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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 3-31-2020


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BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Overview
BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Ingredients and How They Work
BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Pros and Cons
Where to Buy

BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Overview

Gatorade is so last century.

These days, workout enthusiasts want more than just hydration.

We want muscle building and we want recovery.

And that’s where BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink comes in.

And with reportedly half of all NHL players drinking it on the bench, it’s getting a lot of buzz.

So let’s dive in and see what BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink really is and whether or not it’s worth adding to your arsenal of supplements.

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BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink is not an energy drink. There are no stimulants in it.

Though according to plenty of customer reviews, it has a way of providing energy during your workout.

Its aim is to be a healthy supplement drink that aids in the growth of lean muscle mass in conjunction with your diet and workout regimen.

BioSteel HIgh Performance Sports Drink ReviewBioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Ingredients and How They Work

BioSteel High Performance Sports Drinkisn’t an energy drink in the classic sense.

There’s no caffeine, no stimulants, and no sugar.

It relies on healthier alternatives, like hydration, to provide energy.

Some of the formula highlights include:

  • BCAAs, or Branched Chain Amino Acids.These are the building blocks of your post workout muscle recovery.

    Taking them intra-workout ensures they are right there when you need them for your best workout recovery, building new muscle and minimizing soreness.
  • Electrolytes to maintain proper hydration while you’re working out.

    Nothing saps energy like being dehydrated.

    BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink prevents that from becoming a factor.
  • Choline Bitrate delays muscle fatigue during strenuous workouts.
  • Zinc and Magnesium which are both important components of several necessary chemical reactions within the body, including the production of testosterone.
  • B Vitamins which support both overall health and energy.

It’s recommended that you start with one scoop per 8 ounces of water.

The claims is that it tastes great, and isn’t too sweet.

But with the understanding that everyone’s tastes are different and you’re only going to drink it if like it at least to some extent, they recommend that you experiment to find what works best for you and your taste buds.

BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink Pros and Cons

Advantages of BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink

  • It’s promoted and used by NHL, NBA, and MLB players.
  • There are tons of great BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink reviews from customers who rave about their energy and recovery.
  • It’s sugar-free.
  • By most accounts, the flavor and mixability are good.

Disadvantages of BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink

  • It can get expensive if you use 2 scoops or more at a time, which is pretty common.

Where to Buy

You can find BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink available for purchase all over the place.

It’s carried at GNC, so if you prefer buying at stores, you’re covered there.

GNC sells the 60 scoop tub for $59.99, but members get it for $49.99. Online, you can pick it up at the BioSteel website for $59.99 or at Amazon for $69.27.


BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink is definitely worth a try.There are no stimulants, it’s sugar and gluten-free, and the customer feedback is almost universally positive.

The only potential drawback is the price.

It’s not that it’s crazy expensive, just that you can probably get similar results taking water and fruit before working out and a protein shake with BCAAs afterward.

If you have the extra cash to spare then I would say that BioSteel High Performance Sports Drink is a no-brainer to try out for yourself, however, if you are prone to pinching your pennies then I would recommend waiting it out and looking for a cheaper product that is going to give you the same benefits.

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User Questions and Answers

What is the youngest age recommended to use this?? -Kim

It's not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.- Rob

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Are your products compatible with Type II Diabetes and the related medication Metphormin? -Robert is a review website, no affiliation with the BioSteel company. You can contact them for a more complete answer, but generally speaking, when you have a medical condition and/or take medications, you should consult with your doctor about whether or not taking a supplement will cause unwanted issues.- Rob

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Author: Rob Miller

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    1. Hey Gleijam,

      Yeah, when it comes to workout supplements, I’d say he’s too young, but this is basically a sports drink and is fine.
  1. Why does it say on the container that you shouldn’t take it for longer than 12 weeks without consulting a physician? That worries me.

    1. Hey Anna,

      I don’t see that warning on the label, but my take would be that it’s just about making sure users are taking it wisely.
  2. Hi, All the websites I have read says this product is safe for kids. All of the kids on my daughters hockey team are drinking it (7-9 years old) she wants me to buy some as well but I am concerned as the top post says not for children under 18.

    Can you please give me your professional opinion.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      It’s pretty universal that workout supplements are made to be taken by adults. The most prevalent reason being that supplement ingredients are not tested on young and growing bodies, so their effects are not known.

      I wouldn’t recommend this or any workout supplement for kids as young as 7-9. That said, check with your doctor for his or her take on the subject.

  3. Hello
    My son is a goalie, 18 years old, he has been using the biosteel power,(self mix) and also buying the 500ml drink at the variety store. He tells me is 100% safe.

    He use to drink Red Bull and I would be livid with him and lecture him over it. Now my daughter (23yrs) is drinking this as well, she has been ill for a while with no energy and very pale.

    Lacks iron and B12, anemic. She says she has more energy after work and doesn’t fall asleep after work every day.

    I have read quite a bit on your site, just concerned with any health side effects. Too much bad stuff on the market now days.

    This sounds like a great product. I would like to try but still leary – sounds too good.

    Ultimately, I am concerned with health side effects of this drink.
    Thank you
    Marilyn Govier

    1. Hey Marilyn,

      I’d say no worries. It’s got no stimulants, just amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

      It’s safe for both your kids.

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