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OTC Adderall Contents

Option #1: My #1 Adderall Alternative – Phenibut and Optimind
Option #2: Nootropics Stack Closest To Adderall
Option #3: Kratom
Option #4: 1,3 Dimethylamylamine
Option #5: L-Theanine and Caffeine

There’s no doubt about it, Adderall is a hell of a drug.

Used primarily to help treat symptoms of ADD/ADHD and narcolepsy, this drug is used to help improve focus, concentration, motivation, and even some aspects of memory.

It, and other over the counter adderall alternatives, have become a VERY popular drug on college campuses as a study aid.

In many cases, it’s abused by people who don’t even have a prescription for it.

adderall abuse in college campuses

This abuse can lead to a number of side effects such as insomnia, dependency, lose of appetite, and more.

adderall side effects

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more about how Adderall Works, its potential dangers, and pharmaceutical alternatives.

Enter Over The Counter Adderall Alternatives

Over the last few years, there has been a surge in all natural alternatives in supplement form that have attempted to “mimic” the effects of adderall.

All while being completely legal and available over the counter.

These supplements are called Nootropics, and they are designed to help produce similar effects.

Often times, this is without the awful comedown and side effects.

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I’ve recently begun testing a wide variety of these supplements for personal use, in an attempt to find the closest natural thing to adderall over the counter.

Some of these, like Addium and Adderin, were complete failures.

Others, like Geniux and Alpha ZXT, seem to work for some, but didn’t work for me.

And then there’s a few that combinations that REALLY stood out for me, both in terms of results and effectiveness.

Here’s a few products that I’ve personally tested that work VERY similarly to adderall, while being completely legal for sale.

They are not ALL nootropics, but I do talk about a particular stack that seems to work very well later on in this article.

Quick Note!

(Note: None of these supplements are sold in retail stores like GNC, Walmart, Walgreens / CVS, and the like.

However, they are all conveniently and legally available for sale online, and I recommend a few retailers that sell them.)

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My #1 Adderall Alternative – Optimind And Phenibut

optimind and phenibut

Note: This is just a review.

Click Here to visit the official Optimind Website.

I first learned about Phenibut from a company called Phenibut XT, which I actually tested years ago.

phenibut xt review and results

If you’ve never heard of Phenibut, it’s actually a substance that was discovered by Russian scientists close to 30 years ago, and is a central nervous system depressant and derivative of y-aminobutyric-acid.

molecular structure of phenibut
^ Molecular structure of Phenibut

It has been shown in clinical studies to produce feelings of calm, euphoria, and works GREAT as an anti-anxiety supplement.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s literally the most EFFECTIVE over the counter xanax alternative on the market available.

phenibut effects on sex drive

It actually even acts as a very potent aphrodisiac and can help DRAMATICALLY with performance anxiety.

As a result, I recommend it in conjunction with a supplement called Extenze if you’re having problems in the bedroom.

extenze and phenibut
Extenze and Phenibut

How will this help me?

So notice I said above that Phenibut is a CNS depressant…“how could this work like Adderall if it’s a depressant?”, you ask.

From my personal experience, Phenibut in LOW doses (500 mg or less, spread out) AND combined with a stimulant seems to have the OPPOSITE effect.

It’s not a hyper, jittery, “I feel like I’m on an amphetamine” effect.

Rather it felt like I was hit by a focus and concentration freight train!

Remember the first time you used Adderall?

Remember that feeling of euphoria, laser focus, insane concentration, and overall good mood you got?

Well, it’s literally the same EXACT effect the first time you use this combo.

Specifically, I recommend you combine a QUALITY source of Phenibut along with another Nootropic supplement I’ve tested called Optimind.

optimind review

Optimind contains 100 mg of caffeine, along with a great blend of ingredients including:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Green Tea leaf extract
  • Vinpocentine

Here’s a snapshot of the label:

optimind label

This combo, will give you an INSANELY close feeling to adderall.

It WILL give you the ability to study harder, longer, and feel much less distracted.

HOWEVER, there is one very important key thing to note here.

It takes a VERY long time after dosing to start feeling this effect.

Realistically, you’re looking at close to 2 hours or so for it to kick in, and about 4 hours before it reaches it’s peak.

