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If we learned anything from the 3 Little Pigs, it’s that we should build our house out of bricks.

One supplement company heeded that timeless advice.

The name is BrickHouse Nutrition. And their mission, as far as I can tell, is to “stay on the cutting edge of nutraceutical innovation.”

Brickhouse Nutrition review

Today’s post is a roundup of the Brickhouse supplement line. I’m gonna share everything you need to know about the company’s products, so you can make a smart decision on what’s best for you and your goals.

The fact is, we can’t expect every supplement that comes along to be a shining example of good manufacturer practices and we definitely should not trust every one that comes along.

And like always, I’m gonna call ‘bullshit’ if and where I smell it, while shedding light on the facts and exactly what you can expect from these supplements.

I detect bullshit. We'll see if Brickhouse Nutrition stacks up.

Because my B.S. detector is strong. And you deserve it. You deserve to know what’s marketing hype, and what will get you real results.

So without further ado… welcome to the unofficial, official Brickhouse Nutrition supplement roundup!


The Brickhouse Nutrition Product Line

Dawn to Dusk

Field of Greens


Essential Amino Acids


1.) About Brickhouse Nutrition

A fella by the name of Myles Grimard seems to be at the helm of the company, which he operates with his unnamed brother, the physician.

On the official Brickhouse Nutrition website,, you’ll find funny avatars and a thorough rundown of their “dream team.”

Brickhouse Nutrition team

There you can also shop products, read their blog, and explore the science behind the supplements.

But wait… who is Dan Bongino?!

When you search Brickhouse Nutrition on the web, a dude by the name of Dan Bongino pops up first. Who is this ‘renegade republican’, and why is he NOT mentioned anywhere on their website? Hmmmm…

Dan Bongino might work for or own Brickhouse Nutrition

Alright, well, some of you may know this political pundit and former secret service agent. But why does he have a cult following of customers singing his praises.

Does Brickhouse Nutrition sponsor him? I’ll do some more investigating on this and let you know.

*EDIT* YES, it looks like Brickhouse Nutrition does in fact sponsor or partner with Dan Bongino, and perhaps others too!

Dan Bongino is sponsored by Brickhouse Nutrition

Moving right along…

The company is based out of Columbus, Ohio. And they operate out of a 100,000 square foot facility, which according to the site, “includes an amazing gym for all employees, as they like to practice what they preach.”

Damn. You guys hiring? Kidding.

But… they do say “If you are ever in the area, please feel free to stop by and workout with us!”


To which I say, “Thanks for the offer, Brickhouse, but you can’t handle these guns.” *flexes muscles and cramps up*

Anyhow, let’s jump right into the products.

2.) Dawn to Dusk

No, Dawn to Dusk isn’t the next novel in the ‘Twilight’ saga. It’s an extended-release energy supplement that claims to give you a much-needed kick in the pants.

Dawn to Dusk review

According to the makers of the product, the energy pill stimulates your body, brain, and cells… for up to 10 hours.

Dawn To Dusk energy supplement stimulates your body, brains and cells

It also promises to heighten mental focus and improve your mood.

So if you’re on the market for more energy and the mental stamina to make it through a long day of work, or yet another brutal study session, this supplement could be a good bet.

But what’s in it? Good question…

The ingredient profile seems pretty solid, and the active ingredients include:

  • PurEnergy 200mg (blend of caffeine and pTeroPero)
  • Teacrine 100mg
  • Caffeine anhydrous 100mg
  • Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract 50mg
  • Huperzine A 100mcg

In researching the main ingredient PurEnergy, I found that it just might have the edge on the caffeine that you ordinarily get from coffee.

PurEnergy, the active ingredient in Brickhouse Nutrition's Dawn to Dusk, supposedly performs better than caffeine

Also, I’ve heard positive user stories/anecdotes of the effectiveness of Teacrine and caffeine on focus and energy. And I’ve found this to be the case in my own personal experience.

Now, to take the supplement, the website suggests:

“Take one or two capsules once daily. Start with one capsule to assess your tolerance. Do not take this product within 6 hours of bedtime.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Because of the stimulants Dawn to Dusk contains, it’s best to ease into it by taking only half the dose. You can always take more in the future. But damn, if you overdo it out of the gates, you might come to regret your life decisions. Just saying.


