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Libidon Review – Lucky Charm or Lousy Product?

By April 6, 2012 0

Reviewed By:
Rob Miller
3.5 OUT OF 5.0
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Libidon Review

For males that have been feeling a little less than spectacular in the bedroom, there are several different types of male enhancement supplements available. From creams to liquids, capsules and pills, there is a product available for nearly any type of male sexual issue that can be experienced.

Libidon is a product that claims to increase the sex drive in males and females. For males, it can also be used to treat impotency and premature ejaculation and increase the sperm count. Libidon is manufactured by SAS Drug, which is an established company based in India. The product website seems to claim that Libidon is an all in one cure for sexual issues, but let’s see how it stacks up.

How Libidon Works Libidon Review

The ingredients in Libidon include 100 mg of Kaunch Beej Extract, which has proven to be useful for increasing seminal count as well as being a good aphrodisiac. Gokhru Extract (100 mg) is present as well, and is known to increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone to increase the sex drive. 100 mg of Ashwagandha Extract is also present in this formula to assist in reducing nervous exhaustion and prevent weakness. The 100 mg of Shatavari Extract present is said to treat impotence, while 75 mg of Swet Mossali helps to increase the sperm density. Finally, this formula also contains 25 mg of Shudh Kuchla to act as an aphrodisiac and nervous system tonic.

Libidon should be taken twice daily with chicken soup or milk for a period of 45 days. After this period has passed, the effects can be maintained by taking one capsule daily for a period of 60 days. Unfortunately, there is no information provided as to how quickly users can expect to see results from taking Libidon as directed or whether or not the user should discontinue use of the product after the 60 day period.

Pros and Cons of Libidon

Pros of Libidon:

  • There is a great deal of information provided regarding the product.
  • There is a full list of Libidon ingredients present, including the actual amounts of each.
  • Each of the ingredients in Libidon is explained.
  • The product claims to treat a variety of sexual issues.
  • Information about the manufacturer is available.
  • The manufacturer, SAS Drug, is a reputable and established company.
  • The product can be used by both men and women.

Cons of Libidon:

  • The Libidon website fails to inform consumers as to when to expect the product to work.
  • The SAS Drug website does not offer information regarding whether or not to discontinue the product after 105 days of use (the total duration of use indicated).
  • There is no money back guarantee available for Libidon.
  • The manufacturer fails to provide clinical research to back up the claims.
  • There are no prices listed for the product. Instead, an email address must be provided before the price of the product is shown.
  • There are no testimonials available on the website.

Where to Buy Libidon

Libidon can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, there is no price listed for the product and it is unclear if there are any additional retailers that carry Libidon.

Is Libidon Recommended?

The manufacturer or Libidon seems to go to great effort to provide consumers with a well rounded description of the product. Unfortunately, by not providing a price for the product that all consumers can see, they may be defeating their purpose of selling Libidon. Although Libidon may actually be a good product, there are a wide variety of products available that are manufactured in the U.S.A. with similar claims. Many consumers will likely navigate to another product website instead of playing Libidon’s price guessing game.

Have you tried this product? Leave your Libidon review below!

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