The UPSIDE is that the effect will last much longer then you think, AND there is no crash at the end.

the effects of phenibut in minutes

In fact, remember those depressant qualities I spoke about Phenibut earlier?

Well because the substance allows GABA to cross the blood brain barrier (GABA doesn’t do this on it’s own), you will have one of the best nights sleep you’ve experienced in recent times.

Where Can I Buy Them?

You can pick up 32 FREE capsules of Optimind on their official website, and the best phenibut brand that I’ve personally used is from the following website,

How Should I Take This Combo?

This part is VERY important, however it’s also very complicated.

Because everyone’s individual body chemistry is different, it might take a little bit of experimentation on your part to find the coveted “sweet spot”.

It’s also important to note that you should NOT “chase” the feeling you get from it.

absorb your health phenibut
^ Absorb Your Health Phenibut

Because Phenibut takes so long to work, just because you’re not feeling it now doesn’t mean you won’t in 2 hours.

Here’s the way I recommend you take it you’re very first time:

1.) First thing after waking up

Dose with 500 mg of Phenibut from on a COMPLETELY empty stomach.

You can mix it in juice or water, there really is no difference.

Personally speaking, I’m not a fan of the taste of Phenibut.

It tastes REALLY sour, but it’s bearable.

Absorb Your Health provides a small scoop which when level contains 6 mg.

In my opinion, this scoop is useless.

You would need to measure out 83 level scoops to get a dose of 500 mg!

Talk about time consuming.

My suggestions

  • Get a scale

measuring phenibut on a micro scale

You can pick up this micro scale on Amazon for under $24. This will allow you to measure it out with an amazing degree of accuracy.

  • Pick up some Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

If a scale is too expensive for you, pick up this set of measuring spoons from Amazon.

It’s only $6, and the you can weight out exactly how much phenibut using the guide below:

(Will post shortly)

2.) 10 – 15 minutes later

Take 2 Optimind Capsules.

In about 30 – 45 minutes you should feel the initial effects kick in (feel more focused, concentrated, motivated to get work done)

3.) 45 – 60 minutes

Eat something.

There are no foods that will affect the potency of the Phenibut and Optimind, but I would recommend something lower in fat / grease because a high fat breakfast will make you feel lethargic.

4.) Wait about 1 1/2 hours an re-evaluate how you feel.

If you don’t feel too much than I would take another 500 mg of Phenibut and 1 – 2 Optimind capsules and WAIT IT OUT.

how to take phenibut infographic

Like I mentioned earlier, It’s weird, but the effects of Phenibut seem to take a REALLY long time to kick in, so just because you’re not feeling it now doesn’t mean you won’t in an hour or so.

After about an hour or so you should DEFINITELY be feeling the effects.

For me, those effects are AWESOME.

I feel my mood, focus / concentration, and motivation SKYROCKET, and the best part about it is the effects seem to last for HOURS.

“What’s the most phenibut I can take in a day?”

One thing I have noticed is that if you take larger quantities of Phenibut (2 grams or more, especially in one dose, the depressant effects of it seem to come out in full force, so it will simply make you tired and counteract the nootropic effects.

I’ve never take more then 1500 mg (1.5 grams) of Phenibut in a single day, but like I mentioned earlier everyones body chemistry is different so what works for me may or may NOT work for you.

It’s all a matter of personal testing.


Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT take Phenibut more then 2 X a week MAX, preferably with a 3 day break in between…

For some reason, this substance has a tendency to build a tolerance very quickly, so if you take it more then that the effects will be less pronounced over time and you’ll need more Phenibut to get the same effect.

It also has addiction and withdrawal potential if you’re not careful. (Source)

You’re probably saying Really, only 2 times a week?

That Sucks!

I want something I can take everyday!

Don’t worry, when you take the Optimind over a course of a few weeks you will see a DRAMATIC difference in your overall cognitive abilities.

I would reserve combining Phenibut and Optimind to just the days you need to get an INSANE amount of work / studying done.

Is this combo safe?

Are there any side effects?

Personally speaking, I have NOT experienced any side effects from taking the combo of Phenibut and Optimind.

However, there’s always the possibility of side effects when you’re ingesting ANYTHING, so it’s wise to talk to your doctor before starting any supplement regiment.