As far as side effects go, you may get the jitters and notice an increase in blood pressure. But if you do experience these symptoms, they should be manageable, especially if you start out with a smaller dose.

The 100mg of caffeine is about the equivalent you’d get from a cup of coffee.

The amount of caffeine in Brickhouse Nutrition Dawn to Dusk is about the same as in a cup of coffee

The rest of the caffeine is slow-release throughout the day, so if you don’t experience side effects right away, you should be good to go.

Overall, the user reviews of Dawn to Dusk are glowing. But… the only reviews I could find are the ones listed on the product’s website. So, take ’em with a grain of salt.

Overall, people seem happy with Dawn to Dusk by Brickhouse Nutrition

Here’s what people are saying:

Brett says it delivers the goods when it comes to focus and energy…

Positive user review of Brickhouse Nutrition Dawn to Dusk energy supplement

And R.J. was able to drop his coffee habit like a… bad habit?

Another positive user review of Brickhouse Nutrition Dawn to Dusk

But not everyone loves the product.

For instance, TD claims that it didn’t work for him… but hey, TD, you got a little brown on your nose there bud.

Negative review for Brickhouse Nutrition Dawn to Dusk

And a few other users complained about the price point. All in all, Dawn to Dusk gets good grades as far as I’m concerned.

You can buy Dawn to Dusk straight from the company website. And as far as I know, that’s the only place you can purchase the product.

It costs $49.95 for a bottle of 30 capsules. So, if you only take 1 per day, you’ve got yourself a 30-day supply. I’m a math-magician.

Dawn to Dusk costs $49.95 for 30 capsules

Also, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results. With that said, they don’t explain the terms of the guarantee anywhere on the website.

3.) Field of Greens

Not to be confused with the late-80’s blockbuster hit ‘Field of Dreams’. Sorry ladies, no Kevin Costner in this one.

Field of Greens, on the other hand, is Brickhouse Nutrition’s take on an all-natural, all-healthy, all-treehuggin’ superfood.

Field of Greens is a Brickhouse Nutrition superfood

It contains the essential greenery and doesn’t stop there. The website claims it also “delivers a full-spectrum of colors with fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, and more to support and improve well-being.”

Field of Greens by brickhouse nutrition is an all-natural superfood

The makers of the product suggest you take 1 Serving (which is one scoop) and mix with 8 oz or more of water.

Taking this product, or a similar product, is a good step toward holistic health. I mean, c’mon it’s jam-packed with fruits and veggies. Welcome to antioxidant city, population you.

Users of Field of Greens (or FoG as the cool kids call it) give it positive reviews for the most part…

Brickhouse Nutrition Field of Greens positive user review

However… some think it’s too sweet, while others think it’s overpriced for what you get.

And really, there’s nothing groundbreaking about the formula. You can buy similar powders at your local Trader Joe’s for cheaper.

But if you want Brickhouse Nutrition’s one-and-only Field of Greens, you can buy the stuff on the company’s website for one easy payment of $57.95. (Damn, that IS expensive for a 300g tub of pulverized veggies). But hey, if it works, it works.

Field of Greens, by Brickhouse Nutrition, is pretty expensive

4.) Foundation

What’s a Brickhouse without a strong foundation? See what I did there? OK, OK, I’ll stop.

Foundation is the next product in the Brickhouse Nutrition lineup. This creatine + ATP is built around a little something called ‘muscle excitability’. This buzzword is all the rage these days.

Brickhouse Nutrition makes Foundation for muscle building and recovery

But ‘exciting’ the muscles, according to the folks at Brickhouse, is “the key to fighting muscular fatigue.” They go on to say, “Increases in muscular excitability lead to an increase in the intensity of muscle contractions.”

And more muscle contractions = you get shredded or jacked or whatever you wanna call it.

Here’s what the makers of this ‘physician formulated’ product promise…

Brickhouse Nutrition Foundation creatine promises to excite muscles

But really, it’s just a straight-up Creatine Monohydrate blend, with some PEAK ATP thrown in for good measure. Nothing fancy, just the tried-and-true stuff that works to build muscle and helps you recover faster.

