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You Will Never Look Like Him Naturally
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Abs After 40 is a 90 day three-phase exercise program developed by Mark Mcilyar and marketed through Mike Chang from sixpackshortcuts.com and Six Pack Sleep. It consists of 20 to 35 minute workouts performed 5 days a week.  The stated goal of this program is to help men who are 40 and over to increase testosterone production by consuming a nutritious diet (and overpriced supplements), while performing low impact, compound exercises.

According to an affiliate website selling their program,“Ripped Abs After 40 is a breakthrough in geriatrics and has been fully tested and certified to be effective.”

abs after 40 review

The 3 phases of this program are designed to:

  • Facilitate fat loss
  • Optimize male hormone production, and
  • Accelerate fat burning through a concept called A40s.

This program also comes with an e-book titled, How To Deal With Common Injuries And Gym Problems.

According to their website, the full program is valued at $197, but the first 500 men may qualify for $97.  They also claim that the program has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Abs After 40 Marketing Tactics

The marketing tactics used to sell the Abs After 40 program is designed to target emotions, from the headliner marketing video to the sales copy.

For instance phrases like this should raise red flags…

“Do not share this program with men younger than 40. My methods of naturally boosting testosterone will also work for younger men, but I want Abs After 40 to be an advantage that’s only available to guys our age.”

Right! I can’t wait to see this advantage!

Of course that is going to pull in anyone who is looking to see weight loss or nice physical changes, and that is the intention behind the bold language.

Based on a preliminary search for the Abs After 40 program, it appears that there are plenty of positive testimonials.  However, after a detailed analysis, most of these reviews are created by marketers who are trying to sell this program so they can earn affiliate commissions.

abs after 40 affiliate sites

It seemed obvious that this program was simply a marketing effort designed to separate hard working people from their money.

Mark Mcilyar – You Will Never Look Like Him Naturally

Is this guy for real? Is he really natural?

mark mcilyar bio

Aside from talking and looking like a ripped version of George Bush, what is this guy on?

And more importantly, who is he and why should you believe him?

According to stage32.com, Mark is basically an actor who has appeared in numerous television commercials, and has been a physique model for over 10 years.

Looking To REALLY Get Ripped?

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Throughout the marketing effort, Mark claims that simply performing compound movements and eating right will increase testosterone significantly. While there is a hint of truth to this notion, almost no one over the age of 40 will look like Mark by simply eating right and exercising. Please don’t believe the hype, Mark is spending a fortune on supplements and will encourage members to do so as well.

To me, it appears that Mark is following the old adage, “Tren hard, eat clen, anavar give up!”

While I have no proof that Mark is on steroids, I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if he was. He is proud to promote a whole host of supplements including Test Reload, SixPack Sleep, After Burn Aminos, and Leptin Shred. Chances are he is consuming a supplement stack that would rival a skyscraper in order to achieve such a low body fat and maintain his muscle. In other words, people who take part in his program are going to need more than hard work and a healthy diet to look anything like him.


What Honest People Are Saying About Abs After 40

It is hard to find a real testimonial about the Abs After 40 program, as searching for this program reveals glowing reviews from affiliates who are trying to peddle this garbage in order to line their pockets. However, I was finally able to find some seemingly honest reviews on Highya.com about Abs After 40.

abs after 40 real reviews

Another “review” was on the website RipOffReport.com, which basically follows the same flow as the above testimonial.

abs after 40 ripoff

My Review Of Abs After 40

Even after terrible reviews I still had to try the program for myself in order to really understand how poor the Abs After 40 program really is. At least I knew what I was getting myself into. I can only imagine how disheartened anyone who purchased this program with high expectations would be after buying it.

Do I Really Want To Give My Credit Card Number To This Unscrupulous Company?

Truthfully, no, but research on this program must be conducted from an internal perspective.

During the process of purchasing the Abs After 40 program, I was greeted by plenty of up-sell efforts for the products Test Reload and Leptin Shred.  Finally, I was able to purchase Abs After 40 for $97.