Click Here to Read More About my experiment with Optimind and Phenibut.

Option #2 – Nootropics Stack Closest To Adderall

So earlier in this article I mentioned a particular stack of Nootropics that work very similarly to Adderall.

I’m not going to get into a huge discussion about what Nootropics are.

It’s way too long and complicated, and will just turn this article into a big scientific discussion.

However, if you’d like to learn more about what they are, what they do, etc, then Click Here to Sign Up For my Ultimate Guide to Nootropics. explains everything in GREAT detail.

One thing I do want to mention here is that ALL of these compounds are SAFE to take.

I wouldn’t be recommending them if I wasn’t completely sure of it.

I’ve personally tested ALL of them, and never had any sort of negative side effect or withdrawal.

So What’s The Best?

From my personal experience and testing, the best nootropics stack is a combo of Adrafinil, Noopept, Alpha GPC, and Sulbutiamine.

It’s basically a homemade adderall recipe that I’ve personally been using for years.

over the counter adderall alternative

This combo basically provides a step-by-step approach to giving you an Adderall-like effect.

Step 1: Adrafinil

adrafinilThe first time I took Adrafinil I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Unlike stimulants such as caffeine, DMAA (more on this below), and yohimbe, Adrafinil doesn’t make you hyperactive and jittery.

Instead, it basically wakes you up.

It does this because it’s essentially the precursor to a drug called Modafinil (sometimes referred to as Provigil).

What’s Modafinil?

Modafinil is known as a “wakefulness-promoting agent”, and is used to treat things like narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

However, Modafinil is only available via a prescription.

Adrafinil is NOT.

adrafinil vs modafinil review
Adrafinil Vs. Modafinil

In fact, Adrafinil is BASICALLY the same thing as Modafinil, because it’s the precursor to it.

Related Article: Adrafinil Vs. Modafinil – My Personal Results And Recommendation

What does that mean?

Well, essentially when you consume adrafinil, as it passes through the liver it is metabolized into Modafinil.

So, it “turns into” Modafinil.

In fact, I recommend it as quite literally the closest legal over the counter Modafinil alternative you can buy.

That’s step 1, getting you to wake up.

Step 2: Noopept

noopeptThough technically not a “racetam”, noopept is a nootropic that provides similar effects to Piracetam.

However, it’s actually 1000 X more potent, and has been shown to help increase attention span by providing a subtle psychostimulatory effect.

It’s also been shown in several studies to help:

  • Improve memory
  • Improve learning capacity,
  • Increase focus and concentration.

But it’s most effective as a neuroprotective agent, which essentially means it protects your brain from stress.

That’s step 2, calming you down and increasing attention.

Step3: Alpha GPC

alpha-gpcAlpha GPC is a choline containing supplement that helps with new memory formation and learning, and has been widely accepted as an effective nootropic.

Choline is often found in many of the foods we eat, however, most people are deficient in it.

Alpha GPC fixes all that.

It’s primary purpose is to reduce cognitive decline, which is inevitable as we age.

Some studies have also shown that it can help DRAMATICALLY with attention span and focus, which is why I’ve included it in this stack.

That’s step 3, getting you dialed in and focused.

Step 4: Sulbutiamine

sulbutiamineSulbutiamine is a natural compound that is actually a lipid form of Vitamin B1, commonly known as Thiamine.

Previous research has shown that a deficiency in thiamine can affect memory, so it makes sense that increasing your intake, would also help improve memory.

You’ll notice that a lot of the nootropic supplements on the market often contain pretty high doses of Vitamin B1.

That’s great and all, but there’s one major problem.

It does NOT cross the blood brain barrier in effective doses.

That basically means you’re not getting it’s full effects.

However, with Sulbutiamine, the effects are WAY more pronounced.

The reason behind this is it DOES cross the blood brain barrierin much more concentrated doses.

It’s primary purpose is to enhance energy and mood, 2 things that are absolutely CRUCIAL when you’re trying to get stuff done.

That’s step 4, improving your mood AND giving you a big boost in energy.

So, just to recap.

Step 1: Adrafinil – will WAKE you up.

Step 2: Noopept – will CALM you down.

Step 3:Alpha GPC – will get you DIALED in and focused.