Brickhouse Nutrition creatine blend is called Foundation

To take the product, you simply swallow 4 capsules with water on the daily, 30-60 minutes before exercising for optimal results. And according to the site, “On non-training days, consume one serving approximately 20-30 minutes prior to breakfast.”

All fairly standard as far as creatine goes.


Now, the user reviews for this product are super-positive across the board, of course. But I’m not gonna share them with you, as I’m getting the sense they’re fake AF. I mean, what product in the WORLD gets 97% 5-star reviews?!

Finally, you can purchase Foundation through the company’s website for $44.95 for 120 capsules.

Foundation creatine by Brickhouse Nutrition price

5.) Essential Amino Acids

According to, amino acids “help your body with various processes such as building muscle and regulating immune function.” Source

Brickhouse Amino Acid supplement, Amino acids are important and found naturally in meats

Sure, amino acids are found naturally in proteins like meat and eggs, but sometimes that’s not enough. That’s why amino acid supplements are  super-popular, especially in the bodybuilding world.

So Brickhouse Nutrition came out with their own version called Essential Amino Acids…

brickhouse essential amino acids helps to build muscle

Just how essential are they? Well, according the company’s website, these amino acids have your back…

  • Essentials + POOL EAA(TM)
  • Assist Muscle Growth
  • Optimize Training Recovery
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness

It comes in powder form, and you “take 1 scoop daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.”

There aren’t any user reviews for this product… yet. So I’m assuming it’s either a.) A new supplement recently added to their line, or b.) The company hasn’t paid for positive reviews for this one just yet. Yup, I said it.

Brickhouse Nutrition review of essential amino acids

Essential Amino Acids by Brickhouse Nutrition costs $59.99 for a one-month supply. This price seems pretty steep to me, as essential amino acids typically run between $10 – $30 for a month’s supply.

6.) Premium Grass Fed Protein

Grass fed protein by Brickhouse

I don’t know about you, but for me just lookin’ at this bottle of protein makes me feel like I’m gonna start packing on the bulk.

Look at it, just sitting there all squat and sturdy… the perfect balance of mass-to-height ratio. I mean, that’s one good looking container!


Anywho… welcome to Brickhouse Nutrition’s Premium Grass Fed Protein.

This all-natural protein product promises to:

  • Speed recovery
  • Assist Weight Loss
  • And support Ideal Body Composition

The container is sexy, we’ve established that. But I’m not exactly sure what’s so special about the protein itself, as it seems fairly run-of-the-mill. But it is a milk-based protein, which means you’ll get a more natural, neutral taste.

Brickhouse protein is milk based

The cost is on-par with the rest of Brickhouse Nutrition’s supplements. That is, it’s on the steep end. But if you’ve got $80 bucks layin’ around, it might be worth a shot.

Review of Brickhouse protein

7.) Recommendations

Well, Brickhouse Nutrition seems like a legit company with products that work.

There’s nothing shocking in any of the ingredient profiles. Rather, they seem to keep it clean with all of their formulas.

I think Dawn to Dusk is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for an energy booster and all-around focus pill. The price is right, and if it doesn’t work, you can always cash in on the 100% money-back guarantee.


As for the other products, well, they seem to be lacking in the ‘damn I need this now’ department.

Even if you’re on the market for those types of supplements (whether it be a superfood, creatine, amino acids, or protein), I just think you’d be wise to shop around, or have a look at products we’ve reviewed that get great marks all around.

But I will say this to wrap things up… be smart. If you do try one of Brickhouse Nutrition’s products and you experience good results, then of course, try other supplements in their lineup. It only makes sense.

Choose your Brickhouse products wisely

So I hope this has helped you to gain a better understanding of the company behind the products. In the end, I do think Brickhouse Nutrition is worth your time, if only for one go ’round.

Giving anything a small chance or a few doses for a try is not really going to do you any harm, but I would still recommenced using your own judgement and paying attention to the language used by a manufacturer as well as the track record that it holds before consuming anything.

Have you tried Brickhouse Nutrition products? If so, write your review in the comments below!

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