After logging in, I was greeted with the classic congratulatory video on how I made the most important decision of my entire life.

abs after 40 introductory video

Now what?  It wasn’t exactly clear what the next step was so I scrolled down to find Six Pack Short Cuts 2, Six Pack Meal Plan, and Abs After 40.


After clicking on the first program I received an error message and an option to upgrade.  After paying $97, I wasn’t exactly interested in paying another $127 and upgrading my membership.

abs after 40 supplements

Where Is The Program I Bought?

After clicking on links all around the site, it was clear that this website is designed around up-selling above anything else.  In fact, it appears that the website is purposely confusing and misleading in order to encourage people to navigate throughout the website so they spend more money on either products or programs that are being promoted.

Under the exercise programs, I couldn’t even scroll down to the Abs After 40 program when using the Firefox browser and was unaware of it until I looked it up on my mobile device.

abs after 40 program

After I finally figured out how to actually get into the Abs After 40 video program, I became increasingly more dissatisfied.  First of all, all the videos need to be downloaded in order to view them.  Overall, there are only 15 video workouts (5 in each phase), 4 introduction videos and one closing video, all the design to up-sell products or other programs.

In fact, in the first intro video to phase 1, Mark explains that it is crucial to include Leptin Shred, a $67 product that contains fenugreek and a couple of amino acids in order to burn fat.  According to the comments on the video, I wasn’t the only one that felt like this program is a classic bait and switch effort.



The actual information contained in the video workout isn’t terrible, but is extremely basic and is based around exercises like lunges, bodyweight squats, ab work, push-ups, and jumping jacks.  In addition, there are multiple variations of all of these exercises that involve using dumbbells in order to build muscle.

phases 1, 2, and 3

What About The A40s That We Keep Hearing About?

The A40s are Mark’s, “Ultimate ab chiseling training secret.”

Sounds juicy, huh?

But in reality, A40s are simply 4 different ab exercises that are performed one after another without any rest.

So while Mark is not wrong regarding the information in his program, charging people $97 and trying to up-sell them can easily be classified as preying on the ignorant. Making a course on how to perform basic exercises that anyone should be aware of appears to be more of a scam than something that will actually give anybody six pack abs.

The Abs After 40 Nutritional Program

Mark continually talks about the nutritional program and its importance, yet finding that program on the website is a difficult task.  Certain members even suggested that the nutritional program wasn’t available.

abs after 40 nutrition program

However, after searching even more, I was finally able to find the nutritional program.  The videos are located in a different section of the site under the ‘Nutrition Programs’ heading and the ‘AA40 Nutrition System’ subheading.

Only two videos in the section can be viewed, the intro, and the first week.  All the others are only available on certain specific dates that correspond with the program.  After paying an exorbitant amount of money for a program, I expect all the videos to be available so I could download them and watch them. Why is it designed like this?

Three words: Recurring Monthly Billing

abs after 40 recurring billing

Be Warned: Unscrupulous Monthly Charges To Use The Nutritional Program!!!

Watch out! Monthly charges will begin after the 14-day trial period of the Nutritional Program! The only reason that they don’t allow members to view these videos immediately is because they want to automatically bill customers after the trial period with $67 monthly charges to use the program.

Wow! If you have already bought this program, get a refund before the 14-day trial period is up or you will be billed $67 every month!

As far as the information contained in the Week 1 nutritional video, the overall diet that Mark has lined out is exactly the type of diet that bodybuilders would consume so I wouldn’t expect a huge nutritional break through in the upcoming videos in order to justify the impending costs.

abs after 40 diet plan

The information that Mark provides in the first video regarding a diet that promotes hypertrophy and fat loss is accurate, but can be found by anyone willing to take 15 minutes to research the topic. Even though the information is mildly useful to someone who doesn’t have the first idea about healthy nutrition, the recurring billing tactic out shadows any advantages.

The 2 Free Gifts Offered With Abs After 40

Abs After 40 comes with an e-book and a calendar.

