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What Is It Works Confianza
It Works Confianza Ingredients
It Works Confianza Reviews
What is It Works
Frequenly Asked Questions
It Works Confianza Pros and Cons
It Works Confianza – The Bottom Line

The explosion of natural supplements onto the market has been in full swing for several years now.

I spend a lot of time testing and researching new products, and even I can barely keep up.

If you’ve got a health or lifestyle issue you’d like to improve naturally, there’s a supplement that promises to do the job.

Even stress.

It Works Confianza is a natural supplement from the It Works company.

Its goal is to help you cope more easily with the stress of everyday life.

We’re all busy, and sometimes we may even get overwhelmed.

It Works Confianza uses natural herbal ingredients to restore calm and balance to your body and mind, so you feel confident that you can handle whatever it is that comes your way each day.

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What Is It Works Confianza?

It Works Confianza ReviewWhen you’re trying to maintain a good diet and workout program, sometimes it can seem more difficult than just decided to do it.

You may wake up every Monday with every intention of getting to the gym, eating clean healthy foods, getting enough rest, and maintaining that positive can-do attitude you need to succeed.

But life has a way of, well, getting in the way. You get a flat tire on the way to work.

You’re late for the meeting where you planned to present your brilliant new ideas.

You end up staying late at work to make up for it.

You’re so stressed out and tired by the end of the day that instead of going to the gym and coming home to your pre-made chicken and sweet potato meal, you skip the gym and hit up a value meal at Wendy’s.

It Works Confianza helps you avoid those downward spirals by keeping you balanced in this hectic world.

You may not be able to avoid the flat tire that caused you to be late for your meeting, but you can change the way you respond to it.

And that’s what It Works Confianza does; it increases your daily energy while it improves the way your body and mind cope with the inevitably stressful situations you find yourself in.

It Works Confianza Ingredients

It Works Confianza IngredientsThe It Works Confianza formula uses “adaptogens” to achieve its goal. Adaptogens are herbal nutrients that improve the way your body, specifically your adrenal glands, respond to changing circumstances and environments, particularly stress – both mental and physical.

It also contains components believed to improve energy, focus, and concentration.

The ingredient list comprises a 1100 mg proprietary blend which includes:

Epimedium Grandiflorum Extract (standardized to 10% flavonoids).

Epimedium contains antioxidant properties to help keep you healthy and resilient at the cellular level.

It also provides anti-aging benefits and helps balance hormones, keeping you calm and steady.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract (standardized to 20% saponins).

While Tribulus is best known as a male sexual and athletic performance enhancement herb with questionable effects on testosterone, animal studies have shown Tribulus to also provide antioxidant and anti-stress benefits.

Generally, we look for 50% saponins or more, so the Tribulus extract in It Works Confianza may not be as effective as we’d like.

Siberian Ginseng Root Extract.Ginseng is better known as an adaptogen than the previous two herbs.

It’s also an antioxidant, it lowers blood pressure, and it helps maintain proper blood sugar levels as well.

Golden Root Extract (aka Rhodiola Rosea) is well known as an adaptogen as well.

It lowers cortisol – the stress hormone – in your body.

It contains the phytochemical salisdroside which helps combat both anxiety and aging.

Schisandra Fruit Extract is yet another powerful adaptogen for reducing stress and the fatigue it can sometimes cause.

This is accomplished by reducing cortisol levels.

Schisandra also works as an enhancement to memory and to combat anxiety.

It Works Confianza Reviews

Clearly, the formula contains a number of ingredients that work individually to combat stress and fatigue, but the fact that it lumps them all together into a 1100 mg proprietary blend means we don’t really know whether or not there’s enough of each one to make a difference.

That’s why it’s great news that there are plenty of customer reviews posted online to help us out.

Most of these are listed at Amazon, where the review breakdown looks like this:

It Works Confianza Amazon Review Breakdown

What this distribution shows is that customers, for the most part, either love It Works Confianza or they hate it.56% of reviewers gave it 5 stars, while 27% gave it 1 star. 2, 3, and 4 star reviews combined only make up 17% of the reviews.

When we took a look at what these happy and not so happy customers specifically had to say, we found that the happy customers are very pleased mainly with the way it helps them cope with stress:

It Works Confianza 5 Star Review 1

The unhappy customers mainly state very simply without going into much detail that it doesn’t work for them.

These reviews are pretty typical:

It Works Confianza 1 star reviews

While far from conclusive, there’s certainly something to be learned here.

Different supplements and nutrients can work differently on some people vs others.

There’s also something to be said for the potential placebo effect.

There’s strong evidence indicating that believing something will work can oftentimes make it so. (FIND STUDY AND LINK TO IT)

What is It Works?

It Works BadgeIt Works is a company that promotes and sells lifestyle products through a network of independent distributors.

This type of organization has been around for many decades (think Mary Kay and Amway), but has enjoyed a huge resurgence in the past several years thanks to social media.

Local distributors enlist their Facebook friends and Instagram followers to not only buy their products, but also to become distributors as well, within a network that promises to make them all piles of money.

Formed in 2000 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost, the company has grown exponentially in the past 4 or 5 years due to their network of thousands of distributors using their social media accounts to work toward financial freedom.

They started with their signature body toning Wrap product – The Ultimate Body Applicator, and have added dozens of fitness and health products along the way.

While it’s true that multilevel marketing has made its share of millionaires, it’s made far more people broke and disheartened after discovering that the system is not all its cracked up to be.

It involves constant selling to make ends meet, and you don’t start making real money until you grow a network of distributors under you, adding to your bottom line.

