Mind Power Rx Review – Does It Really Work?

By: Rob Miller
Fact Checked On: 4-5-2018

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Mind Power Rx Overview

Mind Power Rx is a natural nutritional and herbal supplement that is made up of a number of brain enhancing nutrients and brain nutrients.

According to the brain enhancer’s manufacturer, Physician Formulas, the product not only boost mental stamina but also improves the mind’s alertness.

Mind Power Rx is designed to be used by people seeking to remain focused or concentrate for a forthcoming period of time.

Before you dash to the official manufacturer’s site to make a purchase, it is important to first understand what Mind Power Rx is all about.

By reading this objective review, you will be in a better position to decide whether or not you should buy the product.

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How Mind Power Rx WorksMind Power Rx Review

Mind Power Rx contains a propriety blend of herbal and natural extracts that work to improve brain activity.

Some of the ingredients contained in this product include: Acetyl-L-carnitine which makes you alert in just a matter of hours; Carnosine which is a strong antioxidant; Inositol, a mood stabilizer; Vinpocetine, an extract of periwinkle that avails oxygen to the brain; as well as vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid.

Mind Power Rx also contains herbal extracts such as Ginko biloba leaf extracts, Reishi extracts, Fo-ti extracts and Rhodiola extracts.

The Mind Power Rx capsules are to be taken early in the morning just before breakfast to improve stamina and mental alertness in just a few hours.

Older people are better off taking the capsules with breakfast to moderate effects.

Mind Power Rx Benefits

  • It can produce positive results in as little as two or three hours
  • A number of positive reviews are available online
  • The official website contains rich information on ingredients
  • Comes with multiple health benefits

Mind Power Rx Drawbacks

  • Taking the capsules in the evening could make it very difficult for you to sleep
  • A number of side effects such as increased heart rate, irritability and restlessness have been reported
  • Very minimal scientific and clinical tests have been performed on the medication

Where to Buy Mind Power Rx

Mind Power Rxcan easily be purchased from the official manufacturer’s website.

You could also come across some great Mind Power Rx deals on third party sites such as Amazon.

You will have to visit leading brick-and-mortar stores to find Mind Power Rx.


Mind Power Rx is one of the few brain enhancers that you can find near comprehensive information on.

The manufacturer did an amazing job to provide in-depth information regarding every single ingredient.

However, you can’t help but feel that they put too much together this time round, probably the reason behind some of the reported Mind Power Rx side effects.

If you are a senior citizen or a child, you are better off avoiding Mind Power Rx, unless it is approved by your physician.

In as much as it produces impeccable results in just a few hours (as the manufacturer claims), you should not try to use it before your exams.

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