The PDF calendar download is basically useless, it’s literally just a calendar. This is what it looks like:

abs after 40 calendar

The e-book about preventing injuries has some basic information that is accurate.

abs after 40 ebook

Again, anyone who knows a little bit about injury prevention that includes warming up, stretching, and cooling down should have a fairly decent understanding of what is contained in this e-book.

Who Would Benefit From This Program?

The only people who would benefit from this program are individuals who don’t understand anything about basic nutrition and exercise.  People who aren’t willing to take a couple hours to research nutrition and exercise could find the information that Mark provides to be beneficial.  However, almost anyone else has zero reason to purchase Abs After 40.

It appears that many of the people who are buying this program are expecting miracles and simply don’t understand that they are being duped until it is too late.


Maybe I Should Upgrade And Learn More “Secrets”

Why not throw good money after bad? Maybe the secrets to a 6-pack will be revealed to me if I spend even more money. This program is designed for people who believe that there is some secret to getting ripped. As soon as Abs After 40 has targeted people who are easily separated from their money, they do everything they can to keep that process in motion.


60-Day Refund Policy

It is time to put the 60-day refund policy to the test, as this program is a joke at best and a scam at worst.  Instantly when I logged into the members area, I was thinking about how to get a refund.  People who have purchased this program and want a refund can call the company directly at 1-800-655-8576 or email them. Anyone else who is thinking about joining this program should simply start watching YouTube videos on basic nutrition and exercise instead of shelling out a fortune for the Abs After 40 program.

After contacting Abs After 40 for a refund by email, they stated that they would get back to me in 2 business days.

Final Rating Of Abs After 40

Abs After 40 deserves a 0 star rating because their business is based around continuously charging their patrons, not helping them achieve their fitness goals. Companies like this epitomize the concept of shady. While the information contained in the instructional videos was accurate, hidden recurring charges, the extremely steep initial cost, the user unfriendly website, and the constant up-selling efforts are annoying to say the least.

Contrast this with reputable online workout programs like Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut To Size, and well you get the picture.

A program made by a business that has no problem misleading their customers who they are allegedly there to help should be avoided at all costs and honestly has no place existing among actually reputable businesses of the same kind.

After fully grasping exactly how the Abs After 40 program is designed to charge members in any possible way, patrons will likely want to physically fight Mark Mcilyar and Mike Chang. Come to think of it, maybe this program is designed to give members the internal rage they need pump out rep after rep and get in fighting shape just thinking about these two con artists.

Have You Used Abs After 40?  Leave Your Review Below!

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The How To Get Ripped ebook I sent has everything you need to get great abs at any age.- Rob

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I just read your review and wanted to thank you! Can you recommend a good app for exercises? Thanks -Armando

I actually haven't used any exercises apps. Sorry.- Rob

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  1. Good luck. I’m 64 and in decent shape.

    I use diet and exercise; no magic pills. My best advice; free; to you.

    Cut out any sugars as much as you can. Read the labels of any packaged food you buy; or, better yet, don’t buy them.

    Push your body. Increase your weights.

    Move away from machines and go to free weights. Do HIIT, not traditional cardio.

  2. I would love to leave a review, but after I paid for this program, I have never even been provided the web address or received any email whatsoever. So I would agree that this is a scam.

    If you can’t log in to the website, you can’t figure out it is a scam. I do appreciate this review.

    I now know more than I ever did since paying for the program back in April of 2017.
  3. It is all b.s. This guy is secretly on HGH and possibly Sustanion, but definitely HGH.

    I have been around bodybuilders, people in gyms and trainers for over 40 years you do not get this way by an exercise program alone. Together with his program the HGH and maybe Sustainon will get you this way.

    Also having younger women around you doesn’t make you attractive. These marketing techniques exhibited are similar to hundreds out there on supplements claiming similar results with a price per month that is bigger than your Direct TV bill.

