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At the request of one of our sites visitors, in todays review we’ll be talking about an online training program called Fit After 50.

Designed specifically for older men, Fit After 50 is a nutrition and workout program that takes into account the struggles they often have with losing weight and getting into shape.

Men over 50 often struggle to follow popular workouts as they are designed for younger people; this often leads to weight gain.

The affordable program was designed by Mark Mcilyar, who is no stranger to getting in shape later in life.

Many people believe changing their lifestyle and getting into shape after 50 is impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

With these age-specific exercises that are easy to follow and gentle on aging bodies, a healthy and fit lifestyle is achievable.

Fit After 50’s goal is to help older men lose weight by targeting and correcting underlying issues that are commonly behind men’s poor health.

It’s not uncommon to hear about middle-aged men dropping hundreds and thousands of dollars on personal trainers, supplements, and even surgery to get the body of a 30-year-old when the solution to their weight problem is much easier than that.

Shedding extra pounds in your 50s and beyond is more attainable than you’d think.

Out of all of the weight loss programs targeting older men, Fit After 50 is one of the more popular ones, with many people claiming that it helped them get in shape.

But does this program actually work?

We’re going to take a closer look at this fitness program to see if it’s the right choice for you.

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What is Fit After 50?

fit after 50 review
The Fit After 50 complete system.

Fit After 50 is an exercise and nutrition program designed to help men that are middle-aged and older improve their health and lose weight.

Many older men that try to follow popular weight-loss programs tend to fail after a short time because those programs were designed for a much younger audience.

As an older gentleman himself, Mark Mcilyar knows firsthand about the struggles that older men face when trying to regain their health and fitness.

Because of his own struggles, Mark created Fit After 50 so he could help other men get into shape without wasting hundreds of dollars on surgery, supplements, and coaching.

How Does Fit After 50 Work?

According to the American Urological Association, aging in men leads to a decline in testosterone, which can lead to muscle loss, impaired work efficiency, and early muscle degeneration.

Many men also experience issues in the bedroom, as the decrease in their testosterone can cause prostate problems, decreased sex drive, obesity, erectile dysfunction (ED), and more.

Because the Fit After 50 program was designed for older men rather than younger men, it caters specifically to these issues, increases energy, and helps shed the weight that they are struggling to lose.

This weight-loss guide has a workout regimen for middle-aged and older men, keeping in mind the potential underlying causes of their weight problems.

The key points of Fit After 50 are:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases testosterone production
  • Reduces estrogen production
  • Slows down early aging
  • Ensures quick muscle recovery
  • Reduces risk of joint diseases

The combination of energy and stamina boosting workouts with cardio and metabolic strength training is a great combination for anti-aging benefits.

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What Are Fit After 50’s Phases?

The goal of following Fit After 50 is to make the user feel and look younger by building a sculpted body, melting fat, and improve energy levels.

The manual has three separate phases.

Phase One – Burn

Fit After 50 starts with the fat burning phase.

This step explains the importance of stimulating the sensory cells throughout the body in order to create a mind-muscle link.

This link makes the workouts and recovery more enjoyable as the activation of the muscles combat the feelings of lethargy and laziness, even after an intense workout.

During the fat burning phase, the user should experience fat loss, increasing their strength enough to move onto phase two.

Phase Two – Build

Now that the user has burned off a good amount of fat, the next step is to build muscle.

In this almost-four-week phase, the goal is to strengthen the muscles, increasing their overall strength.

Phase two also can help with testosterone production and energy levels.

Phase Three – Sculpt

In the final stage of the Fit After 50 Program, users should have already seen weight loss, muscle building, and increased stamina.

This phase is where the path to becoming a ripped grandpa really starts!

The workouts in this phase focus on acquiring lean mass, building abs, and getting a sculpted body from the comfort of home.

With all of the other improvements, users may also see improvements in their sex life, sleeping patterns, and overall confidence.

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Does This Program Have any Adverse Effects?

Just as with any new exercise program or fitness routine, you should always consult your preferred medical professional, particularly if you are not already in exceptional health.

Any preexisting conditions should be considered and evaluated for potential safety or injury issues since you will be exerting yourself and putting additional stresses on muscles, joints, and your internal systems as well.

Often those in their 50’s may have added a few pounds of middle-age spread, or may be beginning to develop cardiac, circulatory, or respiratory issues, and should ensure that adding increased physical activity will not cause injury or make any existing issues worsen.

Does Fit After 50 Really Work?

With many trendy exercise routines or programs, you always want to evaluate potential risks and rewards, especially since you are evaluating something that will be directly impacting your health and well-being.

Most medical professionals would advise against directly buying any health programs with claims of improving your health beyond your age demographic’s average.

That’s where this program differs significantly.

Since Fit After 50 is designed by the professional fitness coach and trainer Mark Mcilyar, instead of some random group of people on a fitness forum or Facebook group, you don’t have to worry about the usual far-fetched claims and potential scam of some fad program.

mark mcilyar
The man behind Fit After 50, Mark Mcilyar.


The Fit After 50 program is a well-rounded and complete approach to good health and fitness, teaching the user how to combine elements of dietary science as well as physical fitness routines and workout guidelines.

It helps users approach their fitness in an overall healthier and smarter way, learning to change behaviors and thought patterns and aiming for long-term benefits instead of short-term and often temporary results.

Finally, Fit After 50 is designed to work specifically for men in their 50’s and older, that way all of the workout types and exercises are created to be gentle on the body while still retaining effectiveness.

How to Use Fit After 50

Fit After 50 includes comprehensive fitness education, revolving around both the healthy intake of calories and the healthy expenditure of those same calories during healthy physical activity.

Using Fit After 50 is as simple as leveraging the provided information to create your fitness plan.

Fit After 50 includes your complete dietary plan, food list, and menu to aid in healthy nutritional choices that will complement and benefit the workouts and exercise routines.

By following the Fit After 50 nutrition plan that is provided in a handy PDF format, the users can follow a simple roadmap to creating more complete and sensible meals.

The Fit After 50 program also provided all needed workout plans and exercise instructions to ensure that the user is always well-informed on the correct and safe way to execute each workout item.

Everything from the meal plans to the workouts is created around the 50-year-old man, and helping him to become more healthy and active regardless of advancing age.

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Where Can You Buy Fit After 50?

For those that are interested in trying out Fit After 50 for themselves, the program can be found on their official website.

It is important to make sure it is obtained from the official site to avoid imitations and scams.

Fit After 50 generally costs $97, but there are often specials available, allowing those interested in trying it out to get significant discounts, as well as freebies.

Included in the price of the program, users will get the complete workout regimen as well as the workout regimen and the Know My T-Levels guide that helps the users figure out what their testosterone levels are without seeing a doctor or having any lab work done.

While Mark Mcilyar has designed the program to ensure that everyone that tries it out is able to enjoy the benefits, not everyone will have the same results, in which case, they can request a refund.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Trying Fit After 50?

This weight loss program was designed exclusively for men ages 50 and older, taking into account the reasons workout plans made for younger users just don’t work for older men.

Combining diet and exercise, this program helps the user burn fat, build muscle, and sculpt their bodies, giving them the hot grandpa look they want.

Because Fit After 50 was made with the issues of older men in mind, trying this program is great for middle-aged and older men.

In short, it probably works!

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