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Rob Miller | May 8, 2018
Product Reviewed: Alpha Monster Advanced
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Update:  I finally got a chance to try out Alphs Monster Advanced.

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The number of men who have low testosterone levels is at an all-time high and the results are obvious.

Since almost everyone walks around with a beer belly and has to resort to Viagra in order to get it up, we have certainly gone astray somewhere along the line.

Is that really the way things are supposed to be?

Since no one seems to be addressing the cause of low testosterone and faulty hormone production, we aren’t likely to encounter a solution to this problem anytime soon.

However, expect even more pharmaceutical drugs and natural supplements to hit the market, aiming to address both erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of low testosterone production.

As it stands, there are no shortages of natural supplements that are claiming to increase testosterone production, increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and treat erectile dysfunction.

However, truthfully, most of these supplements don’t work as advertised or don’t work at all.

Today we are going to look at another one of these supplements called Alpha Monster Advanced to determine if big gains in muscle strength and a performance increase in the bedroom should be expected.

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So How Did YOUFind Out About This Supplement?

One thing I noticed that seemed to be very prevalent with Alpha Monster Advanced was the sheer amount of bullshit being spouted about it on their internet.

For example, I came across this ad on a porn site:

alpha monster advanced ad

Which led me to a page that looked like this:

article on alpha monster

On my Facebook feed, I saw an ad that looked something like this:

alpha monster facebook ad

Which led me to an article on CNN claiming that, when combined with Apple Cider Vinegar, Alpha Monster Advanced helped shed 130 lbs. from a Stanford university student.

alpha monster advanced and apple cider vinegar

So which one is it?

Will Alpha Monster Advanced grow my penis?

Or is it going to help me lose weight and build muscle?

Well it turns out, probably neither!

Let’s talk a bit about the “science” behind these pills.

What Is Alpha Monster Advanced?

alpha monster advanced review

According to the makers, Alpha Monster Advanced is supposed to increase natural testosterone production, thus pushing up muscle strength, stamina, and performance in the bedroom.

In addition, users should expect to be able to burn fat, generate energy efficiently, and gain muscle, as they will be able to work out longer and more intensely.

Alpha Monster Advanced is marketed in two entirely different ways, first as a pre-workout supplement that is claimed to increase strength, endurance, and overall power output, while secondly as a supplement that increases testosterone production.

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How Does Alpha Monster Advanced Work?

This product is allegedly designed to resist fatigue by efficiently assisting the body with its normal biochemical reactions.

According to a few vendors, Alpha Monster Advanced is claimed to maximize nitric oxide production, therefore, dilating the blood vessels.

In theory, this should make workouts more effective, as vascular function is improved, while assisting men who are suffering from ED.

In addition, this supplement is claimed to contain ingredients that assist in the production of ATP in order to offer maximum energy before a workout.

However, even the people who market this product can’t agree on what is actually in it so determining how it works without really knowing its contents is a tough job.

Ingredients In Alpha Monster Advanced

According to some of the vendors, this supplement contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, Calcium, L-Citrulline, Lovage Root and Rhizome, Lovage Levisticum Officinale Powder, CoQ10, L-Taurine, L-Norvaline, and Beet Nitrate.

However, the product label claims that this product contains Calcium Carbonate, Horney [sic] Goat Weed Extract, Tonkat Ali Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Orchic Substance, Wild Yam Extract, Sarsparilla Root, Nettle Extract, and Boron.

alpha monster advanced ingredients label

Seriously, if the label makers of this product can’t even spell the word “horny” I can’t imagine that anyone would trust them to mix up whatever concoction is in this supplement.

Personally, I imagine a motivated 15 year old mixing up ingredients in his parents’ bathtub, packing them up in gel caps, and making this product label with his amazing Photoshop abilities.

There are just too many discrepancies to assume that this product has any value or is even safe to begin with.

So here we are, what is exactly in this product?

If I don’t know, you don’t either.

Truthfully, just save yourself the frustration and potential health complications by avoiding this product all together.

Side Effects Of Alpha Monster Advanced

Since there isn’t a consensus on the ingredients in this product, it is best to assume that it isn’t something that you want to put in your body.

If it in fact contains vasodilators, men who already have low blood pressure should avoid products like this, as they will ultimately lower blood pressure even more.

Beware Of 3rd Party Websites Who Claim To Be Selling Alpha Monster Advanced

As with almost any one of these types of supplements, there are a number of third-party websites that look like they are selling this product, but in all actuality, are trying to get people to click on any one of their links that redirect to other offers.

If you come across one of these websites, you will likely know it quickly, especially if you click on any of the links, as all of them redirect to some random male enhancement, penis enlargement program.

Equipped with testimonials, before and after pictures, fake Facebook profile comments, and fake celebrity endorsements, these websites will do anything to make a dime.

Don’t support these sketchy business practices or they will continue to expand.