Step 4:Sulbutiamine – will IMPROVE your mood and give you energy.

How Should I Take It?

If you’re just starting off with nootropics, I would recommend that you take each one of these by themselves first to assess your reaction.

The suggested dose for each is as follows:

First Time Use

Adrafinil: 250 – 300 mg

Noopept: 10 mg

Alpha GPC: 250 mg

Sulbutiamine: 500 mg

Once you’ve taken all 2 at these low doses, then you can start to move up.

Intermediate Dose Range

Adrafinil: 600 mg

Noopept: 20 mg

Alpha GPC: 500 mg

Sulbutiamine: 500 mg

And if you’re a pro at taking this stuff, you can move on to even heavier doses:

Adrafinil: 900 mg

Noopept: 30 mg

Alpha GPC: 750 mg

Sulbutiamine: 500 mg

It’s VERY important to note that you should take all of these on a completely empty stomach, just like with the Optimind and Phenibut combo.

I would also highly recommend that you take them first thing in the morning.

If you take them later in the day you risk insomnia, especially from the Adrafinil.

My preferred vendor for all of these is

I’ve tried probably a dozen different companies that sell these particular compounds, and they seem to produce the highest quality effects at a reasonable price.

You can buy all of these individually on their website, or you can purchase their Noootropics All-Star pack which comes with all of them.

Unlike many of the other vendors that sell these as a powder, they ALL come in capsule form.

There’s no measuring or “guessing” how much you need to take.

Check it out here:

What Can I Expect To Feel?

Within about 15 minutes of your first dose, you’ll start to feel the effects.

The best way I can describe it is like a fog being lifted from your head.

Instead of blindly staring at the computer screen, book, or whatever you’re doing, you’ll feel more engaged and motivated to start getting things done.

The effect is subtle at first, so much so that you might think it’s not working.

But it is, it just takes a little while to kick in.

Generally speaking, you’ll start to feel the best effects in about 45 – 60 min. This of course depends on the individual, but that’s been my experience.

One of the most pleasant surprises from taking this stack is, unlike with Adderall, you won’t get that hyped up, cracked out, aweful comedown feeling.

You’ll get the focus and mood enhancing effects similar to Adderall, without all of the unwanted effects.

When it comes to taking Nootropics, it’s all about the dosage and how your body responds to it.

Some people (like myself) get a good response from a relatively low dose, and some people need a massive quantity to get an effect similar to that of Adderall.

It’s always recommended that you start off with the lowest dose FIRST.

You can always move up, but once you’ve taken a dose you can’t go back!

Option #3 – Kratom

kratom as an alternative to adderall

I’ve been experimenting with Kratom for the last 6 months or so, and I have to say it truly is a game changer.

No, check that…it’s a LIFE changer.

I’m not going to talk in too much depth about it, but the folks over at do a great job of explaining everything about it.

Basically Kratom is a plant that’s native to Southeast Asia and Indochina.

It’s been used for HUNDREDS of years by the people living in those regions to help produce feelings of euphoria, boost energy / endurance, and help with focus and motivation. (Source)

kratom most like adderall

I originally stumbled upon it while I was actually researching for this article, but had yet to try it at that time so I didn’t get a chance to write about it.

Since then I have tried practically EVERY strain there is and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

I wouldn’t characterize Kratom being essentially the same thing as a drug like Adderall, but it can definitely produce euphoric effects similar to it.

Where can I buy it?

The highest quality brand that I’ve used so far is Coastline Kratom (

They carry only the finest Kratom money can buy, at relatively inexpensive prices.

You can read more about them in my official review here.

Which kratom is closest to Adderall?

For me, the Kratom that most closely works as a substitute for drugs like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin would be Red Vein and White Vein Maeng Da, Red Vein Borneo, and Red Vein Bali.

Here’s links to them individually so you can learn more:

Red Vein Maeng Da

White Vein Maeng Da

Red Vein Borneo

HOWEVER, Kratom is strange in the sense that certain strains affect different people in a wide variety of ways.

kratom as an alternative to adderall
^ Kratom Beginners Pack

Some people experience mood enhancing and energetic effects from the above strains, and others may experience a calming and sleepy effect.

You’re absolute BEST BET is to pick up their beginners pack, which includes Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, and White Vein Bali.

