: PhenQ

phenq as a phentermine alternative

Note: Click Here to visit the official PhenQ website.

Does this fat burner make me look thin? Let’s find out.

Before we jump right into how PhenQ can make you slim, let me first introduce you to the brilliant company behind the weight loss supplement.

Wolfson Brands and its team of scientists are making waves with a powerhouse lineup of products.

While many vitamin and supplement companies exaggerate claims and often put questionable products on the market just to make a buck, Wolfson Brands is legitimate through and through.

You can read a detailed rundown of the company and their rigorous studies and testing practices here. But just know that the makers of PhenQ focus on developing quality products that contain only the best ingredients.

Yeah. . . but will it make me thin?! Good question.

To be honest, since the product is so new, we haven’t had a chance to put it to the test.

But will we? Sure thing! It’s a trusted brand with a proven track-record of making kick-ass products. So why not?

What’s in PhenQ?

phenq ingredients label

PhenQ is loaded with essential vitamins and a proprietary formula that includes:

  • Capsimax Powder (8 mg)
  • Caffeine (150 mg)
  • L-Carnitine (142.5 mg)
  • Piperine Extract (3 mg)

So if you’re looking to lose weight and want to go the cleanest, most scientific route, then perhaps PhenQ is your best bet for OTC phentermine.

Where to buy PhenQ

You can find PhenQ on their official website, www.PhenQ.com.

They offer a number of discount packages, including a buy 2 bottles get 1 free deal.

They also offer free worldwide shipping, a 60-day money back guarantee, and additional discounts.

#3. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: PhenGold

phengold as a natural alternative to phentermine

Note: Click Here to visit the official PhenGold website.

This guy is one of my favorites on the list. It’s your classic phentermine alternative, as it works double-duty to suppress the appetite, stimulate the ol’ metabolism, and burn some serious fat.

It’s also one of the best female thermogenics we’ve ever tested, and we’ve tested a lot!

The best part about it? PhenGold keeps it clean with all-natural ingredients.

What’s in PhenGold?

PhenGold consists of a blend of L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Capsaicin, and Green Coffee extract, a potent stimulant that helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat day after day.

Here is the full list of ingredients directly from the label:

ingredients in phengold

PhenGold Reviews

You can find lots of reviews on the official PhenGold website, but here’s one from a happy customer. . .

“After my first pregnancy, I felt so fat and disgusting that I never wanted to show my face in public.

I would spend hours in the gym, but it was practically useless because I would end up getting so hungry that I would just eat it all back.

phengold before and after

I knew I needed something that would curb my appetite, while helping me burn the fat off and up my metabolism.

My friend told me about PH.375, and after using it for 6 months, I had lost 43 pounds!

I wish I had knew about this before, I would have been taking it the day after I gave birth to my son!” -Laura, New York

My Thoughts on PhenGold

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: PhenGold (or any of these supplements) is not a miracle pill. And while I was happy with my results, I wouldn’t say it’s superior to other weight loss pills like Instant Knockout (don’t worry, it’s coming).

But if you’re eating healthy and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, then PhenGold is a quality supplement to manage your calorie consumption and to help you experience moderate weight loss over time.

Where To Buy PhenGold

You can only buy PhenGold on their official website, www.PhenGold.com.

A one month supply will run you $59.99, with discounts for larger orders.

#4. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: Xenadrine

Xenadrine Ultimate is a popular fat-burner and a top phentermine substitute contender on the OTC phentermine alternatives list. You’ll find this weight loss pill in WalMart and other stores, but is it worth your time? Let’s have a look.

xenadrine ultimate review

What’s in Xenadrine Ultimate?

The ingredients are separated into two categories.

The “Weight Loss & Metabolic Intensity Complex” includes:

  • Robusta Coffee Bean Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Yohimbe bark extract (Not to be mistaken with our late friend Harambe the gorilla… RIP Harambe. Yohimbe is a stimulant that acts as an aphrodisiac)

xenadrine ultimate ingredients label

The other category is the “Xenadrine Ultimate Complex,” which includes:

  • Garcinia fruit extract (helps prevent fat storage and controls appetite)
  • L-Theanine (enhances cognitive performance)
  • Spearmint leaf extract (helps with digestion)
  • Autumn olive fruit extract (contains loads of lycopene)
  • Ashwagandha root and leaf extract (relieves anxiety and stress)

Similar to Instant Knockout, Xenadrine Ultimate contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee. Couple that with the ingredient Yohimbe, you’ll be in for a wild ride if you’re sensitive to stimulants. So if you are, consider steering clear of this one.