How Is Alpha Monster Advanced Marketed?

The company website does its best to get people to sign up for the free trial bottle by using plenty of pictures of men you will never look like and women you will never be with, along with a bunch of motivational quotes.

Of course, the actual ingredients in this formula are never listed on the sales page, only the stunning results that can’t be attained by using this product.

After you have seen one of these websites, you have seen them all.

After placing some fictitious information into the free trial form, I was re-directed to a page that tells me that 15 other people are viewing this offer right now (no they aren’t) and that this product is in low stock (no it’s not).

So for only $5.99 and of course all the details on my credit card, I am able to order my first bottle of Alpha Monster A I already feel more ripped. Oh wait, no, I meant ripped off.

Anytime a company offers a free trial for any product, instantly put your guard up.

Anyone who believes a “free trial” is actually free are likely to feel like they were hit right in gut when they open up their credit card statement.

After signing up for this particular free trial, users have 10 days to cancel their subscription in order to avoid being charged for the product.

However, after 10 days, the credit card on file will be charged and a new product will be sent month after month with a recurring charge.

Arguably, 10 days is not enough time to decide whether any product works or not and this is simply a classic baiting scheme in order to separate users from their money unwittingly.

After this free trial period, customers are sent a shipment three months in a row and apparently aren’t able to cancel their order during this time.

In other words, there are plenty of dissatisfied individuals who were forced to pay for three months of a product that they don’t even want.

People who have tried to cancel their product have stated that they haven’t received responses to some of their questions, especially when it involves billing.

Other say that the auto shipping program is difficult to cancel, especially since it is nearly impossible to get through to the company.

Instead of messing around with this company, don’t purchase this product to begin with.

If the damage is already done and you have bottles of Alpha Monster Advanced stacked up on your front porch, call your credit card company and fight the charge(s).

How Much Does Alpha Male Advanced Cost?

If you aren’t sitting down, at least brace yourself, as a 30-day supply of Alpha Monster Advanced costs $89.74.  As stated before, people who take part in the free trial are going to automatically receive three months of product so it is best to have $270 of disposable income sitting around because that is ultimately what you are getting yourself into when you sign up for this classic scam.

People who don’t cancel will continue to receive monthly bills and more product so find a way out of this nightmare as fast as possible, if you are already in over your head.

User Reviews Of Alpha Monster Advanced

Overall, user reviews on this product have been focused on the free trial scam.

Obviously, this product is an attempt to separate people from their money…on a recurring basis.

Ultimately, I would think that most users can probably think of better ways to spend $90 a month.

My Personal Results

As for my personal experience, I ordered a free trial bottle of this stuff about 2 weeks ago and just finished up testing it for about the last week or so.

The directions on the Alpha Monster label state that you should take 2 caplets 1 – 2 times per day, but they don’t really specify when you should take it.

I figured I would start off with 2 caplets in the morning on an empty stomach, and then like 1 caplet in the afternoon before lunch.

I gotta say, I really didn’t seem to notice any effects from it.

I didn’t really feel any massive increase in libido or stamina, no explosive muscle pumps, and certainly no weight loss from what I can tell.

Probably about the only thing I noticed was by the end of the first week I was actually having a hard time falling asleep.

I would literally toss and turn for like an hour before finally drifting off, and I also noticed I was getting these weird panic / anxiety attacks.

I’m not totally sure if Alpha Monster advanced was causing this, but I wasn’t taking anything else during this time period, and it seemed to go away once I finally stopped taking it just a few days ago.


So here we have another one of these way too good to be true testosterone enhancing supplements that are priced at a fortune, shipped month after month, and nearly impossible to cancel.

Since we don’t know what is actually contained in this formula, we can only assume it is snake oil.

Typical testosterone enhancing supplements that have positive research behind them can be purchased separately for less money than $90 a month, all without the auto ship program.

In other words, anyone who hasn’t experimented with products like this that lure in users with scandalous “free trials” are in for an expensive, time consuming lesson or better yet, avoid these shady companies like the plague.

Men who want to increase their testosterone should read more about the subject and eventually purchase a high quality product that actually works.

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User Reviews

Stay Away

1 out of 5 stars
Jun 26, 2017 by 

This product is garbage.The benefits are hyped up nonsense and their "free trial" is only free if you never open the bottle.


This product was designed to scam you with a $90 free trial.

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Does this pills make my penis hard -

I don't think it will do much of anything. Let me know what benefits you're looking for and I'll recommend a great product for you.- Rob

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Do you have to workout to benefit. The testosterone increase. -

I wouldn't recommend this supplement at all, but more generally, you will benefit from a testosterone booster without working out, but the results won't be as pronounced.- Rob

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Why isn't Alpha Monster Advance safe for women? -

Well, it may be safe for women, but it's certainly not INTENDED for women.- Rob

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