This way you can test them out invidiually for yourself and see which one works right for you.

Here’s their beginner pack:

Slower versions / high doses of Kratom actually produce sedating effects, so if your looking to be productive I recommend you stick with the Moderate or Fast strains.

Update!! 4/7 New Strain Tested

I recently got a larger order of Kratom from my preferred vendor, and I want to give you an update on a particular version of Kratom that works GREAT as an adderall alternative.

green vein borneoIt’s called Green Vein Borneo, and it is VERY good at helping to increase focus and concentration, as well as provide a bit of a lift in mood.

This effect can last several hours, often with a very low dose of just 2 – 3 grams (for me at least, remember everyone will respond differently).

Here’s a link to check it out:

The one downside I noted with Green Vein Borneo was that it seemed to cause a bit of an increase in anxiety.

Nothing huge like you would get with a larger dose of Adderall, but compared to the other kratom strains I have tested I could definitely sense a change.

You could, theoretically, eliminate this side effect by taking Green Vein Borneo with Phenibut, but I haven’t tested that yet so I can’t tell you for sure how this would work.

Kratom is actually a VERY potent pain reliever, so if you’re looking for pain relief or just an overall mood boost then you should read this article.

It would be a bit irresponsible for me to not mention that Kratom does have the potential for addiction / dependency if you’re not careful.

The potential (in my opinion) is NO greater than that of alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine, but it is there so I wanted to give you a heads up.

If you’re responsible with it, don’t over consumer it, and take plenty of days off in between you should be totally fine.

If you abuse it you will pay the piper.

How Do I Take It?

My suggestion would be to start off with a low dose like 1 – 2 grams, and work your way up from there.

The easiest (and most accurate) way to determine your dose is to buy a micro scale.

measuring kratom on a microscale

Alternatively, you can buy capsules and encapsulate the kratom so you can take it on the go.

cap m quick
What I use to put kratom in capsules

Unlike with Phenibut, Kratom has a tendency to kick in pretty quick, and you should start feeling the initial effects in about 10 – 15 min.

I would take about 1 gram more every 30 – 45 min. or so until you feel just right.

How do I know when I feel “just right?”

It’s actually a bit hard to tell, and will depend on a number of factors like how much food you have in your stomach, your weight, what strain you’re using, etc.

The key is to not “chase” it, meaning don’t keep taking more and more expecting to get more out of it.

I personally like to mix kratom with Gatorade G2, as it has a tendency to mask the taste pretty well (which is horrendous by the way).

mixing kratom with gatorade g2

Visit my preferred vendor here:

Option #4 – 1,3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)

1,3 Dimethylamylamine is a stimulant that was VERY popular in a wide variety of pre workout supplements, fat burners, and weight loss pills, mainly because of one reason…it works!!

In fact, a number of Nootropic supplements I’ve tested in the past such as AddTabz and Addieup contained a significant quantity of the stuff, and at the time they were probably the closest thing to adderal I tested.

addieup vs adderallOtherwise known as DMAA, 1,3 dimethylamylamine was first invented by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in 1944 and used in inhaled nasal decongestants.

It was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 1983, and since 2006 was sold as a dietary supplement when the substance Ephedrine was banned (more on that below).

By all accounts, DMAA was a GOD SEND for athletes and students across the country.

Users reported an insane increase in energy, mood, and concentration, and became so popular that the NCAA banned it from use in collegiate athletics.

All the major retailers like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS were carrying what some people were calling the “next best thing to adderall” you can buy in stores.

However, as a result of a couple of random deaths and cardiac related events that were attributed to DMAA use, the FDA issued a nationwide warning on the substance, effectively taking it off of the market forever.

It’s important to note the irony in that last sentence…

You know when you watch TV and a commercial pops up for a drug and they talk about how great it is? Then they quickly follow with the potential side effects, which sometimes sound worse then the actual ailment it’s treating…

In my personal opinion, the FDA is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies because every SINGLE time the supplement market comes out with something that ACTUALLY works, it is quickly withdrawn / banned from the market because a couple people had some adverse reactions.

Meanwhile, the FDA actually approves drugs with KNOWN side effects like “an increased risk of death or stroke, uncontrollable muscle movements, coma, decreases in white blood cells, trouble swallowing, etc.”