Xenadrine 21-Day Starter Plan

xenadrine ultimate 21 day starter plan

How cool is this?! Sometimes you just need a little guidance and structure, especially if you are new to the weight-loss lifestyle.

In the starter plan, Xenadrine gives you a training schedule broken down into strength, cardio, and rest days. There’s also a handy nutrition plan that includes healthy meal planning that is detailed down to the ingredients.

xenadrine nutrition plan

Consider it the weight-loss bonus round. I’m pretty sure phentermine doesn’t offer something like this.

My Personal Results with Xenadrine

I started off slow with just one capsule and kicked my usual morning coffee.

And BOOM! within 20 minutes I was feeling it. Then, for two good hours I didn’t feel hungry at all. Instead I felt a bit nauseous, which eventually went away.

A few days later I upped the ante and started taking the full dose of 2 pills, and thus felt the full effects of Xenadrine Ultimate.

how to take xenadrine ultimate

I hit the gym and had an unforgettable workout session, which included 45 minutes on weights, and then a treadmill 5k to follow.

I began to crash when the 4-hour-mark hit, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

In the end, without modifying my diet, I lost 6 pounds in two weeks using Xenadrine Ultimate.

xenadrine ultimate clinical study

So does Xenadrine work? Is it a good alternative to phentermine? I would say yes and yes.  And if you’re committed to eating right and exercising, Xenadrine Ultimate will likely meet you halfway.

Xenadrine seems to be an overall workout enhancer.

Where Can I Buy Xenadrine Ultimate?

Unlike with PhenGold and Instant Knockout, you can find this over the counter phentermine alternative in stores like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.

It’s WAY cheaper than PhenGold or IKO, but in my opinion just isn’t as effective.

#5. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: Phentaslim

Phentaslim Review

“Destroy your Hunger Pangs and Annihilate your Body Fat!” That’s the battle cry emblazoned across Phentaslim’s website. Not bad. If nothing else, at least their marketing game is on-point.

But does Phentaslim deserve a spot on the official unofficial OTC alternatives to phentermine weight loss list?

Well, let’s take a closer look. . .

Phentaslim claims by using their product you will. . .

Phentaslim weight loss supplement.
Phentaslim weight loss supplement. Photo cred: Phentaslim.com

Alright, if it’s true, sign me up!

But What’s in Phentaslim?

Phentaslim consists of over a dozen natural ingredients, including:

  • Green tea catechins, which increase fat burning without jacking up your heart rate)
  • Caffeine, which gives you energy, focus, and a decreased appetite
  • L-Theanine, which helps with mental clarity and reduces stress and anxiety
  • L-Carnitine, which boosts your metabolism and helps convert fat to energy
  • L-Tyrosine, which helps to increase fat burning at rest

While we haven’t personally tried the product, there are tons of positive reviews on the Phentaslim website, along with quite the convincing before-and-after shots.

It’s also worth mentioning that many of the great reviews really stress the benefits of appetite suppression and increased energy, both of which are characteristic of phentermine alternatives.

Phentaslim weight loss before and after photos
Phentaslim weight loss before and after photos. Photo cred: Phentaslim.com

Another reason why Phentaslim made the list is because they did what all-to-many supplement companies refuse to do. That is, they actually list all of the ingredients that go into the product. This is good business and shows they have nothing to hide.

So if you’re looking to drop some weight in the coming months, it might be worth looking into Phentaslim as a good alternative to fat burning pills like phentermine.

Where To buy Phentaslim

You can find Phentaslim on their official website, www.Phentaslim.

A single bottle will run you $69, making it one of the more expensive phentermine alternatives on this page.

Still a very effective one though!

#6. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: Slimfy

slimfy review

It’s all in the approach.

Don’t believe me? Just ask any airline pilot as they come in for a landing.

Or better yet. . .

Ask Happy Gilmore, the man who single-handedly redefined what it means to play golf and drive the ball from the tee.

Yeah. Approach matters.

That’s why this next fat-burner called Slimfy made the list.

Rather than touting that a single pill will burn all your heavy off, they’ve come with a unique approach that splits up weight loss into three separate stages.

How Does Slimfy Work?

In a more thorough review, I really highlight Slimfy’s focus on a little (BIG!) something called tolerance.

Yep, their unique 3-stage approach to weight loss is centered around the fact that our bodies’ build up a tolerance to supplements over time and will eventually stop reacting the way we want them to.

Slimfy has set out to completely eliminate this tolerance so that we can get optimal weight-loss results week after week and month after month.

Here’s what that looks like in a nutshell. . .