    Save your money and get the How To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally” exercise, eat correctly and remember if you were born a watermelon you cannot be pumpkin, accept who you are, and your size and make it better.
  4. This is so damn stupid. Not the review…. but the whole marketing gimmick that constantly interrupts anything I do on youtube, such as listening to music or watching funny videos, etc:

    “Six pack shortcuts, abs after 40, test-reload, leptin shred, six pack sleep”, give me (and us) a break!

    I’ve been seeing and listening to this hyped up sales-pitched miracle crap for months now, and each time the videos just get better and better… and each of the ads to “click on the link below” all go to the SPS website and ask the same questions along with your credit card number… and out of desperation and hopelessness, I almost fell for it!… coming very close to purchasing the program (the one with Henry Tran or Clark Bantram) its, all the same, get ripped and look like this, buy this, check out my Free video, marketing non-sense!"

    Really? You’re going to show me a free video, tell me not to eat three certain foods, like a banana or some other whole natural food, and then charge me?

    What can I say except that I can’t believe people are letting themselves get conned into paying for this. Now, that having been said, I am not going to take away from the guys over at SPS.

    They are all in incredible shape and I’m sure worked very hard for many years of “traditional” style work-out methods and nutritional regimes. But I don’t think that I am going to look just like them simply by buying this program and following it and achieving ripped abs and huge shoulders and having the ladies flocking to me within 60 days, all the while being billed every month for information and workout routines that can be found for free elsewhere.

    These guys didn’t start out looking like me (a boney, muscle-less, skinny-fat Pillsbury Doughboy) and then suddenly with the help of some miracle testosterone boosting pills and a secret 30 day workout method, just get ripped and huge! They had to work hard over a long period of time to get those physiques.

    Its just so damn misleading to me. Is anybody else on board with this?

    I keep thinking why am I going to pay for something that I already know can be found online and in books and from others’ experiences for free? why subject my credit card or hard earned cash to something so ridiculous?

    I personally believe that over time, with hard work, persistence, and consistency, with a simple workout routine and healthier eating, I can achieve good results.

    I may not look like Mike, Mark, Henry, or Clark (RIP), but I know I will see some kind of positive change. I know this because I did see results last year by making some changes in my daily diet and doing resistance training.

    Long story short, I cut out wheat, bread, and other processed foods for a 30 day period and three things happened: I stopped getting sick with sore throats, my stomach aches and other various abdominal pains went away, and I lost 10 pounds. I was even able to fit in a size 34 pair of pants! (I’ve been 36 for years) To top it off, people started to notice and it felt great.

    I felt great and I did it all on my own, without giving my credit card to some hyped up website or paying any money other than purchasing healthier foods like avocados, berries, nuts, and oatmeal. I set a 30-day goal and was able to achieve it.

    This made me realize that I can get in shape with a simple and constant workout routine and better eating habits. Persistence is key.

    I know I will never have great abs or a cut muscled body without working hard, consistently, over time.

    So, in the context of Yoda, in his Master Jedi manner:

    “No shortcuts do you require. That which you already know.

    Eat right you must. Work hard you must.

    Sacrifice you will. Fail you will.

    In time a new shape will you see. Then, only then, in shape will you be”

    Six pack “shortcuts”, “abs after 40”, enter your credit card here.

    Get bent!

  5. Hi,

    Can you recommend a programme for the over 40s that isn’t a scam, that will get muscle gain and increase T production?
  6. Thank you for this review,

    I almost fell for the advert and signed up, but I was a bit suspicious when they stated P90X doesn’t include compound exercises (I do disk 1,3 and 5), that made me start thing something is wrong here, and they couldn’t even get the facts right.

    Glad to see you have done research that brings into question his results over a couple of years, he has been doing it for over a decade.

    I would like to find a programme for muscle gain and T boost for the over 40’s…. but this isn’t it.

    Scott in the UK.
    1. Hey Scott in the UK,

      Just sent you an email.

      For anyone else looking for the free ebook, click here to sign up for your free ebook.