For example, watch the commercial for Abilify and listen to the potential side effects:

abilify commercial

Funny, right???

Well, it turns out after I did a bit of research there are still a handful of products sold online that actually STILL do contain 1,3 Dimethylamylamine.

Here’s a few I recently found on

EPH 100
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Black Widow
Hi-Tech Pharma Fastin
APS Nutrition White Lightning

It’s not clear how long they will be selling them on there, but as of this update (5/31/2016) they are all available for sale.

At pretty decent prices too!

One thing you should note is that because 1,3 dimethylamylamine is structurally similar to amphetamines, it WILL give a false positive for amphetamine on a drug test for meth!

So if you’re involved in NCAA / Professional sports, USE WITH CAUTION!

Or not at all!

Option #5 – L-Theanine and Optimind and / or just straight up caffeine

optimind and l theanine stack

The last combo I would recommend that produces effects similar to those of Adderall would be the combo of L-Theanine and Caffeine.

Like Phenibut, L-Theanine is a stress and anxiety relief supplement that has .

The combo of L-Theanine and Caffeine has actually been shown in clinical studies to promote faster simple reaction time, faster numeric working memory reaction time and improved scientific verification accuracy.

Remember how I said before that you shouldn’t take the combo of Phenibut and Optimind more then 2 times a week?

Well, the combo of L-Theanine and Optimind is EXACTLY what I take on the days I’m not taking Phenibut.

Does it work close to the combo of Phenibut and Optimind?

It’s close, but the effects are nowhere NEAR the effects you’ll get with the Phenibut.

It gives a slightly enhanced euphoria, and in my opinion improves overall thinking ability, motivation, and focus / concentration.

Basically, L-Theanine seems to work on counteracting the negative effects you get with taking too much caffeine / stimulants, allowing for a better overall high.

You can find a few great brands of L-Theanine on, and I highly recommend the “Doctors Best Suntheanine L-Theanine” brand.

How Adderall Works

In the United States, Adderall is a pharmaceutical drug that contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine stimulants and keeps the dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters functioning in the brain.

Adderall works by increasing the release of those two neurotransmitters, which are reported to be involved with ADHD.

adderall alternativesStimulants, such as Adderall, increase attention, alertness and energy.

They release feel-good chemicals into the brain, producing euphoria and the feeling that one can achieve whatever they set out to do.

Historically, stimulants were used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, obesity, neurological disorders and other medical conditions.

However, stimulant use started to decline in medical settings when their potential for abuse became transparent.

Today, stimulants are prescribed only for specific health issues, including ADHD and narcolepsy.

Adderall comes in both an instant release and extended release form.

The instant release form starts working quickly, but has a tendency to fall off quickly.

The extended release comes on a bit slower, but lasts longer.

Potential Dangers of Adderall

Although Adderall can make you more efficient, it has been associated with a number of alarming risks, including “come-down” or “crashing” effects.Adderall releases the chemicals serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline into the brain.

These chemicals are naturally stored in the brain and are released whenever you feel happy about something.

When you take Adderall, the drug releases those chemicals from storage, giving you a pumped-up feeling.

When the drug wears off, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, including acute cravings, sleep problems, fatigue, depression, excessive hunger, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

Like many other powerful stimulants, Adderall makes you want to consume more of it.

This is because Adderall prevents dopamine from replenishing itself, which creates the need to take more of the drug.

Ultimately this leads to dependence as you build a tolerance to it.

Other side effects of Adderall may include:

  • Irritability
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased heart rate
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite

Click Here to see a full list of side effects.

Other Pharmaceutical Alternatives To Adderall

Stimulant Alternatives

Other stimulants which are designed to treat ADHD and improve mental functioning and behavior include:

These stimulants have the same goal as Adderall, but they don’t always share the same mechanism of action.

For example, Adderall prolongs the action of the dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters for four to six hours.

Ritalin, however, is shorter-acting (two to three hours).

In my experience, there is a fairly big difference in Vyvanse Vs. Adderall.

For me, Adderall seemed to help more with focus and concentration, and getting things done.

On the contrary, Vyvanse seemed to just give me a huge burst of physical energy, and not as much in the focus / concentration department.

