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  1. Many sick people are given the run-around about how miraculous some of today’s supplements are as cures. This is reprehensible.

    Generally speaking, most folks have a hard time buying nourishing food let alone the high dollar costs of expensive scams. Am so thankful for your site.

    Can see it will be extremely beneficial to avoid supplements that only take our our fragile budgets to the cleaners. Thank you,Rob.

    Have bookmarked your site.
  2. why is it so difficulte to get your supplement scams?
    i must of answered 2 or3times YES iwant to recieve them is their a cost that im not aware of? please let me know what the problem is.
    1. Hey Lorraine,

      Thanks for the heads up. Not sure what the problem is.

      I’ll look into it and get it straightened out. In the meantime, I sent the ebook to your email address.

  3. I’m pretty new to your website but I like what I see and have read so far. I am curious how you (Rob Miller) are able to take so many different supplements personally and for the required length of time to give these critiques?

    Man, you must be ingesting a lot of supplements and if so how do you prevent interactions of the different supplements you are taking? Just curios about your methods!

    1. Hey Steve,

      That’s a great question. I do take probably more different supplements than the average guy, but I don’t take them all – just the ones I specifically mention that I’ve taken in their reviews.

      I also usually mention how long I take each supplement, many of them less than the recommended time for maximum benefits but long enough to get a feel. The rest are either tried by someone on my staff or we simply find our answers through research.


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