  7. I just started AA40. I’ve lost 6 pounds but I think Leptin Shred might be closer to amphetamines than anything.

    I only take the shred once a day and forgot yesterday morning so I took it at three. I got a lot of work done but didn’t sleep until 2:00 A.M. and slept in 3 hrs longer than my alarm.

    I intend to continue the program because I’m an old guy and intend to lose my belly fat and man boobs.

    What can I take in place of Leptin Shred?
  8. They don’t tell you that they are trying to sell you US $1100 worth of supplements. When you say no, they don’t want to know.

    Just be wary, they are supplement sales men and you will be swamped with offers via email to buy more supplements. What happened to honesty, suppose money comes first.

  9. Thanks for the thorough review and actually trying the product. All the other review sites were glowing and looked just like advertisements.

    I think that’s what they are. As far as the supplements book, how does a person know what the various health risks are? (Yes I know about Google).

  10. Ok, so tell me a recommended workout program for a man over 40. Everything he (mark) says is true about how my body is looking.

    I’ve been on testosterone supplements before and probably need to again. But I want to get a better body and am wiling to work at it.

    Just want some help.
    1. Hey Chris,

      I have a completely free “How To Get Ripped Quickly” eBook, as well as some bonuses, that I’m emailing you right now. It’s loaded with all the info you need to get you going in the right direction.

      Supplements wise, it sounds like you’re probably looking to get rid of your spare tire and tone up a bit. If so, check out a combo of a fat burner called Instant Knockout and stack it with a t booster called Prime Male.

      I’ve recommended it to probably hundreds (maybe even thousands) of guys your age and over, and practically all of them have gotten great results. Here are my reviews of each:

      Instant Knockout – https://www.supplementcritique.com/instant-knockout-fat-burner-review/

      Prime Male – https://www.supplementcritique.com/prime-male-testosterone-booster-review/

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
  11. Hey Rob,

    I find your assessment pretty unfair. The AA40 program makes it very clear from the beginning that you have to work hard to achieve results.

    Certainly most people are not cut to make it and will seldom achieve anything if there is no dedication and consistency. It takes time and a lot of work to see results.

    Look, I am 55 and I have dropped 30 lbs in about one year in the program, but I did work my butt off. If you are not willing to put extra effort, forget about it.

    I am not paid to write this comment and can send you before and after pictures if you like to see what I have accomplished. I have been complimented by younger women as now I look like I am in my 40s.

    The program is not for lazy people or whiners. Heck, no fitness program is a fit for lazy people.

    1. Hey Jorge,

      I’m glad you’ve had good results with the program. I agree with you that if you are consistent with the program, it can work.

      My issue with it is the constant upselling and the clear notion that the main reason for its existence is to sell you more stuff. If you’ve found a way to make it work for you without breaking the bank, I’m happy for you.

  12. I knew it was a scam the minute they took a second helping into my credit card. I sent them a nasty email saying I was going to expose their fraud on Facebook.

    They quickly returned the funds and I canceled the membership. Even the bio trust crap is crap.

    I used it four nearly two months with absolutely no difference in my fat content. I did start getting a few side effects but not the one I wanted.

    I was getting saw joints especially in my hands and loads of gas. I reckon I could have run the family car just on the gas.

    I have not found not one supplement that does what it says. This is very disappointing.

    1. Your loss. SPS and Abs After 40 are great workout programs.

      The programs are not expensive and you are never forced to purchase the supplements or anything additional you don’t want or need. It’s easy to just say: No thanks.

      So they have lots of advertising and try to get you to buy things, duh! It’s a business!

      Doesn’t mean you have to get pissed for someone offering it. You can send an email and ask not to receive any phone calls or emails after your purchase, done!

      Also, stop bitching about being charged for a subscription you didn’t agree to!! Did you read the terms and conditions? It’s clearly stated there.

      You can call within the trial period and cancel to avoid any unwanted charges. All these complaints come down to the customer’s ignorance and lack of reading through things before you purchase.

      1. Hey Mike,

        I’m glad you’ve had a good experience, but you can’t really blame customers for getting pissed off at companies that deliberately try to deceive them.

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