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By: Rob Miller
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after max reviewThere are tons of supplements out there that offer to help you make the most of the anabolic window, or the hour after your workout. Most realize that this is absolutely the most critical time when determining the amount of mass gain that your workout will produce, and if you do not get the right nutrients in the right levels during this time, not only will you see less gain, but you will see more muscle damage and a longer and more painful recovery time. Optimum After Max purports to be an ideal post workout recovery supplement, so we decided to dive in and do a little research.

How It Works and Ingredients

One thing we noticed quickly with After Max is the 1:1 protein to carb ratio. The product offers necessary peptides and digestive enzymes to really help ensure the best post-workout recovery. It is critical to ensure that toxins produced by the muscles are eliminated quickly after a workout and that the inflammatory process is minimized in order to help increase gains and to see a better overall result.

The list of ingredients in After Max speaks for itself, and it is packed with proteins such as whey protein as well as glutamine peptides and more. The number of vitamins and nutrients is nothing to scoff at, and there are plenty of critical additives to help encourage muscle recovery, better hydration, and of course, optimal insulin and glucose usage. There are very few fillers in the product, which is worth noting in today’s supplement industry, and the side effects are virtually nonexistent.

Where To Buy and Reviews

In looking at Optimum After Max, which is available at bodybuilding.com and other sources for around $36, it seemed important to see what users thought. The product actually has one of the highest rankings on the web, and while many do not seem wild about the taste, they say that it “definitely works” and that they are almost always “less sore”. Considering how many years many users have been building, this is certainly notable.


As to whether or not we would recommend this supplement- absolutely! The ingredients are excellent and are very high quality, science behind the product is surprisingly sound. Users seem to respond very favorably to the product as well, which is certainly something worth noting, and even those who have been mass building for years agree that Optimum After Max is a great supplement for taking advantage of the anabolic window.

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