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Got a knack for being on camera? We are also looking for men AND women to test out the various supplements we research on this site. Those videos are then posted on our youtube channel, as well as throughout the site. If you think you might be interested in becoming a product tester, please note that in your email.

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Rob Miller

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  1. Hi Rob have you reviewed man tea everyone saying works between 1to4weeks your advice please . You recommended vigrx But you stated could take up to 3monthsto work You also mentioned extese l think that’s it’s name take one hour be sex .

    It’s something for hard erection l am looking for . Thanks Andrew.

  2. Hi Rob
    Great site I found you because of the Rejuvenation supplement and your right a lot of hype but nothing to back it which pisses me off but I think they want people to just believe what they write and there’s lots of people that will do just that. I live in Canada and I get more emails from the US about new wonder supplements especially for anti-aging.

    We take a lot of supplements already but I’m always searching for the Holy Grail….lol
    Your site seems to be geared more to men then woman by the looks of things but to be honest I’ve just started going through it.
    Maybe you’ve done a review on this and I haven’t found it but what about Cellfood? There has to be something out there to put more oxygen in our cells and maybe you know of something that I don’t.

    We did the hydrogen peroxide diluted but I couldn’t handle the taste but it did work that’s for sure.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Another thing that is upsetting is the affiliates of these supplements, they haven’t even tried them but they want you to buy them and they make wonderful claims just so they can make money off of you and that is total B.S.
    Thanks Rob

    1. Hey Shelley,

      Yeah, I actually don’t do much with those kinds of rejuvenation supplements. I did a few reviews because my readers kept getting the brochures in the mail.

      But it’s really out of my area of expertise. And you’re right.

      Generally speaking, most, but not all, of what we do is geared toward men – workout and mail enhancement mostly. Full disclosure though, I am an affiliate for some of the supplements I recommend.

      But I only enter into those relationships with supplements I’ve used and had real success with.


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