Non-Stimulant Alternatives

Non-stimulants prescription drugs impact the brain differently from stimulants.

They affect neurotransmitters, but they do not raise dopamine levels.

Non-stimulants usually take longer to produce results, but they typically have a smoother, longer-lasting effect than stimulants.

Non-stimulants include:

Kapvay and Intuniv are usually prescribed for people who react poorly or have difficulty tolerating Strattera.

Although non-stimulants do not tend to cause stimulant side effects, such as sleeplessness and agitation, there may be exceptions.

For example, Strattera might cause loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Generally, non-stimulants can be used if you would like to avoid the adverse effects of stimulants, or when stimulants prove ineffective or unsafe.


It’s no surprise that there’s tons of people looking for a supplement over the counter that works just like Adderall, as this drug has become REALLY popular but often hard to find without a prescription (which you shouldn’t be taking anyway if you don’t have a prescription!).

That said, I personally think that if you’re looking for something to help get the enhanced concentration and focus you get from Adderall, without the annoying comedown, then I would REALLY suggest you try the combo of Phenibut and Optimind.

You’ll find that the results are more then worth it!

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Our Top Choice For Nootropics – Optimind

optimind reviewOptimind is the closest thing to Aderall that I’ve tested, and I’ve tested ALOT of these supplements.

It’s made up of a high quality combination of all natural ingredients that are designed to promote laser focus, increase memory, cognition, and energy, and help to improve overall concentration.

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Optimind is the closest thing to Adderall that Ive tested, and Ive tested ALOT of Nootropics.

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Noots All Star Pack

Noots All Star Pack

The Nootropics All Star Pack is a GREAT combo of supplements that will improve focus, concentration, and mood.

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Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro takes a longer, but equally as effective, approach to increasing focus.

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Rachel's Review

By Rachel,  Jun 3, 2017

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with ADHD, and am prescribed Vyvanse.

It's helps, but induces my anxiety and I have more frequent panic attacks.

I combined the 500mg of Phenibut and 2 Optiminds ( and HOLY SHIT. I've never felt better. I'm happy, energetic, focused with ZERO anxiety.

Thank you SO much for this post, it's a life saver.

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Decent, but not the same

By Alicia McIntyre,  May 22, 2017

I ordered the phenibut and the optimind free trial and was super excited to try it out.

Do I feel energized? YES.
Do I feel focused?

Not so much.

I will try it again, as this is my second time trying the combination (exactly like the instructions say). I do have other "things" going on in my life that may be affecting the effectiveness... so I won't say this doesn't work.

I'm just not convinced yet.

I may have to try the amounts of each and see what works for me.

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By Tony,  May 8, 2017

I tried that Nootropics all star pack you talked about up above and it was great.

Felt very calm, yet focused enough to write a 10 page paper as part of my final.

The only downside was I had a little trouble falling asleep that night, I think I just need to take it earlier in the day next time.

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User Questions and Answers

Would it be save to take optimind with green tea in the days i don't take the phenibut -juan

Yes, it would be safe. You just want to make sure you keep an eye on your caffeine intake. Optimind has about 100 mg (the same as a cup of coffee) while green tea has about half that.- Rob

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How well would it work to take phenibut with l-theanine & caffeine? -Sarah

No need to add L-Theanine. The Phenibut will take care of any anxiety on it's own.  But it would be a good idea to take the l-theanine on the days you don't take Phenibut (because you shouldn't take it more than twice a week).
- Rob

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How do I order the adderal like medication and can you send me a book let what's the price and where do I order thanks -Ashley

You can follow the links in the review to the supplement websites where you can place orders.  Here's the link to Optimind. Here's the link to Phenibut.- Rob

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How would you think this combo works with Wellbutrin? -Tracy

Whenever you're taking prescription medications, you should consult your doctor about how it would interact with any supplement you're thinking about taking.- Rob

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Does Phenibut come in pill form, and where can I find L-Theanine? -John

The best Phenibut in pill form that I'e used is called Phenibut XT.   Here's my full review:
And here's where you can buy it:
As far as L-Theanine, I would just recommend you go to your local Walgreens / CVS and pick up the Sundown Naturals brand.  I've used it myself an know it's a good brand.- Rob

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