Alpha Max Burn Gummies Review: If It Reeks, It Stinks (SCAM ALERT)

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 6-16-2023

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Alpha Max Burn Gummies vows to transform a man into a sex machine.

The only problem is the CBD gummies are incapable of delivering on that promise.

The cheap marketing gimmicks may fool some naive customers but that doesn’t mean you have to become one of them.

Find out why Alpha Max Burn Gummies are one of the biggest male enhancement supplement scams of 2023.


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What Are Alpha Max Burn Gummies?

Alpha Max Burn Gummies seeks to take advantage of one of the latest health crazesalpha max burn ed gummies while capitalizing on the misery of sexual dysfunction.

The CBD gummies promise to transform a man into a sex God, making bold and unrealistic guarantees that simply aren’t feasible.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t prevented Alpha Max from manipulating men that suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction (ED).

In fact, the cheap marketing gimmicks of Alpha Max are directly targeted toward consumers that are desperate for answers.

Generally, these include men that are frustrated and upset with disappointing their partner in the bedroom.

However, the issue with Alpha Max Burn Gummies is that they are completely full of s**t.

As a result, the CBD gummies preach that they are the “holy grail for ED” yet fail to even inform customers of what exactly is loaded in the formula (see, below).

Consequently, you don’t have to be like other prey that falls victim to this scam.

Alpha Max Burn Gummies does not do what it says, regardless of what it says on the so-called “official website.”

How Does It Work?

According to the supplier, Alpha Max Burn Gummies were designed for men suffering from low libido and ED.

For this reason, the results of Alpha Max are largely based on one “real” couple.

Apparently, these two individuals have been sharing their struggles in the bedroom on an OnlyFans account for years.

Mike, the lover, suffers from a low sex drive and weak erections.

Thus, the couple turned to Alpha Max Burn Gummies as a remedy for sexual dysfunction.

Mike and Mrs. Poindexter* absolutely love Alpha Max.

They claim the CBD gummies are 7x stronger than normal Viagra and have completely transformed the couple’s sex life.

Unfortunately, none of this is actually true as Alpha Max (including the couple) makes absurd and completely false statements about the product.

Even worse, they trick customers into buying a product that is not only worthless but unreliable and dangerous.

*NOTE: Mrs. Poindexter, according to her fake Instagram, is an “average mom” despite working as “a senior executive in technology, computer, engineer, chemist, and hunter.”

CBD Gummies & Sexual Dysfunction

The Poindexters make the assertion that CBD gummies have totally revolutionized their sex life.

While there is evidence that CBD offers several health benefits, the jury also remains divided on its influence on libido.1 2

Furthermore, the couple’s claim that Alpha Max Burn Gummies are 7x more potent than Viagra is not backed by any science.3

Of course, that’s probably because Alpha Max refuses to release the ingredients in the formula and is not supported by any money-back guarantee.

What’s worse, the Poindexters have the audacity to suggest that Robert F. Furchgott, who was fundamental to the development of Viagra, endorses Alpha Max.

The website cites a “recent” TIME article in which Dr. Furchgott reportedly endorsed new, alternative CBD supplements to traditional Viagra.

The problem is that The Nobel Prize winner passed away in 2009, leaving no evidence of this “recent” TIME article the couple alleges.

Alpha Max Burn Gummies Benefits

Alpha Max is notorious for making outrageous statements about its CBD gummies, including claiming that 1 serving equals 7 hours of sex.

Of course, that’s an absurd comment as no man is capable of lasting that long regardless of how potent a supplement is.

Even worse, Alpha Max Burn Gummies greatly exaggerates its other so-called benefits:

  • Better, stronger erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • Increased size and erection quality
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • More satisfying, incredible sex

Alpha Max claims that “specialists” support CBD gummies due to their ability to repair the urinary system.

Moreover, the gummies improve sexual desire and erection quality thanks to an increase in testosterone.4

Unfortunately, none of this is supported by credible science, since Alpha Max lacks any clinical support for the product.

Alpha Max Burn Gummies Ingredients / Formula

Alpha Max promises to transform you into a sex God.

The problem is the supplier doesn’t even release the contents of its formula which is extremely fishy.

Then, you account for the lack of clinical support as well as a money-back guarantee, and this product reeks of garbage.

Sadly, Alpha Max Burn Gummies is one of many cheap gimmicks seeking to capitalize on the latest alternative health craze – CBD.5

However, that doesn’t mean that all CBD is produced or distributed equally, as quality and responsibility surely matter.

Thus, many of these gummies promote that they include CBD when it’s not even the real thing.

Does It Really Work?

No, there is absolutely no evidence (beyond the word of mouth of the Poindexters) that Alpha Max Burn Gummies actually work as advertised.

For example, the false claim that 1 gummy makes a man last 7 hours in the bedroom is completely inaccurate and misleading.

Therefore, shoppers shouldn’t really believe anything that is advertised on the so-called official website.

In the past, Alpha Max has regularly changed the content (or even the name of the brand) in an effort to disguise that they are a scam.

Thus, don’t believe these outrageous claims that CBD gummies work like instant Viagra, making you hard within 5-10 minutes.

There is zero evidence that Alpha Max has been endorsed by anybody with credibility within the medical or scientific community.

Rather, the suggestion that these CBD gummies increase testosterone and improve strength is inaccurate.

There are no real results that demonstrate Alpha Max Gummies improve penis size, erection quality, or stamina.

Alpha Max Burn Gummies Side Effects

We highly recommend avoiding Alpha Max Burn Gummies despite how desperate you may be to find relief from sexual dysfunction.

There are other ways to manage low libido and erection dysfunction (ED) than relying on artificial CBD gummies.

The top male enhancement supplements do not hide behind the contents of their formula.

As such, they have no problem sharing the ingredients in the formula, especially when they are natural / organic ingredients.

Sadly, this is not the case with Alpha Max and is among the many reasons the company should not be trusted.

Amusingly, Alpha Max insists that all customers need to do is take 2 gummies (morning and evening) per day.

They insist the results are so quick that there is no need to take the gummies regularly since they will magically cure the ED.

Furthermore, that these gummies will instantly transform your body by burning unwanted fat and replacing it with lean muscle.

None of this is actually true, of course, and that’s what makes Alpha Max such a scam artist.


Sadly, Alpha Max Burn Gummies wants to make men look like fools.

They want to trick those that are desperate for a cure for ED or other issues related to a low sex drive.

They want to mislead consumers into stealing a quick buck and getting away with it.

However, that doesn’t mean you also have to fall prey to these types of scams.

There are far more healthy alternatives for CBD gummies along with relief from issues related to sexual dysfunction.


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