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Hgh and Weight Loss – Get The Facts Here

hgh and weight lossThere are alot of myths floating around about what growth hormone does and does not do.

There are many proponents of the drug that say it will burn fat away effortlessly.

We decided to look into the claims about releaser’s being an effective weight loss supplement, and we think the truth will surprise you.

The truth is, the more you know about this supplement, the better you will understand the benefits it REALLY CAN provide for you.

Recent claims about weight loss and growth hormone can be rooted to a study that was published in the early 90’s by the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the study, 18 participants were given injections of growth hormone and noticed a dramatic increase in muscle retention and fat loss, without doing any exercise.

Subsequent studies also confirmed this, however it is ascertained that the side effects with hgh injections were not worth the risk.

So how about growth hormone releaser’s, do they help you lose weight?

As a matter of fact they do, but you need to understand how this works.

When hgh is produced in the pituitary gland, there are a number of benefits that can occur.

Not only will it increase energy levels and metabolism, but it actually works to prevent fat cells from storing themselves around your mid section and butt.

It does this through a blend of amino acids and peptides which are designed to help break down fatty foods and absorb healthy nutrients.

It also provides some not so bad side effects such as an increased libido, making you more keen to having sex.

Taking an hgh releaser is a very effective and proven way to help your body fight stored fat deposits, and lead you to live a better life.

If your looking to gain more lean muscle, feel better about yourself, and lead a more confident lifestyle, this therapy is exactly what you need.

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