Frequenly Asked Questions

When you interact with as many supplement users as I do, you come to anticipate the things most potential customers want to know.

In the case of It Works Confianza, these are my top 7:

What’s the best time to take Confianza?

The recommended dose is 2 pills per day.

These are best taken in the morning on an empty stomach, when you first wake up.

This will set you up with the tools you need to face whatever the day may bring.

I’ve noticed some people choose to take only 1 pill at a time, claiming it gives them just the right amount of calm relaxations, whereas the higher dose makes them sleepy.

You can also take a pill or two as needed later in the day if you’re facing a anxiety or a stressful situation.

Using the recommended dose of 2 pills in the morning as your starting point, experiment until you settle in on what works for you.That’s one of the benefits of using natural supplements – you have a certain freedom to adjust your dosing to what fits you best.

How long does it take to work?

You’ll feel the calm relaxed energy coming on about 20 minutes after you take your dose.

It will last for several hours after that, and ultimately, if you take it every day, you’ll have a steady baseline of lowered stress and anxiety that you can count on.

Are there any side effects?

I’ve pored over dozens of customer reviews and the truth is, there’s very little indication that It Works Confianza causes any side effects really at all.Even the most displeased customers are not reporting side effects; they’re just disappointed that it didn’t give them the positive benefit they were looking for.

That said, there are a couple of things to look out for based on the ingredient profile:

Rhodiola Rosea may cause the occasional headache and has even been though to, in rare cases, cause anxiety.

Epimedium may cause dizziness, dry mouth, or vomiting with long term use, and it’s been linked to an irregular heartbeat in at least one patient.

Schisandra lists as possible side effects heartburn, upset stomach, decreased appetite, stomach pain, skin rash, and itching.

You’d be hard pressed to find an herbal ingredient that doesn’t have the potential to cause side effects if you take enough of it.

But at the end of the day, It Works Confianza has a fairly solid reputation as being essentially free of side effects.

Can I take it if I’m taking Xanax, Ativan, or other Benzos?

Many people who suffer with anxiety and/or stress issues take prescription medications to help them cope.

A product like It Works Confianza is meant to provide natural relief so you no longer have to rely on these potentially dangerous and addictive drugs.

But if you’ve been prescribed these or similar medications, check with your doctor before you start using It Works Confianza or any supplement.

He or she can advise you on taking them in conjunction with or as a replacement for your current medications.

Will it make me tired?

While most people report feeling a boost of energy with It Works Confianza, some users have reported feeling sleepy and unproductive.

Generally, this can be remedied by adjusting your dose down from the 2 pills and taking only 1 at a time.

The ingredients that make up the formula work to create a calm, relaxed feeling which when taken too far can leave you feeling drowsy.Again, this should be remedied by lowering your daily dose.

Does Confianza help with ADHD?

Many current users of It Works Confianza use it to replace their ADD/ADHD medication like Adderall.

Depending on your particular situation, it may work that way for you as well.

Rhodiola Rosea on its own is is commonly used to combat ADHD in adults.

In fact, there’s a clinical trial going on right now to prove or disprove its benefits in this area.

This trial uses 800 mg daily which is probably more than is included in the Confianza formula, but the results of the trial, when they come in, should be useful.

For now, there’s no harm in trying It Works Confianza to combat your adult ADHD symptoms.

It’s not, however, recommended for children. The product information page explicitly states that it’s formulated for adults and should not be used by children.

Can I take it while I’m breastfeeding?

Natural supplements are often given an almost blanket seal of approval on safety in almost every area of concern with the exception of pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are specifically warned against taking most supplements, and It Works Confianza is no exception.

Two of the ingredients in the formula come with specific warning against using them while pregnant or breast-feeding:

Here’s what WebMD has to say on the subject concerning Rhodiola:

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There isn’t enough reliable information about the safety of taking Rhodiola if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

And it’s potentially worse with Schisandra:

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Schisandra is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy.

There is some evidence that it might cause the uterus to contract, and this might lead to miscarriage. Do not use schisandra during pregnancy.

There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking schisandra during breast-feeding.

Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

The primary reason for this is that natural supplements are not – and don’t have to be – clinically studied or approved by the FDA. This means that any potential dangers would remain largely unknown unless there’s some anecdotal evidence demonstrating them.

This kind of uncertainty is fine for adults taking small herbal quantities relative to their body mass.

But when it comes to what passes through the mother to the much smaller baby either in utero or through breast milk, companies and customers alike are just not willing to take that chance.

If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, you should avoid using Confianza.

It Works Confianza Pros and Cons

Advantages of It Works Confianza

  • The ingredients are all natural and most likely safe.
  • It combines several adaptogenic ingredients designed to help manage stress levels.
  • You can purchase it through Amazon.
  • There are many 5 Star reviews on Amazon from customers who claim it helps them overcome daily stressful situations and helps them replace their prescription medications with an herbal remedy.

Disadvantages of It Works Confianza

  • It’s mainly sold through the It Works network of distributors, a multilevel marketing framework which many people might not want to get involved in.
  • There’s plenty of feedback from customers who say it just didn’t work in their case.

It Works Confianza – The Bottom Line

It Works Confianza claims to help you ease through your day with a calm relaxation, and it would seem that for many users it does.

If you go through an It Works distributor, you can get a month’s supply for $25, which is a pretty good deal if it works.Over at Amazon, you’ll pay more at about $43.

If you’re interested in trying it, you may want to go through Amazon for that first bottle to avoid having a distributor try to convince you to start selling products instead of just using them.If you like it, seek out a distributor (it’s not hard – they’re all over your Facebook feed) and start getting it for less.

Have You Used It Works Confianza?

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