Slimfy Stage 1 – Detox and Weight Loss

slimfy stage 1

During this one-month stage you’ll apparently be expelling toxins from your body while you start to shed the pounds. Stage 1 ingredients include:

  • Organic ginger
  • Milk thystle
  • Hydrangea
  • Saffron
  • Green coffee bean extract

Stage 2 – Enhance Weight Loss

slimfy stage 2

During this stage the focus is on ramping up the weight loss. How so? Well, it’s all in the ingredients which include:

  • The ever-controversial Raspberry ketones
  • Green coffee bean
  • CoQ10
  • Reseveratrol
  • Saffron
  • Maqui berry

Stage 3 – Maintenance

slimfy stage 3

This is the stage where you get to defy the natural laws of biology and trick your body into NOT picking up a tolerance for Slimfy. Stage 3 ingredients include:

  • African mango extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Caralluma febriata
  • CoQ10
  • and Lychee extract

Slimfy Reviews

Like many weight loss “solutions,” the reviews for Slimfy are mixed.

Here is a video posted by one satisfied customer. . .

slimfy youtube review

Although I like the effort and the unique approach to weight loss, I still harbor some skepticism and unanswered questions about the product.

Nevertheless, is it deserving of your consideration if you’re looking for a weight loss pill similar to phentermine. So maybe give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Where can you buy Slimfy?

You can find Slimfy on their official website, www.Slimfy.com.

The price really depends on a few factors, including which one you buy and how much.

#7. Over The Counter Phentermine Alternative: Evlution Nutrition LeanMode

evlution nutrition lean mode reviews

This unique fat-burner’s competitive advantages are a.) they purposefully spell their name wrong, and b.) it’s stimulant-free!

So if you’re sensitive to proper grammar and/or stimulants, especially caffeine, then this might be the weight-loss supplement for you.

Similar to the others on the list, LeanMode promises to:

  • Increase your fat-burning mechanism
  • Curb your appetite
  • Boost metabolism
  • Detox your cells
  • Enhance your mood to keep you motivated

What’s in LeanMode?

The Evlution Nutrition LeanMode formula contains. . .

evlution nutrition leanmode ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • Green coffee bean extract
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Green tea extract

LeanMode Reviews

Fortunately, there are boatloads of LeanMode reviews all over the internet – from Amazon to YouTube, and even Bodybuilding.com.

Here’s what people are saying. . .

evlution lean mode youtube review

“I used this product for 30 days, lost 15 LBS, Today ordering two bottles as you cant beat the price and what it does to your appetite and you get shred, but you got to workout like me sometimes twice a day, and I working 9 hrs standing at my work station, I am 6’6″, 230 lbs with 16% body fat.” -User review on Bodybuilding.com

“With eating properly, regular workout, taking 3 before breakfast and 3 before dinner, lost a little over 20 lbs, I wouldn’t gotten to where I am without LeanMode has everything so far I feel it helping me out alot.” -User review on Bodybuilding.com

In fact, check this out. . .

LeanMode weight loss supplement
LeanMode weight loss supplement

My Personal Experience Taking LeanMode

I was happy to try LeanMode as I can be sensitive to products packed with stimulants. At the same time my hopes weren’t sky-high, as my body doesn’t typically respond well to stimulant-free supplements.

Here’s what I noticed did change:

  • My appetite was decreased dramatically
  • I felt more alert and focused
  • I didn’t experience any noticeable boost in energy

Overall, I was pretty impressed with LeanMode. And there are millions of Americans out there who want to a) lose a little weight, and b) either don’t like taking stimulants or can’t have stimulants. For these people I think LeanMode is definitely worth a try.

I would definitely characterize it as one of the best diet pills similar to phentermine available over the counter today.

Where can you buy Lean Mode?

You can find Lean Mode on the official EVL Nutrition website, www.evlnutrition.com.

A 50 serving bottle will run you $19.99.

My Overall Recommendations for Over the Counter Phentermine Alternatives

Even if you’re able to get a prescription for phentermine, because of the nasty side-effects it might be worth your time to explore one (or more) of these over the counter alternatives.

We’ve seen quite the variety on this list — everything from women-only fat burners, to multi-stage and stimulant-free weight loss supplements. So there’s bound to be one that suits your preferences.

Exercise and eat healthy while taking OTC phentermine alternatives
Exercise and eat healthy while taking OTC phentermine alternatives

I recommend taking it slow. Whichever supplement you choose, it’s smart to take half the dose to begin with, just to see how your body responds, and adjust accordingly.

Also, don’t expect a miracle to happen. Losing weight takes an all-around disciplined lifestyle. You’ll get the best results if you’re exercising and eating healthy while taking weight loss pills. It’s the truth (sorry not sorry).

So which do you plan on taking? Or which have you tried in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

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