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By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-6-2020


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It seems like every mass building product on the market today promises to be the one supplement that will help you finally start gaining size in huge amounts, but the simple fact is that most of these products offer little to no visible result at all.  So when we saw MHP Dark Matter, we decided to see what the product was all about.  The product is designed to help stimulate muscle growth as soon as your workout ends by ensuring that you take in critical nutrients as well as compounds that help make those nutrients more effective.

How It Works and Ingredients

mhp dark matter reviewMHP Dark Matter is designed to help boost protein synthesis and to improve the transport of creatine, glycogen, and amino acids across the anabolic axis.  The result of this, of course, is not only extreme growth of the muscles, but remarkable recovery after a workout as well.  The period of time immediately following your workout is the most critical in determining the amount of mass that you will gain, and this product is designed to ensure that this window of time is maximized to its fullest.

The ingredient list on MHP Dark Matter is fairly long, but each ingredient is broken down by its benefits.  There are ample ingredients to help boost the growth of muscles after a workout as well as many designed to help you reach your peak instantly.  The number of fillers and inactive ingredients is very small and includes the flavors needed to help mask that unpleasant taste that is far too common with mass building supplements.  The company has done an excellent job explaining each ingredient, including WaxiMAX-C3G, HydroSize, and more,  and what it does, which left me feeling much more confident.

User Reviews

Reviews of Dark Matter have been remarkably positive, with even the most knowledgeable and hardcore mass builders taking time to note that this supplement, available through Amazon and other websites, “absolutely works” and “helps build major mass”.

“I really like this stuff, especially when compared to Jack3d.  It tastes great, and gives me the energy I need to get through my workouts.”
Richard, Virginia


Overall, our impression of MHP Dark Matter is highly favorable and we recommend it.  The benefits are great, the ingredients and research are sound, and users seem to get real benefit from taking the supplement.  There have been no real complaints of side effects, and the overall impression is a highly positive one.  If you are looking for a great mass builder, it seems that MHP Dark Matter is a great choice for you.

Transparency goes a long way in my opinion when it comes to supplements of any kind, but especially when it is in regard to formulas that are aimed at aiding you in workout recovery and helping pack on that extra muscle, so I definitely appreciate what is going on with MHP Dark Matter.

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User Questions and Answers

does mhp have sterids in it ? -mill

No, it doesn't. It's got creatine and other completely legal muscle building ingredients.- Rob

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Dark Matter claims to have insulinotropic aminos would that be beneficial to someone that is diabetic? -Will

This would be something you'd need to discuss with your doctor. I'm not in a position to give medical advice.- Rob

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    1. Hey Tony,

      I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I’ll put it on the list and let you know when I post a review.

  1. I was researching this online and it seems like it has almost no protein, I was under the impression you were supposed to have protein after a workout. Is that false, or are you supposed to mix whey into this mix?

    1. Hey Cameron,

      A post workout protein shake is pretty typical, and that’s because it’s very effective. MHP Dark Matter is a little different.

      Instead of protein, it’s BCAAs, Peptides, and Creatine, with the goal of accelerating protein synthesis. They still recommend that you use a protein shake, but about an hour after taking the Dark Matter.

      1. Could I make a post workout shake with Dark Matter, Whey, and some fruit? Or should I wait an hour after I take the Dark Matter before I take the Whey?

      2. Hi rob
        Is it ok to use the dark matter always or should I give a break every couple of months , then again..
        1. Hey Sawas,

          You can take it all the time, though personally I like to take a week off every 4 weeks or 2 weeks off every 8 weeks for just about every supplement I take. It gives you body a bit of a reset and keeps everything working.


  2. Dark Matter is not only for the men who love lifting and are trying to gain mass, I am a perfect example of a woman who cannot get in enough calories or carbs to support my heavy lifting schedule. I find that the carb/protein ratio seems to work well with a woman’s physiology…if she is extremely active.

    Believe it or not…by taking this supplement, I have actually noticed that I look more vascular. I use Dark Matter as a replacement for my hydrowhey protein immediately after lifting and now save the whey for a snack.

    It took me a while to test this supplement out on myself, but I’m so glad I did! It is a steady addition to my diet now.

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